Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Year Older

This is me, my oldest son just took this stolen shot a little while ago. I am now one year older, but my heart and mind is still the same. They said that i still look younger than my age, i still able to manage my figure and they have been asking me what is my secret. I really don't have secret at all, i guess i just have a pretty strong metabolism that burns fats so fast. Plus the fact that i am as busy as a bug, i have my oldest son to take to his school and pick him up after, and i have a little one that i have to drag along with me every time i take and pick up his brother from school. Not to mention the house chores are all mine. But despite of all that, i am grateful and happy of my life now, i have everything to thank for and the priceless blessings that i received from GOD is more than enough...

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