Sunday, February 12, 2012

Computerized World

Sure the hospitals nowadays are quite advanced. Even the computers has their own medical computer cart already so they can drag it along whenever they want to encode some files or documents. When i delivered my youngest one, i was impressed when the nurse told me everything from my lab test, even though i just barely got my blood drawn. It's because everything nowadays is all computerized and they can deliver the results through computers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Logitech Speakers

I may have to buy me a logitech speakers for my laptop because whenever i watch my movie here it seems like the volume is not loud enough. There are some movies that sounds too low and i need to hear everything. But unfortunately, the built in speakers of the laptop is not that great when it comes to watching movies. So instead of just settling with the built one, i have to buy a really good speakers to enjoy more of my movies :)

Milky Look Effect

Lately i have been so crazy with my editing in photoshop. I could not help myself not to open up my photoshop everyday. I love to play and to edit with the images i captured. In fact, i had a recent session with a young lady and it turned out to be a magical photo shoot ever. I love how all the photos i took came out really nice and beautiful, just like my model :)

Anyways, here's one stolen shot i got of my little one the other day as we went for a short walk since we can't stay outside too long due to the freezing temperature. I love how this image turned out to be because it looked like it's more of a milky image. I do love popping colors though, but when i tried this one, i sure fell inlove with it right there and then. Maybe i should practice more often to edit milky effect look like this one. It sure looks nicer and more dreamy :)

I Need A Good Laugh!!!

With this very depressing winter season we are currently having, i feel like i wanna go home to my beloved country right away and enjoy being in the beach a lot and eat fresh food that i miss so bad. But then, because it is not possible for now, i just have to find some other ways to entertain myself from my severe boredom and depression as i call it.

Upon looking for amusements, i happened to stumble into this Photoshop Fail photos that indeed made me laugh. How could such people be so careless not to take a look at their photos before they post it to the public? If you are curious what i am talking about here, you've got to see it for yourself and i can assure you, you will laugh just like how i still am until now.

Also, i was wondering why all of the sudden these days that women are trying to copy the duck beak by doing duckface. I have seen so many people doing it, not just women really but particularly, mostly women does it. It's so funny though that they sure look good and then they want to be taken picture of with their silly looking mouth.

Another thing is the funny autocorrect on the phone when texting someone. The words comes by itself and even if you meant something else and without looking twice what were you typing is really can make your message a big difference. So better to review what you are about to send first so that you won't messed up with someone whom you sending message with. Internet has a lot of things that can amuse and entertain people. But also some other things disgusts me. Good thing i found all these things that somehow ease my boredom and depression. It somehow helped me not to think too much of going back home right at this very moment.