Friday, October 30, 2009

I Want My Own Design

Who would not want to have their home presentable and neat looking? We all do right? I have been thinking about to have a little renovation in our house since the furnitures we have here are kind of old and getting worn out. And i want my own design and hubby knows that i am very particular in everything. When i came to this house, it was a mess, for all you know most men doesn't really care about housekeeping for they only know how to work and make money not to work inside the house because as what mostly men says it's a woman's job to keep the house clean. Anyway, i want to choose my own design furniture for this house, and hubby told me that we will work on that very soon. When i heard that from him, i just got so excited because i can now picture out what's our house gonna be look like after the little renovation we are going to do to this house of ours.

Happy Halloween!

I just barely got back from taking my son to his school. He was really excited to see all his classmates because today they are all be wearing their halloween costumes. While i was dressing him up he kept telling me that i need to paint his face. So i did! And all his classmates were so scared of him because he looks like a real devil one. He looks like a little vampire lol! Too bad i wasn't able to take a picture of him because we were in hurry because i also have my doctor's appointment earlier before his time to school. But i will make sure i will take a picture of him later after i pick him up from school. He just can't wait to go for trick or treating, in fact he is practicing what he should say soon as the door opens for him lol! Silly boy but he sure is cute! He told me that he will say, TRICK OR TREAT!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Desktop Computer

Christmas holiday is getting so close and i reminded hubby about it. He said that it would be nice if he will buy me something this year since he didn't buy anything for me last year because i chose to roam the south part of the country instead. With that, it's a big present for me already, that i was able to see some other states of the country. Not very many people get to do that like our neighbor across the street. She told me i am so lucky that i was able to visit different states while she haven't been to many places yet. Take note! She is Caucasian and i am Asian.

Well anyway, back to what i am getting at, hubby asked me what do i want from him this year. I was thinking so deeply until i answered him my sweet smile. I remember my dear friend was surfing on the net, she is an online shopper and it is very convenient for her to shop online instead of going to the store and buy the things that she wants plus the fact that she gets to have lots of discounts. She showed me some coupons that she got and shared it with me. I thanked her because i was gonna tell hubby to buy me desktop computer at the store but she told me about the BestBuy coupons. So instead of going to the store, why not buy it online since it is more convenient indeed!

Happy Boy Here!

I was busy taking care of my little one when suddenly i heard my 4 year old son screaming his throat out! The first thing came to my mind was i thought he got hurt, either he fell down, he bumped or he just did something that got him hurt. So even though i was having hard time to run because i was carrying his little brother, i rushed towards where he was at to find out what was going on why he screamed so loud. Then i just found out that he was looking by the window and saw outside that it started snowing real heavy.

He sure did got me on that! He got me scared but good thing he screamed because he just got so excited that the heavy snow is finally here. He's been asking me few days ago if it is going to snow and that it finally did, he was so happy and planning to make his snowman even though there is not much snow to gather yet to make a snowman. Well, i am really happy nothing bad happened to him but on the other hand he almost gave me heart attack, lol!

Bruise Marks

Some people has their birthmarks, some of them has their moles. Yes i do have birthmark on my left hand but i also get bruise marks on my lower knees all the time, why? Because of the tub in our bathroom. Every time i go there and take a shower i always hit my knees on the tub because it is a little too high for me to jump my feet to get in it. I have been telling this to hubby and i told him that i want this walk in tubs because i know for sure it is easier for me to get in the tub without hurting myself. I can now imagine going to the tub and soaking myself and leaving there spotless.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Eyed Boy

Did you guys remember i posted an update here about a girl that got me so fascinated with her bright blue eyes? Well, i didn't tell the world that i was pregnant that time, i kept it for personal reason. If you missed that update i got here long time ago, here's the link, so you can look at her bright blue eyes. Her name is Zooey Deschanel by the way. I have been wishing that someday GOD will give me a child that has blue eyes. But i was still depressed that time and didn't really think that i can have a baby that has blue eyes.

I was just surprised when i delivered my second boy last August and found out his eye color is sure different. There's no science explanation about this because according to my husband, for a child to have blue eyes, it has to be both parents that has blue eyes so the baby can have that genes. Just take a look at my baby's eyes, although they aren't as blue as Zooey's but aren't they blue?

Motor Biker's Best Lawyers

Hubby and i slept so late last night, we were talking a lot of things in our life, our coming due payment of our car and the registrations, different kinds of models of cars, regular cars, luxury cars, and sports cars like those fancy ones until we ended up talking some other things like motorbikes. I asked him how come that there are some motor bikers that are not wearing their helmets. We both know that, that's the only protection they have since it's pretty obvious that they don't have car seats. And if they get accident like any other motor bikers, they must get the best lawyers like in San Jose motorcycle accident attorney. They sure can help motor bikers to win the case.

