Friday, March 5, 2010

It Was Unforgettable

I still can remember and it is still fresh in my mind how hubby proposed marriage to me. It was so dramatic and very romantic! We both cried telling each other that we promised to be together for the rest of our lives. It was a candle light dinner at the roof top of the hotel by the beach where we stayed. It was very memorable moment for both of us. Before the dinner, we talked a little bit and shared our hopes, dreams and wishes. And then later on, he handed me a small jewelry box and asked me if i would marry him. I said yes first before i even opened the box. And he told me that i should open the box first, i opened it and was so surprised because the ring has lots of diamonds to it! I must say, it's a very expensive ring he gave me. I felt so very special that time, he flew all the way to my country just to propose marriage and gave me such a very expensive engagement ring..

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