Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Famous Face

Some of you may already knew about Ann Curtis's wardrobe malfunction during her stage performance at Boracay. I knew about this news the day after it happened. I felt bad for her though because some people are taking advantage to it while she was put into shame. As for my opinion, it's somehow her fault though. She knew she is going to perform such acrobatic steps but then she wore that very daring clothing that it is not tight enough to hold her breast. She should have known better than that, she could've wear something daring but then safe as well. And as for people, well it is not Ann's intention to show her breast in the crowd, they should have better mind not to scatter that in the net. But then since we cannot predict people's minds, sometimes people are so cruel that they love to watch the failure of the others. Ann is one famous actress in Philippines, beauty and sexy. It is expected that whatever she does there is always scoop for her actions. And for Ann, she should be responsible for her actions more in the future because she is always in a bright light.

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