Not Too Happy

Again, we received mail today that made hubby upset. He wasn't just too happy about the insurance we had because they are raising fees without prior notice. They seems like they are the most affordable one and most reliable but they are just another bait insurance. Hubby said that we need to consider what his dad told him long time ago that we need to change our term life insurance into a better one like the one that he's got. I could just read my husband's face and his hurt brain that he is now sure to change our insurance, good thing!

I Just Can't Wait!

My friend and i are planning to have a small halloween party this coming weekend. Even though there are only few that are invited, i am sure that this is gonna be a fun halloween party for us. Last 2007 i was wearing my pussycat costume, my husband was a judge and my son was an elephant. But last year my husband and i didn't join any party since we were still grieving for the loss of our daughter, but we were still able to take our son for trick or treating house to house. And this year, i am glad that we are going to have another party again and i just can't wait to wear my halloween costume which is going to be so seductive and daring, lol! So watch out for my post here guys and i'll post the photos here soon...

Hitting Back The Track

I just noticed that crisis is not as bad like it was before anymore. Business nowadays are starting to boom once again, which is i am really glad. One of my friend from Washington has their own business and they are slowly hitting back the track. She was happy when she phoned me the other day telling me about the good news. She was just too happy about it, in fact she mentioned that they are adding some more POS systems on their business, isn't that sounds so exciting? I really am happy for her and for her husband too. They really did a great job working together with their business...

Organizing Plans And Schedules

Have i told you guys i am going to continue my studies soon? Yes i will! And i am currently working on my plans and schedules as a wife, a mother to my two boys and to become a student once again. Although i am not financially prepared about it because i just gave birth almost 3 months ago but i am still glad i can have the college student loans which i can use for my studies soon. This is gonna be a big help for my financial problem since i don't want to bother hubby about it because he is paying a lot of bills including my hospital bills and also the baby's bills. At least with this kind of help, i can pay it myself in time and i have no worries to think about.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Genital Itchiness

For all the women in the world who happens to come by here, i have a question for you! Yes, you! Did you experienced this genital itchiness? I did! It was crazy and unbearable! I just could not stand it and it bothers me so much. Last night i rushed to the grocery store that has small over the counter pharmacy because i was looking for fast relief of my itchiness. Good thing that even though it was very late already, i was able to buy a tube cream that just worked well on me. Some people called this yeast infection.

Hubby was worried about it and he said that if it won't go away still, i might want to call my OB-GYN to set an appointment for this problem i have. I remember i had this before too when i was pregnant with my little one, it was just too itchy and i was so hesitant to scratch it because it might get worse and could cause more problem. The doctor gave me some pills to take, if i remember it right i was taking it one every other day. Good thing i found a cream that helped my problem last night. But i would still want to make an appointment to my doctor so she can give me the right medicine for this.

Winter Is Coming

Yes, it is getting there! Snow is coming very soon. Although it is only fall season today but i am getting ready for winter. My 4 year old son is now a pre-schooler and always send and pick him up at his school. It is kind of hard for me but i am loving it actually. Time flies so fast, i just realized that i got a student already. But anyway, like i said i am so ready for this winter coming and i expect that strong winds comes with it and sometimes heavy rains comes too. So i bought a rain guards for my car so when i send and pick up my son at school i have no problem when it rains. My car windows will be protected from rains and wind. Hubby actually liked it and he said that i am very clever. Of course i am!

Unpredictable Life

Life indeed is very unpredictable. I just barely got back from a friend's house. I visited and old man because his wife left him. It's kind of complicated story between them but still i feel sorry for this poor man that's been our friend for years. I talked to him to cheer him up and gave him some suggestions so he won't be depressed being in his lonely house all by himself. I also gave him Backwoods cigars that he really likes the most. I feel so bad about their situation though because they have been married for long years and ended up not being together anymore, so i gave my best that i think it would make him happy, i gave him my moral support and a little gift for him. It wasn't that much but it sure did paint a smile on his sad face.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is It Snowing Yet?

My dear 4 year old son is been asking me over and over again. Mommy, is it snowing yet? I heard this question of his million times in a day. I guess he is just excited to play snow again. Last year we made a snowman together for the very first time and now he is excited to do it again. I don't think i could stay that long outside on snowy days but i bet my son can. I just don't know what's up with the cold that makes the kids so excited about it, for me it's a big no no to stay outside.

I always hibernate myself inside the house during winter time, i love to wrap myself up while drinking hot coco in front of my computer doing my daily online routine. Mommy, is it snowing yet? There he goes again, asking me and it's starting to be annoying, lol! Not yet son, you'll see when the ground is all white, then you can see it's snowing, ok? Alright mom.... My 4 year old son has endless questions ready for mommy and mommy has only limited answers to those questions he has in his smart brain...

