Thursday, July 28, 2011

Protruded Front Teeth

When i was still back in Philippines i used to wear retainers to push my protruded front teeth. But then because i was so lazy to keep going to the place where i had my retainers, nothing happened to my teeth, instead it got worse. Now, i regretted why i really did not take care of my teeth when i was a lot younger. I could have done something to make it look nicer and not awful.

If you notice that i hardly show my teeth to most of my pictures, it is because of my front teeth. I really want to do something about this, and i hope i can have this fixed very soon. I so admire those people wearing their beautiful smiles with their white and nice looking teeth. How i wish i have those kind of smile like what they have! Hubby suggested to me that i should look for a best Orthodontists, that can take a look at my teeth and will be able to fix it. Also, we are looking after the charges since we both know that wearing braces won't be that affordable. But, hubby would love to have me seen to get my teeth fixed so i can show my big smile and won't hide my protruding teeth :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Young Kids

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

I can remember when my kids were younger and our afternoons and evenings were always a madhouse trying to get each of them to their respective after-school activities, do homework, get dinner, baths, bedtime, etc. My husband usually got home from work in the middle of all this mayhem and sometimes I felt like he was just another “kid” making demands on my time. But as time moved on and the kids grew up and began to drive themselves to their activities, it was a little more pleasant to get to spend some time with my husband in the evenings. Of course, nothing lasts forever! His company was sold and they told him he had to start doing more travelling out of state. Since I only have one child left at home (a senior in high school), I’m finding myself spending more time at home alone. The evenings can get long—and scary—so my husband suggested I look at for a security system. I do feel better when I lock myself in at night but I sort of long for those afternoons when there was so much chaos and activity in the house.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Brothers, My Joys

Kids are definitely loving the summer time! They get to enjoy outside more often. They go out in our backyard and plays the wiggly piggly they have and also the sprinklers. And i am also loving it because i get to enjoy watching them as i grill some burgers or maybe chicken thighs and legs for them to munch whenever they get hungry after the run around and chasing each other. They are now getting tanned because they are more exposed under the heat of the sun everyday, which it don't really matter to me for their skin color will lighten up again when winter comes and i hate to think about it right now, for we are just enjoying the hot temperature we have here.

This photo below was taken yesterday, the big brother asked me if i could take a picture of them both standing in front of the sprinklers. He hardly asks me taking picture of him, so i quickly grabbed my camera and got few snaps of them. As i was looking at this picture of them, i realized that they are growing so fast, little did i know, they are no longer my babies! But still i call them both my babies, which my oldest son hates it especially when i take him to school lol! So i told him that even if you are going to have a family of your own someday, still you are going to be my baby and it will be forever, no one can ever change that. I love my two boys so much, they make me happy everyday and they are my inspiration in life.

Storm Shelters

Luckily, Utah is safe from floods or worst tornadoes. We are up high from the ground and plus the fact that we are pretty much covered with all the rocky mountains everywhere. I feel sad whenever i see news that in south part gets hit by tornadoes. Good thing some families does have storm shelters and when tornadoes hit the area, they will be safe and keep them from harm. That's the last thing you want to happen to your family, is one of them will go away because of the frightening tornado.

Planning To Continue My Studies

One thing that i would like to accomplish in my life soon as i have enough time for myself is to continue my studies. I only graduated in high school and i really want to pursue my studies to college. Sadly, i had to work right after i graduated in high school due to financial crisis. My mother told me that she can't support if ever want to go to college. So, i ended up having a job in an early age instead of finishing my studies. I feel so jealous to all of my high school classmates whenever i see them and talked about what did they take and what school they go to.

Now that i can have that chance to have my dream come true, which i just have to wait a little bit more until my kids will be big enough to be independent, i can now imagine myself going to school in college. And by browsing some online schools, i found that is the school that i would want to go to. I mean, really if i want to do it now, i also can do my studies while at home for they have this Walden University's online degree programs. I am considering that for myself really, since i really can't afford to lose my sight from my kids, and not to mention that i have to pay a baby sitter to take care of them both while i will be at school. Hubby said that i need further more details to learn about Walden. I am really looking forward to finish a degree, or even at least a vocational course, so i will be qualified for the jobs i am going to apply in the future.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Halogen Light Bulbs

Photography is one of my obsession these days, most especially the macro photography. I really am not into portraiture but i am trying to learn because i have kids that i would like to photo shoot in a studio. Which reminds me, that i do need to get some Halogen Light Bulbs so i can put it on my umbrellas and will use it as the light of the subject. I have been seeing some photographers that are using cheap and alternative to the original gears that a photographer usually buys.

