Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's Not Just Fruit!

Grapefruit is not just a fruit for me and for my family. It is the best medicine whenever we get colds and sore throat. We always rely to this fruit because it has lots of Vitamin C that can make us well in no time. It doesn't fail us whenever we are sick, even to my little one. He had colds a week ago and i gave him few drops of this fruit juice and made him well. I have never eaten this fruit when i was in Philippines still. I just saw this fruit when i came here in America and became one of my favorite fruits. Even though we are not sick, we always buy this whenever we go to the store to buy some groceries. I am glad that my kids liked this fruit, since it is not very usual that the kids eats sour fruit like grapefruit, but oldest one loves it which is really good because he hates cough syrup or any medicine. At least i can give him something that makes him feel better whenever he gets cold or flu.

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Time For A New Look

I am really anxious to replace all of my website's layout including this site. I have my personal reasons why. And that remains to be untold since i don't want anyone to get involved with it. So many things have had happened and i don't want anyone to say something that may rise arguments. But all i want to do right now is to replace all the layouts i have in my websites. Besides, i have had this for a long time already and i am thinking that it is time to change and to have a new look to all of my websites.

I have been making money through my websites and these websites deserves to have a new look. I already replaced the other one and totally replaced everything in it. From the title and the layout and also i updated it. I deleted all those bloggers that are inactive and even those active that are not adding my websites to theirs. I will try to keep track to those who wanted to exchange links with me as possible as i can. I just hope that before March will end, all of my websites are already dressed new and more classy look kind of layout. I am getting bored looking at my website with so bold colors and bold styles.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Empty Cartridges

When i found out that our printer is not working because my son has been printing some of his games online, i was really upset. Good thing that there is Ink Cartridges online and i was able to replace the empty ones right away. It's inexpensive and has good quality. I have been buying my inks over online since when i got here. Hubby didn't know that there is lesser inks that we can buy, he thought he can just replace the empty cartridges by going to the store and buy those new ones.

It's another way to save money you know. Why buy those new cartridges if you can just replace the ink cartridges for less? It's free shipping and hassle free. All i do is just to wait for the delivery of my ink and i don't have to run to the store to buy new ones and sometimes finds out after i get there that they don't have the same cartridges like what i am looking for, they ran out of stocks. Unlike here online, they always have everything, they don't run out like grocery stores. They have all the brands and models of different kinds of printers, whether EPSON, CANON, LEXMARK, DELL, HP and etc. You can find it easy without getting upset.

Can't Think Of Anything

Did you ever feel sometimes that you wanted to eat something that you can't never have because you don't have it and you cannot just easily buy it on the regular grocery store? Well, i do. I was raised to eat a total different kind of food compare to what i eat here in America now. I am so sure that fellow filipinas who is living abroad like me can fully understand and relate to what i am saying. I am just getting tired eating these frozen dinners that they have here. I cook too but it's just too much for me to eat meat almost everyday, whether steak, chicken, or pork every other day. I wanted to eat fish but all they have here is frozen since you cannot find an ocean nearby here. We are located in the middle of norther America which we only have lakes and ponds.

Eating the same food almost everyday can make my stomach upset. I really can't eat meat one month in a row. Well, yeah we do eat vegetables as well but i am looking for the food that i used to eat there in Philippines. Do i sound like i am craving? Yes, i am craving for those food and wishing i have those food in my plate right now. I so miss the fresh fish with soup (tinolang isda) and some other food that i have not eaten here. Soon as i go back there, i have to make sure that i eat all the food that i cannot just simply eat here and find it in the grocery store or to any seafood restaurants...

Smart And Clever Shopper

Some people love to buy things that is really expensive because they get so very confident that if the product is costly, it's got to be good. Well, i kind of agree and somewhat disagree on that. Because you know why? There are also products that is inexpensive are reliable and has good quality. I love branded products, but i am also very realistic when it comes to prices. I don't just grab and buy even if i am not comfortable with the price and the quality of the certain products.

