Thursday, December 29, 2011

Big Spender

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

I am really good at spending money. As it turns out, I am not as great at saving it. As I’m recently married, this has caused a little bit of problem. When it was just me that was forced to eat Ramen noodles every night, it was no problem. Now that my husband is subjected to eating “leftovers” every single night because I spent just a little too much money on shoes, something has to give. He is not okay with that, unfortunately. I’ve gotten really creative with saving money, and I’ve cut back on my shopping, but I’m not going to completely stop buying adorable kitten heels. Let’s not get crazy. I have started to clip some coupons and shop the “buy one get one” sections at the grocery store, but that hasn’t yielded a huge savings so far. Here’s what has—since I live in Texas, I was able to call SHOP Electricity Rates Texas and have them shop around for a cheaper natural gas provider. This has saved us a lot of money. And my husband no longer sighs every time I say I’m going to the mall. That, my friends, is called a “win-win.”

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Girly As Her Mother

Finally, we had the chance to take some family photo shoots but it wasn't that great like i really wanted it to. I had some good shots but i wanted more. If not the kids were being goofy, the father won't be looking or smiling in the camera that made me so frustrated during the photo session. And the other thing is, i really don't like indoor photo shoot, i would prefer an outdoor one because the background won't be as limited as the indoor shots.

Anyway, i am still glad that despite of the silly shots i got, i was still able to get at least two or three good ones. And after the family session, i took some snaps of myself, might as well that i was still in a good mood to do the photo shooting even for just by myself alone. But, when hubby saw this picture of mine, he mentioned that if only our little girl is with us right now, she would have been as girly as her mother. That, made me sad all of the sudden and made me cry. That's for sure, no doubt about that, that she will be prettier than me, in fact. But anyway, i know she is in a better place and she is happy with HIM. I love her dearly but GOD must love her more.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Home Insurance

Is your home insured? Well, sometimes that we are just too confident that nothing will happen to our house because we thought it is in a safe place and the neighborhood are just too friendly. But what if while you are away something might happen, like it could be you might have forgotten to turn off the candle, or maybe left some appliances turned on while you were in a hurry trying not to be late in your meeting or gathering or whatever. These are just some examples that could cause fire or permanent damage to your house.

That's why it is a smart move to have a home insurance. Because if you have it, you are more comfortable leaving your house unattended. Even if you will be gone for so long, there will be nothing to worry about because you have your house insured. Of course you have to make sure that everything is unplugged and candles were lit off before you leave, so when you come back, your house is just as how you left it. It is better to be safe than be sorry later on, and if accidents may occur, you feel bad as much because insurance will take care of you.

I Am Going To College!

One of my dreams is to finish my studies, really i have been thinking about it over and over in several times so i can think it over if it's really needed or not for me to to finish at least a four year course degree. Hubby is been so supportive with my plans though, i have no problem with him, he in fact, is the one who's keep on convincing me to start it soon as i can. But then since we have little boys still that i need to take care of full time, i seem can't fit any extra schedule in my daily routine.

Anyway, hubby said that soon as i get my citizen taken cared of hopefully next year, then i will start to look for a good school where i can find the degree i would want to finish and also not so far from where we live so i can easily get to my school without a traffic hassle. I have to agree with hubby, he is so right about that, so i don't have to rush everything up since i got not much of an extra time, i just can't afford to be late in school.

And on the other note, i am happy that i realized that there is a school loans that can possibly help me with the finances i need in school. Although hubby said he will try his best to have me finish my degree and he'll work hard for it, still i think that it would be a good idea if i have a student loan since they won't be charging so much interest since it is obviously for student enable for them to finish the degree they are taking.

I would say that this is really a big help for the students. Some of them maybe able to afford all the expenses at school but most of them are working hard just to have some savings that they can use whenever there is unexpected expenses. So by having school loans, it wouldn't be so bad to keep going and thinking on how are they supposed to find financial resources. With this, i think it is just a great idea and big break for the students who are looking forward to finish their studies to the university they are in to and will be able to stand on their own feet in the future.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Superhero Cufflinks

I have no idea that you can now actually get a superhero cufflinks. I remember when my father was still alive and during those time that he had some gatherings to attend, he always put button looking like to his long sleeve shirt, which i had no idea what it was then until i grew up and realized it's cuff links. I am glad that i found a store that sells different kinds of styles because i am planning to buy some pair for my son. I want him to look good when there's special occasion especially when he receives award from his school :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Specialist Home Insurance

Some people may have not do it but most people does. It's probably because they find it unnecessary to do it or it might be because they have no budget for it. For us, it's really important to have a specialist home insurance because we never know what will happen to the house. No matter how safe we think we are doing, there is always an unexpected happenings that might come. It'll be scary to even think about it but we'd rather be prepared than feeling sorry afterwards and realizing we're not even fully prepared for it.

