Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Darn Cold!

Do you want to know what i miss most back home? The tropical weather! I was just as excited as a kid when i first got here in America. One thing i was looking forward to see was the snow. When i first touched the snow, i was so happy and acting like a little girl, playing outside although the temperature was so cold for me. My skin swell for staying too long outside, wasn't immune to the cold weather. What do you expect? I have been living all my life in a tropical weather and never did imagine that i would get into a place that has four seasons in a year. Back home, we only have one season all year long and that is summer and it is humid as well.

As years went by as i live here, i am kind of got tired of cold weather. I have to bundle myself up and also my kids. It's bulky and heavy for me, it is very hard for me especially i have to drag my two kids with me everywhere i go, shopping, taking my oldest one to school and picking him up from school. Ugh! What a job, eh? But anyway, sounds like i am complaining huh. I am grateful though because i have had the chance to experience what it's like to be here in America, experience the four seasons of the year and some people are longing to experience what i just did. But still, i prefer to live in a tropical weather rather than being always bundled up on a freezing temperature.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Missing Home

I already told myself not to go back home to where i was born and raised not unless it is very important, but here i am now missing my very own country. I guess i cannot just simply say no to what i feel. No matter how i tried to resist not to think about it but still i cannot really deny it to myself that i am simply missing home and my beloved mother. Now that i became a mother myself, i fully understood that a mother always thinks of her kids even though the kids are grown and have their own family already. Well, i can relate to that now that i already have two kids of my own. There are a lot of times that i have been asking myself whether i am doing the right thing for my kids or not. Talking about disciplining and raising them in a proper way.

What's the proper way anyway? I am sure that every mothers like me has our own unique way of raising one own's children. So do i, but i must have got the ideas the way how i raise my kids from my dear mom. Each one of us has a lot of stories to tell about our mother and as for me, my mother is one true hero to us her children. It's not easy to raise a big family especially that she was the only one who raised us.

I don't consider my father that he raised us even though he was alive as i grew up because he was no use then. He got sick really bad, he had acute diabetes that made him paralyzed and not able to do what he supposed to do, to support the needs of his family. And besides, even before he got paralyzed, he didn't took an effort to do his responsibility to be a father to us his children. He was depending on my mom's business. He even told my poor hardworking mother that if and if her business will be bankrupt, he is going to leave his family. I was what, like nine or ten years old then? But i still remember those things, so fresh in my mind and it won't be erased as one of my bad memories.

But anyway, i am still hoping that i will see my ever dearest mother this year, i cannot simply go home nowadays because my son is going to school and every mothers who are living in a foreign country knows that there is only certain time to go back home, during summer time. I am really looking forward to it, i am really hoping for it. I will just cross my fingers and toes that my plan will push through. The picture below was taken last 2008 when i went home with my son... That was my son and my mother in the photo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Savior

I really do hate to have acne, who does anyway? Well, sometimes i get to have it when i don't have enough sleep and stressed. Good thing, i have my savior that helps me every time i get annoying acne. In fact, even before it appears to my face, i can just tell that it is going to because it starts to itch on a certain spot, then i put that treatment for nodular acne. It is really effective and fast acting one. That's why i have no doubt on using it because i have tried it and it works well to me. I am a skin conscious freak and i don't want anything or even a bump appears on my face or i might just end up scratching it until it gets worse.

Annoying Tummy Fats

Even though i lose weight so fast, still i have this bulging tummy that is not really that firm and i want to get rid of this remaining fats that i got in my tummy. Hubby said that sit ups could also help to get my firm tummy back. I do agree but i still wanted to get rid of it just like the snap of a finger, lol! I really am so impatient to exercise, it's not my cup of tea to do that kind of activity. Taking care of kids is exhausting enough to me, that's probably why i can't find time to have my own time and do the exercise. Right now i am looking for a fastest way to burn fat in my tummy and i am looking forward for a better me before i go back to my country, which i am hoping i can go home this year.