My husband said that i am a very smart and clever shopper. Whenever i go shopping, i always go straight where there is big SALE posted. I love buying stuff that are inexpensive and has good quality as well. Some of them are for sale because they are the last products that's left or they are on sale because people are buying big volume and they wanted to get a discount from it so the store decides to give a little excitement to their products so that the people will buy more. As for me whenever i go shop, especially here online, i always find good products and will be able to buy it less because i always use Discount Codes which really helps me a whole lot. So why pay more if you can get the products that you wanted to have for less? Buying inexpensive products doesn't mean cheap, in fact, it makes you a smart and a clever shopper like me.

Expected When There's Kids

I wanted to go back to sleep because i only slept for about 5 hours roughly. I was up so late last night, i had to clean the mess a little bit of my dear son, his toys was all over the place and fell asleep on it. I picked him up and put him in his bed and picked up all the toys that's being scattered on his floor. I can never get this house clean for all the parents know that when you have an energetic kid in the house, the house will always look chaotic.

Yes, the kids will pick up the toys when you told them to but kids are always kids, they forget that leaving their toys whenever they get tired of it is not a big sin for them. They just want to have fun as much as they want to. Just like my four year old son, he really loves to play his train tracks with lots of engines and then later on when he gets tired of it he will turn on the television or he will turn on his Nintendo and play it and he already forgotten that he had played his tracks and didn't put them away where he supposed to put it. It can be tiring sometimes to remind the kids because they cannot always remember that their toys must be put away soon when they are done playing with it.

A Surprise For Them

Yay! I really can't wait to go home! I am now starting to pack things up even if we still have plenty of time to do that thing. Hubby said i am so excited, yes i really am! In fact, i already saved some of my personal things that i haven't used yet and i am planning to bring them with me. I haven't told my family back home yet because i want them to be surprised. They might have a hint already but for sure they didn't know when i will be there with my kids. My uncle would be so happy knowing that i am going to bring him the electronic cigarettes that he has been asking me to give him. All of them didn't know that i am going home, none of them knows my plan and sure thing they would be so shocked once they see me there right in front of their face. Haha i cannot just wait to see their reaction.

Tragic Moment At Sea World

I woke up early in the morning today because my computer was updating. It turned on by itself and updated the whole thing what's inside my computer. I was going to turn it off but i decided to log on to facebook instead for a little bit then i will shut it down so i can go back to sleep. But i saw one of my friends posted something about the Sea World Florida scary incident. The whale attacked his own personal trainer and died.

This is really scary and it can be traumatic incident for the kids. Mostly kids loves to watch SHAMU WHALE SHOW! Can you just imagine your kids is watching that very moment and something went terribly wrong while watching the show? I just can't imagine myself being there, how much more the poor kids? I am so sure that they were all scared to death seeing the very tragic moment. It could cause trauma to the kids for the rest of their life! I am so saddened with this latest news and i wanted to extend my condolences to the family of the personal trainer who lost her life because of her love and passion to the whales. She is one that is worth to be remembered for making the kids and the big people to be entertained by training those big creatures in the sea. May she rest in peace and her family that she left may find peace in their hearts.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Deal For Cheap

Budget is one most important thing that a family should consider. In everything we do inside the house we should consider the budget because if you don't plan the budget so well, it will make the financial situation go bad. For hubby and i, we set things aside that we don't really need it, not necessary to have and it can wait. We always prioritize what is the most important and the necessity. Also, we consider that having our cheap insurance is one smart thing that we did. Yes it is cheap but it doesn't mean it's not a great deal, in fact it is. Not all the cheap ones are not a good deal, you can find also those cheap ones that are the best ones. Who wanted to pay a lot more money if the service and the benefits are pretty much the same with those expensive ones? Of course people wanted to get the things cheap as much as they can, and so are we.

I Forgot!

