Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costume Party 2010

It was a blast yesterday as we celebrated the halloween at my friend's house. We all wore halloween costumes and we in fact had a costume contest. It was a simple one though but we all had fun, both the kids and parents. That was the most fun halloween celebration i attended so far. Yeah, we celebrated halloween for the past five years now but yesterday was the best one, and i am sure that next year will be a fun one once again. Now that i made friends with these true people i get to be with all the time, celebrations is no longer boring for me for i can get together with these friends i have.

The husbands did not wear their halloween costumes for it was mainly for Filipina beauties only and of course for our kiddos. My costume was a flirty teddy bear and my oldest son was a buzz light year, and the little potato was a lion king, the cutest one of course! lol! Too bad i never did get the chance to take pictures of my two boys together though because my oldest one kept on running around yesterday, having so much fun with his friends in there. These photos below are just some of the snaps i got, it'll be too much if i share all the photos here though, i got most of it in my FB account, so if you are in my FB list, you can view all of them. Happy Halloween!!!!
The lion king is the most cutest among!The flirty teddy bearThe flirty teddy bearHalloween 2010, A flirty teddy bear

Friday, October 29, 2010

Just In Time

Halloween is tomorrow right? Yes, and i so can't wait! Neither my kiddos! They are too anxious and excited to wear their halloween costumes! I was just so happy that it's just perfect time that my acne are all disappeared now. It would have been so annoying and embarrassing if those stupid bumps are still around on my face. It makes me feel so discouraged to put make up and feel beautiful lol! Kidding aside, i am glad that the best acne treatment i got worked great. If i hadn't put some on my face just in time, i would have still those bumps until now and it won't be so nice if i take pictures with my friends having such annoying and hurting bumps on my face.

Fingernails Painted Black

This image is courtesy by google

I painted my fingernails black again! It has been a month since i have my nails painted, before i left Philippines but it was not black, it was platinum. I like painting my nails black because it makes my hands look lighter. Also the main purpose why i have it black because we are going to a halloween costume party tomorrow at my friend's house. I am getting so excited and anxious to wear my costume. My nails sure will match my costume because i am going to be a flirty teddy bear tomorrow. I am just glad that my little one is asleep while his big brother is at school right now that's why i was able to paint my nails without being bothered by two kiddos. I am sure if they were around while i was doing my nails, i would have it all messed up for they cannot just watch me, they have to get things from my little basket where i put all my nails stuff.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mesothelioma Lawyer

Getting ill is not so easy especially when you get sick and it is caused by someone else. Mesothelioma is caused by abestos that's being disposed by a company or something, and it should be disposed properly for it can cause illness to the community that's close where the company is located. Good thing there are Mesothelioma lawyer that can help the victim, which they really do need to be supported with this matter. i just feel bad to those people that are being infected to this abestos and got sick because of somebody else's negligence. I so hate when i hear a news that a company is being sued because they did not take care of their waste properly, so good for them if they are sued.

A Very Useful Gift

I would love to go camping and mountain climbing but i cannot do it for now since i got kids to take care of. We were supposed to go camping with my friends but backed out with our plan because no one can watch my wiggly kiddos. Anyway, so my friends went anyway without me. That was last month, September. It was a birthday celebration supposed to be of my friend and we are going to give her presents on top of the camp area. But since i was not able to go, i just gave her my presents for her, the spyderco delica. It's perfect gift for her that she can use while camping. A great perfect gift for her, very useful.

Missing Myself

Oh my! I never thought i gained this much since i hardly look at myself in the mirror. Until this morning after i took a bath and saw my big bulging tummy was hanging out! Goodness gracious!!! It got me conscious right off after i saw myself!!! I did not know that my tummy needs my attention that i have to take care of it. I do need a best weight loss supplement myself! I have to do something about this as soon as possible for i don't look very fit! Gosh! How could i ever missed this. Probably because i have so much things to do rather than paying attention of my body figure. I've got kids to keep up with and a husband to take care of, so just so little time for myself eh!

