Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year 2011!!!

Happy new year everyone!!! Wishing you all the best in life in the year 2011!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Boy's Wish Came True

Guess who's got the most special presents from dear Santa aside from mommy??? My young man's ever wish that came true, his Wii machine with some other things that Daddy bought for him. It wasn't the one he opened it first, he was so happy when he woke up and went to check the Christmas tree and he exclaimed that Santa indeed came to drop off his presents. He woke all us up for us to get start opening all the presents we had under our tree. As we already expected it, we knew what's gonna happen, he was so overjoyed when he figured out soon as he opened his one biggest presents and shouted so loud that Santa gave his ever dreamed Wii for Christmas!

And he said that Santa is real for he ate the cookies and the milk we saved for him on top of the coffee table (Daddy and i ate it and we shared the milk, shhhh). We are so happy as well to see how happy our son was, he deserved to have it for he's been a good boy and been doing so great in school. As you can see, his face expression is so priceless!!! He kissed the box and thanked Santa for giving him his ever wished presents.

Big Difference Between Here And My Country

There's a lot of things i noticed that is sure different here in America when i got here. One of them is they treat animals here just like people, unlike back in my country, they hardly give those animals some importance. It's probably because people there are working so hard for their family and not even enough to feed them. So getting another mouth to feed (pets) is not in their mind. But here, the animals has a very special treatment, people here treated them like their own kids. My friend's husband just took his dog to a dog dna test, which i don't think most people do it there back in my country for i am sure it will cost them a whole lot.

Exit Signs

It's so funny that my son is started to pretend that our house is a hotel. He probably got that idea because we travel a lot and sleep in a hotel whenever we stop by in a city to rest. He always see exit signs there and told me to buy one for him too so he can use it in our house and pretend that our house is hotel just like the place where we stayed. Sure the kids are good imitators, the like to copy everything they see and noticed. But i told him that exit signs are mainly for commercial buildings not for residential like ours. He may not understand it right now what i just told him but he will soon enough.

Tough Friend I Know

It has been for awhile when i saw my friend and until the other day we bumped each other at the store. We're so happy that we get to see each other again, she told me that she is quite busy taking care of her three kids all by herself, she is now divorced to her ex-husband that she's been dealing with for a long time. Finally she ended her problem that always gives her terrible headache. Anyway, she bid goodbye to me and did not stayed very long because she was about to go to payday loans company to get some extra money for the holidays for her kids. She's got a lot of bills to pay but she also wants to get her kids's presents that's why she has no choice but to seek help from loan company. I feel bad that she has to raise her kids all by herself but also proud of her that she is doing it with all her fighting spirit.

Disappointed Me

Yes, i am disappointed today because we are expecting a good day and we already planned to take the kids out to see a different kinds of formation of colored Christmas lights in Ogden City but then it is currently snowing so hard! I doubt it if this snow will stop later because i can just tell that the snow is going to last until it gets dark just like what happened during the thanksgiving day, it lasted until two days. Oh well, there's still plenty of time though. Maybe it's not a perfect time for us to go today and we'll just do it instead tomorrow or maybe before hubby goes back to work and our kindergarten boy goes back to his school.

Few more days and the year will be over and the new year is fast approaching. We are somehow excited but hubby said that soon as the new year comes, it only means that the holidays is over for him and it's time for him to get going again and do what he must do. But he is glad and grateful for these holidays that he was able to spend quality time with his family. We'll just have to do some fun activities before his vacation will be over.

Body Acne

When i was working way back years, i felt weird because i hardly get any bumps on my face even though i sleep late and eat sweet treats, instead those bumps shows in my back. It's very unusual that people get their pimples in the back but i did have the body acne before. Good thing that i don't have it anymore now because it was annoying whenever i go to sleep and feel those hurting bumps on my back. And also, it is hard to treat them because i cannot reach my back easy, i have to ask favor from a board mate to do it for me to get those annoying bumps treated by the cream i bought.

Will Start To Send Cards

I am so thankful and grateful that my friends are so thoughtful for sending me gift cards. Although i did not send them back a gift card for i was not able to make my own personalized card due to i was busy of something else, but still they thought of sending me their love, how nice of them. And of course i thanked them through calling to some of them and sent private message to most of them. Really, i am not a card sender kind of person, but i guess i've got to do it next time because i felt bad that i keep on getting their greeting cards but not sending them back any.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My favorite shortbread cookies

Guest post written by Maxine Bryant

Really complicated cookie recipes are good and all, it's amazing what people will put in cookies and they'll end up tasting delicious. But I guess that if you put enough sugar in a cookie most anything in it will taste good. I, however, opt for the really simple, good things. Around this time of the year I always pull out my shortbread cookie recipe and fix lots of batches of them for the holidays.