I forgot to bring the papers for our home insurance to bring it to the office where it's only a block away from my son's school. I am really forgetful lately, i am not sure if this is because i have had so many surgeries that i undergone or it's simply because i am getting old? lol! But anyway, since i am going to pick up my son later today, i have to make sure that i will bring the papers because hubby asked me to do this today, he told me that the office will be closing early in the afternoon. I will send it there to the office and will do the other errands afterwards. I also got something to mail, and i need to do it today because i don't want it to delay no more, it is over delayed already... I hope i will finish what i must do today, and i hope i will remember everything...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Had Fun But Sick

I still feel miserable until now, i am very sick and can't even stay very long in front of my computer. I get dizzy and drowsy. I felt worse after i went to Nevada the other night. But i can't complain, it was a blast for me. I really had fun time with my dear friend. And now i am suffering from dry cough and a runny nose. I felt so awful and no one will be put into blame but myself. I just hope that i will get better so soon because it is hard to get sick when you have kids to take care of. In times like this, i always wish that i am with my dear mother so at least she can give me her tender loving care.
But anyway, i just want to share you this picture i have taken last friday night during our night out with my friend at Wendover, Nevada. We went to Montego Bay and had so much fun, we gambled but not too much, i lost 20 dollars and that was it lol! I am not really fond of gambling since i don't like wasting money for taking risk. It was just mainly for fun and that's it. Some people is taking the gambling seriously but not me since i don't really know a whole lot of stuff about gambling. In fact, i really don't know what i was doing the first time i pushed the button of the slot machine, maybe that's why i lost lol!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It Sure Was A Blast!!!

I really had a blast last night with my dearest friend. We went to a casino place and had so much fun doing a lot of things in there, including gambling. I lost 20 dollars but it's worth it since it was my first being to that kind of place and the memories that i just had is priceless! Sure is fun being with a cool friend and always game to whatever i come up to. Our weekend is really great, the fun night is unforgettable! It made me think while i was there that i need to take my husband there soon. Well, it is not just to gamble but to eat their very sumptuous buffet seafood dinner. That was a really delicious dinner not to mention it is included to the transportation we just hired to get there.

It isn't really bad at all to be out and have fun once in awhile since stress is always there to make us irritated and hot tempered. It was a good outing last night because i was able to experienced different kinds of things that i have never done ever since in my whole entire life! But anyway, i thought playing casino roulette is scary, but i find it very fun and exciting. Just make sure though you know how to control your money when it comes to gambling. My limit last night was 20 dollars and that was all that i played, no more. I have to remember that website that is being printed to those slots i have had played. I am so glad hubby let me go out with my friend to unwind.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flashing Back Memories

I was just browsing some website and happen to remember that i have an old account in shutterfly that is never been opened for a long long time. So i decided to open it and retrieved it by creating the new password to it. It made me smile when i saw all those photos that's being stored in there. My oldest boy was just a year old and the memory started to flash back into my mind. I didn't realized that my baby then is now growing up! He is going to turn five years old soon and i just cannot believe it. Seems like he was just a little baby yesterday. Where did those years go then? I was just amazed to myself realizing that i already gave birth three times. But look at this photo of my son when he was just a year old. This was taken at the wedding reception of his cousin. Isn't he so cute? I so miss him when he was just a small as this in the picture.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Financial Aid For Single Moms

I never have the chance to bond with my friend since she is now busy with her studies. She also got kids to raise by herself because she is a single mom. She got divorced for 3 three years now due to her husband can't support her and her kids's needs. And she doesn't want to deal with her ex-husband's laziness anymore that's why she decided not to stick with him anymore. I felt sorry for her really. She is really a hardworking mother and always have positive thoughts to fight the hardships in life even though sometimes she almost wanna give up.

I can understand why she has no time for fun time anymore, if i were on her shoe i would do the same. I would do the first priorities in my life which is my kids. My friend continued her studies because she believes that after she will graduate from her major, she can have a better future and will find a better job that pays much better. Good thing she has some help for financial aid for single moms that she can get. With that, it's a big help for her not to worry about the expenses on her studies.