So enable for us to ensure our future and our kids's as well, we insured our house to make sure that we still get our house back whatever happens. Especially that our kids are still young and we cannot afford to lose a house if ever things will be hard on us, which we hope not though. We all hope for the best right? But we also have to be prepare for things that we definitely don't expect to happen.

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Merry Christmas ^_^
Is your Christmas tree up and ready for Christmas day yet? I would assume though, since the waiting is almost over, Christmas day is only few fingers count away. Our tree is been up since even before the thanksgiving day and the kids are all excited what they can find under the tree on the very day. Well, actually, we haven't shopped yet for them but we'll try our best with my husband to get the shopping done before the Christmas eve, lol!

Anyway, in case i won't be able to greet you all a Merry Christmas on the very day, i would like to grab the chance now and greet you all a happy holiday and may you have a successful new year of 2012! ♥

Monday, December 12, 2011

Maternity Clothes

The maternity clothes nowadays are just as stylish as can be. During the time that i got pregnant with my kids, i was looking for a stylish maternity clothing but could not find one at the mall or some boutiques i have been to. Now that i can't get pregnant anymore, i saw this online store where to get this beautiful and fun style of maternity clothing, oh darn! I just love the dresses and some other accessories! Too bad i didn't learned about this before. But oh well, at least i get to suggest this store to some of my friends who are expecting! :)

NoMoreRack Reviews

Are you about done with your holiday shopping yet? Did you make sure that you already bought everything that you want for your loved ones to open this coming Christmas day? Well, i am sure most of you are still busy thinking what to buy or may already have been buying the best gifts for your special loved ones to have. Everyone wants to give something, right? So do i! I myself is not even starting to shop for my three boys in the house yet, and Christmas is fast approaching!

So, because i only have limited budget for this coming holiday, since i only work at home, that means, i am not making a big amount of income, like most people do. So for me to make sure that i get a good deals and at the same time it's worth getting it for my men, i am currently shopping at NoMoreRack which is happened to be that there is a rumor before that it is a nomorerack scam, just like some of those online scam store. But i can guarantee you that this is not a scam at all! A friend of mine confirmed it because she bought some great deals presents from it and she got the items no problem. And now she already wrapped those presents up she got and put them under the Christmas tree! So, i don't think that there is a scam in this store.

I honestly didn't believe the so good discounted sale items first, i was thinking that "no way" there is such a good deals like what they have in NoMoreRack. But when a friend told me that there is no joke about it, then it got me so excited! Because the first main reason is, i get good deals with the things i have been looking for, for my three dearly love of my life in the house, and also, they are not just ordinary items, they are also branded durable items that are on sale! This really solved my problem about my limited budget, and it makes me happy knowing that i will be getting the things i want for my loved ones without spending a lot of money! So, if you are like me that wants to save cash in your pocket, why don't you read this nomorerack reviews for you to see it yourself that there is such a good sale like this going on today? Hurry though! You might miss the items you were looking for!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Prepaid Debit Cards

Eversince i got married to my better half, he's the one that is controlling our budget in the house. It's a little embarrassing to admit but i should, that i am not very good when it comes to budgeting, my husband is. He takes care most of the bills we pay and takes care of the grocery budget as well, although we all go together but he is the one that controls the expenses.

So because i am bad when it comes to handling money, eventhough i have my own credit cards, still i hardly use it that much because i am afraid i might get carried away and will realized that i spent over the limit. So what hubby did was, he gave me the prepaid debit cards so i can use it whenever i go shopping with my friends or maybe just by myself alone. It's a good idea though because the debit card is reloadable and it's accessible to almost anything i want to get.

