Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Home For My Family

Our house is somewhat enough for my family. Although it isn't that big and not that luxurious to live in, still it's a perfect place for me and for my family. My husband bought this house seventeen years ago and renovated it. It has huge backyard where our kids can play as long as they want, and has enough rooms for us couple and for our kids as well. There's only one little problem with this house, there is a guests room downstairs but there is no bathroom there. Whenever we have guests, we are the one's will go downstairs to sleep instead of the guests so they don't have to come up here to use the bathroom.

There are a lot of home plans that i saw and love some of those house arrangements including the landscape. In our house, we never can get a nice garden in our front yard since our house is shady, lots of trees around it plus the sun doesn't hit where the yard is. I told my husband that someday when the kids are big enough, we probably get a new house and will take a look some of the house plans that we like so we can decide what kind of house design should we get. Hubby said getting a new house is one big decision but it would be a great idea if we move when the kids are big enough so they can have their own each room and not sharing one room together. I already have in my mind the house idea that i really liked, thanks to the house plan that i searched, there's tons of ideas i got from them and got me even more excited to have a new home for my lovely family.

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