It Hurts and Annoying

I have had this canker for few days now, it hurts and it annoys me. Few weeks ago it was my son who had this and good thing it healed now because i hate seeing him suffering from his canker, he cannot eat well because it hurts him so bad. I even whines myself, how much more my son? Canker surely sucks, it's no fun at all and the worst thing about it is when i eat, i can bite it whenever i chew the food. I tried the gargle thing so it will ease the hurt but i think nothing happened. I just hope that i'll get better soon because we are going to Wendover, a city 4 driving hours away from here. We are going to have some fun in there and it is no fun if i have this annoying and hurtful canker.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Need To Prepare Everything

Yay!!! I am getting so excited here although there is still four months to go. Wanna know what i am talking about? I am going home!!!! And the good thing about it is i get to meet my friend again that i have not seen for a long time! This is really gonna be an exciting vacation for me. She has two kids of her own too and they are both girls, mine are boys. But anyway, i need to get things ready before i run out of time since four months is not really a long time to wait. I have to prepare everything so that i won't forget every thing that i wanted to bring with me. Of course i am going to take my camera so i can try it there where i can find best scenic views that i can capture. I might just leave my laptop here but we'll see if i will decide to bring it as well. Also my kids needs, especially the little one, i should not forget to put the uppababy vista in the trunk of the car so it will be easier for me to travel pushing him instead of carrying him. He is a quite heavy boy for mommy and it's gonna be a lot more convenient for me if i just have his stroller and push him around at the airport just like what i did when i flew there two years ago with his big brother.

My Two Adorable Boys

These are my adorable boys that completes me as a mother. They make me happy and sometimes annoys me. But most of the time they are the source of my joys and i am proud of them. My oldest one is doing really great in school and my youngest one is developing his motor skills so great according to his age. In fact they are advanced kids, sounds so bragging but i am just telling the truth. They are not perfect since no one in this world is created perfect but they have the most advantage and good character that some other kids don't have. I love my kids like all mothers does to their own kids. They are the source of my strength and they taught me to keep on going and made me a better person by taking care of them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Caribbean Vacation

Speaking of longing to be back home, i just thought it would be a good idea if i go somewhere with my family instead where it is closer where we live. How about a very nice Caribbean vacation??? It's gonna be an exciting vacation since i have never been there myself and so as my husband. There is no doubt that we will enjoy this vacation since we can get the best deal that has all inclusive vacation. I have been dreaming to go to the other places like this because i have seen this featured in television that is one nice place to visit and unwind. Going there this coming summer would be a perfect idea for our six anniversary with my dear husband. And i am sure that our kids would enjoy the tropical weather out there just like my country. I am going to share this to my husband and i know he would agree this proposal that i have for him. This all inclusive vacation package quite a great deal for us especially we have two kids to drag along with us.

Sleepless Nights

I am having trouble sleeping at night lately, i really don't know and i am not so sure whether if i am just longing to be back home to my country or i am just depressed with this weather here right now. A lot of people said that weather can affect the mood of the person and that's what probably i am feeling right now. All i wanted to do right now is to relax and unwind to cheer myself up. Don't get me wrong, i am happy being with my family though but there are times that i wanted to be just by myself and think things alone. But anyway, i guess i am just tired seeing this snow around wherever i point my eyes, it's all white. I hope this winter will be over early so i can at least go out and stay warm outside.

It Comes Naturally

I have never done diet in my life. A lot of mommies like me has this weight problem soon after giving birth, but not me. I have heard a lot of my friends complaining and whining about gaining so much weight and it's difficult for them to get the shape that they wanted to have. I guess i got a very strong metabolism because i never have problem dealing with my figure. Soon as the baby comes out from me, i am like a balloon that's been poked, that will quickly lose air. Not some of my friends, they are having trouble, and been asking me what is the best crash diets that work. There are tons of different things that you can do how to lose your weight, but it comes naturally to me, i don't take so much effort. Taking care of my kids is enough for me to lose weight quickly.

I Sure Am Lucky

Some of my friends has acne problems. They can't seem to get rid their acne and got frustrated about it. Just like my best friend, she is been having that problem since we were just highschool students and until now she still has it. She have tried different kinds of acne creams but it didn't worked for her. She always told me that i am so lucky for not having the same kind of problem like what she have, she said it's hard to deal with acne because it keeps coming back, although sometimes it disappears but later it will come back and makes her upset even more. I sure am lucky for not having that problem, and i certainly don't want to deal with that kind of problem, so frustrating and upsetting.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Do I Really Look Young?

