Friday, April 29, 2011

Worth Buying It

When it comes to doing the grocery, looking for some Discounts is what i am good at. I always make sure that i get to have the discount of every items i buy so i can save money everytime i do my grocery shopping. It might be not that much for every items but then if i gather them all up and i get discounts in every items i buy, that'll add all up and it will become a good savings. Who doesn't like discounts anyway? There's a whole lot of discounted items that you can buy but you also have to make sure that you are getting the good deal and it's worth buying it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Old Printer

Hubby was really upset about the new operating system of our son's desktop because it makes the printer and the webcam don't work. So he called the company of the printer and told him that the machine we have is an older version and he might want to upgrade by buying a newer version. He insisted that the printer still works good. There is no question about that though, because it's hardly used printer but the fact is, it's not a newer version that is why it doesn't match to the new desktop we have for our son. And i told hubby that he might find a new printer that he'll like at brother printers. They have a lot of printers that he can choose. He just have to let go the outdated printer we have.

Health Plans

So glad to hear that my friend finally moved in the other state safe. They have been debating whether to bring all the things they have here to their new house in the state where they moved. And now that all things were put in order, she told me that she has to take care of their health plans. The early the better she said. Luckily the Blue Cross Blue Shield's office is not that far from where they at, and since that the plans is great, she got it without thinking twice. It's really hard to move from one place to another, you have to start everything all over again. Well, i'd say that's part of life.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Soon This Will Be Mine

It has been awhile since i hadn't use my point and shoot camera for it isn't working anymore. I had the battery charged up but it won't turn on no matter how hard i push the power button. Hubby said that my poor worn out camera is now retiring, it served me for almost six years and it's time for this poor thing to rest. This point and shoot camera was the very first Christmas gift i got from hubby. It was funny when i first opened it, at first i really thought it was a coin purse, so i exclaimed, "Coin Purse! What am i gonna do with this? I don't really carry coins in my wallet". Then hubby laughed and told me to open the rest presents i got under the Christmas tree. Then i opened the camera box and figured out what was that coin purse i was talking about is for. It's a purse for my cute point and shoot camera!

Hubby said that since i don't have a small camera to carry with me all the time anymore, it's time for him to buy me a new one because he doesn't like me to carry my big DSLR all the time wherever i go. I somewhat agree with my husband though, when it comes to partying or some other gatherings we have here, it doesn't really need a big camera for that to capture the fun moments. Small point and shoot camera will do just as good as my DSLR. My DSLR is mainly for special photo shooting and not for partying or whatever. So hubby told me to look for a new point and shoot camera that i like so we can buy it next time. I am so excited and happy, hubby really loves me for he gives me things that makes me happy. It's not that i measure his love for me by the things he gives me, but by how thoughtful he is to me.

So, here's the camera that i would love to own someday, i like the silver color for this is the same color of my pentax point and shoot camera that is now retired. And besides, silver color is more elegant and beautiful, don't you think? This camera is 16 megapixel, a lot more finer quality picture compared to my DSLR which only has 12 megapixel. But of course my DSLR has a lot of things it can do that a point and shoot can't. I so can't wait to have this in my hands, and soon, i know hubby will give this to me just like he promised. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor lighting will be more useful now that the spring is here, why? Because we always leave the light outside on at night unlike during winter time, we usually turn it off because the snow is bright enough to guide the pathway to our door. In spring season, that's the time we start to leave the light on outside at night for the people to see the pathway better. It doesn't cost much of energy but we do it that way because we kind of practiced to do it every season.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Usually Don't Do It

I don't usually keep track of the father's day because i honestly don't get something for my dear husbandry. He doesn't want me to spend some money he said because all he need is my love (so dramatic, isn't it?) But this time, i have to make sure that i will get something special for him, there's a whole lot of custom gifts for dad that i can choose from and i have to make sure that i will get something that will make him smile and will make treasure it forever. It should symbolize my love for him ( or is it me who's dramatic, lol!). Anyway, i have to think what would be the best gift i can give him. Any suggestions?