Sunday, August 15, 2010

Serving For A Decade

Fall is almost there in Utah, hubby loves to keep the grass clean cut before the winter comes. But his problem is, our lawn mower is not working anymore like it used to. What' do you expect? It's been used for such a long time now! He got it before he met me and he had it like it's already over 10 years i think. Machines wears out especially when it is being used all the time. My hubby is one hard working man, he likes to keep our outside clean and neat looking. That's why his lawn mower is now worn out.

He told me earlier that he will have to buy a new ariens lawn mower. The lawn mower we have at home died on him, it's really paid the price. Been working with him for long years already and i should say that the mower is now retiring itself. Poor thing! Well, i must say that hubby did a great job for taking care of the said machine for it lasted so long. He was able to maintain it so good, that's why the machine is still alive until it died on him yesterday. Now, it's time for him to buy a new one, time for him to replace his retiring lawn mower machine that served him for almost a decade, lol!

My Weakness, My Family

Most people that really don't know me personally say that i am a snob type of person. I don't give smile to people i don't know especially when the person i am looking to is not a friendly type as well. Miss tiger look is what i get most often of the comments of people around me. I really don't care and i don't worry about what other people can say about me since i am not affected at all. All i care is myself, my loved ones too. Yes, i am not as friendly like i am now before. I used to be a loner but determined and tough, always thinking of many things to just to surpass the trials and obstacles that comes to my life. I don't easily give up to the problems i encounter, for me, giving up is just showing people that i am weak.

People has weaknesses i know that. Mine is my family, no matter how tough i am as i brag about it, but when it comes to my family i get frightened whenever one of them gets sick or something happened. I love my family more than myself, i can give everything what i have for them, it is my happiness to see them happy and i don't care if i don't have it as long as they are happy with the things and love i give them.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hanging Out With Them

Some of my friends got outdoor fireplaces because they are thinking to have it in their backyard while having picnic. I thought it's a good idea to have it outside since we like to hang out a lot at my friend's backyard. Especially now that we are going back soon, my friend is more excited because she knows that i am going to bring some Filipino food that she misses. We will be cooking outside in her backyard most of the food that i am going to give her. I so miss my friends over there, we would surely have a get together soon as i get back there. I love hanging out with my chosen friends for they are real and fun to be with.

Glad He Is Better

Last few days ago my little potato was sick, been throwing up and having a diarrhea. I am happy that he got better now although he's still have a little bit of a diarrhea but not as bad like it was before. It got me a little scared and worried when i saw his eyes looked awful and seems like he didn't get enough sleep, looked like he was about to dehydrate. So i went to the town and bought him pedialyte to keep him from dehydration. I am a tough woman but when it comes to my kids i get scared right away, i would want to get sick myself rather than seeing my kids get sick. I hate it when my kids are lousy and weak, it only means that they are not feeling good because they are as active like a busy bug when they are in a good condition. Right now, i am just happy and at ease knowing my little one is back to normal, being giggly and walking around every corner of his grandmother's house.

Happy Family Loves To Travel

Are we talking about vacation here again? Yes, definitely we are! Hubby and i are already talking about this matter even before i came here in my country for a holiday. Now that i am about to go back there in our place, hubby is already looking for the best Outer Banks vacation rentals that we can get. Yes, both of us are traveler, we love to travel a lot and that's our past time together with our kids. Traveling a lot takes away the stress and bonds us even more as partner in life and will be able to bond with our adorable kids. Happy family starts with happy parents and i must say that our kids are just as happy as their parents.

Netbook Is IN

Now that i am about go back in Utah after my long vacation here in Philippines, my friend's niece asked me a favor if i could bring her aunt something. When i got here few months ago, her aunt sent her a netbook as her advance birthday gift. She is very happy because her old computer is not working anymore because it is not upgraded. Small laptops nowadays are the most IN in the market, especially to those college students, they like bringing netbook with them so they don't have to write down their notes. During my time, i don't even know what computer looks like, but now kids are so spoiled with technologies. A lot of netbook reviews i read telling each review how convenient to have a netbook on hand.


I brought some custom mugs here in my country to give some to my good fiends. They sure did liked it and i am glad. Every time they use the mug i gave to them they will remember me even if i am far away from them. So glad i was able to bond with them again after long years of not seeing them. They also gave me something as their remembrance to me and i am so happy because it is hand made and specially made for me. How so sweet of my friends, they really thought of me and spent some time to see me despite of their busy schedules.

No Picture Update

Have you noticed that i update my blogs without pictures no more attached to it? It is because i cannot use my computer there and upload some pictures, my internet connection is so slow that it can't do the upload even for just a small size of a picture. I am trying my best to update my blog as possible as i can to keep my readers comes back all the time. Blogging is my one love aside from other hobbies i got, i cannot just give up this hobby since this is going to be my past time soon as i come back there in our place. Being in the net everyday is part of my daily routine especially when i am upset, happy, sad or excited for something. I love to rant every emotions i feel and i am not afraid to tell people how i feel for them or i don't care if they won't like me. Blogging is my only way to express my thoughts through the net and i am so happy that blogging is being introduced to me. Since then, i became a blogger addict and will get worried if i can't update even one of my websites.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Replaced And Cleaned

I really can't wait until next month for my husband arrival. He is going to follow us here to get us and will stay here for about 3 weeks to enjoy our vacation more. Then after that we will be heading back to our home again. Husband said that we have to enjoy the vacation to the fullest because soon as we go back to our home, it's going to be colder, winter will come. I know i should say fall first but seems like there's no fall in our place, always the winter comes right away and has fall at the same time. That's why hubby said he checked all our room heaters make sure that the filter are replaced and the dusts are cleaned. Hubby did really a great job taking care of our house while i am away with our kids. That's why i am so proud of him, he takes care of everything.

Fiesta In The Island

Finally the alumni home coming is over. That was exhausting but i had so much fun though. I was able to meet my classmates again after thirteen long years since we graduated from high school. Some of them are working abroad and living abroad like me, but some of them stayed here in our small island and have family of their own just like me also. Anyway, i guess i can't stay here very long because today is our big event in the island, it's our fiesta and i am sure there will be a lot of visitors will come to my mother's place today to see us and see how are we doing and vise versa.
I will just rant all the happenings going on after the big event, for now i should accommodate the guests first, since this is only once a year and i am sure that i won't be able to see them again for a long time for i am living here in the Philippines anymore. I have no idea when i am going to come back here again. So see you later guys and i have to put this post into end, Ciao!