Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am still thankful that even though i am feeling so weak today i still able to get some offers to post. I tried my best not to feel weak for i don't really like it, who does anyway? I am currently doing some video offers now and will be posted in a little bit. I am trying to get extra income because i am looking forward for my project to get it done back home. I am getting so excited to go home and can't wait to see my family. I know it's only a year since the last time i saw them but for me it's been century. Also i would love to eat the fresh food out there that i been craving and i cannot find it here. Oh i am excited to be home, few more months that i will be right there. And hopefully there will be no complications when we leave so there will be no worries.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Break Contest

I hate winter because i will be hibernated inside the house due to the freezing weather outside. That's why hubby is trying to turn up the thermostat but that doesn't make me happy either. So i told hubby that we must find some place where i can escape from this freezing weather here. He suggested that we are going to the beach somewhere in California this spring time and oh boy! My glad to hear that suggestion. So i said yes right away of course! I told him that we need to have some skin protection so we don't get sunburn especially our son, the skin is too young and the sun rays is kinda harsh on skin nowadays. We need to bring a sun care so we will be protected from hot sun rays. I bought a bottle of ocean potion suncare for our dear son too. We all love to go to the beach and we just want to have some get away on this terrible freezing place.

And oh! By the way, since i mentioned this suncare protection, there's a Spring Break contest that everyone can join. Just visit the website and you'll find out how to join! That's why i am more excited about this because i am planning to join this contest and who knows i could be the lucky winner for the 5,000 dollars or an XTREME Dream Vacation!!! So you guys want to have some fun and at the same time wants to win? Well here's the good news for you!

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Two Boys

These are my two boys and these boys are joys of my life. And now that our family is getting big for we are waiting for the coming of our additional member of the family, we are all excited and anxious to see another little baby in the family. These boys are giving me so much happiness and inspiration to do things that i haven't done in my life yet. They give me strength to keep going no matter what life takes. i love these two boys so much and i know these boys loves me too.

Power Tool For Hubby

Hubby is always the one who will fix and repair things here in the house as much as he can. He's got lots of tools that he kept in his shed and i think he's got everything he needs. But he mentioned something that i don't have any idea what is it for. It's a MicroRay IR-100, he said that he needs to have this to put in the garage and he told me that it is for thermostat and he is going to put in the garage. I sure don't have any idea about things for men but he wants me to search it so he can get it through online. And i sure did get what he wants me to look for.

I am impressed by how the gadget works and the capability of the tool. Sure i also found the best deal and i know that hubby would be happy knowing that what he was looking for is for sale right now. This is a good deal indeed! So i am going to purchase this now and hubby cannot wait to have this gadget of his. He sure is updated of the latest tools and now he's going to have this latest tool called MicroRay IR-100 and i know he will be using this tool very often. For more information about this tool, you can read the blog by visiting the Ohio Power Tool.

Author's Ramblings

Good morning fellow bloggers! I hope you are well and happy as you welcome the Friday morning. As for me there's not much going on. I just updated this blog while i still have free time. I missed updating this blog since my son got sick really bad. He's been throwing up lately and we are thankful that he's feeling a little better now. Few days ago he wasn't eating anything, even liquids, and i got so worried. So good thing that he's eating and drinking some liquids now like milk and juice which is good for him to prevent from dehydration. I get panic everytime my son get sick because he doesn't get sick very often and i am not used to it. And now he's taking antibiotic for his stomach flu and ear infection. I am hoping and praying that he will be totally well soon as possible.

Anyway guys, off topic here, i have a raffle draw coming on my other blog, and if you want to know what it is, please visit my other blog for you to learn more information about the raffle draw that i am going to have. So please visit my SWEET PARADISE blog now. Thank you!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oasis Nasal Spray

It is really hard if kids get sick just like my son today. He's got ear infection and good thing that we finally figured out what's going on with him. But having a nasal problem is one worse problem to kids. It's hard for them to breath and it will give them headaches. I remember when i was young i got clogged nose and it was terrible, i just couldn't get to sleep due to the clogged nose is bothering me so much, so annoying.There was one time too that my son got clogged nose an i felt so helpless and restless when my son had that clogged nose and he was really having trouble breathing. I was wishing during those times that i am the one's sick and not my poor little boy.

