Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Causes Of Snoring

Hubby snores so loud and there are times that i could not really sleep because he makes noise so much. Even though that sometimes i pushed him so he will sleep sidewards because i heard that if the person sleeps sidewards, it will stop him/her from snoring. That really worked for my youngest brother, once my mother pushed him sidewards, he will stop snoring. But not my husband, i am thinking that it's probably because he is tired from work that's why he snores so loud and no matter how i tried to push him and make him his position changed, still he snores. He's been telling me that once he snores, i should pinch his nose so he will wake up and realize that he is snoring. I researched the cause of snoring and this is what i found on the net that helped me understand why my husband has this annoying snoring noise that makes me can't sleep at night.

What Causes Snoring?

The physical obstruction of the flow of air through the mouth and nose is the cause of snoring. The walls of the throat vibrate during breathing, resulting in the distinctive sounds of snoring. Air flow can be obstructed by a combination of factors, including:

* Obstructed nasal airways: Partially blocked nasal passages require extra effort to transfer air through them while sleeping. This can pull together or collapse the non-rigid soft and dangling tissue of the throat, resulting in snoring. Some people snore only during allergy seasons or when they have a sinus infection. Deformities of the nose such as a deviated septum (a structural change in the wall that separates one nostril from the other) or nasal polyps can also cause obstruction and sleep problems.

* Poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue: Throat and tongue muscles can be too relaxed, which allows them to collapse and fall back into the airway. This can result from deep sleep, alcohol, and some sleeping pills. Normal aging causes further relaxation of these muscles and increases the potential for snoring.

* Bulky throat tissue: Being overweight can cause bulky throat tissue. Also, children with large tonsils and adenoids often snore.

* Long soft palate and/or uvula: A long soft palate or a long uvula (the dangling tissue in back of the mouth) can narrow the opening from the nose to the throat. When these structures vibrate and bump against one another during sleep, the airway becomes obstructed causing snoring.

I guess i can't stop my husband from snoring since he doesn't realizes that soon as he falls asleep, maybe i just have to sleep first before he falls asleep so i don't have to hear his annoying loud snore lol!

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