Shortbread cookies were always my favorite growing up and I would beg my mom to make those cookies for Christmas instead of the classic sugar cookies that we decorated with sprinkles like she always did anyway. I was thinking about that the other day and looked up a bunch of variations on shortbread cookies. While I was doing that I came across this website and ended up changing over our internet service to it after I read through all of the info.

Even though I was thinking about making some special shortbread cookies for the holidays this year, I just decided to stick with my classic recipe that I like so much.

Our Very First Gingerbread House

For the very first since i got here in America, i made a gingerbread house with my five year old son and i am so sure that this is going to be a "will be tradition" to my family every Christmas holiday just like the rest of the other families here in this country. Kids does love to create exciting little things such as gingerbread house and cookies for Santa. We'll make our cookies on Friday afternoon, i already bought the ingredients and the cookie cutter.

My five year old son is just so excited and anxious to do it. He even asked me earlier if we can make our cookies tomorrow instead since he's got no school anymore, but i told him better to make it on Friday to keep it fresh and taste good for Santa. I just can tell how happy he was when we made this gingerbread house earlier. He was my big helper, although there was a big mess after we made the gingerbread house, but it's alright though, we both had fun making it. It was our first time so i should say that it did came out real nice and beautiful, or is it? Well, whatever it looks like, still in the eyes of my son, our gingerbread house is just perfect!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quality Family Time

Guest post written by Gid Cornatzer

Christmas time has always been special for my wife Susan and me. For us, Christmas means that our children will come back home and we'll get to spend some quality time with them. We set up our Christmas dinner like a holiday party when the kids come backÉit's always a very social time for usÑin fact, I'm pretty sure there's never a quiet moment! We have four wonderful children and they are all living in different locations. It's hard for Susan and me to get out and see them all, so we often have to wait until a day when everyone can come to the same location.

Our oldest son lives in North Dakota. Our daughters live in Virginia and South Carolina, and our youngest recently moved to Massachusetts. Before they all arrive, Susan and I are going to take a trip downtown so that I can get a new MiracleEar hearing aid. We don't get to see our kids all the time, and I want to make sure that I really get the most out of our visit. We can't wait to see everyone.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vacation After Holidays

Being a sailor is the most adventurous and nice job i know. Why? It is because you get to see the world for free and visit the tourists spots anywhere. We have two sailor men in our family, and they always tell us how nice it is to be in different places that they never have been before. Indeed, i must say, i could only imagine their excitement every time they dock to different countries and beautiful places that they go to. And take note, it's fare free, don't have to pay anything to get to the place! Although they work in the big ship, but after their working hours, they get to enjoy and explore the place, so how cool is that?

My younger brother is now in Jamaica. That's their destination right now, the ship that he is in travels worldwide so he's very lucky that he's been to many places already. He can only show me the pictures of the places where he went. They will be sailing again in a couple of days or probably will wait for a week to unload all their vans that are loaded with frozen meat and some other things. Anyway, he told me that they will be back there again, and suggested to why not go there to have the very first time Jamaica vacations. I mention that to hubby and he said that Jamaica is really a nice place to get away especially during winter. There's lots of nice beaches out there that we can go to. It sounds like hubby is agreeing my brother that we should go there, but we'll see.
Jamaica all inclusive vacations is indeed a great deal for everything is all in a package already. We don't have to worry where to stay for it is included already, all we do is just to enjoy the place and get the vacation's worth! We looked already over the net and we found some nice offers that has all inclusive resort. So, though i am not yet so sure that hubby will say YES to this, but i can just see in his eyes that he is interested about it. I'll just cross my fingers for this, who knows maybe later on he will say "Let's pack our things honey and get ready for another vacation"... Ohhh that would be soooo coool, and i love that!

Not Too Late Yet!

Guess what? I am just so happy that i found my long lost friend through the networking website. And she is happy that she finally contacted me after so many years of not having any communication between us. It sure feels like we did really met in person again, we chatted and viewed each other's webcam and we enjoyed our talk so much for we did reminisce everything during our childhood days. I am just so happy to see her once again!

