Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scared The Heck Out Of Me

We got here in Cebu after it got dark earlier. I was so hungry and tired because my little one wore me out at the boat. He likes to walk around and give people his sweet fascinating smile. We had a little rough trip due to big waves but it wasn't that too bad since we rode the fast craft boat. I am thankful we arrived here safe and sound.

Anyway, i woke up in the middle of the night with a big loud BANG!!!! I really thought it was fire at first, i heard people yelling and there was chasing too. Then i peeked through the window and i saw chaos. I got so scared just by looking at what was happening outside. I realized it was a robbery. The public utility jeepney was being robbed by gunmen. Civilians and polices were chasing bad guys. It was them who did the shooting. I hope that the polices catch those idiots. I feel so bad that this kind of crime is really common here in Philippines due to poverty. Now that we have a new elected President, people are hoping for a change, a better change. It really is sad to say but i am seeing the reality.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Private Couple

Why is it that all of the sudden some of products like this testosterone booster are seen everywhere in the net? Men nowadays are more aggressive when it comes to making love to their partners. That's why hubby is being teased by his co workers about us. They like him to share our "bed stories" but hubby remained to be silent. We both agreed that we must keep our marriage private and the things that only couple should know will always be untold. Hubby and i respect each other and we are so happy that we found each other because we both have same likes and dislikes. And talking about private things of a couple, we both are strict about it. It's not nice when you share your experiences in bed in the public, keeping it private, we believe that's what i makes the marriage grow more stronger and fonder.

Hubby Looks Good Now

There are some people that are having such difficulty losing some weight. Some of them are easy for them to lose weight. Hubby lost some weight and i am happy seeing him that way because he looks very fit and just right. Some of his co workers thought he was taking some hcg diet to drop some of his weight but he just told his co worker that he hadn't have some delicious food that his wife prepares when i was still there. Now that i am away from him, he doesn't really eat that much anymore. But i told hubby that he should not cut his diet that much because it is not good either if he does it too much or he will get sick. I love how hubby looks like now, he got his shape back like he came here before when i was just pregnant with our oldest son.

Feels Good

It sure feels good when someone tells you that you look younger than your age right? I may sound boasting but i get that very often. My classmate in first year highschool asked me how old i was when i had my profile picture in the social networking website. So i answered him i just had it few days ago. He was all surprised and could not believe that i am telling him the truth. We haven't heard from each other for a decade and now that we got connected through this social networking website with the help of our classmate, he was so happy that he finally saw me.

We were good friends and departed from each other when i left my place of origin to finish my studies in Manila, the main capital city of the Philippines. Now slowly some of my classmates recognizes me and it sure feels good that they are telling me i am still the same like what they remembered about me. Still tiny, small, petite and dark skinned like i was before. And they even told me i look so hot even though i already got kids. Thank you classmates, it's so flattering to hear such compliments like what i heard from you guys.

Did Some Electric Work

I am so glad that i was able to talk to my husband last night. We had some silly conversation and that really ticked me. Anyway, we were talking about having a house here in my country but we need to have more serious talk about it. Both of us are considering having a house here of our own so if we come here, we have our own place to stay. Anyway, hubby told me he did something in our house back in Utah. He did a lot of things like replacing the fan button and did some other electric works. He also mentioned to me that he bought some Cobra radar detectors so we can have one and he will give the other one to his daughter. Hubby didn't told me what it was for but i am sure we need it or he needs it.

When Accident Happens

You really can't tell when the accident is going to occur or happen. Some sudden deaths are just too shocking or some accidents are just unacceptable. My friend's husband just had an accident in his workplace and wasn't able to get benefit from his work company. So my friend hired a Texas Maritime lawyer so they can after the company that hired her husband but didn't shoulder the expenses of the hospital bills. Now she is crying because her husband is injured and can't work. No income and trying to get something from the company. I hope they can resolve this problem. And i hope that the company will do what is right since my friend's husband accident occurred during his duty. It's hard when the husband is injured, knowing they have kids to feed and some bills to pay.

Not Very Good In Math

Choosing a business is really not so easy. Some businessmen are almost trying everything so their business will have some progress but some of them too were failed. When getting a new business like choosing the best franchise opportunities, you've got to have some backgrounds or good ideas about it. I am not really a business type of person, my husband is and he is trying to find a good business that we can see progress in just few months after we started it. I hope hubby will find what he really wants in business field. He cannot just depend on me when we talk about business because i have no enough knowledge about this field. I must admit that i am not very good in math so business is not my cup of tea because i know that math really is a big part of business.

