Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teething Baby

I am not so sure if my little one is teething or not but it seems like he is to me. I keep on feeling his gums checking if his teeth is about to cut out. I see the signs of teething to him, cranky, drooling a lot and whiny. I really am hoping he is teething because i hate to think that he is doing these things for nothing. He doesn't even eat that much like he used to but i still am glad that he eats a little bit at least though. There's one thing i noticed in him that his big brother didn't do it when he was just a baby. This little one bites everything he can find on the floor such as his brother's toys and also my rubber slippers. He always finds my rubber slippers, bites and drools on it. Even though i keep on giving him his teething ring but he likes to bite my slippers instead. There are also times that i caught him about to bite his big brother's shoes. I just hope that his cranky stage will end so soon, it bothers me and makes me restless.

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