Friday, September 26, 2008

Romantic Date With Soy Candles

I cannot believe that we've been together of my dear beloved hubby for over 4 years now and our love still keep going strong. Although we encountered a lot of trials in our marriage life but we indeed passed those. It's pretty normal to a couple to have some unexpected problems and trials and it has to be deal with or the couple might end separeated. It is important to a couple to have time together no matter how busy you are. Just like me and my dear husband, no matter how busy and tired he is from his job, he still finds time to take me somewhere and have the romantic date or even stay at home preparing some special dinner using with very romantic and very earth friendly Soy Candles.

We are enjoying being with each other as couple and at the same time we are helping the nature not to be ruined. My dear husband is one of the nature lovers in the whole world and he is trying to help the nature not to be destroyed as much as he can. So am i, that's why i am planning to buy the Wholesale Soy Candles to save energy and as well as to convince some of my friends to try it for themselves and they will love it i am sure. I woild love to hear their comments about it soon as they will try the candle soy votives. Aside from cheaper, it also can make the date so romantic without harming the nature.

Counting The Days

Yes i am indeed counting the days of my coming home soon. Wednesday is our flight with my son to go back home and we both can't wait to be home once again and be with my dear husband. I feel contented of my vacation here, there are things that made me terribly sad and there are also things that made me happy. But as you all know that since i came here in Philippines for a vacation i am not that active here in blogging world no more, though i am trying my very best to update all the blogs i have. Soon i get home for sure all my blogs will be updated and active once again. With that, i can divert my attention and will get busy instead of keep thinking things that makes me sad and feel self pity.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Phone Look Up

Are you annoyed sometimes of some prank callers in your home? I used to be victim of those unwanted callers and all i do before is just hang up the phone. But now i found something here in the net that made me happy, i can now trace the phone number that are trying to call me at home and not telling me their real names or keep bothering me. Don't you feel what i feel everytime you recceive a call then nothing really is important to talk about? It's just waste of time right? Well, here's the answer for your problem, try this reverse phone lookup where you can find those numbers that bothers you all the time.


Finally...... I am here now trying to be back in blogging and trying to catch up all the things in blogging world. Although my brain has been put into rest for quite sometime due to something happened unexpectedly. But here i am now updating my blog to let my co-bloggers know that i am gradually gaining my strength and wanting to go back to my daily routine. I may not be able to update my blog everyday but i will for sure soon as i get back home. I am sure that my closest co-blogger friends will help me to regain my blogs and will be fired up to update them everyday. I might can't visit all of my loyal visitors very soon but i will try my best to visit you all soon. I truly appreciate you all for keep visiting my page even though i am not visiting you back no more, but i promise i will. God bless you all and may you enjoy the rest of your day!