Anyway, just to be ready not to happen something like that, i found the best natural medicine for nasal problem, it's called Oasis Nasal Spray and it's very safe, non addictive for children for it will heals the children with the power of a dead sea. So this is a good medicine for some other medicines aren't really that good for kids for it has too much chemical on it that cause addiction. Hubby said that he agree and impressed of this kind of medicine, this is the kind of medicine that is supposed to be sold in stores and not those syrups and tablets. Just to make sure if my son will have that nasal problem again, i know what i am going to get now. For more information about this Oasis Nasal Spray, please refer the press release i attached below.

Press Release:

An Oasis of Relief for Parents

As a parent, deciding on what medicine to give your children is one of the most fearful responsibilities you have. You hear bad reports on how addictive or how harmful some remedies are in newspapers and on the TV almost every week. It can become absolutely stressful when your child is sick and you then must make the hard decision on what to pick up at your local pharmacy.

This grave concern was not helped when the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made a recent recall for over-the-counter cough and cold medicines for children. They are now contemplating whether nasal sprays and nose drops are safe for children younger than 12. The FDA is worried that these easy to use congestion reducers have dangerous side effects such as addictive tendencies. But there is hope for parents out there. There is now a safe and effective solution you can buy.

Oasis Nasal Spray and Wash is proud to announce that it is not on the recall list and has a strict non addictive standing. Oasis has released Children's Oasis Nasal Spray and Wash. Oasis’ solution is all natural and produced entirely of purified Dead Sea Minerals. Many nasal sprays contain a saltwater base, which helps release congestion in the nose and is easily wiped away. Oasis nasal spray takes it another step by not simply being saltwater from any ocean mixed with other chemicals like the leading nasal spray, but is all natural and made from the most salty sea in the world.

Oasis Nasal Spray provides the healing powers of the Dead Sea in their products for problems faced everyday; nasal allergies, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, postnasal drip, itchy nose, recurrent sinus infections, and chronic sinusitis. Oasis Nasal Spray was created by Scott Cordray; Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. His company Master Solutions has helped to create Oasis Nasal Wash and Oasis Nasal Spray by utilizing the healing salts of the Dead Sea.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grampa And Grandson

This photo was taken last year around summertime. We had a big family dinner with my in laws at one of the famous restaurant here in town. My son is so in touched with his Grampa and he wants to be beside him everytime we go somewhere with my father in law. Look how they get along so well! Do they have similarities? I think so.... What do you think guys?

Life Insurance Settlements

My father in law is already 86 and hubby said that his dad has a lot of insurance. Every assets and some of them are life insurance settlements. When i talked to my father in law, he told me that he definitely need insurance since he is all by himself living in his big house and he can give something to his kids when he is gone. He is a quite smart old man. And he is very kind and generous to his kids. He doesn't want to see his kids having troubles or having some problems.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Lady In Red

I was tagged by pretty Ivy about this to post some photos wearing red shirt. Actually i don't wear red that much because red color is the least clothes i am going to wear. I mean don't get me wrong, red is nice color but it seems like it doesn't look good if i am the one's wearing it. But anyway, i still have photos wearing red shirt, i have some but i just couldn't find it now, i saved it in the CD but i couldn't find the right CD. So as for now here's the two photos i got. These photos below was taken during summer time, it's extremely hot so i wore this red tube top.

Here's another one wearing red i finally found it. So hope this will work for you Ivs.

And now that i am done with this, i am going to tag Cora, Michelle, Twinkletoe, Norma, and Bless.

Friday, February 15, 2008

360 Degree Feedback

Do you know about this 360 degree feedback? Well i just barely got informed all about this. 360 degree feedback is talking about your performance and getting feedback by the people you know or people who you work with. With this, this is not just referring to boss's feedback, you can have feedback as well from your colleagues and other people that knows you very well. So i don't think that only boss's feedback that matters this time. You can have feedback as well to people around you as well. For more information about this matter, please refer the press release that i inserted below.

Press Release:

360 degree feedback has been used by learning and development professionals for many years to help individuals and organisations improve their performance, effectiveness and profitability. It is a powerful tool that helps you become more effective by understanding how others see you, your performance, your behaviour and your attitudes. Now with Appraisal360 you can do it for yourself without even leaving your desk!