How cool is that? Hubby really is a clever partner! By giving me the prepaid debit card, that way i don't have to spend too much, and it has limit to what i can only spend. All he have to do is just put some money to it and i am good to use it! Hubby said that when the kids are grown, that's what exactly he'll do to them. He'll give them the prepaid ones, so he won't pass out soon as he sees the charges of their credit cards when it comes haha! For we both are sure that these boys will be spending more than what we think they will. Especially now that the teenagers are more outgoing and likes to have some fun more often. Also, we have to make sure that we give them enough for their needs in school, and we have to make sure that they will be going to a good and reputable university here nearby. So enable for us to control their spending, hubby has the most greatest idea of planning to give them the same as what i got right now.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Wishlist For Christmas

My wishlist is not even done yet but i am doubting that all of them will be mine this Christmas. Well, at least i made my wishlist and hoping Santa would grant all of it, lol! I don't think so though, maybe a couple of them would be enough to make me happy and contented. Anyway, the other day i saw the ipad2 is marking their price down a little and i have been wishing to have one myself. I asked hubby if i could include it to my wishlist and he said he'll see if he can get it for me.

So because there is a big chance that i might get it this year, if he would say yes to me, i would be the most happiest woman in the world, lol! Soon as i order that gadget, i can apply the free shipping code so my santa claus won't be charged more with the shipping fee. Isn't that so great? I am helping my santa for him to save some cash in his pocket, lol! I can't wait to own one and i am sure that my santa claus won't fail me, haha!

Tired Little One

When it comes to my little one, what's the most thing that i love about him is when he is tired, he doesn't whine and cry. Eversince when he was a baby, he just wants to be held and soon after i give him my warm hug and cuddle, he'll fall asleep quickly. This picture below was taken during summertime. He was worn out from the outing we had in the pool, and he surely had a blast that day.

He was hesitant to touch the water at first but then soon as he kind of used to it, i could hardly get him out from the water! Silly baby! We stayed there the whole day, the two boys had so much fun and wanted to do it again next summertime. And also, one thing that i love about this boy is, he sleeps so peacefully once he is in a deep sleep, it doesn't matter how loud or quiet his surroundings can be, once he is asleep, he won't be waken up and be bothered by anything.

Cheap Car Insurance

Enable to meet our needs, we make sure that everything is under control with our budget. We always have a list of the things we need to get and what bills do we need to pay for and also to control it as possible as we can. Such as the necessities that we need to pay like Cheap Car Insurance. Although we got it with affordable price, we are contented of what we have because it covers pretty much of what we need for an insurance.

Hubby said that it's not because some other insurance are expensive, they are the best. There are also some affordable insurance like what we currently have can just cover as much as what the expensive insurances can. I am happy though that my husband is being wise when it comes to these things, because he can't definitely trust on me about this matter, i have no knowledge when it comes to things like insurance. But, hubby told me that i really have to know and learn everything, which i do agree. But for now, i am still depending on my dear husband because he takes care most of things.

House Designs

Speaking of looking for a beautiful and elegant looking house designs, i just found a very good samples of display villages melbourne. They have a different kinds of styles of gorgeous looking house to choose from. Whether you have a small or big family, they have lots of choices. Since that we only have two kids, i am planning to have their rooms downstairs, so they can have their own privacy when they grow up and wanted to have their own little space. I am pretty sure that the kids will appreciate it even more when they become teenagers.

Our room should be upstairs, so we can easily access everything upstairs such as living room and the kitchen. Really, i am daydreaming about this house i have been waiting for it to be in reality. But since that all this is still just a plan, i might as well, browse more house designs that i would love to be look like for our own.

Land For Sale

We're actually reconsidering of moving to a new house. Hubby asked me already regarding this matter but i just thought we didn't need to since i love this house, but i guess not anymore started when there's problems going on here that i really can't forget. Moving to a new house will make us feel better and surely will have a new beginning.

So, because of our plan to move, we have been searching some land for sale. We want to design our own house and make it more simple yet elegant looking. It has been my dream to design our own house and i am excited to think that i would soon come true. I honestly can't wait to have it fulfill, so we can live the new peaceful home. The kids will have their each own rooms and will have the basement as a guest room, or it could be couple more rooms. I can only imagine how beautiful our house would be.

Home Builders

One thing to consider when building a new house is to find a good home builders. You have to make sure that company has a good reputation and can stand to their promise of how long or quick they can build the house. I just feel sorry for my friend because their roof isn't done yet, they have been waiting for it to get it done especially now that the temperature is going way down low. For now they are only using portable electric heater because they can't afford to use the furnace for it will surely cost them a big bill.