Anyway, now that i found her, we both shared what we're up to after all these years, how's our life been going after we parted long long time ago. We both have our family of our own now and she's got two kids too, what's funny is she's got two girls and i got two boys and about the same age haha, what a coincidence! She must have tied the knot with her husband same as i did and gave birth to her little cuties about same year as i gave birth to my two kiddos hihi, so amazing, isn't it!

Well, she is now working in a spa as a manager and i am happy to know that she is doing so well. She is a woman with a very successful career. We talked a lot of things and she even mention something about her job that she was looking for a real nice looking spa uniforms for her and for her crews because they are planning to change their uniforms. So because i know a place where she can get what she's looking for, i gave her the site so she can look at it. She was impressed that she did not just find the uniform that she wanted to get, also she can refer the site to her friends that are working in the hotel that are also looking for a new hotel uniforms. She said it's not too late yet, and this coming New year, they wanted to wear the uniform jackets so to welcome the new year with a new color and style as their uniform. We bid goodbye last night with smile on our face, for sure we won't lost contact anymore for we already know our home phone numbers so we can call each other.

Happy Young Man

My five year old young man
This young man in the picture above is very much happy, you wanna know why? It's simply because he can't wait for the Christmas day to come, that's what he said so he can open all his presents under the tree. He's been counting the days and he is excited waking up everyday. He told me that every day that passes by makes the Christmas day comes close. I can just tell how happy he is and how anxious he is to open his presents, especially when Daddy and i told him about Santa that he will be visiting here in our house on Christmas eve and drop their presents off with his little brother.

He asked me if he can just wait for Santa to come so he can say hello. But we told him that Santa don't really wanna be seen by kids dropping off his presents for them, he prefer the kids to go to sleep so he can sneak in the house so quietly lol! Daddy and Mommy got the presents that he's been wishing for this year and we are just so sure that we will be seeing a popping eyes and a big O lips of our young man.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wedding On Christmas Day

Do you know anybody that is getting married on Christmas day? That is definitely something, isn't it? Well, it's my cousin who's getting married this year and i feel so bad because i cannot attend the very special day of his life. But oh well, since i am already back home, i just have to send them my best wishes and also my gifts for the couple, and since my brother is the best man, i might as well give him a wedding gift for best man that he will surely love. The couple will receive something very special from me too since the groom is the most closest cousin i ever have and i am very happy to know that finally he found the right woman for him that he will spend the rest of his life with.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Insurance Especialists

Getting a good insurance quotes from a company is one of the insurance's requirements. I don't really have an idea about it until i came here and my husband explained it on me. There are a lot of things that i did not know and learned when i got here in America. When hubby called the insurance company that we have right now, the lady who spoke with him on the phone gave him the free quote, and gave us the best deal that everyone would like to get. Since we did not have any violations or something, our insurance rate right now is just as good as we wanted it to be, not too high yet not too low either, just right.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Very First Picture With Santa

I never did get the chance to take some picture with Santa during my childhood days. So last Saturday when the emcee announced that grown ups can also take a picture with Santa, i did not hesitate to sit beside Santa while my friend took some snaps of us. Some of my friends were also excited for they are just like me that never had a chance to sit on Santa's lap and taken a picture while Santa is giving a present when they were just little. My kids are lucky because i never miss the chance to take them to Santa and let Santa hand them some presents every Christmas season.

This photo below was taken during the Christmas party i attended last Saturday, so happy that finally, i have now a picture with Santa beside me, too bad Santa did not hand anything to me, lol! Anyway, i felt like i was also a kid excited to have a picture taken with Santa lol!

Cellphone Can Wait

There was something that my friend posted in her wall at the networking website that really caught my attention. I asked her where did she find it so i can try it and let my son do it as well. It was a talking santa and she told me that it's one of her applications in her phone. She said i might wanna try that to my phone and download the application. So i said i never had a phone myself ever since i got here. She was a little surprised because mostly people here does have at least one mobile phone. She even suggested me to buy now since there is a lot of nice cell phones that are on sale especially today that holiday is coming up. Oh well, it can wait, for now i have other things that i asked from Santa haha :)

Cute bulletin board Christmas gift

Guest post written by Rodney Douglas

I don't have a very big budget for Christmas this year, but I have some pretty good vacation days coming up so I thought that I'd use those and the weekend to work on the DIY Christmas gifts that I'm planning on giving everyone.

