Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jobs For Health Care

Because i have been reading news and seeing some friends online posting some ads in the networking website about jobs for health care, i must say that it is really in demand these days especially overseas. Some fellowmen i have known that graduated from medical course are trying to work overseas for they knew that they will get paid a lot more than working in our country. Sad to say that they have to leave our country for them to make more money to support their family's needs but that's the painful fact. Not much you can make there, that's why they find ways to work overseas to earn more than what they can get there. I have seen a lot of medical graduated people that are now working all over the world and they are quite successful with their career and was able to sponsor their family to come over and be with them and live to where they are permanently.

The Lucky Boy

When hubby bought my new laptop in the store last Saturday, the five year old son also wanted his dad to buy him a new wii accessories. So Daddy bought him another nunchuk for his black controller so we both can play the boxing. Soon as we came home, he bugged me right away to play the boxing game with him even though i was still busy doing some chores and preparing dinner for us. Hubby said that the next thing he will get for his wii is the wii wheel so he can play racing game. Lucky is our son, i never got the chance to play the kinds of toys he plays now when i was just a kid, lol! I used to play outside and it's more on exercise because we do most of the time, jumping, chasing, hide and seek and etc. We never had these computers, and some other advanced electronics way back then to enjoy haha...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowboarding In The Frozen Lake

It was a nice day the other day, so i decided to take my kids out to a frozen lake not too far from here. The kids and i had so much fun indeed, if it was a blast for me, it was even more a fun day for my two boys. They chased each other in the open field of a frozen lake and did the snowboarding as well. We rode all three of us of my son's snowboard. It was a great quality time with my two boys and it was indeed an another memorable moments that i can keep. Of course, camera was with me to capture all those moments, so i can freeze it and keep it as my remembrance.
My little potato in the snow
This picture above was one of the cute moments of my little one. I think he was waiting for his big brother to pull him in this shot, he was so quiet while his big brother was fixing the rope that got caught under the snowboard. I can tell that he was a little cold already in this picture but still want to play some more. We stayed there for about an hour and half and decided to go home after because my fingers were frozen to death. They whined but i told them that if they won't listen to me, i will not take them there again anymore. But before we came home, i took the kids to a food chain to eat. It was a sweet memorable moments with my two boys again, and i was so happy seeing them playing happily.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What The Company Can Offer

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Postponed Birthday Party

We're supposed to attend an another birthday party this weekend but the mother of the celebrant called me this morning and said that the party will be cancelled because her son got into an accident. He fell down and got hurt really bad on his leg. Although he is recovering now, but the mother said she will probably post pone the party schedule so at least the son won't be sad during his birthday. I asked her about his condition and she said that the doctor advised her to leave the aircast air stirrup on his leg for 2 weeks and have to go back to the doctor's clinic to check if everything is alright with him. I am glad that he is okay now, and hoping he will get well so soon so he will enjoy his birthday party.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lunesta Reviews

With me having a sleeping problem, i think that reading this lunesta reviews helped me a whole lot. My mind is always occupied by so many things and i can't just easily get rid of it and it causes me stress. Not to mention that i have to get up early so i can take care of my two kids and also my husband. Having all that responsibilities and obligations, a mother like me should need a good sleep rest. Thanks to this reviews i just read because if it's not for this, i wouldn't know what to do with my problem. I hate going to see a doctor for i know they are just gonna give me something else that won't help me a bit, just like what i had before.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Request From My Young Man

My kindergarten boy is now always requesting what he likes to eat when he gets home from his school. So every time i drop him off to his school, he would tell me to buy me this and buy me that. Even though it is cold outside, i have to go somewhere where i can find those request of his to buy it, for i know he will be upset when he gets home and he won't find his request in the kitchen table.

I just let him ask me things though because that's one way of showing him that i listen to him so he will do the same to me, as you all know that kids copies what grown up does. And besides he deserves to have his requests because he's been doing so good in school. He does his own homework, he only asks us if he cannot understand it but of course we are always there to support him enable for him to understand his homework better. And he is not asking anything silly by the way, he mostly asks food to eat, like these apple and fried chicken, one of his favorites.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Angels at Center Court

I appreciate the guest post, Marian Combs

I want you know two things about me before you continue to read. My childhood was grounded on two contstants. One is heroic pre-adolescent sports movies, like Little Giants, the Sandlot, and of course, Angels in the Outfield. The other is the New York Knicks.

When I was a nine, attending a game was my idea of heaven. I'm a New Yorker, so heaven involves a lot of jeering. In those days though, the criticisms were directed at the opponent. My father and I laughed and laughed when Spike Lee, our brother-in-arms, sent Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers a bouquet of dead flowers.

But for the past few years, watching the Knicks play has been like reliving Angels in The Outfield. It has seemed like we've needed a miracle. I developed a ritual in the last five seasons of abissmal New York basketball. As I would set my home security alarm, I bowed my head and hoped for angels floating around the rafters of Madison Square Garden.

The angels never showed up. I blame it on the New York fans. It's just to negative of an enviornment the appearence for any celestial presence. Luckily though, we got Amar'e Stoudemire. It's a mixed blessing. The Knicks are winning. That's good. But my childhood is over. Angels don't play basketball.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How To Burn Belly Fat

haha, finally now i know how to how to burn belly fat quick! I was really desperately looking for something that i can apply to myself just to get rid of this bulging tummy fat of mine and now i am just so happy that i found the answer already. It's really hard for me to do some exercise because i am a busy mother and doesn't have much of a time for myself anymore. I even hardly go outside and have some fun with my friends, how much more of taking some time to go to the gym and do some exercise, that would be too much for me though. Although i really should have to find time for myself because i needed it but hey, i got what i am looking for now and i will stick to it from now on.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Smokeless Smoke

Most people here in our state does smoke especially during winter season, it's probably because the weather is too cold and smoking is one way of keeping themselves warm. There are different kinds of cigarettes in the store but this vapor cigarette manufacturers caught my attention because it helps the smoker not to take the nicotine directly. What it does is, if the smoker use it, their cigarette will be smokeless. I myself and also hubby doesn't smoke, that's why i am not really familiar of any cigarettes that's being sold in the store. Some of my uncles back home does smoke though, this might be a good present to give them when i plan to go back there again for another vacation.