Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Challenge For Me

I am already aware that siblings does have different characteristics and behaviour. I grew up with a big family. I have quite a few siblings and we sure do have different characteristics and behaviour each one of us. Although we may have some similarities but mostly, we act and speak differently. My two sisters were not so aggressive like i do, not so tough i must say. The other one is tough like me too. But they are prettier than me, that's the fact. I don't find myself beautiful, only presentable. And if someone is thinking that i am too braggy about myself, i am just so sorry to tell you that you are so wrong of your accusations towards me. Yes, everyone likes to be presentable right? And so am i, so i am just being real here that what i am trying to say is, no one doesn't want to post their photos looking so trashy or looking so groggy. I am sure all the people posted their photos in the internet because they want to hear some admirations or appreciations from friends and family.

But anyway, enough for that. My two sons also have different characteristics and behaviour. My oldest one was kind of quiet baby, while my youngest one is more active just like me. I must say that my oldest one must have got everything from his dad and the little one got my character and behaviour. These two boys are sure different. I was able to manage my time then when i had my oldest one, now that i have this second one, i am having hard time to cope up with my chores completely. Plus the fact that the oldest one goes to school already and i have to take him and pick him up from his school. Well, even though they are different in so many ways, they are my kids and obviously i love them very much. It is more a challenge for me to raise them knowing they are different.

The other one is quiet, behave and calm. I can even leave him in one spot and do all my chores and gets back with him, and he was still at the same spot. While the other one is more attention seeker, squeaky, bubbly and entertaining. The little one sometimes can be bully to his big brother. There were times that he unintentionally hurts his big brother and the poor big brother will rush to Mommy to get some comfort. Yesterday i cooked a pot pie for my preschooler and he was eating it at the front room by the coffee table while watching the television, and this little bully brother grabbed the food and spilled it on the floor. Poor big brother, all he did was cry, he just told his little brother that what he did was bad. I am glad that he is not hot tempered brother, he couldn't dare to hurt his brother because i have been reminding him not to hurt the baby, he doesn't know what he is doing and almost everything he does is play for him. Anyway, i am really happy that i have these two wonderful blessings in my life. They are my source of strength and they keep me going. They are my happiness and joys to my heart. It's fulfilling to watch them growing happy and healthy although sometimes it can be exhausting. I will try to be a best mother to them and will teach them good things to the best of my knowledge.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hand On The Grapes

My youngest one sure is one handful baby. I have to put everything out of his reach so he can't grab it. Pretty much of our things are already whether on top of the cabinets, on top of the shelves or anywhere just to keep the things away from him. Hubby has to vaccum the floor everyday so he won't see small things on the floor and pick it up and put it in his mouth. This morning i was putting some fruits on the plate where we usually put the fruits and put it on top of the coffee table for awhile because i went to my room to get my camera to take some snaps of it. But when i got back, he's already there trying to pick some grapes. Just look how cute his hand is, i must say that i did a good job capturing the cutest hand that is trying to get the grapes.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Kids Sake

Insurance is one big important thing that every family must have here in America. When i first got here i had no idea then that every move you do here insurance is always involve and not cash. Which is really a good thing though because you don't have to worry about it and let the insurance takes care of everything for you. Whether you apply for an insurance in person or you just look for insurance online, you can find most of them has good service and they will let you feel secure and comfortable to their company. We do have our own insurance, we're making sure that our kids will be in good hands if ever there are unexpected happenings might come. We don't really know what's gonna happen everyday though, that's why hubby just wanted to be prepare for our kid's sake. Hubby said that it's better to be prepared than be sorry later on.

Worried Me

It got me a little worried what hubby took so long to get home. When he finally got home i welcomed him with a worried look and asked him why he got home late. He smiled at me and said, don't worry honey nothing happened to me, see? I am alive and still smiling. He didn't tell me yesterday he that he was planning to go to the store yesterday. And he told me just now that he stopped by at the store right after he got off from work. His boss assigned him to another area and he needs to have a new footwear for him to wear because the area that he is going to assigned is kind of rough and tough job. So he bought a pair of boots for him to wear in his new job. He teased me that i just worry too much. Well, of course i do worry, he is my husband and i do love him, maybe it's my nature to worry things especially when my loved ones are involve.