I actually started planning and using my CLEAR INTERNET to look up all different kinds of things to make. That's also given me a chance to track down all of the stuff that I need to make them, so I don't feel as rushed as when I tried to do this sort of thing in the past.

For my little sister, I thought that I would make her a cute bulletin board for her room. She loves to take pictures and has her room covered in picture frames, so I thought it would be nice to give her another means to display some of her favorite pictures. Plus, I just picked out some fabric and ribbon that matches and I thought that she would like to make with it. It's only going to take me about 20 minutes to make.

Nativity Chirstmas ornaments

Guest post written by Becky Stewart

We live in a pretty small apartment, but it's nice to have a lot less cleaning to do. We used to live in a bigger one, but we downsized after our kids grew up. That also means that we don't have as much room for Christmas decorations as we used to, so I've had to get a little creative in the past few days to still keep a lot of my favorite decorations around without it looking like Christmas is taking over our home.

One of those things that I don't exactly have room for but didn't want to give up is a nativity scene. I went online to try and come up with a way to have a nativity scene, just without the surface size for it. While I was looking at that, I saw the website CLEARWIRELESSINTERNETSERVICE.COM and after looking through it, decided to order one of the internet packages on it.

I found some nativity scene ornaments that I thought were really adorable and thought that if I grouped those ornaments together on our Christmas tree, people would be able to tell that it's a nativity set.

Motherhood, Not A Piece Of Cake

Really is the motherhood is not just a piece of cake. It can be so hard sometimes to manage everything for the family and for one's self. I started to feel the hard part of being a mother lately now that i have two kids to take care of. There are jealousy and fighting sometimes between the two kids trying to win me. They both wanted to get my attention and hugs so they fight, which sometimes i feel bad because the little one is more bully than the big brother. The poor big brother has to give way and run away to his room and cry. So i always try to explain it to my eldest that it's his little brother's turn this time. Before when he was all by himself, i gave everything that he needs too, the comfort, the love and the care. In fact, he is lucky because he is my first child, he gets to have everything without competing to his brother, but his brother has to compete with him because he came first.

It's very common that kids get into a minor accident or sometimes it can be really bad that parents has to take the child to the hospital. My little one had his very first accident last night. He fell on the chair, he was probably standing there like usual (which i did not see it really for i was in the kitchen), and slipped his feet and bumped his face on to the corner and made a cut in his right eye lid. I heard a big noise from the kitchen so rushed to come here by the computer room and found my little one on the floor crying. At first i thought he just fell, but then it got me scared when i saw his right eye bleeding. I really thought that his eyeball was the one got hurt, but i am so glad that it was just his eye lid, which is not so terrible, it could've been so bad if his eyeball got hurt. It was just reddish due to the strong impact. But still, made me feel so bad and hurt every time i see the cut in his eye.

My two boys are totally opposite in a lot of ways. The big brother is more quiet and reserved, the little one is more active, handful and adventurous. So i have to balance myself in between them as their mother. It's really hard sometimes especially when i feel so exhausted and no one can replace me for just at least few hours. I cannot rely on to hubby because he is more on working around the house rather than attending the kids and sit there watching them. He is one hard working guy that likes to move around. So i also am pretty much moving around since i almost can't find time for myself, it's not even enough for my kids. I realized now what my mother did for us, and because of that i admired her even more. She's got nine kids and was able to take care all of us and now we are all grown and most of us are settled. I only have two kids yet, i feel so exhausted already, how much more my mother way back then? I applaud my mother for what she did to us, what a great responsibility and obligation to be a mother, it's really so hard, yet it is also fulfilling.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Action, Action, Action - Movie that is!!

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

We all love a little action. Yet, action movies are a different story, they seem to bring excitement to movies that would be boring without it. I love to watch my favourite action movies on satellite television from! The sound is crisper and the picture is clearer.

Action is my favourite genre of movie so it's hard to pick a favourite. My favourite at the moment is Taken. The film was released in 2008 and stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Katie Cassidy and Holly Valance. The film is full of action, explosions and fighting. There is also a lot of yelling.

When a former spy's daughter gets kidnapped while in France with a friend he uses his knowledge to find her. Unknown to him, she has been sold into the slave trade. While on this mission to save her life, he realises he misses the work, but just how much he loves his daughter! He enlists the help of friends who are still spies to trace her where abouts before it's too late. In the end it brings him and his daughter closer, as well as he and his ex-wife.

