Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Announcement Party

I sure had fun last Saturday with my friends. The host held a lot of games and i participated on to it. It's fun sometimes when you get to play games once in a while although we are grown but then it brings back memories to us. Anyway, we had party because the host's sister just had her baby girl. So the host decided to have a birth announcements party. It was double in fact because her friend also just had a baby boy. All of us had a blast and ate lots and goodies foods. I got to see some other new faces as well and glad to met them because they were so nice to me. Making new friends is one thing i love and i am always looking forward to meet new people every party i attend to. I just remembered i didn't threw a party for my boy's when they were born, but they had baby shower party before they were out so i guess that is good enough, lol!

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One Woman said...

Hmm, I've never heard having an announcement party. I've always just done the baby shower. I wish your friends the best!