Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She Thinks She Cannot

I just barely opened a new account to facebook. I deactivated the old one for so many reasons. Now, that i have the new account, i only added those i knew and those are close to me. I have to keep it that way because i don't want to add anymore strangers and later on will just throw trashy words on my profile. But anyway, i am glad that i saw some of my classmates in grade school, she is so happy too when she saw me and was so surprised because i told her that i am already married and gave birth three times. She is still the same classmate i remember, a little chubby girl and now she got even bigger. She told me that she is jealous of me because i already have two boys but then i didn't grew big, while she is trying to stay fit and look healthy. She is having hard time to manage her size, she said she had tried a lot of things but seems like it didn't worked out for her. I asked her if i know something about natural fat burner so she will lose some of her unwanted weight. Silly girl, she told me that she is so envy of me because she thinks she can never have such thin shape like me.

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