Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grateful And Thankful

Getting old is a bit sad here in America. Your family can't take care of you because they have their own family already to take care of as well. So mostly the aged people here in America ended staying in an assisted living program. Some of them are just waiting for their time to depart from this world and some of them has mental incapability. Some of them are terribly ill and cannot even take care of themselves in a simple way. I am just so impressed with the old couple here across the street because they were able to manage to take care of the old mother they have, even though she is very ill with colon cancer, they still keep her and took care of her. The lady is a retired nurse and that is good because she knew about colon cleansing diet for her mother in law. The old woman has still good memory, it's just that she is sick. She told me once when i was there to visit her that she is grateful and thankful for her family for not leaving her in times that she needs them most.

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