Friday, August 26, 2011

Custom Floor Mats

Wouldn't it be nice if you have all the personalized things that you want to own. Just like personalizing everything in your car. I just found a good website where to buy the chrysler town and country custom floor mats. Not just that though, they also have tons of selections for the customers. And i found the right one that i really want to have for my car. I have to let hubby know about it so he can buy it for me.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Steel Buildings

I have seen a lot of tall buildings was being built but i actually never had the chance to take a closer look how they build it. It was my first time to see how they build steel buildings here in our town. It was an impressive job because the workers used mostly machines to build it. Since we are elevated so high from the ground, the materials they used are good for strong winds and prevent from corrosion and leaks. I can't wait to see what's gonna be inside to that building, as what i have heard that it is going to be a gymnasium where youngsters will learn a lot of sports.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He's Officially TWO!

Time flies indeed! I still can't believe that my little potato turned TWO today. Seems like it was only yesterday when i delivered this healthy big baby. And now he's officially two. Kids nowadays grow so fast that the parents sometimes can't catch up with them. This little one is quite energetic, handful yet jolly, bubbly and funny! He always have something he can come up with to make us smile. He's the apple of our eyes in the house, he's the entertainer and the clown.

To my little one, happy birthday to you potato! Daddy, Mommy and big brother loves you so much! Always be a good boy, wishing you good health always :)
He's officially TWO!

Payday Advance

I just called back the company who called me last week to confirm if i am still available for the job they are hiring and if i am still interested. If only i don't have party coming up for my son's birthday, i would love to start to work as soon as possible. Probably i am already starting by now if i told the lady who i talked to that i can start whenever. But then, hopefully i can start next week so i can get the payday advance so i can send it to my family back home. That's the main reason why i was looking for a job, so i can support my mother's medicine maintenance.


One thing that i really love the most here in America is the different varieties of fruits. My one of the most favorite is strawberries. I just can't get enough of it especially when it's dipped with melted chocolate or something sweet. That's why when it's not seasoned here, i just order strawberries online, that way i can satisfy my cravings. Well, it wasn't just me who loves those coated strawberries though, hubby is one monster too when it comes to those sweets. Not to mention we have two boys that really loves to munch as well.