Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Filipino Breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, i hardly eat. I always eat my brunch (breakfast and lunch together) since i don't feel like eating early in the morning. Sometimes, i eat wheat bread with peanut butter and jelly with milk but very seldom. Also i love eating blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese in it and with my decaffeinated coffee. You cannot really see me eating heavy foods in the morning. I guess i am just getting used to it. Unlike before, when i was still in Philippines, i get starve easy and has to eat in the morning or i will feel so weak.

Anyway, there is a group where i was one of the members that is called "Weekend Photos" created by one of my friends in networking website. I always look forward to every theme she posts because it makes me excited on what to look for and what to shoot. Last week, she released the "Breakfast" theme. I really made a special Filipino breakfast just to upload it on the group. Also, it has been awhile since i ate boneless danggit (dried fish), so i decided to cook some and took a picture of it before i gobbled it up. So here's the breakfast i presented on the group. I am sure that every filipino that'll see this photo, will definitely drool, LOL!
My breakfast

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tropical Storm

Contributed by Johnny Graves

We live in Coastal Georgia just above the Florida line. Recently, a tropical storm was headed our way and we had to evacuate. We were gone just two days but the bad weather did a number on our house. The funny thing is that we have evacuated for really high category hurricanes before and never had any damage. When we got back after the tropical storm our electricity, cable, and telephone had been knocked out of service. There was also some structural damage to the exterior of the house. I had been planning on getting in touch with Direc4U cable kingsland to upgrade our television package, but just decided to go ahead and do it when we got back because I was having a tough time getting in touch with our previous service provider. It took a few weeks for the contractors to fix the structural damage to the house. About a month later everything was back to normal. I am glad that we decided to evacuate and not stay. It seems that a tropical storm can be just as mighty as a hurricane!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Horse Riding Helmets

There is one thing i noticed about the difference of riding the horse between here and in the country where i was born and grew up is not wearing horse riding helmets. I am not sure though if that's what i only noticed or maybe they don't wear in there at all. Maybe because they don't go as fast and they only use the horse more on for sight seeing. Unlike here, they usually ride horses for racing or something else. I do love to ride horse, i haven't really tried it, not once. I might have to try it someday when i get the chance.

Electronic Book

It's not even Christmas yet but then the big brother here in the house already said what he wants to receive to daddy. Although he didn't really said it that Daddy will have to by the electronic book for him, but it is already understood that Daddy has to save some money for it. He said he's sure that Santa will grant his wish this Christmas because he's been a good boy and doing great in school. So daddy said told him to keep it up and Santa(daddy) might give him more surprises.

Toys R Us Coupons

It has been awhile since i haven't shopped. Maybe today i will go somewhere with my kids since i got the birthday present toys 'r us card still in wallet that has given to my little one during his birthday. Plus i also have the toys r us coupons that sure will help me to save more money. I am sure i am not just gonna buy toys for the little one, as expected, the big brother will also choose what he wants soon as we get inside the store. That's why i don't take them to the toy store that often, they empty my pocket everytime we go there lol!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What are cobalt chrome rings

There are a lot of new types of metals used for jewelry. The newest being cobalt chrome rings. These rings have become very popular for a number of reasons. The main reason is the way they are scratch resistant. This appeals to many people. A lot of people switched from platinum to dome palladium rings when the price of metals shot through the roof. Then they found that the palladium rings were pretty much just like platinum, as far as how they held up. They would still scratch. So after dropping a couple grand on a wedding band it was so scratched up six months later.

A lot of people had heard about the cheap tungsten rings that most jewelers were selling. Cheap meaning the price and not the quality of the rings. The only problem was that the tungsten rings were significantly darker than white gold or platinum. This made the pictures of the hands together at weddings look a little funny. Unless trying to be funny no one wants to be funny. So that brought the need for cobalt chrome rings. Chrome was discovered a long time ago but in the last decade had no use in the jewelry industry.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Missing Home

I shouldn't say that i am missing home since i am already home with my family. What i am saying is, i am missing my country where i was born and grew up. Oh how i wish i could fly right now and be with my family over there right at this moment. But then, i can't do that because i have a family of my own to take care of here. The fact that i have a first grader already that needs my full attention especially during every early morning, he needs me so i can take care of everything for him before he goes to school.

Viewing all the pictures we had when we went for a vacation in Philippines last year makes me homesick even more. The food the place and my family of course makes me wanna go home. Just like these picture below, it was taken during when my little one turned a year old with his small birthday cake smashed by him. It was a very simple celebration, yet very memorable. I am looking forward for another vacation there, hopefully two years from now or if i can't take it anymore, maybe next year. Let's just see what's gonna happen, but i am planning to visit my family there two years from now though since i also have a lot of things to do there on that year.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Christmas Party Invitations

Huh? The BER month is just barely coming but then i already got few Christmas Party Invitations. Few of my friends are planning a big party in their house and already spreading the news that they will be having a fun party and of course the table will be filled with sumptuous foods. I already received like 3 or 4 invitations and two of them has the same date! What am i gonna do? Oh well, i'll figure it out where to go, lol! I also have to get the presents ready since we are going to play an exchange gifts, which is always the fun part of the party.