I Wish I Have It

Here i am again at the internet cafe. This is my last resort since i can't finish the things i need to finish here in my blogging. I got a lot of tasks that needs to be done but i can't even finish it due to the very slow connection i got at my mother's place. So i ran here to have them finish today because some of them are going to expire today and i can't have them expire so i won't lose every penny of it. Although is not that much but it's a big help to me already, i am here in my country and the expenses here are all mine.

That's why i am so thankful that i got a lot of blessings from Sheriff and of course to my Big Boss for showering me all of these. I was not going to run over here because i am a little tired but i am thinking that i can't just lose these money that i got in my account now. I've got to write them or i might not get more blessings again. I hope the blessings will keep on pouring because no matter many of them are, i won't even complain for it is blessings that should be grateful for. I just wish i have my connection in Utah, a lot faster so i can do all these tasks in no time without the annoying kids's loud voice playing their shooting games.

Gaining Weight Instead

There's lots of safe diet pills for women but only few are effective. Some women that gave birth already wanted to get their pre-birth figure back but seems like they are having difficulty to get it. Some women doesn't have problem with it and i can consider myself as one. It is one of the biggest problem of a woman is to gain so much weight. For me, since i don't have a problem about my weight, i cannot relate to every woman that has weight problem that are trying to get rid some of their unwanted fats. I have heard some women talking about their experiences on how many products they have tried just to get back the figure that they wanted to have but to no avail, no progress. It's really hard for a woman that tried to lose some weight but still keep on gaining instead.

Better Than What They Have

Summertime can be a lot of fun but sometimes can be frustrating too especially when you go for a trip with your family and you end up having trouble with your RV. Just like my friend, she and her family went out of town for a week and called me yesterday that they just barely got back and was so upset of what had happened to their out of town trip. She can't blame about their RV since they had it for awhile now and she and her husband are planning to get a new one. Not really that new new, they are considering those used rvs for sale. Well there is nothing wrong in choosing those used ones as long as they are newer than what they have right now and in great condition.

Dependable One

My mother's friend house just had their house blessing last night and i admit that i am quite impressed of the house design. It made me think to build our own house here and will let my dear mother to take care of it while we are gone. And of course i want my house to be looking so unique from others. I like to have my house to be more native and simple looking. I am now starting to imagine what our house is going to be look like. With all the entertainment center inside the living room and also the the master's bedroom. Hubby mention that we need a dependable tv stands for our televisions because kids are growing and they might play too rough and bumps the television and will break it. Oh i am getting so excited for that plan of ours. Hubby and i agreed that we have to talk more about it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busted Water Pipe

I am still wet until now on due to the busted water pipe outside here in my mother's place. I was the one that tried to fix it and put the lock on but i wasn't able to do it because the water was too strong. Good thing my brother came and he was the one got it fixed. Now my hands are tired and so as my arms, feels like i have been holding heavy things that i had it for awhile in my hands. It makes me feel so weak and wanted to go back to take a nap.

The water pipes has been cut by the water works crew and didn't even give the residents here a notice that they are going to do it. All the residents in this island are very upset about this problem because they have been so dependent of the water that supplied by the government. I am just hoping that they are going to reconnect this pipe soon because we are going to have an alumni homecoming next month and it won't be fun without a water supply here house to house. There will be lots of what we call BALIK-ISLANDERS that are now residing abroad like me that wants to attend this big event. This is indeed so upsetting, i am just looking forward for the best soon.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It Doesn't Matter To ME

My brother is been convincing me to buy myself an iphone. Well i am still thinking about it though because it's not part of my budget while i am here. He told me that i don't have to worry when there something goes wrong because it has iphone warranty. That's not what i worry about though, it's the budget. I love to take it with me since it's advantage to have it so i can reach my mother easy without any hassle through it but i have to think about it and let my other half knows so he can help me figure out whether i will buy it or not. But for me, it doesn't really matter what kind of phone as long as it works best and that's what is more important for me.

Excited For Our House

Speaking of building our own house, i would like to have our front yard a little pond where we can put some small fish. My kids would love to have that so they can enjoy our front yard aside from playing. I have so many plans of our imagination house. I call it imagination because it is not built yet and it won't be for awhile now until it will be built. Of course if there's little pond, for sure there will be some pond filters that we need to keep the pond clean and neat looking. I really am excited for this house plan, i am thinking about it, the design, the looks and everything. I am sure that hubby will just agree of the designs i want to have for our house.

