Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here's My Eye Glasses

This is my first time to wear glasses though. I am not use to it and a little awkward for me but i have to get use to this because i cannot see in a distance anymore. I can see very clear when i am wearing glasses and it makes me feel so good and not dizzy anymore every time i tried to focus the things that i cannot see few feet away from me. But now i do , it is very clear as i was just barely born lol! Anyway, here's my glasses just for you to see how i look like if i have my glasses on and if i am not wearing it. My sister said i look old with my glasses and i told her that maybe she is not just use to see me wearing glasses but she will be. Everyone will get use to see me wearing my glasses from now on.

Choose The Best One

Nowadays people cannot shop without credit cards. I myself never have credit card until i got here in America and hubby got me one because it's more convenient to shop and purchase things online or everywhere i go. Mostly people here in America does have at least one credit card and that's what makes the life more easier here and more convenient. Just a swipe of the card and the shopping or purchase is all done! It's as easy as that, and what's good thing about it is you can pay the charges on your bills later on.

But most people forget that credit card is just a piece of plastic card that allows us to purchase things and pay later. The advantage of credit cards is if you don't have cash in your wallet you can avail the things that you like to purchase right away. But the disadvantage to it is if you forget to pay for your bills then you are going to have high interest especially if you get the credit cards from not so good bank or credit cards company. So for you to be able to pay not so high interest, better get the credit card that suits your budget well. That will be the smartest way you can do and it will be easy for you because you don't have to pay high interest and high bills in the future.

Monday, April 28, 2008

He's Got New Crocs

I bought my little young man a new spiderman crocs because his slippers is getting small for him and besides he needs the light slippers so we can take it back home. Since we are nearby seashore i am sure he would love to play by the beach a lot and crocs is just perfect for him to wear at the beach because it is made of rubber and it is very easy for him to wear. Take a look at this young man of mine wearing his new spiderman crocs.

Best Help You Can Get

Family's need sometimes exceed from the budget. That's why some family seek help from lending companies and most of the lending companies are not that good because they have so much interests that is too much for people. when people needs financial assistance all they can do is run and ask help from lending investors or to the banks to get some loan. Especially when it is urgent need of money and there's unexpected expenses that is need to be done in the house. It is difficult to squeeze some expenses in to your budget if it is tight.

I am talking about this because nowadays people doesn't really have to worry about this no more. There is a cash loan online where they can turn to and ask for help for financial assistance. And one good thing about this is, it is very convenient because you don't have to run around and look for the best place to get some loan and the other good thing is, it is easy for you to apply for a loan. Just a tip of your fingertips and no worries about the application because once it's approved the money will automatically goes to your bank account. So how about that? Isn't that sounds so convenient for you? You should try this instead of giving yourself a hassle for looking best place to get loans.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sweet Little Angel

I just want to share this video that i made this morning of my sweet little angel's niece. She is five months younger than my son and as i was looking at her pictures, i couldn't help but imagine what would be my sweet little girl's face too, is she going to be look like daddy or mommy? Well, let's see when she comes out. But first, please take a look at this sweet little angel's face, my cute niece. She is the daughter of my oldest sister and she is just adorable as a doll isn't she? The two girls that she's with in this video are my nieces too. They are sisters, they are the daughters of my oldest brother.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lewisburg Apartment

Lewisburg Apartment has the best place that they can offer to those people who are looking for a place to stay for a while. Like my friend's nephew he is going to Pensylvannia for he is assigned there with his new job. He is looking for a best place and he is thankful that i gave him an idea where to look for the best place to stay. He said that he's been looking for but he couldn't find the best place that he like the most. So good thing that he found the best one in Lewisburg Apartment and he said that he liked it there so much. He's got the friendly place and quiet which he loves the most.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Saying Goodnight

It's getting late for me here but yet i am still awake and wanted to greet all my fellow bloggers a sweet goodnight and may all you sleep tight and don't forget to thank the Lord for all the blessings you have received the whole day. I am tired and sleepy now and i am about to park my exhausted body in bed. Hope to see you all tomorrow, goodnight everyone!

Moving Van Rental

The easiest way to move nowadays is to rent a van when you don't have a trailer of your own to carry all the furnitures and all the things that you like to bring with you when you plan to move. Just like my husband's nephew, he rented a moving van rental from Indiana coming up here, and it's a great idea because you will be able to take care of your own things while on the trip and you won't spend a lot of money to move your things from one place to the other. Husband's nephew said that it's a way to save money since they are saving money for another chapter of their life as a small happy family with his wife and their newborn baby.

