Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Read Everything First

If you are on a diet or maybe taking pills, you should make sure that the pills you are currently taking doesn't have a bad effects to your health. Some may work as perfect as you'd like it to be but it could also put your health in danger. So before taking anything, it is really important to read all the labels of the said medicine or pills. Just like this hydroxycut side effects, you have to read it for yourself if you are taking this pills. Don't put your health into risk, be watchful and be aware.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saving Energy

Living here in our state is really pricey when we talk about energy, power or gas. When winter comes, we've got to use the gas to heat up the whole house so we won't freeze to death. And during the summertime, we need to cool down our house because we have a very hot and dry climate out here. So that explains everything why it cost a lot of energy here in our state. We're on top of the mountain and that also explains why we have a very extreme weather here whether summer or winter.

Hubby and i are glad that we have found an alternative to it. A friend of ours introduced the geothermal cooling so we don't use as much energy during summertime. When the weather gets too hot, we have no choice but to blast all the way the air conditioning unit of ours. But now that we have this geothermal air conditioning, we're so happy to know that we're not gonna pay our power bills as much as like we used to anymore. Also, during winter time we won't be worrying too much for our usage of gas since we have this geothermal heat pump. It's gonna be a big savings for us, and we'll be able to save some more in the future.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Best Buddies

One thing why i like going to our friend's house even if it's a little far from where we live, it is because she's got son that is about the same age as my youngest. They get along so well, they play and eat together. While the parents are having so much fun, the kids as well in their own ways. I love to see them playing together because i can just imagine when they are grown they will be playing together still, like maybe a basketball or some other kind of sports.

I hope that these two kids will grow together and see each other more often so they will become best buddies. I know that this kid will grow up to be a fine young man just like my kids for he has a good parents, his mom is kind hearted and so as his dad. I admire the couple for raising their son so well. Anyway, here are some few pictures i got during our stay at their place a little while ago. You can really tell by just looking at these photos below that they are best buds, aren't they?

My Story

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Summer Vacation

As expected, it wasn't just me who's looking forward to have a good vacation this coming spring time! Also our good friends that has kids are also can't wait to go for a vacation. They already booked their flight and soon they will be off to the place they wanted to stay for couple of days. I haven't done anything for our vacation plan yet but soon we will work on that. We just have to get things ready before off we go.

The friends i was talking about will be leaving next week and i can see how excited she is to be in the place with her family since it will be their first time to be in that place. They will be staying in French Gites for several days and they plan to tour the place while they were there. It must be a fun vacation i should say, she told me that she will be posting a lot of pictures soon as they get home. Their holiday lets vacation is all set, they just have to wait for the day to fly there. I myself have never been there yet and i would be as excited as she is if ever we will go there and have our vacation as well.

Since we haven't done anything to our vacation plan yet, we might as well clean the house to get it ready for spring. We usually do that in spring time to clean the house thoroughly inside and out. And after that, we will probably work on our vacation plan. I won't get excited yet for we don't know where are we going this time. I told hubby i want to go to out of the country and he is considering my idea. Cool! We'll probably can leave the house right after our oldest son gets off to school and have his summer vacation. That's gonna be a perfect time for my family to have a getaway.

Hiring Home Cleaners

I really can't wait for spring time! There's a lot of things that i want to do when spring time comes. First of all, i need to clean the house inside and out, thoroughly. Hubby and i will spray the outside of the house to get rid of the scums and the sticking dusts on the wall. We always do that every year to keep the house clean and won't be looking old due to the accumulated dusts and dirts. We also rake the dried leaves so it won't rot on the field and makes a stinky smell.

And inside the house, we also do it every year, cleaning it not just by our own vacuum and brooms. We hire people that can do it a lot better than we can. Knowing we got two active kids in the house, we definitely need the thorough cleaning of our floor, especially the carpet. With all the crumbs and the liquid spill all through the year, the carpet does need a better cleaning.