This film is the essential action movie, it has everything you would expect an action film too have. It keeps you on your toes for the whole length of the movie, which is 93 minutes long and rated PG-13.

Scrabble Christmas ornaments

Guest post written by Janet Freeman

I've gone through a couple of Scrabble games over the years because no matter what I do, I seem to lose the letter pieces pretty easily and it makes it harder to play the game if you don't have all of the letter blocks that you're supposed to have. But, I love Scrabble! So I thought that maybe I could come up with some kind of Christmas craft with all those blocks to reflect how much I love the game.

I went online with my Cleartvbundle to figure out what exactly I could make. I thought about making an advent calendar with the point value on the pieces, but thought that might be confusing because the numbers are too small.

Instead, I came across this idea for Scrabble ornaments that actually use the little block holders. I thought that would be simple enough to do and even used the trusty old table saw to do this. I got my husband to help me do that because I'm kind of a clumsy person and the ornaments turned out looking so great!

A Kindle book cover

Guest post written by Louise Parsons

It's funny how people don't seem to read as much as they used to, or I guess now you don't see as many people reading traditional books as in the past. Now I'm seeing more and more people reading from e-readers out and about. This year for my Christmas, I already ordered and wrapped up an e-reader for myself. I wanted to make sure that I'd get the present that I really wanted.

For fun, I decided that I would also work on making my very own case for my Kindle since I've already used all that money for the actual e-reader itself. When I was looking online to try and find some ideas for DIY Kindle covers, I came across some Clear Internet packages and actually ended up ordering one of them for my home internet service.

The idea that I liked the most was taking the cover of an old book and making a Kindle book case out of it. I thought this also might be smart to have because people may not realize it's a Kindle and be less tempted to steal it.

A Visit with Santa

Thanks to Olga Quinn

Children desire one thing most at this time of year and that is to see Santa. They know that on December 25, he will be delivering toys and other goodies to children all over the world. They want to let him know what they most want for Christmas as a guarantee of getting it.

If you want to take your child to see Santa, you could go to most larger department stores where they may have a display in the toy section or most major shopping malls will have an entire North Pole like area set up. Children will be able to sit on Santa's lap and relay their most important wish list. Photos can be taken (usually by one of Santa's helper elves) for you to keep for years to come.

Many families will try to make a family trip out of going to visit with Santa. Sisters, brothers, Aunts and Uncles all pile into the family car or van, set the home security alarm (check it out) and hike over to the mall for the little ones to see Santa. Most children love to see him, but, there are the occasional terrified child who will inevitably come out with a photo of his crying.

Of course, you could take a trip to the North Pole, Alaska, that is, to visit the real Santa. He lives up there all year long making toys and preparing for the big day. You may even get to see him as he rides his sleigh through the town with all of his reindeer pulling him along.

My Cute Little Janitor

In our four months of stay in Philippines with my kids, we enjoyed it pretty much every single day despite of the hot weather. The kids were irritated at first because we left here in Utah around spring time which was a little chilly still and their body reacted to a sudden weather change that made them cranky for few days when we got there. Especially my little one since it was his first time to be in his mother's homeland. It was a shock for him to be in the hot place and sweating all the time.
My little helper. This was taken during our vacation in Philippines
But later on as we stayed there for about a month, he's slowly adopting the hot temperature, we just have to keep turning on the fan for him so he won't get prickly heat all over him, as he already did but it wasn't that bad, which was good thing. He always whines and cry and wants to be held. Or maybe wanted to go out and explore the place where we at. So, to keep him busy, i just let him walk around by my mother's front lawn and do what he wanted to do. He found the broom stick and picked it up got him entertained lol! Looks like my little one is a cute janitor cleaning his granny's yard, hihi :) I tried to get that away from him and he just got so upset. One of most treasured pictures i have for my son that i can never have it here in America, hihi :)

Loving Holiday Lights

Guest post written by Patee Tomlin

If there's one thing I miss about the holiday season in Chicago, it's the huge light displays across all the store-fronts, and the massive decorations everywhere you turn. Now, don't get me wrong--I love life down here in Georgia, but the holidays are quite different in that regard. The biggest light displays you'll see are the ones on decked-out houses in the neighborhood. It's so cute and very quaint, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the grandeur of walking by a designer store and seeing a way-elaborate Christmas panorama.

