Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Advantage For The Baby

No wonder that i have not heard anything from my friend lately. I was able to chat with her last night and she told me they flew to Floria last week. It was a sudden decision because her husband has a work offer over there. They probably will come back here to get all the things they needed from their house and she said that they might sell their house here and will move to Florida for good. It also an advantage for her son that has eczema to have a humid climate, unlike here in Utah that is very dry and it makes her son's skin problem gets worse. I feel so sorry for her son though, because he cannot sleep tight like my baby. He is irritated because of too much itch on his skin. My friend said that they have a special lotion that they apply to his skin for him to settle down when itch attacks. I am so glad that my baby doesn't have it, it's hard for the parents to see their baby suffering from irritable illness.

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