Appraisal360 works by gathering the opinions of a number of people. A series of carefully structured questions prompt you to assess your skills in a number of key areas. A number of other people - typically around six - are then asked to give their perception of you by answering the same set of questions, which are then compiled into a feedback report. The respondants cannot be identified in the report and because we are an outside third party Appraisal360 offers the opportunity for people to give confidential feedback in a safe environment.

What will it achieve?

Our web-based software generates your personal feedback report automatically, highlighting differences between your self perception and how others see you. Critical areas for self-development are often highlighted. You will be sent an action planner to work through in your own time - either on your own or with a mentor. The pressure of face to face feedback is removed. You choose who, if anyone, sees the results.

What's on offer?

The Appraisal360 portfolio contains a range of worksets to suit different people in different job roles, professions, situations and stages of life. View the competency frameworks, browse our range of worksets and we are confident that you will find something to meet your needs.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! May you enjoy the holiday being with your love one and also with your family. Valentines Day is all about love and peace, may you will have these two inside your home and will be happy as you celebrate the holiday. I want to extend also my greetings to everyone who visited my site and to those who are going to visit me later. I love you all my friends and hope this little present of mine will bring smile in your face. Happy HEARTS Day!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Local City Search

Local City Search is a kind of search engine where you can find some business or any other things that you are looking for and wanted to find. This is very important for all the traveler that are not familiar with some other city that they are going to. Like us, we love to travel a lot and i am glad that i found this Local City Search so we can find the best place to stay and so we won't get lost in the city where we going.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winnie And Friends

I spotted this meme from dai Lolli and thought of grabbing it, i asked her permission though. I grabbed this because my son really loves this characters below and he said he want it so i said to myself why not grab it lol! Anyway, i wanna thank you dai Lolli for this and for making me one siggy again, it's really pretty i so love it! I am tagging Jenny, Recel, In-in, Ivy, and Anne.
Anger is only one letter short of danger. If someone betrays you once, it is his fault; If he betrays you twice, it is your fault. Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people. He, who loses money, loses much; He, who loses a friend, loses much more; He, who loses faith, loses all. Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, But beautiful old people are works of art. Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself. Friends, you and me…You brought another friend…And then there were 3…We started our group…Our circle of friends…And like that circle…There is no beginning or end…Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift.

So now, let’s see how many circles of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme!

1.Catsy Carpe Diem 2-Catsy Downloads 3-Out of the Blue 4-A Day to Savor and Relish 5-A Piece of Idea 6-Write Shy 7-Stupid Wise 8-http://onlinememorylane.blogspot.com/ 9-http://www.jk-nocargo.blogspot.com/ 10-Pinay Mommy Online 11-Momhood Moments 12-My Life 13-Jean’s My So-called Life 14-Alpha’s Blog 15-Because Life Is Fun 16-Bits and Pieces 17-Whats up Caryl 18-Simply Me 19-A Mothers Horizon 20-BLOGSILOG 21-Cherry’s Comfort Zone 22-DigiScrapz:Captured Memories 23-Wishing and Hoping 24-Thinking Out Loud 25-Lolli of so cute 26-Lollipop of Lux 27-Mommy's Gibble Gabbles 28-Sweet Paradise 29-My Life My World 30-You're next here!

Space Heaters

Hubby and i were planning to buy another heater soon after i deliver the baby. We only have one furnace vent in our son's room and we are going to make that room for two, for our son and the coming baby. So i suppose they need more heat in that room and besides it by the west side of our house that's why it's a little bit colder out there. We need to put a space heaters out there for them to be comfortable during winter like this. I think that is the best idea i can come up to so they will feel much better being in their room and keep them warm.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Father And Son Bonding

Last night hubby and our son had a bonding time as father and son. Our little boy beg his father to read him the book he got, so daddy of course read the books for his little young man. So while they are busy reading the book and while hubby is explaining to his son what's going on with the book they are reading, i took some snaps. I just couldn't help it, they look so precious to me and look so lovely while reading the book. Like i said before and will say it over and over again, it is only an ordinary day but yet it is very special moment to capture photos like these below.Excuse me for my son's shirt, it's a bit messy for he just finished eating orange when i took these photos with his daddy.

