Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Would Love To

Who's blogger that don't want her website to be recognized in the search engine? Of course everyone likes their website to be noticed, doesn't it? That's why i was looking for some help so my website will be indexed. Because of millions of websites and links here online, sometimes it is hard to compete especially to those very popular ones. I was so thankful when i found out that i can submit my website to the web directories so it will be recognized and will be seen by many people. Through this help, i can now say that my website will be read by those people who's looking for an answer to their questions. I would love to help people you know, and once they read my articles here that can answer their question, it will be a great pleasure to me.

He Made A Mess!

I was so upset earlier because i told my son not to touch the cucumber pickles i just made that i put on the container and brought it here with me in the front room. Because of his endless curiosity, even though i already told him that he won't like it because it is too spicy for him, i put hot vinegar to it, he still opened it. He picked one and tasted it, then the last thing i saw was, he tripped the container off and spilled the whole thing on the table!!!

My temper boiled into the hottest point. I tried to control myself because i already told him not to touch it but he still did. Kids will always be kids anyway. So i told him that he already know what to do. He went straight to his room and locked himself in. He cried and cried, was really guilty for what he did, he just made a terrible mess. He almost wet my camera and my laptop which is nearby the container. Good thing i was able to grab a napkin real quick and stopped the vinegar from flowing towards my laptop. He could have break my electronic things, good thing i saw it right away. After a minute, he came out was still crying and asking an apology for what he did.

That's one thing i really appreciate about my son, once he knows he did something wrong, he apologize so quickly with tears. Meaning, he really meant what comes out from his mouth. He gave me a hug and that made my temper came back down to the coolest point. I told him better listen to Mommy all the time, because Mommy is not gonna tell him that is bad for him, it's always good for him. Hays! This kid! I told him that i love him so much and if he loves me too, he should listen to me all the time whenever i say something to him.

RV Insurance

Every time the winter comes, i always noticed that the neighbor's RV across the street is not there by their driveway. Makes me think where they put it. I asked hubby if there is a storage for the RV's. He said yes, also he mentioned that having RV is not cheap, the RV's itself is expensive to keep plus the insurance of it. Hubby said good thing that our neighbor has the best rv insurance. They don't have to pay for their RV's insurance so terribly high amount. I have never rid an RV before but i bet it would be nice if one day i go camping with my friends who's got RV.

Monday, November 16, 2009

How To Boost Your Rank

I was looking for some best website that can help me to boost my rank. I have been so quiet for a while that's why my rank is going down. A friend told me that she know a best web directory that every blogger would want to know. Indeed a very best website i have found so far. I am just looking forward that soon my website will be recognized in the search engine and will get lots of visitors everyday like what i am hoping for. Since there is millions of bloggers in the whole world, i would like to be one of the famous blogger as well like the others that has millions of visitors everyday. You want to try? There is no harm on trying though so visit the website that i provided and you will find out how.

Bad Grammar

I am not so sure if i really am a good blogger or not. But i just want to let everybody know that i am trying my best that i can to deliver my post here heartily and of course watching my correct grammar. You might not all know that i am just a highschool graduate but willing to learn everyday, willing to be corrected by someone in a nice way. I would also love to help someone that needs my help, i would never hesitate if that someone is also open to be corrected. I opened this up because i want to know if you guys have something to say about my post here, i am very open like i said, it's for my own good and i would appreciate if ever someone will say something.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eye Care

Holidays are coming! And i am sure to that there will be a lot of sales in the grocery stores, malls and some outlets. Well, it is the perfect time to buy things that you really need like me. And that reminds me, since it is holiday season, i am going to take advantage of it for my eye wear. I got my eye wear last year and it has been almost 2 years now since i am wearing it. I saw a lot of Holiday Fun Eyeglasses already and i am loving all the styles they have. Wearing an eyeglass can be fun especially when you get those New Arrivals. Especially when they are just affordable like this $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses. So if you wear eye glasses, you can choose different styles to fit your face perfectly.

Canker Sore!!!