At the age of 29, a lot of people thought that i am only a high school kid lol! Maybe because i am a tiny person and i look younger than my age. Mostly Asians look younger than what they suppose to look like and that's including me. If you are one happy person like me, sure you're gonna have face that is younger than your age. When i first got here, our neighbors thought i was just a little girl and they were so surprised when they knew i am the mother of the boy i am always carrying around. There were a lot of times that people thought that my son is my younger brother. It sounds so silly to me that's what they really thought of me. I guess it's a compliment for me and i just laugh sometimes because i really don't know what to say.

Joint Supplement

My father in law is still physically healthy at the age of 87. In fact, he still can play a hose shoe throwing. He is very good at it, and i always love to see him play with his friends. Although he is being forgetful now but his body is still very active, i cannot even hear him whining about aches and pains like my my grandmother does. She is only 83 but she seems like older than my father in law. She has been complaining about her joints that's killing her, that's why i sent her some best joint supplement to make her feel better. I love my grandmother and i want her to stay healthy like my father in law. He still can do things that other old people like him can't do it anymore.

Beautiful Mother

My mother is one very simple woman. She is not the type of person that always has make up on her face. She prefers to look so simple than putting colors on her face. She is one strict woman when it comes to her skin health. She's been telling me that make up can make you old fast, especially when putting make up and not washing it afterwards. She did a great job maintaining her beauty that i wish i have. I must have got my look from my father because my mother and i don't look a like at all, not even close. And now she is even more beautiful, she has been using anti wrinkle crème and she is even look younger to her age. That's why a lot of men are trying to flirt with her but she keep on ignoring them haha, she said that she doesn't want to deal anymore headaches, she already gone through all that with our late father.

My Super Hopper

My preschooler sure is a handful to me. He is very energetic and can't seem to get rid a lot of energy he has. Which is i am happy to know though because it only indicates that he is one healthy and happy kid. Seeing him playing makes me smile, my heart sings when he say something that amazes me. He sure is a smart boy. I may sound a bragging mother but i am just saying the truth here. In fact, according to his report card, his learning skills level is for first grader.

He already knew how to write, to read books, to do the math and to give meanings to some difficult words. I sure am lucky for being a mother to a smart boy. I just hope he would excel more when he goes to grade school. I just need to assist him with his home work and all the projects that needs to be done. But anyway, i took this shot when my son was playing in our front room, he likes to jump from one end to the other end of the couch. I am glad i was able to capture the perfect moment, take a look!

Insomnia Again

I never had insomnia for awhile not until these past few nights. Have had trouble going to sleep and no matter how i tried to close my eyes, my mind is everywhere and thinking a lot of things. I don't know why, i can't seem to sleep very easy, i am even scared to take sleeping pills because i heard some bad effect of it. I really need a full rest but i don't think i can get it since i wake up early in the morning to take care of my two kids. I started to look awful now for having this deark circles under eyes. I really want to get rid of this because it makes me look older and groggy. My eyes looks so sleep all the time every time i look at myself in the mirror, just ugly circles under my eyes, i am not happy looking at it.

Perfect Body Shape

I was so surprised when i saw my friend's picture. I really thought that she lost weight fast so quick! Just so you know why am i reacting like this because she just barely gave birth few weeks ago. In the back of my mind she beat me losing weight so quickly. But when she told me that she was wearing kymaro body shaper, that explained everything. She is one big person and didn't even see her tummy on the picture hanging out. She said that it's nice and comfortable to wear, it can tuck the big tummy in and makes the body looking so perfect. I truly agree of what she said after seeing her picture, i wanna try one too because i have jelly tummy looking that annoys me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Small But Happy Family