Junior Clothing

Every time i go to shopping, i always shop my shirts or pants at Junior Clothing area. Because women's area are offly big for me for i am a very petite person and tiny. So that's why i always look for my clothes at Junior Clothing department. And i found this Heavenly Couture website that's selling fantastic selections of pants, clothing and etc. I love all of their styles and very cool shirts they have. If you are a petite and tiny person like me looking for something unique and stylish, you should visit the Heavenly Couture and purchase some of their pants that only cost like $17.95 or less.

Grand Slam Awards

Lately i haven't posted any awards that i received from so many friends of mine. As usual i am not going to name them one by one for they already know who they are that gave me these wonderful awards. And to those friend that gave me these awards, thank you so much and i truly appreciate our friendship and i am hoping that the friendship we have will be forever. And i wanted to pass these awards to all my friends who's in my lists. You all deserve to have these so please don't hesitate to get these awards i have for you.


My father in law always goes to Pharmacy for his prescription and sometimes he gets so worried because the pharmacy here in town has only limited medicines and sometimes he has to rush to other City just to get his prescription. So i feel so sorry for my father in law because he is not that young to run around just to buy prescription. That's why i tried my best to help him and look for some other way for him to buy his prescriptions.

And then i found this online pharmacy that is called Edrugstore.md. It is indeed very convenient for people like my father in law to buy his prescription online because he doesn't have to run around just to complete his prescriptions. He will be happy to know that he can now buy his medicines through internet in a low price and in a convenient way for him. This online pharmacy only sells brand prescription drugs and not a generic drugs. They have been in the online business for over 8 years and still is growing today. I am glad i was able to help my poor Father in law to look for some other way how to buy his prescriptions without headaches and running around all over the place.

Busy Busy Monday

Good morning everyone! Have a great Monday! Today is very busy day for us. Hubby will bring the car to car wash shop soon as he gets home and he will take me to the doctor for my appointment later this afternoon. We are both excited for the next month because we will know what's gonna be our baby, if it's gonna be a girl or boy. I cannot wait to see the result and so as hubby. We have been planning for so many things about my pregnancy and we are looking forward for the baby shower party. Oh i cannot wait to see my next baby soon. But i know i have to be patient for that perfect time will come soon.

Happiness Is Important

I am sure that everyone wants happiness and not sadness, do you agree with me? Well who wants to be sad anyway? Happiness is the most wonderful feeling that you can ever feel, if you are happy, the world seems so light and colorful for us. That's why i am very glad i found this The Sedona Method that's been spreading the happiness all over the world. This would be the great help for those people who are depressed and cannot find good company to enjoy life.

As i was reading the articles they have in their website, a lot of people are enjoying the meeting they have, exchanging some ideas and amazing thoughts that people has and also a lot of people joined in this group. I would love to join this group as well. It is very interesting topic they always have and i can receive a Free DVD and CD from The Sedona Method. I would love to share this as well to all my friends who are seeking happiness and company to share their concerns and problems, this is the best way to burst out your feelings and be happy as always. Happiness is very important to everybody, if you are happy, you can do the hardest challenge in life.


I am getting so tired now and i know it is very late already and i am still here in front of my computer. I just finished my pending tasks though and now that i am done i will go straight to bed right after this post. I just wanted to say goodnight to everyone before i sleep and wishing you all guys to have a great night and may you sleep tight. I am also wishing that may you wake up tomorrow with full of energy to face the another challenge that will come along our way. Have a goodnight everyone!

Boca Facelift Surgery

Surgery are most common way of getting rid of scars, wrinkles and stretch marks from giving birth. Boca facelift surgery is the best place to go if you want to get rid of your wrinkles due to aging. There's a lot of people i heard that talking about this face lift surgery and quite contented of the outcome. And i know that this is the only way that people think is the best idea to look more younger than their age. In this stressful world today, you get easily look so matured than your age because of the surroundings, that's the one big reason, the pollution and also the problems that comes along our life that sometimes we cannot handle it and find some solution very quickly.

That's why i think and i told this to hubby that i wouldn't mind to go to Boca facelift surgery if i look old and ugly. I want to keep my face young and pretty like the others. He said that it's not bad anyway to keep myself younger than my age. I am glad hubby is so supportive of whatever decisions i make.

Problem What?

Here's another tag guys, hope you will be able to get to know more about me better by just reading all these tags that i answered. And like i said, feel free to grab any of my tags here if you are interested to do all these.

