Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goodbye Facebook

The main reason why i signed up in Facebook is to update my family back home about us here. I am the only one in the family that lives here far away from them. In facebook, i can upload tons of photos without problem. That way, they can see my kids through the photos i uploaded. But then later on i found out that Facebook has also games that i can enjoy to play. I started to play games and got hooked into some of it. Also, being in the Facebook, i get to see some of people's updates that are in my list. I enjoyed facebooking before, especially when i get to share my experience with some friends and they share theirs as well. Facebook is one of my online entertainment and i loved it. When i was pregnant with my youngest one, i was on in Facebook everyday, playing games, talking to my family through chat board and get to talk to some of my friends as well.

But later on, Facebook became so boring to me. Also the fact that it consumed so much of my free time. I cannot even do the things that i used to do because of Facebook. I am so distracted to Facebook lately. And now, i have decided that i am going be silent mode in my Facebook account. I surely will miss some of good people that i met online but i have to do what i must do first. It won't be long, me and my kids will fly to Philippines and will stay there for awhile. I need to prepare everything in this house before i leave. I also am going to divert my attention to my new camera so i can practice shooting some more. Hubby bought it for me to use it and not just to hide it in the corner, so it must be used and it should because hubby spent thousands of dollars just for me to have it. Spring is coming, a perfect season to take photos outside and i am looking forward to it since there is not much to take photos outside when it is winter, everything is white.

So from now on, expect no updates from me in facebook, i have to refrain myself from being online everyday. I find it stressful being online everyday, meeting those so called holy and wholesome people though they are not. They can definitely lie to people what their true color is but they surely can't lie themselves. I find them annoying and weird. So for me to get away from those idiots, i have to divert my attention to offline world. That way i will be more productive and less annoyance for me.


Emzkie said...

hahaha.. gi mingaw ko nimo Darl sa facebook mau ng gi bisita tika diri. lol. unsaon nalang ang farmville lol. daghan ra bya bago. hehehe.. =P

Haze said...

U can limit yourself Darl's without living FB. That's what I do...FB always come last in my book. Also about photography, there is a lot of beauty around you even indoors you just have to discover it. Well, thats your decision though and your surely will be miss by lots of people but you have blogs that I can visit and as well as flickr.