Flirty Teddy Bear

My five year old son and i are a bit anxious to wear our halloween costumes this coming Saturday. He wanted to wear his tomorrow but i asked his teacher and she said that they don't let the kids wear their costumes, i don't know why. Anyway, my son is going to be a buzz light year, one of the character in Toy Story and i am going to be a flirty teddy bear. Hubby said that my costume is flirty alright for it is too short. He did not know that i am going to wear leggings or stockings to have my legs covered. Hubby supposed to wear his judge costume but he said he might not wear it anyway because the costume contest is mainly for the wives and the kids. Oh our little potato's costume is a lion, he's gonna be a lion king this coming Saturday, i can't wait to take pictures!

Rustic Furniture

Hubby and i talk about getting a new house. We are planning to sell this house later as the kids are growing and they need room each one of them. We do have extra rooms downstairs but i don't think the kids would like to stay there. So, since we were talking about getting a new house, i told hubby that i want to get the furnitures myself. I would love to design my own house since i was not able to do that because this house is already built when i got here. I would love to put a nicer look in our house and get the rustic furniture instead upstairs and it would be nice to have elegant design on downstairs too. So i can stay there very often and if want to relax, i can just have my own space where i can be by myself without being bothered by my kids and hubby too lol!

Cheap Tanning Lotion

Pinay Complexion
When i stayed for four months in Philippines my skin got even darker. I am not a light skinned girl, i have the brown complexion from the day i was born. A lot of American friends i have told me that they are so jealous of my skin complexion. I don't have to go to tanning salon and spend thousand bucks just to have, i got it naturally already. So they asked me if i can bring them some cheap tanning lotions that i can get there back in my country. I do love my skin, unlike some asians like me that they wanted to get rid of it by going to bleaching salon too. They go there to make their skin lighter, which i don't like. I prefer to have my skin which i am used to rather than being white skinned. I don't understand some people though, the whites likes to be brown, and the brown likes to be white. Which i don't belong to that category because i am completely satisfied of what i am.

Keeping It Smooth and Silky

I just noticed that my skin is getting dry and flaky again. Every time i get back home from a vacation, my skin goes like this. Although i am not a beauty conscious one but i always try to keep my skin smooth and silky especially my face. I don't wear make up all the time, i only do whenever there is occasion or special events. That's why i never fail to put face cream everyday for it is the only way i can treat my skin to stay beautiful and glowing. I don't do a whole lot about beauty secrets, because some women are very conscious to their face, they even go to a clinic where they can lift or stretch their face just to look young. For me, i don't need to do that, only face cream for me is good enough. As you can see, at my age, i don't have wrinkles yet, because i take care of my skin really good in a simple way.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Facebook, Networking Website

I am assuming that most of the people here in the world does have a FACEBOOK account and i am sure that people knows what's the purpose of this website. It's a social networking website where you can connect with your family, friends, old colleagues, classmates and long lost best friends and etc. I myself have an account in FACEBOOK. Mostly people that are in my list are my family, some distant relatives, best friends, friends, some old colleagues and some are friends online. As far as i know, this networking website allows you to socialize with the people you know, to communicate and to have conversations.

I am a very straight forward person, i so hate hypocrisy. I say whatever i want to say and i express my feelings to the public. I would say that i am not tactless either because tactless means lacking or exhibiting a lack of tact, bluntly inconsiderate or indiscreet. I consider myself as Vocal, meaning, an outspoken person. Vocal is absolutely different from being tactless. Also, i am more into action than talking. I prefer to do the things i wanted to get it done rather than keep on talking about it. I want to move fast and get things done as quickly as i can, that's how i am. I think things over many times but when i decide, i get it done fast.