* Still dealing with my morning sickness

* My family, hubby and son

* Quietly asleep

* My hubby and our son

* Pink long sleeves (not a t shirt really)

* Ate

* Computer
* Digital Camera
* Television

* Deep Purple

* I don't know i didn't look

My Uncle's Nose Surgery

I just finished my conversation over messenger with my uncle who lives in San Diego California. He said he had a nose injury a week ago and he had to go to San Diego nose surgery to get his nose fixed. I felt so sorry for him and good thing that he went to best surgeon for his nose to get it fixed. He said he had a bad accident on his bathroom and his nose got broke. He showed me his nose surgery and seems like nothing happened to his nose, it was back to what it supposed to look like.

He said he was very impressed of how they do the operation because he felt nothing during the operation and after he realized that the surgery was done already, he was happy to know that his nose got fixed with no pain. He said that he was glad that he was able to find the best surgeon in San Diego nose surgery and now his nose is fixed.


Got this very interesting tag so i thought of posting it here. Here's my ABC tag and if you find it fun to answer this guys just feel free to grab it.

A - Age: 26
B - Band listening to right now: None
C - Career future: I am a housewife and a mother of two to be, i don't think there's more better career than what i am having right now
D - Dad's name: Deogracias
E - Easiest person to talk to: Hubby
F - Favorite song: as of today? Way Back Into Love
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Both
H - Hometown: Lianga
I - Instruments: I don't know how to play any instruments though
J - Job: A housewife and a mother
K - Kids: One son and one is on the way
L - Longest car ride ever: Trip to Four Corners (Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado)
M - Mom's name: Leona
N - Number of people you slept with: 2 Hubby and sometimes our son
P - Phobia[s]: Losing someone i love
Q - Quote: "Give your smile to everyone even though they are trying to pull you down, that only proves that you have a way better life than what they are having, it also means that they are totally envy of you"
R - Reason to smile: My Family and Friends
S - Song you sang last: Fame
T - Time you wake up: Usually 7 am
U - Unknown fact about me: I can't think of anything right at this moment
V - Vegetable you hate: None, i love veggies so much
W - Worst habit: Squeezing the rubber dropper in between my fingers? Is that worst enough? lol!
X - X-rays you've had: Long time ago
Y - Yummy food: Filipino Food
Z - Zodiac sign: Pisces

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Manhattan plastic surgeon is where my friend went for their surgery. They said that they are quite happy and very contented of what's the changes of the certain part of their body. I was very amazed of the changes indeed. And they have been bragging about it from the day they had operated. i am very happy for them because my friends said that they gain more confidence and has now more self esteem than before. I love how they look like now, they are indeed very different from before. I am also imagining myself that i had some surgery on my face so it will be look much better. But hubby said that i am already perfect and no need to undergo some surgery.

I have a friend here in town that's been looking for a best surgeon to do the operation of her face. She's got big birthmark on her face that she wants to get rid of. So i told her about the success operation of my friends and she is convinced and made a decision to let the Manhattan plastic surgeon to do the operation for her. That would be nice if her big birth mark on her face will be gone. She will look more beautiful.

Valentines Day Tag

Silly tag for Valentines Day so i thought it would be fun to post it here. Well, grab this tag guys if you are some kinda interested to answer all these questions like me.