That's why this year, I think I am going to take matters into my own hands. I'm going straight to and am going to jump-start a few decorations for our house. Nothing too crazy or major, and nothing even that Christmas-y, really...I just want a change in the homestead. Hey, it's no panorama, but at least it's a start, right? Right!

A Long Black Friday!

Post contributed by Alfredo Gaines

I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done this year on Black Friday! I shopped at a large variety of stores including Target, Walmart, Old Navy and Cabelas. Out of every gift I bought, my favorite was the Disney table set I bought for my daughter. It was on sale for $15.00 and it comes with two chairs and a precious table. I cannot wait until I see the look on her face when she opens it. I think I got up around 4:00 A.M. to get ready for my shopping escapade and was out the door at 5:00. It was one of the longest but exciting days I have had in a long time. I got back home around 8:00 P.M. that night and threw myself onto the sofa to watch my satalite tv. I was beyond exhausted and could not even get up off the couch to make myself dinner. Luckily my husband was home to do it for me, I even got an amazing back rub. I do not think men realize how tiring shopping can really be.

Going to the Mall to See Santa

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

Going to see Santa is always a tradition in my house. In fact, we do it every year. My younger brother really enjoys going to the mall and sitting on Santa's lap. I guess it's almost like going to see the Easter bunny during the spring season. Around December 1st, we always make a trip to the mall. Now that I'm older, I usually just go shopping while my sister takes my little brother to see Santa. The line to sit on his lap is always so long and sometimes I wonder why we even bother doing this tradition every single year. Before we leave to see Santa, I make sure to set my home security alarm from Best Home Security. After that, we're all ready to go and enjoy a nice day out.

By the time my sister finally gets up to see Santa, I'm already done with my Christmas shopping. It's actually really easy for me, since I can do all of my shopping very quickly and easily while they're waiting on line. My brother is always so thrilled and he comes home and frames the picture of him that he got while sitting on Santa's lap. In fact, we're planning on going there sometime soon. I can't be bothered to wait on the long lines, so I'll just do my Christmas shopping and call it a day.

An Untraditional Christmas

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

We do Christmas a little differently in our home. We don't give out presents on Christmas morning. We do it a few days earlier, on the last school/work night prior to the vacation. I'm not sure how this tradition came about, but I think it had something to do with lack of patience. I was never the type of kid who could wait until Christmas morning to open my presents. I would search everywhere for those presents. Once I found them, I would open them. I got in big trouble for this the first few years. Eventually, my parents began keeping the presents in the car and sleeping with their keys under their pillows. Crazy. Anyway, my son is now the same way as me. But instead of playing cat and mouse, I decided to start opening the presents earlier. Why put the kid through so much misery? Opening presents earlier than usual is also neat because we figure we're the only ones doing it. There are probably others, but they are few and far between. Plus, once the presents are opened, we still have something to look forward to. The next morning, we wake up, eat breakfast, set our home security alarm from InHomeSecurity, and go to see Santa. Instead of telling Santa what he wants for Christmas, my son tells Santa what he already received and says, “Thank you.”

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hubby's Presents From Me

There are lots of things in my mind right now of what should i give to my dear husband. The very first thing that i thought it would be a nice gift for him is the vacuum cleaner, why? It's because first, the vacuum we have here is a little broken, the recliner button doesn't work anymore like it's supposed to, and secondly, it gotten old already, it sure needs replacement for i can see that our vacuum cleaner is about to retire soon. I want to buy a new vacuum cleaner for hubby because he likes to clean our carpet almost everyday. His reason, it's because we have a little one here that can easily find small things on the floor and puts it in his mouth. I see that as a good reason why hubby cleans the carpet everyday soon after he gets home from work.
Well anyway, the rest of things that's in my mind right now will be remain in my mind. I am not gonna say it for now it's because i was just planning about it for i only have limited budget lol! And if i can't buy it, at least i did not brag about it yet, so i am just playing safe here lol! Hubby already told me what is he going to give me this Christmas, but since he keeps on telling me how tight our budget is right now, then i just told myself not to expect about it too much so i don't have to get too emotional if in case hubby won't be able to buy it for me. Oh well, there are still plenty of time, everyday is Christmas for us anyway, because for us as couple, we are blessed everyday.