I am just hoping that their roof will be finished very soon. Not to mention they have small kids that needs a warm place, and they are only depending on to their portable electric heater. So, i told my friend that she should keep on following up the buider company so they can have a warm and finished house before Christmas comes.

Filipino Veggies

There are really times that i get sick and tired eating meats, since that's the only thing that i can quickly get here in the grocery store aside from their vegetables that i seldom cook and eat. Anyway, i am glad that i got the chance to go to the Asian store last week and bought some Filipino vegetables that i really love to have.

And i had a very delicious dinner last night and also a good lunch today eating my leftovers. I am vegetable lover, i sometimes would prefer eating veggies rather than eating meat, which i think my kids got it from me, they don't eat meat that much and can hardly chew on it, especially the beef, so gewey and tender.

Flexible PCB

During times when i need some money in my pocket to buy something that i really want or maybe something that i would like to buy for my kids, i just wished i have my own job so i can do all get the things i want to. Which also reminds during those days that i was still single and have a really nice job that makes flexible PCB, for main circuit boards of a computer. I had that job for quite awhile and sure it was a fun and lovable job, compare to all the jobs that i had.

I went back there once but the arrangement of the production line was totally different since i left the company. Still, they were making those flex and i am happy that the company is still in progress. It's not just the company that i miss there, also the people that i worked with, they are nice and worth to keep as friends.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Baby Girls Clothes

I can't help myself not to be sad whenever i see some of my friends from social networking website posting their baby girls's pictures. If only my little girl made it, she could have the most prettiest new baby girls clothes i can buy for her. I really love to see baby girls wearing nice dresses especially when it is so stylish. It't not that i don't love my boys, of course i love with all my heart. It's probably normal to every mothers to long their angel like me that lost a child.

My sister had her baby girl and because i have none, i always end up buying clothes for her instead. She liked all the dresses i gave her, and what i like about her the most is she is so appreciative. I just adore my niece, she is really a bubbly kind of girl and could take the stress off from you. That reminds me, Christmas is fast approaching, i guess it's time for me to give her some nice dresses again :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pool Barriers

The last hotel where we stayed during our vacation has an outdoor pool. Too bad it is cold to enjoy the pool during this season. My boys were dying to splash in there but i told them it is not a good idea to get wet especially they will be staying outside that long. I feel sorry for both of them though, all they did was looking at the pool and leaning by the pool barriers. If it's only summer, then i would not stop them, or if it's indoor so we all can enjoy it just like what we had during our trip to Oregon.

Kindle Books

Has anyone of you or a family member of yours got kindle books already? I myself would love to have one, but right now, it is a little too much for our budget. So instead of buying it myself, i have been entering some contests that has this kindle book as a prize. I am dying to get one for myself though, hope i will win. Or if not, i might have to get one for myself this coming holiday season since mostly things that we buy when there's holiday are low priced :)

Hubby's Big Day

It was a simple celebration i prepared for my better half yesterday. Since he never liked the idea of having a party here in the house especially for his big day, so i just made some quick preparation for us to enjoy. Also so we don't have to eat left overs for days, lol! Hubby was of course happy when he came home from work seeing my little surprise for him.

He doesn't want a big cake, since just four of us are going to eat it, i ordered a small one layered round cake. And the other thing is, he doesn't want me to put numbers on his cake either. So for him to have something to blow, i put three candles on his cake which represents the love of his life who dearly loves him so much. The candles was Mommy, MD and DM. It was a simple celebration, yet it was memorable for just four of us celebrated Daddy's very special day of his life :)

Safe Visa Card To Use

Have you experienced when you shopped and there was a problem you encountered with the charges of your credit card? Or maybe a scam going on to the store where you just purchased something that you like? Well, anyway, good thing that didn't happen to me yet and i definitely doesn't want to experience that, that would really freak me out. You'll get overcharged by something you didn't even purchase, that's a scam alright.

Well, anyway, if you want something that you really like to have and doesn't trust the website or the store where you are going to purchase that something, i tell you that Green Dot credit card will come in handy. Why? Because, it is a safe credit card to use and what's the most advantage of it is reloadable. You can load some money in it as much as you like, and you can use it wherever you go. It is a prepaid visa that you can use and if you happen to fail to load some money in it, there will be no overdraft fees that you will be paying. How cool is that? You also can use it for paying your bills online and some other things that you most do. So because of this great news, i have to get one for myself. To keep me from scam and to keep track of my expenses.