When i gave birth to my second child, i was so depressed for losing her. I really thought i am not going to have another one because i was so scared that if i get pregnant again, i might lose the baby again. I have had a lot of things in my mind, confusions, fears, guilty feeling and lots of questions that some of them aren't answered yet. But when i got pregnant with my third baby unintentionally (long story), i had mix emotions, happy, excited, anxious and scared. I was so scared because it always reminds me of what happened to my second child, i was scared because i might not make it and won't be able to take the pain like what i have gone through to my second baby.
But anyway, when i delivered my third child, it all turned out good on him. He came out as a very healthy boy, weighed 9.3 lbs and measured 21 inches long. Quite a huge baby for a tiny mother that only measured 4'11. And now that i am fixed, both hubby and i decided with this matter for my health reason, i am very happy having two boys in my life, they are quite a handful to me and i could not ask for anything more. I am truly blessed by having them and given the chance to experience to be a mother to them. Some women has difficulties bearing a child and i felt so lucky that GOD gave me these two adorable boys in my life. And of course i am very happy and lucky having my husband too for giving me our boys. I love my small but very happy family, they are my source of strength, the will to keep on going and to fight any problems in life, they made me more tougher and stronger person.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Need To Relax

I just hate winter cold!!! Anyone agree with me? It's simply because, i don't get sweat and i have to wrap myself up every time i go outside, or even if i am just here inside the house. I am a summer person, i love to be out all the time wearing those skin revealing kind of clothing. I was born and raised in a tropical country that's why i am used to it. My body is already adjusted to this freezing weather of America though but i won't still trade the cool and summer weather in my beloved country.

This freezing cold country reminds me when i was working in a spa when i was still there back home. That would be good to have here enable for me to get sweat and keep my body healthy. According to the journal i read, to get sweat is healthy because you are going to release some extra water in your body and helps maintain your good cholesterol. The infrared saunas would be perfect to have in this country. I haven't find one yet but i will make sure i will look for a nice spa here where i can relax and have my beauty rest. And oh! I would love to take my best friend with me as our friendship bonding, isn't that cool? I bet she will get excited if i tell her.

Scratching His Head

When i first saw my little baby scratching his head, it did look funny to me. I thought he was scratching his head because it's itchy. But later on i kind of noticed that he has been doing it everyday, especially when he is very very sleepy. He gets cranky, starts to fuss and cry so hard when he's not being picked up and held, then he will start to scratch his head. Hubby noticed it just tonight and asked me if that means anything when he starts to scratch his head. I said it only indicates that he is sleepy and ready for bed or nap. It's funny to see him doing it and i find it very cute to see those little fingers scratching his own head telling me "Mommy, could you please hold me because i am sleepy and i want to sleep in your arms". My baby sure is amusing but sometimes a little bratty for liking to be held all the time.

Infant Travel Bed

Did i mention it before that we are supposed to go for a trip last Christmas? But since hubby bought me the very expensive professional camera as his Christmas presents for me, we didn't do the trip plan. Besides, we have a lot of things that we need for our dear little one so he will be comfortable during the long trip. Hubby and i both love to travel and that is one interests that we both really enjoy together. But we are a little concerned about our little baby regarding to his comforts during our trip. We go long trips, we like to hop from one state to another. Just like what we did last Christmas 2008, our trip took us 2 weeks to get there in Florida and back.

Anyway, i am thinking that i am going to buy our little one an infant travel bed so that we can assure that we are not going to have problem where he sleep. As you all know that hotels doesn't really have a special place for infants. And because of that, we have to make sure that our baby has his own place to sleep. This is really a great idea and a thing for us that we must have so in case we are going to plan for another trip, we won't worry about our little baby too much because we can just bring along his travel bed with us and he is set to go. So if you have an infant like us and you love to travel as well, i am sure you will assure that your infants comforts is being met.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Vegetable Lover

My oldest son is one vegetable lover. He would prefer to eat vegetables rather than meat. I don't know why he can't chew meat very good especially the beef. I am happy knowing that my son loves to eat vegetables because it is very seldom that kids will like vegetables especially those leafy ones. He must have got it from his dad because my husband is not picky at all when it comes to food. And so as my son, they both are alike so much in so many ways, which is i find it, it's an advantage for me so i don't have to worry what to feed them.