Hubby Is Upset

My husband was really upset the other day because we received the mail if our auto insurance. He was upset because they raised our insurance without even notifying us or anything. And the other thing is, it's a nonsense raise. He called it bait quotes. He thought that he got the best car insurance but he was wrong. Good thing a friend from his work mentioned about his insurance and he said he has it for a while now and he is having no problem about it. He said that his auto insurance quote is the best one. Hubby told me to check this out because he is planning to change our insurance from this insurance crooks.

Show To Real Life

I was watching this local series show through my computer and it just made me interested with the topic. It's all about between rich family and very poor people. This rich family has their big mining company that affects poor people's health in this small county due to burying their asbestos in that small community place. Poor people we're trying to sue the company for making their loved ones sick and died. I just feel bad that these poor people might lose their case because the powerful mining company can bribe the justice and pay the judge a fairly good amount so the case will win in favor to the mining company. While these poor people is having mesothelioma. Although this is just a show but it could happen in a real life.

Quick Way To Communicate

Looking at my wedding pictures made me reminisce all the things that happened to me and my husband when we first met each other. I met my husband through my aunt who used to work with my husband before. She introduced me to him through writing letters. He wrote me a letter and i responded to it. It may sound so oldie but that's how we met. I have never been aware of chatting before because i was busy with my job and have no time to have fun. But when my aunt's husband told us about live chat, hubby and i were able to communicate in a quick way and was able to talk about different things. Discussing things about working paper works for my visa to come here in united states. That is indeed a big help for us without having trouble communicating each other.

So Glad

I just recently checked my son's temperature and it is telling me that his fever has gone down so far from 101.8 last night to 98.9 today. I am relieved because the other night he was hallucinating and shivering that made me panicked. I also am glad that he is gaining his appetite back, he requested the food that he wanted so i cooked it right away so he can eat.

It's just hard for a mother to see the child gets sick especially me that i just barely gave birth 2 months ago and i have little one to take care too aside from my 4 year old boy and i am all by myself here with no help from my immediate family because they are miles away from me. Situation like this makes me wanna go home but if i go there it makes me wanna come back here because i am going to miss my husband and will feel bad that he will be by himself here coming home from work in a quiet house... I am thinking that i would love to go back home next year even for just a month but we'll see if that happens.

Looking Forward

I just phoned my sister yesterday, she mentioned that she is going to continue her studies no matter how difficult to fit it in to her daily routine. She told me that she must finish her degree so she can find a better and good job that will fit her best. In fact, she encouraged me to do the same thing and she told me that i don't need to get dress and worry about where or who will take care of my kids since i can continue my college degree and enroll at online university. My sister heard about this university and she said that this is the best she found so far where i can take an online mba. This made me excited and anxious to go back to school again, and i am looking forward for a better career for myself in the future. I already told hubby about this matter and he agree that it is time for me, it would be very convenient for me to study while at home.

We Need A New One

We have been considering to buy a new couch for our living room since the couch we have right now is getting old and ugly. We were supposed to buy a new couch long time ago but hubby said that we must hold off to that since our son was just little and he would be jumping on it until it gets ruined and sure enough he did. Even though we have a new little one here and i am sure he will do the same thing as what he did by his big brother, still i wanted to buy a new couch because the one that we have right now is not presentable anymore and it's just embarrassing if someone comes in to our house sitting in a very ugly and old couch. We really need to buy a new one and i want to purchase the modern furniture that i have been eyeing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanks Goodness!

Thanks GOD my 4 year old son is not having swine flu like what i thought it was. We just barely got back from his doctor and the doctor found out that he is having an ear infection and bad tonsillitis. Now he is dosing off because i gave him his antibiotic that the doctor prescribed. Last night he had a very high fever, it was like 103.0 and i panicked, i wiped him with wet cold towel all over his body to cool him down. He was hallucinating, saying something so weird and pointing in the air although i don't see anything where he was pointing at.

Right now, he is asleep and i am looking forward for his fast recovery. He supposed to go to school earlier but i didn't send him because of his high fever. Hopefully he will be able to go to school on Friday. I really thought it was swine flu because he had the symptoms and it scared me so. It's really a heart breaking of a mother seeing a child sick. I cried last night while i was wiping him because he was shivering. He was talking weird last night while i was wiping him and he said something like he is red and i am blue. He got sick before too when we had our vacation last year in Philippines and was hallucinating too. He doesn't get sick very often but if he does he looks miserable, that's why i don't really wait for days, i take him to see the doctor right away making sure nothing serious is going on with him. Good thing he is just having infection and there is nothing serious problem....