Monday, May 18, 2009

Trying To Get Back

I know that it has been so long since i last updated this blog. I am more active offline life than here. Plus i have a very active son that is always seeking my attention lately. He wants to enjoy every second of the day with us his parents outside especially now that the weather is getting nicer. I was totally exhausted for the past days, i had so much things going on. Last week i prepared everything for my dear son's big day party. He just turned four and i am really happy that he had a big blast on his big day. His daddy had a very nice presents for him which is a new big bike. He used to have small trike and that was his birthday presents from daddy too two years ago.

Sure time flies so fast indeed. A lot of things happened to me and to my family bad or good. But here we are, still together and being happy to have each other. I love my family so much and i felt so blessed all the time. GOD must really love me so much because HE gave me everything, more than what i expecting to have. I have nothing to complain about my life, i have everything to be grateful for and to be thankful for everyday.

But anyway, i am trying to get back here in blogging as possible as i can. I know i am too much left behind of what's going on here in blogosphere but i will try my best to catch up. I miss all my net friends here too and i am sure you all miss me (i hope). From now on, i will try to update this blog once in while, i'll try my best not to take ages before i have another update, lol.