They eat pretty much what i cook, so no worries at all. This photo below is just an example of my son's favorite and take note, he made this by himself! He is only 4 years old but he can prepare his meal already. Yes, i have a very independent child here in the house and i am happy that he is learning and being helpful to me at the same time.

My Ultimate Dream

To continue my studies is my ultimate dream. Although i already have my own family, i am thinking that they won't be the hindrance to pursue my plan. I really love to finish my studies, since i only attained highschool graduate and i am looking forward for the good future if i can just finish my unfinished studies. Since i have two kids to take care of, the best thing that i can do is to get an online degree so i don't have to worry leaving my kids to the baby sitter or to a daycare center. With that, i can continue my studies at home while taking care of my family. And one thing that's advantage of having a degree while at home is i don't have get dressed and hop in the car everyday just to get to the school and back. Having an online teaching degree nowadays is very convenient especially for a stay home mother like me.

Pond In The Backyard

I have been dreaming to have a little bit nicer house than what we have now. Well, i guess i am not asking too much though, because where we live right now has a nice and a big backyard. Since that hubby already had this house when i came here, it's a bit sad for us to leave this house, so i am assuming that we are going to stay this house for long time. How long? That i don't know. But anyway, i mentioned it to hubby that i have seen some houses that has little ponds in their backyard and i like that idea having a pond in the backyard. He agreed with me and thinking that we are going to make one in our backyard. That made me excited though because it really is nice to have one since our backyard is wide enough to have a little pond. Hubby also said that a pond needs a pond filters to keep it clean and clear.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photography Is Not Easy

Just barely got back from my photography class. I really thought that learning the photography is just a snap of my fingers and that will be it. But i failed. Photography is a little bit complicated for me especially to the settings. Enable for me to get the good, sharp and crisp images, i have to learn all the techniques and tips how to get the good angle and how to set my camera in a certain way. Like for example for a daylight photos, i have to set the camera to the lowest ISO so i can get the sharp image and not totally white. There a lot of things that the speaker talked about in the class i am currently attending.

He showed some of his photographs and it just amazed me how he did all those shots. He told me that he didn't learned everything about photography in just one day, he learned it by experience and by situation. Some photographers told me that they learn things in photography accidentally and it turned out good. I really am fond of photography and i am just hoping that i will learn more about this field and will be able to take some snaps just like what the professional photographers have to their portfolio.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Toy And My Little Potato

I was having so much fun playing my camera with my little potato last night. Took some pictures of him and took some snaps of us together as well. As i was going to fix the new bed sheet, i heard him crying and when i checked him he had something in his behind and he needs diaper change. Right after i changed his diaper, my eyes caught the camera back pack. So i took the camera out and decided to take some photos with my little baby. What's so funny about it is he also looks at the camera as if he knows that i am taking photos of us. Just look at this picture below. He sure does know that i am taking pictures lol!

Electronic Cigarette

I didn't know that there is an electronic cigarette not until my uncle told me. He asked a favor if i could buy him one. I am planning to go home this year and maybe this is a good present that i can give for him. He is a very sweet uncle, he always makes me happy every time we are together. I guess it is my turn now to make him happy. He is one happy person that is worth to be given a special present. I just can't wait to see his face soon as i hand this to him and will see his reaction. I know and i am sure that he would hug me tight, but i am not gonna tell him right away, i will pretend i forget to buy one for him hehe...

Birthday Present For Her

I felt so sad upon knowing the news about my big sister. She was rushed into the hospital because she was bleeding. I don't exactly know what really happened to her but according to my mother, my sister needs a blood transfusion. I can't help but to get worried. I am just praying that she will get well as soon as possible. She has two kids to take care of and her husband is away from them. He would be so worried as well soon as he will know what happened to my sister. I hope she gets out from the hospital tomorrow because her birthday will be on the next day, on the 5th of this month. I already sent her my birthday present for her, a digital frame with a card on it contained our pictures. I am sure she will like it because she has been asking me to send her pictures of my family and giving her my present is the best way to make her happy.