Saturday, June 26, 2010

She Needs Replacement

Been here at my mother's place for a month now and i must say that time flies so fast. But notice everyday that my mother needs a lot of things for her place. She's been using not so good house needs and made me upset because i was able to use them. So i am thinking that home everything coupons will help me to buy everything that my mother needs for her home. Some of her things are getting old and breaking. Filipinos are known of hoarding, that's why my even though that my mother things are not working very well anymore, she still keeping them. So i told her that i am going to replace them and she doesn't have to worry about it because i am going to save some money by using the coupons.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Things To Tell, Little Time To Do

What's up with blogging lately? Any new updates? Well if you guys will ask me, i have a lot of things to tell you all but not too much time to do it. Me and my kids were having so much fun at the beach the other day together with my family here. My oldest one got so tanned because he didn't got out from the water and stayed all day at the beach. I was so happy watching my kids having a blast but then on the back of my mind i was sad because i know that they are going to miss what the nature can offer to make them so happy. I love being home, aside from delicious food that we can eat here, also the beach that we cannot simply find it there in our place. So i must say that i have to let my kids enjoy and myself our vacation while we are still here and i thank GOD for always giving us such priceless blessings which is our life everyday and our good health.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unbelievably Inexpensive

I was so surprised with my pair of glasses back home because it went bad so quickly. I had this over two years ago and i replaced the lens for about just only 2 months ago. But then i noticed all of the sudden that my vision is not match to my lens anymore. I was having hard time looking on the certain distance, all i see is so blurry and it's quite annoying for me because it makes me feel so dizzy and make me wanna puke.

So i told my mother that i can't see no more even wearing my glasses. She suggested that i need a new pair of glasses and she took me this morning to the eye doctor's clinic where she got her pair of glasses. We went there this morning and i was so shocked that the pair of glasses is so unbelievably inexpensive. It's 25 times the price of my old pair of glasses. What's more surprising about the pair of glasses i have is the very excellent vision i have now. I must say that my eyes is really getting so worse. I mentioned about this problem of mine to hubby and he got so worried and thought it would be good if i just go back there as possible as i can to be taken cared of by an eye specialist. But i just said that i will be fine and will try to make solution to this and i did. I am so very happy now that i got my new pair of glasses and i should say that i picked the perfect frame that matches my face shape. I so love it and it's very clear, glad i can see better now, unlike before i had this, everything is blurry and all the people i see in the certain distance looks like mummies and witches lol!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Soul Old Man

My mother's old neighbor guy hasn't change even for a bit. He still the same joker that i used to know. I love talking to him because he's got full of energy despite of his old age. Sometimes he can be nasty and talks about below the belt, you know what i mean, those censored kinds that are not meant for minor ages. He once joked with me that his girlfriend asked him to buy a testosterone cream so his girlfriend will enjoy even more in bed, haha it made me laugh because i am thinking that i don't he could still so such things like that knowing at his age will be too much for him. But he told me that there's no impossible things for him to do, he said he still strong and tough like a young kicking horse, silly old man! Anyway, i am happy for him for he's got the strong spirit and happy soul.

Airconditioning Unit

I can't help to buy an air-conditioning unit at my mother's place for it is too much for my kids to handle the extreme temperature there. I didn't regret that i bought them the cooler machine because they were able to sleep straight during at night unlike before i bought that cooler machine. I just feel so sorry seeing them suffering the very hot temperature, they had cough and really bad prickly all over their body. Also i am planning to buy a roller blinds to cover the windows so it will help to cool down the room real quick. It would be nice to put some decoration because it is too plain to see the windows by itself. I am so sure that the blinds will add more color to the room that will make us feel more to have a cooler and relaxing place to sleep.

Enjoying Our Vacation

I sure have a very super busy life here in my country. I am so happy that i was able to meet my grade school classmates. It has been decades since i last saw them. Although i haven't seen them all yet but i felt so special already that they spent time with me even for just a little bit despite of their busy schedules. I've tot a lot of pictures that i was going to share it with you guys here but i have no time to upload it. But to those who are in my list in the social networking site, you sure can view them all for i already uploaded all the photos i got over there.

Today i am going to meet another friend who happened to enjoy her vacation here as well with her family. They're from France and enjoying their stay here for a little bit. She's got also two kids with her and her husband is with her as well. We already met the other day but that was only for a short time because she's got another things to do and i have to meet some other friends too. We departed at Ayala mall and agreed that we are going to spend another time today. I am so excited because we are going to eat some very sumptuous seafoods close to her place and will jam in her house. This is going to be a fun bonding with a friend i am sure to that. Another unforgettable memory to keep. To my friend Losel, see you little later!