That is what my friend is whining about too, every year they also do the general cleaning in their house, they hire the home carpet cleaners austin to do the job for them, instead of doing it by themselves. She said it's worth it because after the hire people that does the cleaning, their house will be looking like, they just moved in for it is spotless. The carpet looks new and even their kitchen will be looking like new it is because of the floor tile cleaning austin. She is really glad that these people are easy to get reach because they also hire these people to fix water damage if they have a problem like that. It's easy for them to have these people do it for them because they knew better and they do the job real quick, no sweat.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vacation Is What I Am Thinking

When i celebrated my very special day, i was so happy that it was a very nice day. Although it was cold but the sun shone so bright and there was no strong wind that adds more chill with this cold weather. I was able to celebrate my birthday with my good friends and enjoyed the whole night with them. Foods was all yummy and drinks tasted so good as well.

But then i really thought that we're done with this snow yet, but i was wrong. It snowed last night again and it was pretty heavy. I am just tired of this kind of weather, especially that spring is coming up, it's the time to be prepared for the kids not to get sick for we always get an unpredictable weather. It makes me wish that we can go somewhere else and enjoy outside some more like going to a fun vacation. I know some place where we can just sit outside all day without being wrapped up with layered long sleeves shirts and wearing heavy coats. Florida villas is one of our choices, there's the package already that a family can enjoy. When going for a vacation we always look for those who have a package deals so it'll be affordable for us, it won't hurt our budget and at the same time we will enjoy the place and our time while we're there.

There are also some villa rentals for those families that wants to stay there for a little longer. We might consider doing that later on, but for now we'll just have to enjoy short vacations since hubby can't really get a good long leave of absence at work for they are having busy days lately. Well, vacation is vacation and we've got to enjoy every moment of it. I am sure that our kids will enjoy the place, play there and will do some fun activities.

Velvet Birthday Cake

I had a very simple celebration on my big day but it sure was a blast! The very day of my birthday, my friend surprised me with her prepared foods and a velvet cake with 30 numbers on top of it. I felt so special because she actually did all that for me. She woke up early just to prepare the foods and bought me a lovely cake, knowing she has to go to work later that day, how sweet of her huh? She is indeed a very sweet and thoughtful friend of mine.

Although we did not spend the whole day together with some other friends, she already made my day for the surprise she had for me. I took the cake home after and some foods that she prepared when the time that she has to leave for work. Last Saturday, a friend also prepared something for me, but i did not buy a cake for myself to blow since i already had one on my very day. It was a fun birthday, i celebrated it on my very day and a day after. I felt so special and blessed, i am now thirty years old! And yes, i am old, or am i? lol!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Scared Of Ceiling Fan

When my oldest son was just a little boy he used to get scared of the ceiling fan in our front room. I have no idea then why he gets scared everytime we turn on the fan until he told me he dreamed about it that it fell on him and got him hurt. He's somewhat having a phobia, and everytime we go to somebody else's house, he makes sure that the fan is not on or even no fan at all, that will make him happy and more at ease. But now that he is getting big, he kind of forgotten about it already which i am glad, he overcome his phobia and wants his daddy to buy him a ceiling fan for his own room. How silly boy he is!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Easy To Please

I really have no idea about cigars since i myself don't smoke. But when a friend told me that she will buy some flavored middleton cigars that she's going to give as a present to her 85 years old father in law, i then learned that it is not just foods that has flavorings. Also the cigars, hmm, how interesting it is! She mentioned that her father in law likes to use the black and mild wine one, it is because obviously the flavor gives him the fantasy of drinking wine while he is smoking the cigar. He doesn't smoke his cigars that very often though, he just smokes during when there's special occasion in their house or maybe going to a party or something. I'd say that her present will make him happy big time, he's an easy to please kind of guy.


It's not too long ago yet since i last visited Philippines, my beloved country, yet i am missing my homeland already. I usually go back home every two years apart but then i decided to just go home next 2013. And one thing that i should bring when i go back there is the binocular that i bought from eotech. It's going to be useful for me and for my family when we go island hopping since we love doing it a lot everytime we go there for a vacation. It somewhat eases us from stress and it feels like we're in the fantasy world and not in the real cruel world.