HE Granted My Wish

When i found out that i was pregnant with my little one now, i kept it to most of my friends online because i don't want to entertain any possible questions that might not be appropriate. I was craving things secretly. The most one thing i was wishing and have been praying that i am going to have a safe delivery and i did, although i almost lost my own life because of some complications after the delivery. But thank goodness i survived and my baby came out perfectly fine, he's healthy and 9.3 lbs baby. Quite huge for poor tiny mother that only measured 4'11.

Well anyway, when i was pregnant, i also was praying that GOD will give me an angel that has blue eyes. Although it is really impossible for me to have a blue eyed baby because i am Asian and my husband has hazel eyes. But to my surprise, my baby came out with surely different eye color. GOD really granted my wish! I am not sure though what really is the color of his eyes because it changes here and there, in short, it's not definite yet. But no matter what his eyes color is going to be, he will still be loved by his dear family and he surely brought joy to my heart after losing his big sister...

New Look Of Him

I am so hooked to the website where you can find different kinds of online games that makes me entertained whenever i am idle. Also, i get to keep in touch with some old friends, some long lost friends and colleagues. There was this man that i used to work with before in an electronics company. He worked there as a technician and i worked there as an inspector. But anyway, i was just so surprised upon seeing him on his recent photos that he posted. He is really totally different now. I am talking about his physical appearance, he used to be the skinny guy and now, he's got perfect curve as a man! Boy! If you only see him, he changed indeed! For the better though and good for him! I was able to talk to him the other day and asked him what did he do why he became so perfect looking guy. He told me that he has been taking bodybuilding supplements and it is working great for him. Well, i really am happy for him, i really do.

Feel So Sorry

I was at my son's school parking area last Friday to pick him up. Was waiting inside the car and finally when he and his classmates came out from the building with their teachers, i over heard some mothers was talking about colon cancer. I felt so sorry that one of a kid's mother's friend has colon cancer. I was saddened upon hearing it because as what i have head, she is a very nice and a friendly person. So, when i came back home, i searched about that cancer. I have read some colon cleanse reviews that helped me to learn more about that disease. I just feel sorry to those people that has it because i am sure it isn't easy for them to suffer that kind of disease.

My New Toy

Hubby said that i trade him with my new big toy now, lol! He bought me the camera that i was wishing to have and now that i finally got it last Christmas as my present from dear sweet loving husband of mine, i can't seem to put it down. I just love photography and i have class going on every Saturday to learn more about the features, tips and tricks of the camera. Just in case you might wanna know what kind of camera i have, it's a Nikon D300s. It a DSLR and i so love it!

But anyway, off topic, since that i got my new camera, i keep on taking a picture of myself every month how much weight i lose. And this photo below that i showed was taken three months ago after i delivered my baby boy. Lots of friends has been asking what did i do to my body to keep the figure perfect? Well, i don't really do a whole lot, taking care of two boys and my husband is enough for me to lose weight. Well, each one of us has diets that work for us, and what i just said is working to me just perfectly alright.

I Dare You

When i just barely got here where i live now, it was summer that time and was so anxious and got so excited when finally the winter came and started to see snow. My husband still can't forget how i looked when i first saw the snow, i was like a little girl jumping and screaming because of too much happiness. Well, what do you expect? I have never seen snow in my whole life not until i got here. It's a tropical weather where i was born and raised. But then as years went by, i kind of got tired of the snow. I mean, i still love watching the snowfall but not the effect of it, the freezing weather. Although i am kind of getting use to the freezing weather but i would still prefer spring and summertime. But yesterday, the light bulb turned on in my silly brain. I dared myself that i can make it and this is what i did. I took a picture of my bare feet on the snow. Would you dare to do this as well??? Now, i dare you!