Nothing More I Could Ask

There is nothing else that can make a mother happy but to see her kids are growing healthy and happy. I have no other wish but just to have my kids are always safety, happy and they will be a good example to other kids around them. The other day i let them enjoy bathing at the tub together. They were playing bubble bath with a made up bucket. I was really enjoying watching my kids playing. Even though motherhood can be tiring and exhausting but it sure is fulfilling as well. Nothing can make me more happy than seeing my happy kids and being with my loving husband. I love my life, i have nothing more to ask no more, i have everything that makes me contented and completes me as a woman.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quick Weight Loss

Because of most people are definitely busy with their careers nowadays, it's kind of hard for them to find time to exercise after they get off from work anymore. Mostly people i knew that are used to be extra size and got rid of their unwanted pounds in their body, did the what we call it quick weight loss. That way, they don't have to work hard for it since they can't find time for that. It's advantage for those people that's really want to lose so much weight and doesn't have time to do the exercise. Now, all they do is just to have the quick way and whala! They got rid of their extra unwanted weight already. Easy, convenient and effective, they look presentable and look even younger than their age.

Ugly Blackheads

It was quite a while before i noticed my husband that he's got some blackheads on his nose and around it. I guess because i don't really look at his face directly very often before like i do now. I was still a bit shy to talk to him face to face and eyes to eyes when we just barely got married. I don't know, maybe because we are still adjusting to each other and we're still on the stage of getting more deeply to one another. But anyway, when i realized that he's got those ugly blackheads, i tried to clean them using tweezer but it just keep on coming back because his pores are so big that it is easy for the dirt to get into it and will become blackheads again. That's why i am trying to find out some blackhead treatments for him so i can totally get rid of those ugly blackheads he's got. You won't see it as you just look at his face but when you get close enough to his face, you'll see it and it's very unpleasant.

Perfect Lovely Weather

My eldest son and i are loving the spring season this year. Although we love those past years but we both are enjoying the spring season more this year. He gets to enjoy walking or riding his bike outside while i walk with him carrying my ever beloved toy with me so i can shoot photos as we walk. I already have plenty of photos that i am excited to share with you all and i will try to share those photos i got one by one as possible as i can. For now, please enjoy this photo below. It's my silly boy riding his bike under the sun with a perfect lovely weather...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Outdoor Furniture

Spring is officially here in our place now and we are so happy although it is still a little chilly sometimes but at least we know now that we are heading for spring. There are days that's windy but it's alright though as long as the sun is rising up and spreading the rays of the heat. And of course it is the perfect time to get those outdoor furniture out from the shed where we put them during winter time. It's time to enjoy being outside again and it's perfect time to do some picnics during weekends with my small yet very happy family. Well, it's going to be my son's birthday in about month from now and we should have those furnitures out so we can set it and plan for the party ahead of time.

Durable Luggage

It won't be a very long wait until we can fly to go see my dear family back home. I am as excited as can be and also my preschooler son. But until now i am still not ready though, i still got a lot of things to do like packing the things that i need to bring. Although i already bought a box where i want to put all the presents i am going to bring for my family, but i haven't put not even one in it yet. I guess i must get things ready before i run out of time. And that reminds me, i haven't even bought a luggage for myself yet because the luggage i used to have is now for my son, i need to pack their clothes as soon as i can so i don't forget anything that i should bring during the trip. This time, when i buy a luggage, i have to make sure that it is very durable and light so it won't add the weight to the things that i am going to put inside in it. I was searching some luggages that i wanted to have and i found this Titan luggage that matches to the luggage that i have been thinking to get. This is the perfect one for me, durable and pretty looking luggage.

