Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Returns The Favor

Hubby and i noticed next door that it's always dark during at night. Usually the light in their front porch is on when the sun comes down, but lately it's dark. This morning i saw the daughter of the old lady and was able to talk to her. We didn't know that her mother just had a serious surgery. No wonder the house was dark for quite sometime. Her mother is under therapy right now and has some hip arthritis treatment after the surgery. She still can't get up on her own and even if she has somebody helping her, still it is difficult to balance herself and take some few steps. Hubby said that i should visit the old lady tomorrow so she will be happy to know that we care for her. She is one nice neighbor of ours, she used to bring us some treats such as cookies and some other things that she personally made. I guess it's our time now to return the favor for the old lady.

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