Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nurse Scrub Uniforms

When you know someone's loved one is about to succeed with their dream, don't you feel happy as well? I do! My friend's daughter is going to graduate as a nurse soon and we, as her mom's friends can't also wait to see her wearing hospital scrubs uniforms. We are all sure that she will look good as just as the others that will be wearing it as well soon as they graduate. For my opinion, this kind of degree is indeed a brag about. I've seen her how she worked hard for it just to make her dream come true and now that she is about to finish her course, we're just proud of her just like her parents.

We, as friends decided to buy her some pairs of nurse scrubs uniform soon as she graduates and get a job. We are so certain that it won't be long soon after she graduates, she'll get the job that fits to her course. She is one hardworking girl and we can just guarantee that she will get the job quick. So for her, we are just sending some love to her and all the support she needs. We are just excited for her just like her. And we are wishing her all the best as she steps into another ladder of her destiny :)


Winter is definitely approaching now, i can just tell by the cold breeze coming from up north. And a friend of mine invited me if we go up on the mountain to go skiing. Since i have never done that before, it got me excited somehow to try it myself. Also, it would be a good chance to go up in the mountain and everything i will see is all white and it's the perfect chance to take lots of photos since i am obsessed with photography. Of course i would love to keep my things inside my durable dakine backpack so it will sealed from moisture and wetty kind of weather. I am excited really and i can't wait! :)

Technical Trainer Jobs

If only i am graduate to any kind of technical courses. I guess i would have been just as good as the others. There's lots of Technical Trainer Jobs i have seen lately being advertised and it makes me think about my little brother, he's very good in this kind of field. It makes me feel too bad that he is not here and he can't take the advantage of getting this kind of job. He's very excited when i told him that if only he is here, he would have been making a pretty good money with his special skills.

Monday, October 17, 2011

After Ages, I Shopped Again!

After ages of not going out, i mean really a decent going out with friends and went shopping to the mall, i finally was able to do that yesterday with my best friend. It was a fun day out because we also meet up a friend who lives nearby where the mall is. I wasn't planning to spend some but i could not help but got tempted by those nice shirts from Hollister and some other stores that are on sale. I love to shop a lot but the problem is, i got no money to shop all the time, lol!

I spent enough for me to cover in my credit card and fortunately i got few blogging tasks that needs to be posted. That should take care of my bills. I always try not to overspend because i am still working on paying my visa until it's all paid off. Although hubby is helping me with it but i will try my best to pay it from my own little income. Anyway, i know that some of you may know a fellow blogger whose in the photos below. She is a friendly blogger that i met online long time ago already and became a good friend of mine, since it happens to be she lives an hour away from where i live. We had a fun chat yesterday and took her home and she served us good dinner. We should plan to meet up again sometime, it sure is fun!

Plus Size Clothing

If petite women does have the most stylish fashion nowadays, then don't hold your breath about it because also the plus size clothing has it as well just like the small and skinny clothing. I was actually amazed how stylish was that store we went to for us to find a good birthday present for our friend. She is a heavy kind of person that's why we really look for something that we can give her that is also fashionable. And to our surprise with my dear friend, we found a perfect store where to buy what we've been looking for!

Plus size people particularly women can now be as fashionable and more stylish than petite women. Unlike before that they find it so hard to look for best clothing that would fit their size because not too many stores sells clothing for their size. Now, you can now find plenty of stores that are producing different kinds of stunning and gorgeous styles of plus size clothes for the plus size women to wear enable for them to look beautiful and elegant. I am sure that what we bought would look good on to our friend, we are certain that she would be loving it.

Tall Clothes

It was a fun day out yesterday being with my best friend and met another friend who lives nearby to the mall where we went to. We sure had a lot of talking while we hopped from one store to the other. That was my second time being in that store and i would definitely want to go back there sometime again with of course my friends again. I never thought i would enjoy yesterday since i got not much of a budget to really shop for the things that i want. But i was surprised myself that i end up buying things and i didn't spend a whole lot.

Anyway, i would like to go back there soon because i saw a store over there where i can get a present for my dear husband. His birthday is coming up and i want to surprise him with a nice clothing. Since he actually wears very decent kind of clothing so rarely, i would love to have one for him, for him to wear during special occasions or maybe holiday such us Christmas, might as well that his birthday is very close to Christmas time. I've seen a lot of big and tall clothes to that store that would suit him well. Since hubby is a tall guy, though not too big but there are some tall clothes that i would want him to wear and i am just imagining how good he looks soon as wear those.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Play Guitar

Eversince when i was younger, i have been so fascinated with instruments, especially when it is played by someone. One thing that i really love to do before is to learn to play guitar. But seems like the guitar itself doesn't like me haha. I am just hoping that someday maybe one of my two boys will learn how to play instrument so i can just sit in front of them and listen while they play music through guitar, that would be relaxing and awesome. Ahhh, i can only imagine how peaceful to listen the music played by guitar especially when one of my boys will get to play it :)

Garmin Gand Held GPS

Back to those years when we had so many trips with my husband and our first born child, i just wished we had help like garmin hand held gps. Though hubby has his map with us, but it wasn't good enough when we look for the certain place such as the exact address. I find it so hard when we are totally new to the town and don't have any idea about the street names. Unlike here in our place, it is very easy to find the address because it is all numbered according to where it's at like for example south, west, east and north. Some place does have unique names and we can't just easily figured out where is the place we've been looking for.

