Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cheap Life Insurance

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get The House Secured

For our family's sake, we do need to make sure that our house is safe right? It's really hard to trust people nowadays especially when they approach us like they met us long ago already. I have been telling my son not to trust anyone unless we, his parents know them so well. That's why hubby and i decided to install a device to detect burglars or thieves. Although we feel safe here where we live, but we are still making sure that nothing's gonna happen to us especially our kids inside the house.

We got the idea of putting the device from an out of state friend. He mentioned the numerous crimes that happened to where they used to live that's why they decided to move and get the house secured. They installed the home security poplarville just the same like what we have. The wife is no longer trusting just having locks on the doors. She said that it's better to be safe than be sorry later. Now, they are more at peace and calm, and be able to watch their favorite shows through, unlike before in their old house, they can't even sleep straight at night.

Quiet Passengers

My two boys are sure growing so fast. I could not even keep up with them. They're quite handful yet, they are also my joys and my inspiration every single day. It makes me smile whenever i see them playing together so happily although there are times that i get a little annoyed whenever i see them fighting. Well, honestly, it's the little one who is bully, his big brother just cry when they start to hurt each other because they play rough.

The other day as we headed to the big city, the two boys in the back seat were so noisy and happy teasing each other. But suddenly they went quiet, so i had to turn my head and look at them to check if they were alright. But it made me smile when i saw them so peacefully and quietly asleep! This is how they look during the whole trip to where we went. Haha, aren't they so cute? Oh well, they are always cute in mommy's eyes hehe....

Painless Lose Weight

There's a lot of diet remedies that you can really choose from. Whether you want it in natural way or maybe you want to get it done quick by taking some lipozene. Some people prefers to have it natural way, but some don't. They are not that fond of exercise or maybe they don't have enough time to do it everyday, especially when they are busy with their work and with their family. So that is why they can't find extra time for themselves. Then, this might be the solution, to lose weight quick and painless.


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Friday, May 20, 2011

Catching Up With Friends The Easy Way

Authored by Greg Fletcher

Many of us do a lot of communicating with our friends via the internet these days. That does not have to be the way that we communicate, but it often is. To me, I find this to be a little annoying. I would much rather meet up with my friends at our favorite coffee shop. When we are doing this, we are actually communicating with one another in a more meaningful way. I also happen to really enjoy my coffee, so that certainly plays into the equation as well.

Just the other day, I left my home and set the home alarm system (Ohio ADT Home Security systems). I was off to my weekly meet up with my friends at the local Starbucks. This is our favorite place to go for coffee because of the atmosphere that is presented. We really like the attitude of the employees that work there. Because we are such regulars there, we even know some of the employees personally and would consider them friends!

Getting together to discuss the latest in politics, literature, and art is not what everyone would consider to be a fun experience, but my friends and I certainly enjoy it. It is our passion to talk about such things, and we really don't care how cliche it makes us look. I hope that we keep up this tradition for quite some time to come.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting A Degree

If i would be given a chance to go back to school, i would like to take the course that i can find a real good job in the future such as tech jobs. It's on demand nowadays and it won't be as hard to look for a place where i can work because this kind of job is what mostly needed. But since i am kind of tied for now because i still have my two young boys that needs my attention and care, i just have to set that aside, but soon, i will absolutely get a degree myself.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

To all the mothers out there in the whole world, i would like to greet you all the very special day of the mothers, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! And may you all enjoy this day with your family and may you all have fun... And to my one and only best mother, i would like to thank you for everything you have done for me, for raising me well and making me a better person and of course for teaching me how to be a good mother just like how you are to us your children. Thanking you is not enough to equal the LOVE you gave me unconditionally, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NAY! And i miss you too!!!
To all the best moms in the world...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cellular Booster Antenna

I remember when i first had my cellular phone. It was bulky and big but then it was cool because it has cellular booster antenna on it. That makes it easier for me to find the signal of my carrier. Unlike the newer models of cellular back then which doesn't have the antenna is having trouble finding the signal especially when it uses by the province or even the place where there's lots of trees. Trees can block off the signal and that's what the advantage of my cellular for having the antenna on it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poor Old Mower Of His

I know what i am gonna get for my dear husband this coming father's day. Although that would be a month from now but i already have something in my mind. He doesn't like me wasting my money by giving him silly stuff like perfume and things that are not really that necessary. So i am going to give him a lawn mower since ours is old and it's about to fall apart. Hubby is somewhat a sentimental kind of guy, he hates to let go of things that it's been in his hands for a long time. And the mower that we have in our garage, is been serving him for so many years and i should say that it's about time to replace that poor old thing. I have seen a lot of honda lawn mowers to choose from and i prefer to get him one because the maker is reliable.

Back Acne Sucks

I remember when i went to Philippines i was welcomed by a gazillions of back acne. Some of them probably were prickly heat due to the very hot temperature in my country and some of them were actually acne because whenever i pinch one, i can get some things from inside to that bump i just pinched. Good thing there was a good back acne treatment that found in there and worked just fine to me. So before i got back here, they were all gone and my back was acne free again like i never had it.

Fun At The Lake

We were able to enjoy the beautiful day last Thursday. I was so happy that a friend of mine visited me here for it was her day off. She got the chance to drove all by herself all the way down here to our place for the very first time. And then i took her to the well-known lake that i like to go all the time with my best friend. It was her first time going to that lake as well, so she was so excited when she saw it and amazed how beautiful the place is.

I got tons of photographs of her and with my little one with her. I had no plan to have myself being photographed in there too since i have a lot of pictures taken in there already. But she insisted to have her take pictures of me. She got some good snaps of me, and i am glad to see the pictures she took, she is getting better each time she operates my camera and i am proud of her. Anyway, here's two of the few shots she got for me.