1. Say something about your love life.
*Oh my gosh! It's heaven lol!

2. Fave song/s as for now?
* Promise me by Beverly Craven

3. Fave tv show as for now?
* Many to mention, but to tell you a few American Idol and Forensic Files

4. Last movie you saw?
* Harry Potter The Orders In Phoenix

5. Most expensive object you bought with your own money?
* My mother's diamond ring (my gift for her)

6. Cigarette or beer? explain.
* Neither of the two. I hate those things.

7. What happened last night?
* We were asleep

8. have you ever fallen in love w/a friend?
* Yes

9. What song is currently playing?
* Nothing

10. Any pets? What are their names?
* No pets allowed here inside the house

11. Do u have a bestfriend?
* I do her name is Richel

12. crush?
* None as of now

13. Which do you prefer? Jollibee or mcdo?
* Jollibee... I just couldn't get enough of it

14. Favorite sports?
* Not a sporty woman

15. Ever broken someone's heart?
* I guess i did

16. Ever had your heart broken?
* Yeah

17. What did you do to the person who broke your heart?
* We both broke our heart when we parted our ways

Beautiful Smile

I have heard that most of best dentists are in Las Vegas. invisalign Las Vegas dentistry has very unique way, it is rest assured that you will gain more confidence after your teeth will be fixed or whitened by the dentist in Las Vegas. In fact, i have a friend that lives in Las Vegas and she got very beautiful smile because her teeth got fixed. I had a problem with my teeth in the front too because it's a little crooked and needs to be fixed. And since we are planning to go to Las Vegas this spring time for a vacation, to see my friend out there. I would want to see the dentist that my friend trusted to fix her teeth.

Before she's got very bad looking teeth, it was crooked and yellowish, but now she can be a commercial model in any toothpaste brand in television for having such a white and beautiful teeth. I have been wishing that my teeth will be as white as those models in toothpaste commercials and i can only have those kind of teeth by going to invisalign Las Vegas dentistry.

Cool Cat Award

I have another cool award i received from my friend, her name is Anne. She just barely gave birth and she's got very beautiful daughter named Jadyn Bailee. She is a new mother that loves to brag about her daughter all the time. Of course, all mothers do, agree mothers? I do too, no one can compare the happiness of a mother and love of a mother towards their children. That's the most unconditional love that's still existed in this crazy world.

Anyway, she gave me this cool cat award and i am very happy to have this very cute award. Thank you so much Anne for passing this very cute award to me and i truly appreciate our friendship. And of course i have some friends too that i would like to pass this namely Jenny, Cora, Twinkletoe, Emz, Joy Pinaymama, Mommy J and Pinay Mommy online.

Learn Yoga

Do you know about Yoga? Well i have been wanting to learn yoga since before and i am very impressed by the people who knows this kind of exercise. In fact i know one celebrity back home that's been doing this kind of activity for a long time now and she has a good body shape. I been wanting to know more about this because it is very interesting to learn and i know it will work good for me. As far as i see that celebrity who does the Yoga, she's got very flexible body that can stretch and bend her body with no pain. It's really awesome you know, i would want to learn that myself. So that's why i searched over the internet how to learn yoga and i found out that i could do it. It isn't so complicated to learn about it really.

I told hubby about my interest to learn this Yoga and he said that, that would be nice if i do something like this. This will help me get busy and at the same time will find time for myself and not being bored here inside the house. I am glad that hubby agrees me to get into this kind of activities. I would really want to learn yoga myself.

Get Together

I am glad we were able to have time for each other as friends. I invited some of my Filipina friends to come over to my house earlier to have dinner together. Yes we had a great time talking about what happened to our life lately and talk about fun as well. We ate filipino food as expected i cooked some Tinolang Isda, Dinuguan and made some kinilaw na tuna too. We had a blast and after that we sang with my karaoke microphone.

My friend brought some food to share too and some desserts. Kids were running all over the house and played at the backyard for a little bit. My son was happy that he found lots of friend today. I am too, i am happy and glad that my son was able to play some other kids. Hope we'll see each other again if we have time like this, it was fun to get together once in a while and eat filipino food together with my pinay friends.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Weight Watchers

Have you heard about this Weight Watchers Diets in Review ? I have seen their commercial in television and it's quite impressive. You don't really have to take pills or do anything just to get thinner. All you do is just eating normal food. I am quite curious how this really works but i have seen so many testimonies about this company that it did worked for them so fast. I am also impressed of how they come up to this kind of idea, very interesting and at the same time no stomach aches that you will feel just because you are on a diet. Diet doesn't really means that you have to minimize the food you eat everyday, it is just all about what kind of food you eat everyday. Since mostly food has more preservatives, more fats and more calories in it, that's what makes you heavy and grow big. But this Weight Watchers Diets in Review , you just eat regularly everyday like you're not doing any diet. Sounds cool? Try it for yourself! Visit the website to find out more about this company and who knows? This might be the answer of the questions back on your mind that been stuck there for a long time. You will be surprise of how will this work for you!