So, as to this networking website that i am talking about, i got rid of some people that are very annoying in my list. I guess they must have forgotten the purpose or the meaning of this social networking website, because i was the one tried to reach them but seems like they don't know me at all or maybe they just don't feel like responding to my message. For me, i don't see any reason why keeping those kind of people in my list, if you don't like me, then why keep you?

My motto is just so simple to these kind of people, IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME, THEN I FEEL THE SAME WAY, I DON'T LIKE YOU EITHER!!! I can live with just few friends around me but then they are genuine. I would rather have few but real, than having many that i pretty much don't know most of them or never get interacted with them not even once. I don't feel sorry deleting those people in my list, in fact, i feel good getting rid of those annoying people that keep on posting stupid things that aren't that interesting for me anyway. That's one main reason i deleted some of them, i feel that they don't have the same interest as me. So goodbye, and goodluck!!!

Preserved Foods

Some people are too conscious with their figures, why? Because i noticed that food nowadays are more preserved than before, meaning it has a lot of things in it that makes the people grow big, big like going fat. No wonder all the best weight loss supplements are now popping out in the market to help those people that wanted to lose some weight. It's good though that despite of all these preserved foods that we have been eating, there is also some pills that you can take to get rid of those unwanted fats in your body. So to those who wants to get back on their figure before, get things working and less preserved food!

Fair Treatment

One thing i like about living here in America is the fair treatment. No discrimination and no bad criticism when it comes to disabled people. Even to those what they called "SLOW" people can still work here and that's the good thing about here is because they give those kind of people a good opportunity to live on their through the income they make. Also they have the Medicare part D plans whenever they need it. Unlike the country where i was born and grew up, it's just too difficult for the disabled people to get what they deserved. How i wish that my country will do the same like what they do here, fair treatment to everyone, no bad criticism and no discrimination.

Frozen Mantua Lake

Me and my gear, setting it...
Here's me with my gear, setting it. This photo was taken last year at Mantua lake which was frozen during the winter time. I was with my dear friend and my oldest son. We went to this lake because i wanted to take good pictures of the mountains covered with snow but since i just barely had my camera during this time, i did not know how to set my camera yet and was just enjoying keep on shooting even though the camera wasn't set right. Well, like what many people say, practice makes perfect and that's how you learn by keep on trying. I would say that i am learning more and more every time i use my camera. I love taking photos and i cannot just get enough clicking the button of my camera.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Family Getaway

How about another get away for the family soon? Isn't it so exciting when you hear the head of the family tells you that you are going to an another vacation? Well, that's how we are. Both hubby and i loves to travel and so as the kids. They enjoy riding the car for a long time without getting bored or whining. Outer Banks rentals is just a perfect one for us. I already have seen the place through visiting the website that they provided, and it looks so inviting and calm place. Also the room is perfect for a family, they also have bunk beds for kids just like the photo attached above. I don't have to worry about kids's bed then, their Carolina Designs are just awesome!!! This vacation is going to be a fun one once again, and i so can't wait! I haven't told our five year old boy yet so he won't be so excited and will keep on bugging me when are we going to leave here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Self Discipline And Pills

I just got back from post office, i sent some weight loss diet pills for my sister back home. She liked the kind that i brought to her when i went there for a vacation. She is starting to get conscious in her weight. She used to be skinny like i am, but now she gotten so big and she cannot control herself eating. So i suggested it to her that she needs pills for her problem and she's got to have discipline in her eating habit as well. It just doesn't work if she takes pills and she eats like there is no tomorrow anymore. She said that she lost some pounds recently which is good, it only tells me that she is indeed losing some weight and trying to get back to her original figure.