Tiring But Fulfilling

I was away from my blogging hobby due to i have some friends who came over here from California to visit us. I had to clean the house thoroughly and do what must do first. The house was spotless until they left. It came back to original view of the house again, scattered toys and other things of my preschooler and also the rocker, the walker and everything is in sight again... It only tells that there is two active boys in the house that runs around and always there to make a mess... Well, i cannot really do anything about it but to just follow and clean the mess they make, that's the job of a mother is to take care of everything inside the house... It can be tiring but at the same time, fulfilling...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Job Hunting

I just barely got a call from my friend who lives in Georgia. Her father arrived there couple of weeks ago and who is very lucky to find a job so quickly. Since they are very close to the border of Florida. Her father was able to find a job in Florida. She is very happy that her father found a decent job through the help of Tampa job search so he won't be bored and might think of going back home. That made me think about my dear beloved mother, if i am going to sponsor her so she could come and stay here with us, would she get bored too? I just hope not, and i know my mother that she doesn't like being idle, she wants to do something because she likes to be being productive as possible as she can. Maybe i will just let her take care of my kiddos while i find a good job for me, so at least she has something to do while staying at home and will take care of her medication by my own income. How's that? I hope that this plan of mine will work smoothly like what i wanted to, i just have to cross my fingers and toes then, lol!

New Entertainment For Her

I so love the new entertainment machine that my bestfriend got. Well, actually it was his husband who bought it for her. An early mother's day present for her. She was really happy when the Samsung was being delivered to their house because it was a surprise gift from her dear sweet husband. She is excited to have some fun in her house now. We both like to sing and so as some of our other friends. we can surely try her new entertainment that's being put in her patio. In fact she is planning to have a get together this coming Saturday since she doesn't have overtime. She hasn't tried it yet although it's already installed. She is waiting for Saturday so we can try her very new entertainment. She must be loved and treated like a queen of her husband, i am so happy for her...

Home Theater Seating

Hubby and our oldest son were watching movie downstairs the other night and hubby mentioned about something that made me laugh. It was our son that asked his daddy to buy him a home theater seating in his room so he can watch his own movie that he likes to watch. Well, first of all, he is still too young for that though and besides, his room is not big enough for that kind of machine to be put in his room. It will be too much if he has something like that in his room. For now, we told him that he can watch his movies in our front room where we have our machine just like what he was asking to have. Silly boy, sometimes he is thinking too much and it's just makes us laugh because he is too innocent to tell us something. We do understand him though, it's just that, there are things that he cannot get because he is too young to have it yet. In perfect time, he will get those things that he asked to his daddy.

Proud Mommy I Am

How can i help not to brag about my preschooler when he deserves to be brag about! Yesterday they had a special test about their capacity of counting and writing the letter from A to Z and numbers from 1 to 20. So far he is the only got the perfect score for counting the numbers from 1 to 20. Some of his classmates recited the letters correctly but wasn't able to recite the numbers perfectly. I am so proud of my son because his learning is way ahead and worried on the other hand because when he goes to kindergarten, he might get bored because he already knew the things that he supposed to know in a certain stage of his studies. Hubby and i were concerned about it though. We are just hoping that his enthusiasm of learning more won't fade away. I am keep on assisting him every time he's got questions and confusions. I will try to the best that i can to help him so he won't feel like studies is no longer fun. He has to be excited all the time for him to explore more and learn more.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Manure.... Yikes!

It's not just once that happened to me i was dreaming about manure, poop or whatever you call it. Excuse me to those who are very sensitive with the topic but i am just wondering if you guys really believe the sayings that whenever you dream about it, there will be good fortune coming along your way like receiving some money or something really good. I am not sure myself if i believe this or not though because every time i dream about this, money is always involve. Yes, it happens to me all the time. I remember one time that i was dreaming about it that night and the next day i won a big amount of money from a lottery. Not that big like what you might be thinking right now but for me, it was huge amount of money since i don't really bet and i don't know a whole lot of gambling myself. Anyway, i just thought of ranting this because i wanted to share my dream and i wanna know as well if you believe or even encounter the same situation like what i experienced...