Fulfill My Dream Someday

It won't be long now and my cousin will be graduating from nursing school. I just admire how she look everytime i chat with her through online and see her wearing her nursing uniforms. I used to dream to be one but then it never happened since my mother honestly cannot support it financially. Now i became a housewife and a mother of my two boys which i never did regret because they worth more than anything else. I maybe have to fulfill my dreams when it is time for me to do my things soon as my kids are all grown up, big enough to take care of themselves.

Early Christmas Hint For Hubby

I was browsing here online yesterday when hubby got home from work. He did the usual routine, he kissed and hugged me and asked me how am i doing. So i answered him the usual thing, i am doing fine and so as the kids, and was just doing my usual thing to do everyday. He looked at to what i was doing here on my computer and asked me why am i browsing the ipad2. I said i really love the features and everything to it, it is not just handy but also very convenient whenever we go for a trip so i don't have to bring this bulky laptop of mine.

I admit that laptop is really useful though, but if when we go for a short vacation, i find it not necessary to bring it with us. Anyway, when it comes to uploading photos, i can just wait though until we get back home. That way, i have plenty of time to process them the way that i like to and then upload it to networking website for my family and friends to see.
But i just love this ipad2. I already gave my sweet husband a hint that this is the one that i would love to have for Christmas, lol! He didn't say a thing but i know hubby already so well. He doesn't like to say things first because he wants to surprise me all the time. Anyway, i don't give too much hopes for that though, i was just wishing that Santa (hubby) got my hint. I have been good all year though, haha!

Walden University's Online Degree Programs

I have been so eager to pursue my studies really. Since i can't really just go out that easy due to my kids, i would like to just continue my studies by enrolling myself to They have quite a few of Walden University's online degree programs that i can get myself into. At first, i was hesitant that i might not like the idea of taking a degree through online though but when i heard a lot of people talking about it how convenient and easy that is, especially for the case like me that i am a mother of two boys that can't just go and do things that i want to do since they still need me.

It's been awhile since i am so anxious of going back to school. Hubby encouraged me to do so but then i was still thinking about it whether i should proceed or not. Hubby said that if i am not so sure yet, i might as well have to learn about Walden some more. So to familiarize what i should take for me to be able to finish it. I am honestly a little confused still, but soon i have to decide if i should go or not. But the eagerness to continue my studies is still in my system though and i should go for it.

Advertising Agency

Introducing your website nowadays isn't as hard it was before anymore. There's lost of websites out there that can actually help your boost your traffic on your website. I have known few but this Advertising Agency is the most top one of my choice. They just don't help you to introduce your website online, they also spread it to the known, or the popular networking websites so it can be easily seen by most online people and there's a big possibility and chance to click your site and subscribe to it.

I already told some of my friends about this and all i hear is a good feedback that their site is indeed getting more and more traffic soon after they got their site hooked to this advertising Agency i was talking about. There's a lot of things that they can do to help you with your website, you just have to go to the site yourself and read what they can offer for you. You will be amazed how awesome the offer is. You might be looking for some help and i tell you, this is just the perfect one you might be looking for long time already. If you have heard about this already then good for you! And if not yet, then see it for yourself now!

Wallet Collections

I am not sure if it's just me or it is a general obsession of women to collect wallets. As far as i noticed that most women collects shoes, purses, bling blings and etc. But not more into wallets, or maybe i just don't really know they do as well. I love collecting wallets myself, i just can't get enough of one or two, i actually want more. Well, anyway, i don't buy those very expensive ones though, those that are just barely out in the market. I am more into those priced by red tag ones.

Also, i have a preference of brands, i love couple of brands that i always keep an eye on. Every time they are on sale, i never miss going to the store and get at least one for myself. Hubby is already complaining why do i have so many wallets and everything in the closet. Well, it's just one of my hobbies, to collect good things. He always tell me that it is not sale if i am not using it, i just kept it on the box and put it away in my closet. He just didn't know that i change my wallets every now and then, or some of it i am keeping it so i can give them to my loved ones when i visit my country hopefully soon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Not His Thing To Do

One thing about shopping online is everything gets so handy and convenient. Just using the tips of your fingers and you're on your way purchasing the items you would like to get for yourself of even for your loved ones. Just like a friend of mine, i sometimes gets jealous of her because she gets flowers almost every now and then from her dearest husband. He just order his flowers from online floral arrangements and send it to his beautiful wife. My husband doesn't really do such things like this, which i find it so sweet but hubby said he's not the kind of person that really like sending flowers to someone, he'd prefer to have me choose what i want and i let him buy it for me. Which i think it make sense, but woman sometimes needs to be caressed by giving her a bouquet of flowers :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Softway Solutions for Houston web design

I received an email about the Softway Solutions for Houston web design. I am thinking maybe because they saw my photography website and they probably think that it might be best if i have my website to them. I agree to that though but since i am not a professional photographer like what they think i am, i would just settle to what i currently have. Later on, if my hobby will become a business, hopefully, then that would be the perfect time to switch and organize more my photography website.