Boots For Us

Springtime is the raining season here in Utah and i love it when it rains because it helps the buds to grow and the flower starts to bloom. That's the time also that my friend starts to plant her seeds in her greenhouse. So next year i am going to help her to do some gardening since i was not able to help her this year because we went for a vacation with my family outside the country. And to thank her for the produce she gave us this year even though i was not able to help her, i gave her a kamik rain boots so she can use it while she works in her garden. She loved it for it is so girly and the styles of the prints is so cool! I have mine too, a different color one, we always have same thing most of the time. We are good friends and we love to have same things.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Picky Eater Kid

picky eater
My five year old son used to be a good eater. I can give whatever food i prepare for him and he will eat it no problem. But as he is growing, i start to noticed that he is not growing that much anymore like what he is supposed to, like the other kids same as his age. I have seen some of his classmates that are now a lot bigger than him and taller. In fact it bothered me even more when a friend came over yesterday with her son. He was a year younger than my son but he was a lot taller than my boy. So i told hubby that we should do something about our son. He is starting to be picky lately and he eats food that doesn't have much vitamins to it to help him grow fast.

He eats hot pockets, hotdogs, corn dogs and some other food that is really for just snacks, not for meal. He eats veggies though, but doesn't eat that much anymore like he used to. He used to be a vegetable gobbler. He can gobble a plate of steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I miss those times that he was looking so healthy and chubby! Now he is getting so skinny! He doesn't looked malnourished though (as you can see his photo above, that's very recent) but as a mother, i cannot help but to worry. I bought him vitamins in Philippines, but i know vitamins only helps when there's good food he eats. I already tried everything though, but seems like it wasn't working for him.

So, i am calling all the concerned mothers here, please share your experiences and tips on how to feed a five year old kid picky eater. He keeps on telling me now, nah! I don't like that, i want hotdog or corndog or maybe hot pockets. Goodness gracious! He cannot just eat all those forever! There's not much to those kind of food that makes him grow stronger and taller. I am seeking some help here, if you are a mother like me, i would love to hear your tips about your kids and experience as a mother. And thank you so much in advance to those whoever will take an effort to leave their thoughts here.

Needing Height Not Weight

Living here in America makes me feel like i am just a kid whenever i get around with those big framed people. I don't wonder why weight loss products are popping out now in the market because they wanted to get rid some of their unwanted weights themselves. Asian are more lucky like me because our built is small and petite kind. I knew couple of people here around our neighborhood that are a lot younger than i am but they looked a lot older than i am due to their built, too big. i can't even imagine myself being as big as them, for i've been so small since birth. Maybe a little more height but i am happy enough with my weight, haha.

I Think So

As a full time mother of two boys, i really don't have much time for myself anymore. Hardly i can take of myself first than taking care of my kiddos. But there's one thing i noticed about myself, even though i sometimes skip one meal a day, i still have this jiggly tummy. Maybe because i have carried three babies inside me and now it got stretched really bad, my kids came out really huge. They are quite huge for me because i am just a tiny person. Anyway, every after dark, i get tired trying to keep all my obligations and responsibilities to my family. Don't you think i need this Diet pills that give you energy to keep me going everyday? I do everything inside the house, plus active two boys, so what do you say?

Night Owl Person

It was not just me noticed that i am a night owl person. I prefer to stay up late than getting up so early. I have been like this since i started to work back in my country when i got assigned to night shift. I am sure it is not just me that is having problem like this, in fact i read about melatonin facts. It's probably how my brain works, it works better during at night and lazy to do anything during in the morning, lol! But i need to fix this though because night supposed to be rest, sleeping time not working time and day suppose to when i work what i must do. Abnormal sleeping habit of mine made it worst though. Hope i can do something about this as soon as possible, i hate waking up tired.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet Grapes At Neighbor's Backyard

Every time the grapes of our neighbor next door gets ripe, she calls us letting us know that her grapes is ready to be picked. Her husband died almost two years ago already and before she lost him, they used to pick those grapes they have in their backyard and send us some over. But now that she is all by herself in her house, she probably felt so lonely. Hardly any kids of hers visits her and at least take her somewhere. So because i felt so sorry for her, i go there to her backyard and waves at her whenever she's in her back porch relaxing.