Malibu Rehab Treatment

I feel so sad when i heard about the news of my friend. She feels so down today because her son is being sent to malibu rehab treatment place to get treated from his addiction. She did not know that her son got involved to such bad habit that led into addiction. She would never thought that her son would get into such thing because he's been such a good son to her ever since. She was just so shocked when she found out that her son is no longer the son she knew. I feel for her, and it worries me because i have two boys and i cannot deny that there are a lot of bad influences outside the house that my boys might get into, which i pray and hope they won't. I just have to get attached to them as much as i can and remind them all the time as possible as i can. That way they will know that we, their parents do care and love them very much.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seafood Sandwich Is I Love

I never did like sandwich before, not until i got here in America and hubby introduced it to me. I am a scared chicken when it comes to trying new food and i always worry that i might not like it and it might make me throw up. I started to like the sandwich when we traveled two years ago with my family. Since we pretty much drive to get to our destination quick, hubby suggested that it will be good to just buy a to go food with us so we can just eat at the car while driving. I never did like that idea, i always want to stop somewhere where there's some fine dining restaurant that serves a real good food for us to enjoy.
It was back 2008 trip when hubby bought me two foot long sandwich and each of them has different flavor. The other one is ham and the other one is seafood. I grabbed the ham because i simply love ham and i was starving then. And hubby told me to why not try the seafood as well. I just smirked at him and gave him mocking face. But when he went to the restroom at the rest stop somewhere, i thought of trying the seafood sandwich he suggested me to try. Just right after a bite of it, i fell in love with the taste right away! He came back and saw me eating it. He laughed at me because i always am scared to try something new. And since then, whenever hubby buys something new food that is new to me, i always try it for i might fall in love with it just like what happened to me when i tasted the seafood sandwich, hihi...

Good And Expert Advertising Agency

There are a lot of business websites now that are desperately looking for bloggers that can possibly give more traffic to their sites. The more bloggers they hire to have their sites being advertised, the more traffic they will gain. Some of them are just doing some tricks just to caught people's attention in the net. And some are just doing so great by registering their business websites through the most popular and known Advertising Agency to help them make the people visit their business websites.
Advertising Agency is the best way for those business types kind of websites to advertise their sites. Especially when the advertising agency is affiliated to a lot of popular websites, it will be easy for them to spread the link of your website and will be known as well in just a short period of time. If you are a newbie to the business website advertising, i would suggest that registering the website to some advertising agency is the great idea to have your business being cached to the search engine. That is what a friend of mine did, she entrusted her business online through some good and expert advertising agency and she is happy to know that she is gaining more traffic to her site and getting more possible customers because of it. She is looking forward for her business to grow even bigger next year. I can see that her business is growing, which is really good and i am happy for her. I wish i have her kind of ability to do the business, but i guess business is not my line, i am more on a stay home kind of person taking care of my kids and hubby instead.

Her Growing Business

Business is really risky somehow. If you start a business, you make sure that the business you want will grow fast and earn more than what you expected it. My aunt must be good at it, she only started her business last three years ago, and now there are some people that bought her business name to do the franchise. I am so happy for my aunt, despite of the sad times she undergone due to her husband's death, she still able to managed her business so well. Before she just sold her things manually but now she is using a Symbol LS2208 to scan her products. She needs it to scan everything so to be able to track all of her products that's being sold.

New Monitor For Christmas

It was hubby's idea to buy our son an another computer desktop because the one that he's been using isn't working as it supposed to be anymore. It makes him upset whenever he plays his game because it freezes on him. Probably because the computer itself is loaded with lots of virus or something and we did not even bother to clean it up because like what i said, hubby wants to buy a new one. He thought that he only just have to buy the cpu but since we looked for some monitors to replace it as well. Our son wanted a little more bigger the one that he saw as we were browsing. Oh well, it's not that expensive so might as well include it to our list so we can buy it for our son this Christmas.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Separate Grocery Lists