Awful Eye Dark Circles

Ever since when i was younger, i prefer the night than daytime. I don't really exactly know what's up with night that i am more active than daytime. I get so lazy and tired during daytime but soon as the sun comes down, my energy is too much. A lot of friends i have called me that i am a night owl because i am up during at night but lousy during the day. Haha! I guess that's how i am. Even my mother asked me why am i like this since she gave birth to me day time and i am suppose to be more active at daytime. Well i guess some people prefers daytime than night time. That's why i got dark eye bags already that i am treating now with eye cream for dark circles. And i am glad that it is fading away because it looks awful when i am not wearing make up.

Losing Weight Quick

A lot of people are asking me how did i lose my weight so quick? Well, it doesn't really a whole of effort for me to lose my weight right after i deliver the baby because it is probably my nature to lose weight soon as the baby comes out from me. Some mothers are having hard time to get back to their usual figure before they had their babies. It's pretty easy for me, i may sound bragging but that is the truth. Some mothers are reading some weight loss success stories, but me? I lose weight in no time. I am like a balloon that soon as the needle pokes, i get back to my original figure. Though i am not as thin as i was before i had my babies, but i am not so conscious with my figure now. In fact, i do love how i look now, gained a little bit more but it's just perfect for me. Well, judge it for yourself, here's the picture that my hubby took early this morning in our backyard. My baby is now 5 months and this is my size now.

Best Help

I really don't get that much acne like i used to before. Maybe because i had a stressful job before compare to now that i am just a stay home mother and a wife that takes care of my family. I believe that eating oily or too much sweet foods too can cause acne or it can worse if you have it already. But since sometimes i have a very busy life as a woman in the house, i get acne here and there. Good thing my acne won't get worse because i have acne products that helps me get rid of it right away. It's just annoying to have it and driving me insane.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Whatta Question!

Surely my oldest son is getting so big and getting more curious and observant. He was watching the television earlier and saw the commercial about smoking is bad. Then he asked me why some people smoke? I answered him that some people are just trying to show off and some others already have that bad habit that they cannot get rid of and it is bad for their health. So he asked, "why people are doing it if it is bad to their health? They wanted to get sick because nobody loves them?". Well, i can just tell that my son is really observing what is around him and i am going to make sure on that, that he will fully understand and will explain everything to him to the best that i can...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Away

Speaking of another trip, hubby just told met that he thought it would be a great idea if we can get away from this freezing place where we are right now. He wants to go to tropical place nearby America. So i searched some nice place where it would be good to go. I bumped into this website that has the great deal package. Isn't it so awesome if you just find something that fits what you're looking for? I am so glad that i found the perfect website, they have this all inclusive vacations that just matched to what hubby wanted to do. Well, of course i am very excited here and so as our preschooler. Another trip to look forward to for my dear family.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Hubby is again planning more trip this year which i really love it. We both love to travel a lot and good thing that our kiddos are not fussy at all when they are inside the car. He said that this time he needs to have a mechanical breakdown insurance just to make sure that we won't be stuck in out of nowhere. I remember when we went to Louisiana, i was so scared because we almost ran out of fuel and the car started acting up. I told hubby not to let the fuel run out again. He said that he will make sure now that we have the good insurance that will help us right away when we need it...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Family Portrait

After all the holidays, i became more busier than usual. I got a preschooler that i have to pick up every afternoon and i have a little one that is now more attention seeker. I sure have a quite busy life. I cannot even take care of my own needs and wants. But even though my time went all to my family, i am loving it and i am thankful that i have a lovely family whom i can give my attention. I hardly have time to update my websites no more unlike before that i am very updated here almost everyday.

Things has changed to me now that i have two kids to take care of. As you all know that a responsibilities of a mother is never ending that's why i cannot update my websites no more like i wanted to. But anyway, since that i got the big chance to update this one now, i would like to share you all our very recent family photo, taken by my new Nikon D300s toy that hubby bought for me last Christmas... Thank you so much for those who dropped by here and who are going to drop by, i truly appreciate your effort for taking some time to visit me here...