Cover Girl

This is just a fake magazine cover and you know that don't you? But looks real isn't it? lol! I am just imagining myself that i am featured to be the cover girl of this magazine so please guys no bad comments lol! Anyway, i am bored so i came up with this idea to post this magazine with my photo on it, it's cool isn't it? I tried this because i have seen so many co bloggers doing this lately so i told myself that i should try it myself too, it's fun and this is the only way that i can see myself being featured to be the cover girl on this magazine, in real life, there' no way. It's very impossible to be featured to this kind of magazine lol!

Canada To Europe

Hubby and i have already planned for our trip later this year. We are planning to go to Canada and then after go to Europe. And because we are considering the budget we have to look for the cheap and best airline tickets that we can get from Canada to Europe. And good thing i found the best company that can offer us the best deal. I am very anxious an excited at the same time for our coming trip. I never been to Canada and so as Europe, this will be the first trip i am going to have to got these place. I cannot wait to get there soon and will take tons of photos lol!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Starts With Letter D

I found this tag that starts the first letter of my name. So here it goes! If you are interested to do this guys just feel free to grab this. Just replace it with the first letter of your name. It fun and enjoy!!!

1. Famous Singer: Donna Summer
2. Four Letter Word: Dear
3. Street: Denton Street
4. Color: Dark Brown?
5. Gifts/Presents: Digital Camera Pro
6. Vehicles: Dodge
7. Things In A Souvenir Shop: Daisy paintings
8. Boy Name: Dwight
9. Girl Name: Deanne
10. Movie Title: Die Another Day
11. Drink: Dark cranberry juice
12. Occupation: Doctor
13. Celebrity: Diane Keaton
14. Magazine: Dating Magazine
16. Pro Sports: Dodgeball? lol!
17. Fruit: Dynamite fruit
18. Something You Throw Away: Disposable stuffs
19. Something You Shout: Darn It!
20. Reason for being late for work: Day dreaming lol!

Car Prices

When looking for the best car you should also consider the Car Prices, and the engine of how it works for you. There's a lot of car dealers and if you are planning to buy a new car, you must know what you are looking for. Just like us, we just barely had our new car and we indeed compare the Car Prices from one dealer to another. With what we did, we found the best car with the best price. It's very easy if you have to look for a car with the prices on it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Future Pianist

Hello all fellow bloggers, this is the first time that this blog joined in this wordless wednesday. And this is my entry for today, my son was very serious playing piano as if he really knows what he was doing. He looks like he's a professional pianist, isn't he?

Kind Of Fruit

You Are an Orange

You have a zest for life, especially for anything colorful, wild, or dramatic.
You have a unique take on the world, and you're not afraid to be a little funky.

You are a bit reserved toward people who don't know you well.
You have a thick skin, which can protect you from anything that goes wrong in your life.

Once someone does get to know you, they totally get and appreciate you.
Your friends see you as a bright person with a refreshing take on life.

Who doesn't like orange anyway? I do love oranges, especially if it is very juicy and sweet. In fact i always eat orange everyday since i got pregnant because i only eat fruits and not heavy food because i just throw it out after i ate it.

Anyway, i just thought of posting this cute survey and wanna know what kind of fruit i am. How about my friends here in blogging world? What kind of fruit do you think you are? Try this cute survey!

Learn Or Share

I do love food, who doesn't anyway? lol! Well, here's what i got for those who loves to cook a lot and to those who wants to learn more on cooking. www.foodconnect.com is a social networking where you can connect to other people who loves to cook and wants to learn in cooking as well. This is a great way to communicate and share your talents and learn more about other's recipes and experiences in cooking. Also, you will find some other things that you must learn and will have to study about it if you are planning to build your own business in cooking. Like for example you want to have your own small restaurant, you can learn so many things through this www.foodconnect.com and this is a very helpful website for those who are just starting and learning still.

Press Release:

foodconnect.com launches as a new social networking site specifically targeted to food enthusiasts.

Pooh And Tigger

Got this cute tag from Michelle one of my dear friend here in blogging world. I wanna thank you gwapa for giving me this very cute tag, i truly appreciate our friendship and hope this friendship we built will last forever.

-->Start Here<-- Friends

Anger is only one letter short of danger

If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;

If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.

Great minds discuss ideas;

Average minds discuss events;

Small minds discuss people.

He, who loses money, loses much;

He, who loses a friend, loses much more;

He, who loses faith, loses all.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,

But beautiful old people are works of art.