She's been so nice to us ever since when i got here. So she is probably thinking that might as well, no one's picking her sweet fresh grapes, she allow us to pick them instead. She's got different kinds of grapes and this first photo is the kind that's what i like the most, so sweet and juicy. My kids does like it too! She's got concord grape too that is good for making wine, a little tart but it's alright.
Sweet fresh grapesDSC_7949DSC_7998

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Iphone Or New Laptop

I am currently debating myself whether if i just let hubby buy me an iphone or the new laptop that he promised me. He said that i do need the laptop for my work online and some other things, and he said some other things that i cannot live without getting online everyday, lol! Anyway, he said that if ever i want to get an iphone, i am sure it's not just the unit that i wanted to get, also there are some other iphone accessories that i want to include the purchase. Of course! But i am thinking that he might be right though, i might just get the iphone later with my own income. That way, i still have enough time whether i should go for it or maybe i just have to held off buying things for myself and get some other things for my kids instead. Anyway, can't help to like those things, those are the kinds that a woman has got to have, wink!

Starting To Crave Again

This is one food from Philippines that i can never get tired of eating. When i was still there, i almost eat this recipe everyday. Different kinds of fish, tuna, small ones and big ones. If you are PINOY or PINAY yourself, you can't really help but to drool whenever even to just see a photo of this recipe. I just barely got back here in Utah and i am starting to miss this already. This is the one reason why i gained weight so quick during my stay in Philippines. It made my appetite so good. Also there's grilled fish and some other food that i am starting to crave even though not so long ago, i was just eating them. Well, i guess i have to live with the frozen tuna fish here in Utah since there is no fresh fish around here. I don't like the lake fish, it tastes so bland, i like the seawater fish better, i guess because i grew up eating seawater fish.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Kiddos Slideshows

Taking photos is one of my hobby. Especially when the subjects are my kids. Then i make slideshows with those photos i took. It is fun to watch of my kids's photos when i make it as a slideshows. Also i can send them to my friends whoever is requesting me to send them copies of the recent photos i took. That way, i can entertain them by doing the slideshows and not just by keep on clicking the next photo. In fact i already burned some CD's that has their pictures on it and i sent those to my family and friends. They are happy to see my kids growing so fast and happy. I love to update them about my family, that's the only way i can show them that we are doing really well even though we are far away from them.

Heavy Type Job

It must be hard and body aching to have the construction jobs. I knew some people that works this kind of job and they have good body built due to their job is so heavy and requires a lot of lifting and etc. It is mainly and obviously for men only kind of job, i don't think they will qualify a woman to apply for this job since it is a heavy kind of job, and if there will be a woman, she must be in the office somewhere or just giving the plan of what to do. I can imagine that this type of job a lot more than the other jobs, and people that works in a construction to get paid more. One of my friend says that he prefers to have this heavy type of job that pays more than having a very light job that pays not so much.

Steel Buildings

One thing i noticed between my country and this country is how they build buildings. Although i am no so familiar on how they actually do it but as what i have seen, mostly in this country, they make steel buildings unlike there back home are mostly made by woods. That is the big difference though because steel buildings are obviously durable and aren't that easy to break apart. maybe because of the budget issue too that is why they are trying to save that back home. But what i worry about is the safety of the people that gets in inside the building. I just hope that even though some of them are made of woods, they are built durable and long lasting materials.

I Love My Dress!!!

Yours truly at Mantua Lake
It sure feels good to be beautiful isn't it? But i am not actually saying i am. In this photo i felt so beautiful because of my background. We were able to enjoy the fresh breeze of the lake and were able to enjoy the warm weather still. I really thought we will get back here in Utah with cold weather already, but my guess was wrong which is good thing. I went to this lake with my very dear friend and my five year old son. We stayed there for couple of hours and went home after it got little dark. Also, i love my dress! My hubby bought this for me and he was the one chose it for me, isn't it so pretty? I usually don't wear dress, but this one makes me feel so young, or am i? lol! And hey! The color matched to my blog layout! Don't you see? My husband is very good then picking this dress for me!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looking For A Job