Worried Husband

My husband is getting worried about me as my tummy is getting bigger and bigger. Every time i get full i am having trouble breathing and my lower left side gets hurt really bad. He was teasing me earlier that it might be good idea if i just stay here instead and not going back home anymore. But i told him that i only feel this way if i am full and all i need to do is just a little walk here and there and i will be alright. Anyway, i am not going to eat a whole lot though during our trip with this little boy of ours, and i don't think i would like to be full and later on will be having hard time to sit and relax while on the flight.

Roadside Service

My friend who just got married said that her husband is a biker. He likes to take her everywhere especially now that spring is here and it's the perfect time to roam around the place they want to be. And she said that she doesn't have to worry about them while they are in the middle of the road when things happens like they get in trouble with the motorcycle because they can easily reach the Roadside Service that they have for their motorcycle. So i thought that it's an interesting adventure they always have and the couple are ready for everything no matter what happens to them while they are on the trip.

Messy? Not Me!

You Are Not Messy

You're so clean, people have accused you of being a clean freak!

You like things tidy, organized, and smelling fresh.

Messes drive you crazy, especially when you didn't make them.

It's hard for you to live with a slob - or someone who leaves their dishes in the sink.

Yes i cannot a place that's really messy with every things cluttered in every corner of the house. I am not saying that i am a clean freak but i just couldn't live with a messy place. Right now i am a little bit lazy though because my tummy is always on the way and i get tired easy but i am trying to keep my house clean as much as i can.

Sending Sweet Thoughts

It is important for a business to be polite to your clients and you should treat your clients good to be able to keep them coming back and subscribe on your business. With that, if they will keep in touch with you, you should give your clients the best Thank you Cards so that they will feel more like they are very important to you and their business with you is truly appreciated by you. This is one way of keeping your customers or clients to stick with your business. Giving thank you card to your customer is one way to please them and that will make them think that you are indeed a good businessman and you are looking forward to have more business with them.

Just like my uncle in California, he's got business and busy all the time because he's got a lot of clients that needs his attention. And he is asking me a best store to get thank you cards and he is glad that i helped him by referring the best store where he can get the nice and very professional look kinds of thank you cards. He said that these kinds of cards that he is looking for because mostly his customers are male and not female. He said that the thank you cards store i referred to him are all nice and elegant look.

Little Black Dress

What Your Little Black Dress Says About You

You are sexy, outrageous, and daring. You love to push people's buttons.

You are fearless and free spirited. You get people talking... and you don't care what they say about you.

Your style is revealing, trendy, and flirty. You love to look good.

If you were a shoe, you would be: Strappy sandals

Who can tell that this little black dress is not telling about me? No one can lol! Anyway, i am like this, since it was me who answered all the questions in this survey so i cannot blame anyone but myself about the result, lol! This is another fun survey i truly enjoyed. So grab it girls if you are one curious like me of what your little black dress say about you.

Halloween Costumes

The first halloween i joined was last year. I really had fun because i wore my costume as a pussycat. Anyway, i am thinking what would be the best costume i want to wear this coming halloween and good thing i found a perfect store where i can find lots of styles to choose from at this Leg Avenue Costumes store. Their products are so cute and i love them all. Especially the girly blue dress with matching leggings on it, i so love it! I am going to be Dorothy this time, but sexier than Dorothy in Wizard of Oz lol! I love that costume and i cannot wait to wear that on halloween party this coming November.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wearing Contact Lens

I just barely got back from my eye check up and the result is quite interesting for me. My left eye has astigmatism and the right eye is near sighted. The doctor told me that i should've seen the doctor long time ago because my eyes are bad. I am thankful that the doctor suggested that i need to wear the contact lens of my eyes with different corrections. Right now i am wearing the contact lens with different corrections as temporary because they have to make my contact lens especially and i will be able to get the pair lens in about a week from now.

So as of now, my eyes aren't that clear when i look at certain things so close because they put some medicine on it to make my eyeballs dilated, but need not to worry because this medicine will slowly not take effect no more in a couple of hours. I am very happy i got the contact lens so that i will not be having hard time to see very far no more especially that our trip is coming so soon. The doctor told me that he is going to give me 6 months supply of contact lens and will see him again after that. He also required me to have the eye glasses but will wait until i deliver the baby because sometimes expectant mother changes the hormones after the delivery. So, let's see if my eyes will have progress in about 6 months from now, i hope so.