Building Our Own House

My mother is been telling me that she is adoring those houses that are just barely built here in her place. Well as i was talking to my husband i opened up to that topic of having our own house here near where my mom lives. And he kind of agree that it will be good if we have our own house here. It got me excited because i have been dreaming about it, to have a lovely house here in my country. No worries about the land since we already have our own land. We bought it long time ago, it's just the house that needs to be built there. I am now imagining about it, it got me so excited. I would like to have rustic furniture so our house will be unique and will be so much different from the others. I am sure my mom would be so happy soon as she will know that my husband agreed about our plan.

Could Be Fun But Sad As Well

Sometimes it is fun to talk to my husband through the internet and joking around with him. Every time we talk he'll always tell me that i am teasing him and making him miss me even more. So do i, making me miss him too. But it can also be sad whenever my husband tells me how lonely he is being by himself in our house. It won't be until September before he can follow us here in my country. Our oldest son is starting to look for his daddy's presence and i just try to comfort him by telling him daddy will arrive soon.

I just have to divert my son's and my attention so we don't miss daddy that bad. We should enjoy every bit of our vacation here so we won't miss anything here and soon as we get back there in Utah we won't have regrets and we can say that the vacation is all worth it. I really have to enjoy this vacation because i am sure that after this, we won't be able to do this again for we have a plan that needs money saving. And i really can't wait to get that plan done and will be able to see it in my eyes.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Being Smart

Really i can't help myself whenever there's sale. I am not a very picky kind of person and i would prefer to find some good things that are on sale rather than buying new stuff and later on will regret because i bought it way too early and will find out that the things i bought is low price after so few months. In fact, i found something that i want to get that i think it's worth the price. Some friends are joking around with me that i am a scrooge kind of person but actually i really am not. I am just being thrifty since there is no sense of buying certain things with expensive price and you can just get it in a lower price later on, i just have to wait for a little while. When it comes to technology, i don't rush everything, of course when the technology is just barely out in the market, it would be obviously expensive, then they will lower down the price soon as there will be something new that will come out in the market.

Missing My Brother

I am so glad that i got online today because i was able to talk to my younger brother. He said he bought another new laptop and got it with a very durable laptop briefcase. He felt so bad that my son was looking for him, he could not spend some time with us during our vacation. He was so happy though that i am going to be here to celebrate my mother's birthday which is going to be tomorrow and i can tell that our mother is happy as well because of our presence. Anyway, we are going to see my brother tomorrow with his new bought laptop using my laptop. I know for sure my mother would be so happy during her birthday tomorrow. We should celebrate her birthday with special things so our vacation will be worth it and we will bring good memories when we go back to Utah.

It's All About Comfort

They said i am one fashionista girl. I must admit that i really am, i am not denying it to anybody. I love fashion and i don't really care whether it is cheap or expensive as long as i am comfortable with it. But honestly, mostly of my things are bought whenever there's on promotional products. I love to find things that are phasing out and i always find the good ones to where there's on sale products. Fashion is not all about how expensive the things you are going to buy, it's all about how you carry it and how to manage it. I have seen lots of women that are trying hard to be looking like celebrities but they end up looking so funny because they are trying to copy those celebrities that wears expensive products. Anyway, i just noticed those people, for me, i don't try hard, i will make sure that i don't look funny whatever i want to wear.

Got It Naturally

I am so tanned now! And guess what??? I am so loving it because i got it so naturally. Unlike the Caucasians, they have to spend thousand bucks to go to tanning salon just to get tanned. But for me, i can easily get tanned without spending money, i am Asian and was born with brown complexion, now i got more darker because i have been going to the beach almost once a week and i don't really care if my skin gets more darker as long as i am enjoying my vacation here in Philippines with my kids.

Although i am missing my husband and so as the kids, they miss their daddy so badly, still we are having a blast of our vacation here. Hubby said i should not think of him that often so i can focus more on our stay here. He told me that what i must do is to eat and eat and enjoy what i got here that we cannot simply get there in our place. My sweet loving husband is right, i should do what i must do here and before i know it, he is coming here to join us the fun and will get us here. Well, anyway no one can blame me though, i love my husband and i cannot help myself to miss him especially whenever i see couple that are so sweet together. But hubby will be here on September though, will be with him again and we'll be back home together with the kids.