I wonder how the most of the mothers make their grocery lists. Do you have to separate the basic needs such as shampoos, conditioners, soap and etc from your food groceries? If you'll ask me the same question, then my answer is, yes. The grocery store we have which is just two or three blocks away from our house has everything we need. But the hygiene products are a little more expensive than the other other store, so that's why we have to go to the other store to get them.
It's very convenient that the store is just a walking distance from where we live. I used to just push the big stroller of my oldest son that has a big compartment under his seat where i put all the groceries i that i buy. That way, i don't have to worry parking my car and putting my son to his car seat and buckle him up. Now, that i have two boys, i kind of stop doing it. Especially when it's winter, i have no choice but to get them into the car and drag them along with me inside the grocery store.
Anyway, as i was saying about the grocery list. I don't really make a grocery list before. I only try to memorize all the things that we need here in the house. But since i am noticing that my memory isn't that sharp anymore like it used to be, i am now starting to make my grocery list whenever we go grocery shopping. I separate the hygiene products that we need from the food groceries. I sometimes missed some things though, because i keep on forgetting things, but good thing that i don't forget a whole lot of things now since i started making grocery list before going to the store because back then, i often come back home and get upset to myself for not getting all the things that we need (thanks to my poor memory), and will have to do another trip to the store which is so tiring knowing i have two kids that i have no choice but to drag them along with me.

Our Christmas Tree

Thanks to Marion Watkins

It's been a few years since we had a live Christmas tree. There is no artificial tree that can compare to a fresh pine decorated with all of the bulbs, garland, tinsel, lights, and even homemade decorations made in kindergarten all those years ago. In thinking of a story that was told to me years ago, I think it is time for another real tree this year.

I remember a woman telling me a story of how when she was a little girl she went to visit an elderly lady who was a friend or relative. That part I don't remember. I do remember what she said about the old woman's Christmas tree. She said that the lady asked her to wait in another room while she lit the tree. When the little girl was asked to come into the room, the tree was fully lit by burning candles in special containers that were made to hold them on the live tree.

Something like that would be unheard of today and was probably equally unwise all those years ago. However, the little girl said that the memory of that tree all decorated and lit with candles is something she will never forget. Today we would be terrified and running for the fire extinguisher. We won't be lighting our tree with candles, but I am looking forward to a nice aromatic pine tree about seven feet high. It won't be but a couple more days and I'll set Security Choice home security alarm and gather the family in the van to go get a tree.

Life Insurance Is A Must

Even living with a good health is no guarantee. Each one of us don't actually knows when is the end for us. So because of that, i realized that i need to get myself a 30 year term life insurance so i won't leave my family nothing. As expected that they will be grieving when i leave this earth, leaving them my life insurance will somehow make them feel that i have ready myself for that moment. I hate thinking about it though but that's just a fact of life, we are all going to that moment and everyone knows that. I am somewhat at ease knowing i have something for my family that i am going to leave just in case something happens to me.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Veggie Gobbler

Even when my oldest son was just a year old, i already noticed that he loves to eat vegetables rather than meat. I was so happy when i realized that, for i know that most mothers are having hard time to have their kids eat vegetables for some reason, mostly kids hates vegetables, and i don't have any idea why. My son is a vegetable gobbler, he can gobble any vegetables that i cook for him, even if it's just plain stir fry vegetables without anything with it. That is probably why he's heavy to carry, though he doesn't look so big but he sure is heavy because he eats nutritious meals.
I love to watch him eating vegetables because he can finish one big plate that i give him in just minutes. Unlike if i give him meat, he would just taste it and then leave it after. He'll chew the meat then spits it out, just probably getting the juice out of the meat. I must say that i am a lucky mother for i don't have trouble feeding my kids vegetables, they can eat it in no time no problem. My little one loves to eat vegetables too, especially leafy ones. The two boys loves zucchini vegetables the most, they are crazy of that vegetables. That's why i don't miss getting some whenever i go grocery shopping.

My Favorite Holiday Treat

Written by my friend Teodoro Martin

One of my favorite treats during the holidays is candy canes. Even though you can buy peppermint throughout the year, there is just something special about a candy cane. When I saw an advertisement for candy canes on satellite TV, it reminded me that I needed to buy some for Christmas.

Candy canes make great Christmas tree decorations. We use candy canes instead of tinsel to dress up the tree. When I get ready for a snack, I will pull a candy cane off the tree. Edible decorations serve more than one purpose.

You can also use candy canes instead of bows. I do this all the time. It makes a pretty topping for a present and a nice treat.

Although my favorite candy canes are peppermint, I do occasionally try different flavors. They usually cost more, so I like buy a pleasing flavor. You can find all sorts of flavored candy canes. It is hard to beat peppermint though.

Mini candy canes are also fun. When I need a quick treat for a party, I will use mini candy canes. They always seem to go over really well. Candy canes are my favorite treat for Christmas because they are so versatile and fun.