Attention All Beauties!!!

I am calling the attention to those people who have an extra ordinary beauties in the world to please read this post of mine because you have the very rare opportunity to be one of the top model in the whole wide world. Look of the year is looking for those aspiring models that are beautiful, young and very rare beauties as your asset. So try to check this out and i am sure that this big opportunity is what you have been waiting for as your big break in life. Who knows? You could be the next top model in these very famous and lovely place such as Paris, New York or Milan. Grab your opportunity now!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Have Perfect Home

What Your Front Door Says

You have simple tastes.

You like the classic basics, especially when they're done well.

Lots of space in your life is very important.

You don't like physical or mental clutter.

Actually this is not the first color that i would like to paint in my door, but since this is the best color that's in the choices i have in the survey, i chose this white color. And yes i do agree what it says. I don't really like fancy and very big house. As long as we have enough room for hubby and me and our children and we have all the rooms we need like bathroom, kitchen room and living room, that's all that matters to me. In fact this house where we live is very perfect for me and my family.

My Son's Bedroom

Since my son is getting so big for his convertible bed, we are planning a little changes so he will be more comfortable to sleep in his own room. He is been using that crib a convertible bed for 2 years and now he doesn't want to sleep in there no more because he doesn't quite fit to it and he is not comfortable anymore. So we decided that it is time for us to buy him a new bed, a big bed for a big boy like him. We need to do a little renovation for his room, we'll have to get rid that convertible bed to his room and put it to other room to make it a crib again since my little girl is coming on August. Hubby and i are planning to get him the Wooden Childrens Furniture, where we can put all his things so that his room will be more organized.

Also, we need to buy him a Kids Bedroom furniture of course, so he will be more comfortable to sleep in his own room. We'll buy him a new beddings that he will love the most, his favorite cartoon characters. And the other thing that we are considering to get him is the Kids Desk where he can do things while he is on his own room. He loves to write a lot and he loves to use crayons so this will be a great idea to put in his own room. I cannot wait to see his own room to be more clean and organized with all these furnitures we are going to get for him. I am sure that soon as his room has all these furnitures, he would love to stay there more often.

Thanks Goodness

Earlier i encountered a problem with my internet connection, it was disconnected. I was really upset because i was doing something else and suddenly the connection went off on me. So i called the customer service so they can fix the problem and it was a little bit hassle to me though because i have to do things as what the operator told me to do so. Goodness! It was my first time to experience such problem like this with my high speed internet. I understand if i am using the dial up internet, but heck no! I am using the most expensive internet here in our town and it's giving me problem for the very first time.

I am hoping that this kind of problem will not occur no more in the future, it makes me really upset. Thanks goodness the problem is fixed now. I was just a little surprised because the operator who took care of my call is one Filipino, i didn't realize it until i heard some noise on his background talking filipino language. I greeted him in Filipino way but he refused to respond and he asked apology for he cannot talk to me in Filipino language because it's their policy. So i understand that and i just said goodbye after the long conversation of the internet connection problem.

CD Rates

When i got here in America i slowly learned a lot of things. Just like this CD rates, i really don't have any idea about this matter until hubby opened a new account for me and he explained all the things that i should know. I was a bit confused before because i never have bank account back home that has some issues like this that i need to know and consider. I am glad that hubby is really good in knowing things about this because i am learning from him and because of him i now fully understand what this means to me.

Anyway, knowing our bank account statements and all that is really important. When money gets involved, we should be informed well by the banks where we open our bank accounts for us to be educated on what we should get and what we should be aware of. So i am thankful that there is some helpful websites that i can refer to as well that is making me knowledgeable about all this.

Dream Place Of Mine

You Should Live in the Suburbs

Like many people, you like the city - but you don't want to live in it.

For you, the suburbs is the perfect compromise.

You can enjoy the city as much as you want, but you have a quiet, safe neighborhood to come home to.

This is the perfect result for where i want to live. Yes we are living right in the middle of the city but not as crowded as big city. The city where we live in is quiet and not so busy. I love our place because it's easy to go to grocery store and we have a very friendly neighborhood. This is my dream place, my dream house we live in and a dream family i am having now.