Yes! I am having canker sore right now. Not just one but two of them. Beside my molar on the left side and underneath my tongue. Can you imagine the pain i am going through right now? It's terrible! It's hard for me to eat and even to drink water or milk. A lot of friends told me that it will help if i gargle warm water with salt on it, i did it and it actually did help a little bit but the pain is still there. Ouch! One friend told me that there is a cream for this so i can feel no pain anymore. It is actually for babies, if they are teething, this cream is really better for them so they will feel nothing. Well, i might try that and will buy it at the pharmacy since it is only an over the counter cream. Hope i will feel better soon enough, i hate having canker sore!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What A Small World!

What a small world indeed! You can never really tell who are you going to meet anywhere and it happens to be a relative or maybe a child to someone you knew. Just like what happened to me yesterday. I picked up my son from his school and waited there for a little bit because i got to his school before the kids came out from the school building. While i was waiting for my son inside my car, i saw a fire truck came by because the building next door called for help. I don't exactly know what is going on but all i see is there's fire trucks, ambulance and police cars.

Soon as the guy who drove one of the fire truck came out from the driver's seat, i recognized him right away. He is the son of one of my friend! I recognized him even though i haven't met him yet in person because i saw his picture with his mother in their house. So, since they were not too busy because there is nothing really big problem going on, i was able to talk to him and he was glad to meet me in person and so am i. Finally, we met in person, the son of my friend that she is bragging about. She told me that her son is been dreaming to be a fireman and now he actually is a fireman already! He chose to be a fireman and he is now. My son got so fascinated with his fire fighter uniform and he encouraged me that why not let my son take the Fire Service Careers in perfect time. I just answered him with my smile. Whatever my son would like to be when he grow up, i will support it, respect it and will give him good advice to every decision he makes in his life.

Excellent Growing Percentage

My little one is just getting so big so fast! You probably all knew already that i can't have baby anymore. I guess i have mentioned about it here that my tubes are tied already. Well, i just took my doctor's advice better not to have baby no more because i might not make it next time. I almost wasted my life when i had my third baby. I was in pain and miserable. But it sure all worth it! I delivered a very healthy baby boy weighed 9.3 lbs and measured about 21 inches long.
We just had his check up this morning and according to the doctor he is doing very excellent. Base to the graph that the doctor is referring to, out of a hundred babies, most of them gets 75 percent of their growth, but my baby got 78 percent. I really don't know how to explain the whole thing but as far as what the doctor said, he is really doing great basing to his size, his weight, his head measurement and his moves. Mostly three months old babies can't sit on parent's lap yet or can't lift their head alone yet, but my baby can already. Well, he is starting to taste the rice cereal a little bit and i am giving him a little runny so he can swallow it easy like formula. Actually, my oldest son had his solid food when he was only a month. Yes, my babies eat solid food too early but they seem growing just fine and i am happy that they are growing healthy and happy kids.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Demanding Boy

My son is starting to be demanding these days. He is getting aware of what he wants to have in his own room. Last time he told his dad to buy him laptop computer so he can just bring it to his room just like mommy. As he sees me dragging my laptop everywhere inside the house. So he is getting the idea that having a laptop is very convenient because he can take it anywhere. He told us one time that he wants to take the laptop in the living room so he can watch his favorite shows while playing his games in my laptop. And now he is telling again daddy that he also needs a television inside his room so he can watch television when he wakes up or before going to bed. Hubby said he is thinking that he will buy him the lcd monitor so he can put it on top of his drawers. We already looked some of them so he can have an idea what's the perfect one to get for our son to put it in his own room.

Monthly Period

Arghhhh!!!! I have my second monthly period today since i gave birth and it is pretty heavy. It is always like this if i don't take anything like birth control pills or something. Before when i was taking pills my period is very light that i just could use a single pad a day, but now i can't. I have to change my pads every so often to prevent leaks. I remember when i had my very first period when i was just 11 years old, i didn't noticed that i had red spots on my school uniform because i was not aware i already had my period. One of my classmates noticed and told me about it and i felt so embarrassed because they teased me that the baby is now a lady, lol! Well, anyway, it's very normal for women so no big deal. Good thing i don't feel cramps and pains now like i used to when i was single. I heard that soon as you gives birth, cramps and pains will disappear every time your period comes, maybe it's true because i never felt any cramps and pains right after i delivered my first child.