Learn from the mistakes of others

You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

Friends, you and me...

You brought another friend...

And then there were 3...

We started our group...

Our circle of friends...

And like that circle...

There is no beginning or end...

Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is mystery.

Today is a gift.

So now, let's see how many circle's of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme! 1-Catsy Carpe Diem, 2- Catsy Downloads, 3-Out of the Blue, 4- A Day to Savor and Relish 5- A Piece of Idea 6- Write Shy 7- Stupid Wise 8-http://onlinememorylane.blogspot.com/ 9 - http://www.jk-nocargo.blogspot.com/ 10- Teacher's Corner 11- Michelle's Small World 12- Mommy's Gibble Gabbles, You're next here!<--

-->End here<-- And now i am going to pass this tag to Jenny, Anne, Ivy, Recel, In-in and Haze.

Valentines Day Fonts

Every Holidays i always love to make my own design of the greeting cards that i send to every people i love. But sometimes i find it very boring to make some greeting cards because my fonts has been used over and over again. So i looked for fonts for this coming valentines day. And i found this very nice and lots of selections of Valentine's Day fonts. With this, i can do a lot of greeting cards with different fonts that i can use. It's just nice to make greeting cards and especially designed by me with different styles, it only means that it's from the bottom of my heart and it's especially made to give it to a very special person i love. I also accept requests from my friends who wants to send some greeting cards to their family back home as well. With that, they can save some money to buy expensive cards at the store. They just give me a little amount of money for the materials that i am going to use like paper or ink in my printer. This is another way of expressing our feelings to our love ones who's very far from us. Valentine's Day fonts sure has a lot of different styles that i can use, the more fonts to choose from the better, and it can be found at FontMarketplace!

Press Release:

FontMarketplace.com introduces Valentine's Day Fonts
Specially-priced set of fonts with matching Microsoft Word templates for St. Valentine’s Day cards, invitations and other projects

Elk Grove Village, IL – January 29, 2008 – Ascender Corporation, a leading provider of advanced font products, today announced a new collection of Valentine fonts available exclusively from its FontMarketplace.com website. The Ascender Valentine's Kit contains five Valentine-themed fonts matched with five expertly-designed Microsoft Word templates. The software package is available as a convenient digital download with a special price of $9.99 at http://www.fontmarketplace.com/font/ascender-valentines-kit.aspx?ilbcode=679

"Valentine's Day is an important holiday to express love and friendship, and it's important to use the right font to project the image or personality that best captures your sentiments.” said Bill Davis, Vice President of Ascender Corp. "The Ascender Valentine's Kit contains a fresh set of distinctive fonts and unique templates that can be used to make attractive Valentine cards, invitations, flyers, scrapbooks and many other projects."

The Ascender Valentine's Kit contains five TrueType fonts that are well-suited for Valentine's Day and all year-round. They are matched with an original set of professionally-designed Microsoft Word templates for a variety of Valentine's Day projects including cards, flyer, postcard and invitation.

The Ascender Valentine's Kit is priced at $9.99 with a single user license and is available for immediate download from http://www.fontmarketplace.com. The price represents a savings of almost 60% compared to buying all five fonts individually. The Valentine's Kit is available with an automatic installer for Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, or as a compressed .zip file for Mac OS or other systems.

FontMarketplace.com features affordably-priced professional-quality fonts packaged individually and in sets. The website offers a wide variety of popular type styles from text and display to script fonts, and an assortment of multilingual fonts, all displayed in creative ways to showcase the fonts in use. The FontMarketplace.com website was designed to make it easy for first time font buyers and creative enthusiasts to browse, download and install fonts. All of the fonts are Certified TrueType fonts, developed and tested by the font experts at Ascender Corp.

About Ascender
Ascender Corporation is a leading provider of advanced font products. Ascender's founders are font industry experts and have been involved in developing many of the most important and influential fonts used in computers and mobile devices. Ascender provides multilingual, custom font development for a wide range of customers including creative professionals, enterprises and hardware & software developers. Ascender also provides fonts for download to graphic designers and consumers through its font websites and mobile phone software with ringtones, wallpapers & themes.

Bill Davis
Ascender Corporation
25 Northwest Point Blvd, Suite 225, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
Phone: (847) 357 0730