Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Of Mine

It's been a month since i delivered my little young man and i must say that i am recovering very well. Although depressions sometimes comes and goes but i am working on it, i am trying to remind myself that i am blessed of having such a wonderful family instead of feeling self pity. My little man is getting so big and been a good baby to Mommy especially during at night, he only wakes up once or twice at the most and never cry too much like some other newborns. He is just like his big brother, i remember when i had my oldest son, he was a quiet baby too and didn't gave me hard time.

Anyway, i just want to share you all real quick this scary but cute picture of my one month old baby. Scary because he is about to fall down from his rocker for i forgot to buckle him up before i left him, cute as well to look at him that even though he is about to fall down, still he is in a deep sleep and didn't care about his position... I was too busy preparing dinner and cleaning the kitchen as well when my oldest son told me that his baby brother's feet is hanging out. So i hurried and peeked real quick and this is what i saw.... Good thing he didn't fall down from his rocker... Poor baby of mine...