This way, i don't have to spend too much for my own mini studio downstairs, also i am going to have the brightest bulbs that i want to get. Some professional photographers i met online told me that it is not really necessary if my gadgets or devices are expensive, i can just buy the alternatives which can save me some cash and have the same quality result of the portraits that i would want to have. I really need to start my mini studio for so many purposes. I can also do the macro photography in my studio. For example those commercial images such as tomatoes with white background or black background, i would love to try that myself. And having a perfect lighting using these affordable bulbs, i am sure i can take good shots just as good as these photographers that i have admired of their awesome works.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Medical Negligence Lawyer

One thing i really appreciate here in America is they all have the rights and freedom. Although we also have it there back in my country but it is really not implemented like it is here. When you have a profession and you commit mistakes, rest assured you are going to be in trouble with the law. For example, if the doctor made mistake to one of his/her patients, there's Medical Negligence Lawyer to take care of all that and defend the patient to claim what is right for them.

There's a whole lot of malpractice incidence already in my country. And due to financial issue, unable to file charges against the doctor, they just instead accept the situation even though it hurts them knowing that their family is the one who is involve in the case. But here, certainly the doctors are more careful on what they are doing to keep their profession intact and won't lose their license. I knew couple of friends that experienced like this, and they are happy somehow that even though their family encountered major second operation to save them, still they are thankful that they were able to claim what is really right for them, what they deserved to get.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Pool Fun

I am glad that my kids and i went to the pool yesterday with my friends and their kids as well. I was thinking twice yesterday whether if i go or not because it rained and made me feel so lazy to drive all the way down there and enjoy the outdoor fun. But, thankfully, the storm went away and the kids had so much blast...

Of course us, the parents enjoyed our stay there as well chatting while the kids were in the pool doing some fun stuff. It turned out to be a pretty nice day yesterday because it wasn't so hot and wasn't that chilly either to have the kids out and be in the water for that long hours. Pretty much they have been in the water for half of the day and i must say that it's all worth it that we went and enjoyed the day with friends....

Here are some photos i captured while my kids are in the pool. I can hardly find the big brother with that big pool, he was having a blast with his best buddy that's why i only got two shots of him. My attention was more with the little one of course.

Bike Rack

Another family get away plan? Hmmm, not for now, but hopefully soon. Summer is here and i know that when hubby gets the chance to have work time off, he'll think to go somewhere. And before that happens, we need to buy our son's bike a thule bike rack so we can bring it along with us and he will enjoy his bike wherever we go. He doesn't quite know how to ride his bike without training wheels yet, and going somewhere where it's more quieter place where he can practice his bike some more is a good idea so he'll learn it fast.

Wresting Vs. Karate

One thing i would not want my kids to do is wrestling. I think it's kind of a little too rough for them to do. Whatever it is, it maybe just a play or getting serious about it, still i don't want any of them do that. I knew a parent that likes to see her son do it and i don't see why. Probably because she thinks it makes her son tougher and stronger. As for my opinion, i would rather take my kids into the karate class, that way, they will learn self defense techniques. I myself have been dreaming to learn martial arts but it never happened. I guess i just have my kids do it for me.

Zumba Dance

Since hubby bought the wii for my son, i have been wanting to buy a zumba dance for myself so i can just do the exercise at home and not going anywhere, dragging my kids along with me since i don't know anybody that can baby sit them while i am away. That way, it would be easy for me to do the exercise and i can watch my kids at the same time. They might enjoy watching me and will dance with me too, i bet that would be fun for me and for my kids.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's The Moments That Counts

Sure having a motor home is an another expense, yet if you like to camp a lot with your family, then it will come in handy for you. Just like our neighbor across the street. They said that they have that motor home of theirs for awhile now. Although, they have to do the motorhome repair here and there, but still it's worth every penny since they love to camp every summer time with their kids and grand kids. It's the fun that they think, it's not the expenses, since they said that memories can't be bought by money, especially the unforgettable bonding moments to children and grandchildren.

Friday, July 1, 2011

My Two Cheerers

Because a lot of things are in my mind right now, i am again dealing my insomnia. I am so depressed today when i heard about my family back home. My mother is not been well since she had her severe stroke long time ago and until now still taking medicines. What worries me is she is being prescribed by the doctor to take more medicines, which makes her feel dizzy sometimes. Also, my sister is now confined at the hospital, she was rushed there because she could not breathe. When i called her, she told me it must have been an over fatigue because she has been exhausted lately.

But, despite of all these problems i am dealing with, i have my two boys who cheers me up whenever i am down and feeling so weak. They sure do know how to make me smile, they want me to be happy, so my oldest one asked me if i could take pictures of them with their silly faces. I did and they succeeded with their intention, to make me laugh and be happy. My oldest son told me he doesn't wanna see me crying, which makes me feel so loved and special. These are my happiness, the source of my strength and the precious blessings/treasures of my life.
My cheerers