It is really hard to find a good job nowadays especially when you aren't that good to some skills that they look for. A friend of mine just lost his job and he was all worried due to his bills payments. He's got house bills, electric, water bills, cable and etc. Those are just basic bills that people usually gets every month. Now, he's really looking so hard to get a new job enable for him to support his needs and his bill payments. What worries him most is the insurance that will cover him in case of emergency. That's why he is hoping that he can find a better offer of customer service jobs that he is applying for. I am crossing my fingers for him, i can feel that he really needs a job so badly.

Great Job My Friend!

My best friend was so excited when she picked me up at the airport. She was talking and talking until we got here in our place. She mentioned about her patio room that she put some Fireplace accessories in her fireplace. When i first got to her place i was all surprised and impressed how well she did to that room. It was a bit messy when i left and now it is all looking so pretty and very inviting even during winter. She did a very great job beautifying that room. She said that, that place is perfect for us to hang out whenever we feel like singing karaoke for she also put big flat television in there hooking up to the karaoke machine. We won't be freezing to stay there anymore, fireplace is all ready for the winter season!

Fashionable Sweaters

Don't you know it! Winter is the most expensive season of the year. More fashionable for women though. Hubby is actually not complaining that my closet is screaming already because of the clothes i have inside there. Some of them i have not used yet, some of them are presents, but most of them i bought from the stores i go to. Well, i can't help it! Women loves to shop, don't you lady? Well, since i gave some of my winter clothes to the place where poor homeless people can't buy clothes, maybe it's time for me to shop some new sweaters that has new styles. I love fashion and i cannot just get enough of it!

My Boys, My Happiness

My boys
These are my happiness, they always give me strength whenever i am weak and wanted to give up. They cheer me up and makes me smile all the time although there are times that they can be so annoying and upsetting. Kids will always be kids, as they say. Let them be and they will grow happy and will be a good person someday. So that is what i am doing to them, helping them to learn things and realizes what is right from wrong. They can get punishment too by facing the wall or time out in their own room, for them to learn from their mistakes. They are such good kids and i am sure they will stay that way until they are going to have their own family. When that time comes, i am sure they will pass what they have learned from their parents, which is how to value and respect each member of the family.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Extra Room Downstairs

Who would not want their house to look more inviting and beautiful? Of course we all do, don't we? But for now, we have to pay our bills from our vacation trip in Philippines. Hubby and i agreed that soon as our bills will get paid, we will do some renovation to our house, we will replace some things here inside the house such as pedestal sinks. We have an extra room downstairs and we want to make that as a guest room. We do have guest room downstairs but hubby sleeps there most of the time so i am thinking that the extra room next to hubby's room will be a good guest room to make. We'll see about that soon, hope to get things done before we have guests that will come to our house so they can sleep downstairs.

I Want To Learn More

When i was in the Philippines having my long vacation with the kids, i was not able to use my camera that often. I was very busy exploring places and things. Also i had things going on before hubby went there to get us, so that made my hands kept away from my camera. Hubby said i shouldn't brought my camera there. Oh well, i could not help it, i was suppose to shoot a lot of things but i guess my attention was diverted into something else instead.

Anyway, when we got back here in Utah, i had no other things than keep on shooting again with my kiddos, they are my models and i love taking pictures of them so much. And because of that, i found out something new about my camera feature, i must say that i still need to learn a lot of things from my camera, i still need to do more photography study. I am that familiar of some other things that my camera can do and i am hoping that someone can help me explore it that knows photography so well. I have some friends that offered help though, but i cannot just rely onto them since they also have life of their own, they are quiet busy with their own careers. I am one lazy woman when it comes to reading manuals, i want to learn in actual, like someone teaches me things and show me how to do it. But for now, i guess i have to live with reading manuals since no one can take some time to sit with me and teach me things that i want to learn.