Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scared Chicken

Now that i am back, i now realized how much i have gained weight. When i flew going to Philippines i was so light. And when i stepped on our weight scale just this morning, i was so surprised that i actually gained some weight. Well, i am not too worried about it though since i don't look that bad at all as for my opinion. It's just that i have this unwanted fats in my tummy that i have been wanting to get rid of. Some of friends i have known are using strongest diet pills that work for them. I am not too sure about it though, i don't know if i want to try it or better not because i always prefer a nature way than burning my fats in some other ways. I can see that it works good to my friends so i must say that it is effective, it's just me who's scared chicken that is not so brave to try something that is new to me.

Good Job Hubby!

I guess the house is not so bad at all. We got back home the other day and i am so happy that hubby did some house work. He replaced some of the things here inside the house that are needed to be replaced. Just like our water filter, he took care of it and replaced it. It has been awhile since he last did it. He said that he was able to do everything that needs to be done while we are gone, which is good thing. I found some more filters downstairs and realized hubby bought a wholesale water filter to make sure we got some spare, also it is cheaper that way than keep on buying one at a time. Hubby deserves something from me, of course my love will always be for him, and he said that, that alone is good enough as his reward for doing such a good job here in the house.

Plenty Of Time

Before i left Philippines, hubby asked me what i noticed there. So i told him that i already did before he even thought about it, Christmas. Philippines might be the country that celebrates Christmas soon as the month of BER comes. Yeah, that early, since they've got nothing to celebrate before that. Unlike here in America, they a lot of holidays going on before Christmas comes. There's halloween and thanksgiving day. So anyway, since we still got some holidays before December, i decided to just shop online gift cards. I still got plenty of time obviously, so i still can get things that i am sure my family back home would love it. Agh, missing them already, just barely got back from a long vacation and i sure had fun time during my stay over there.

A Handful Potato

Some of you might not know that i call my youngest son a potato. Why? Because when he was born his daddy said, he was a big baby and heavy like a bag of potato. So from then on, we started to call him potato, even his big brother calls him that way. As he is growing, i noticed the big differences between my two kids. My eldest is the most quiet and kind of mellow kid, he prefers to be alone than being bothered. He is a lot like his daddy. While his youngest brother is a lot different from him, sure he is a handful baby. He cannot just be still even for just a second. He always finds something that he can grab or maybe some crumbs on the floor that he picks up and eat it.

There was one time that he actually cut a bug with his teeth. Was so shocked when i saw the poor bug was crushed already. Good thing i saw it right away. Also, he is one bully kid. If you are the one's holding him, be aware and be careful because he doesn't give warnings, he will wack your face real hard. To think he is only a year old baby but he can hurt you really bad. My mother always tells me that children are sure different in their own way and style. Now i can fully understand what my mother is saying, she's got nine kids and i only have two. I cannot imagine having nine kids myself, especially i live here in America and i do everything all by myself. I don't think i would survive, nah. Good thing i only have two, and i am happy enough having two boys in my life. They can be sometimes annoying and pain in my butt but they are my happiness most of the time.

Helping His Dream Come True

My youngest brother was happy when hubby and i bought a three in one printer. I must say that i really am so naive when it comes to technology, i did not know that there's technology nowadays that does three things, it can print, scan and photo copy (aka. xerox copy). Well anyway, what's good thing about what we bought for him is it has laser printer cartridge. He sure knows how to find a best one that also has a reasonable price and also that can save printer cartridges.

He's been dreaming to have his own internet cafe and my younger brother which is next to me and our eldest brother wanted to make his dream come true. Soon they are planning to make his dream into reality. They are starting to gather everything now what they need to have and what they need to do. Hubby helped a little bit of it, in fact he chose the printer himself, he picked the one that can save ink more. The printer ink cartridges is not very pricey compared to other one i was going to get, but he told me better get the printer what we got for my brother. That's just a little help but it means a whole lot to my brother and we're very glad to help him even in a small way.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exhausting Trip

That was sure a tiring trip! Although the whole trip was nice and smooth but being with my two kids is exhausting enough. Especially dealing with my little potato's tantrums, sure that was something to me. Four months ago when we flew going to Philippines, it wasn't as bad like it was when we came back here the other day, for he was just only nine months then and doesn't know how to walk yet, so no interest of roaming around the whole airplane yet. But when we flew coming back here, whew! What a flight i must say!

He just wanted to be on loose! I must admit he is a lot like me, more independent and wanted to do things right away. I am not blaming him for how he is now though, but there are really times that he runs out my patience and he needs to be disciplined like time out. At the very young age of one, he's got to learn and realize what he can and cannot do. He sure is a handful baby that is absolutely different from his big brother. Like what my mother always tells me, every child is different in their own way and i should not compare my two kids, instead i just have to study more about their behavior and attitude as they grow so i can do something about it and deal with each tantrums. Hard to be a mother i must say, but indeed a fulfilling responsibility.