Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Am So Blessed!!! It's My Day!!!

Today is my birthday and i am very thankful to those who greeted me on my very special day, thank you so much!!! I truly appreciate all your sweet thoughts for greeting me on my very big day! I woke up with hubby's kisses and hugs telling me i am the birthday girl today. Sadly he has to go to work, but that's alright with me, we still can celebrate my birthday during the weekend. I am not getting any younger obviously but i sure am grateful and happy for what i have now. I am so blessed and i have everything that i need, i could not ask for anything more for i have my awesome family, and genuine friends with me already.

Hubby promised me that he will buy me another lens for my NIKON D300s DSLR camera on my birthday but since he just paid our ticket to Philippines, he told me last night that he will buy my macro lens soon as we get our tax refund which is about a month from now. It can wait though, i am not in a big hurry since we still got 2 more months before we fly to Philippines. Although i was very excited then to get that lens but i understand the situation. I am not spoiled at all that i wanted to get things right away, as they said, one at a time. I truly am blessed, i have nothing to ask for, i have everything and i am happy!!! Thank you so much my BIG BOSS for giving me all these blessings that i have now, thank you so much!!!


Sweetiepie said...

Happy happy birthday to you dai, wish you all the best in the world and many more years to come! God bless you always!!!

Clarissa said...

Happy Birthday to you,Mommy Utah!!Best wishes po!!^_^