Obligated To Pay

Mostly the people here living in America are not realizing that the plastic thing as we call it Credit card is just a tool to get your purchases fast and they are given the chance to purchase things and pay later, that's how it works, simple as that. But because of that, some people forget to remind themselves that it is still their obligation to pay what they buy using their credit card. That's why people end up having bad credit loans because sometimes people get also the bad credit credit cards that makes them pay high interest rates.

Getting Harder And Harder

Good morning everyone! How's your Tuesday morning? Mine is pretty good. I just got up from bed and little bit after this i am going to the kitchen to look for a quick breakfast that i can get. I fell asleep last night having hard time to breath. Sure that my baby girl inside me is growing so fast that sometimes made me feel like i am going to blow up because i cannot breath no more especially when i am full. Hubby was so worried about me last night and he didn't slept well either. I was having hard time to find the best comfortable position so i can sleep but seems like no matter how i tried still no success.

I got up and sat in the couch by the living room and thinking all the things that is going to happen when we are far apart from each other. I feel bad because i am going to leave hubby for a while and i know we have to sacrifice for a little bit just for the best to both of us. He will follow us soon after i deliver the baby to get us. I have mixed emotions as the days is getting closer and closer for us to be apart. I hope that everything's gonna be alright and the plan will go through as what we expected to happen.

Monday, April 21, 2008

AMC Theatres

I've been here in America for quite sometime and there's one thing i haven't done it yet. To go to theaters and watch concerts or any other activities. Well, good thing i mentioned this to hubby because his cousin from Canada invited him to go over to their place and they will take us to AMC Theatres. I heard that this theater is quite big and pleasant. So it kind of makes me imagine what would it be look like in that place and i am sure that it is going to be fun to be there with my family.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It Is Sad To Know

This morning i decided to go outside at the backyard with my son because we had a very beautiful weather, it was windy but Mr. Sunshine had enough light to keep warm the whole day. So my son had so much fun outside playing his bike and doing some other activities while i came back inside to do some house chores but i made sure that my son still there at the back busy playing while waiting for his daddy to arrive from work. When his daddy arrived, it was his daddy who took care of him and watched over him while i was trying to finish my chores inside here.

Anyway, they went over at the front porch and my son continued playing out there with his daddy. I just got done with what i was doing and hubby came in to get a screw driver because the grand daughter of the old couple next door wants to borrow it for a while. When she came back to return the tool, hubby and i had a little chat with her. To my surprise she mentioned that her old grandpa died last early January. I felt suddenly sadness in me because these couple are very nice neighbor to us and since it's winter i hardly go outside to visit them. And besides, i don't want to go out there and just pops out at their doorstep. Before i go to someone else's house, i make sure to give them a call to know that they are home, they are not busy and not somewhere else.

I couldn't help but blame myself for not visiting the poor old couple. He was 87 years old when he died and it has been almost 4 months since he died and i didn't even know it until that grand daughter came over to visit the poor old grandmother of hers because she is lonely and sad. I would say that she is very sad, they have been happily married for long long years and now she doesn't have someone to talk to no more, she is all by herself now. I suddenly remember my grandmother too, she was terribly affected when my grandpa died due to his heart problem.

It is sad to know that we are just neighbors here, just right next door, but yet i have no idea about his death. What i am getting at is, if this old man happens to die in my beloved place back home, even the other Barrio as we call it, will know about his death for sure. It's just made me realized that indeed living here in America is way different from place where i was born and grew up, it's totally different.

Custom Team Uniforms

When my youngest brother told me that he is the incharge of the basketball team in our place which will be held on next month, he is asking favor if i could find the best custom team uniforms for his team. So i said that it's not a big deal no more because i found the best company of Speedee Shirts where i can get excellent and beautiful custom team uniforms for his team to wear. I love all the styles and texture of the fabrics because they usually have the cotton which is the most comfortable to wear especially for the sports activities like basketball. They are also good in designing the team uniforms and i can choose the best custom designed shirts for my youngest brother's team.

Realistic Woman

You are Totally Realistic

"Romance" means you're about to roll your eyes

Seriously, you can do without the sap or drama

Save it for someone who has nothing really going on in their relationship

For you, love is real - and easily integrated into your life

You don't need candles, flowers, or chocolates to know he's the one

Just some stimulating conversation... and maybe a great smile.

I would say that i am truly a realistic woman. I am not really crazy of a fancy dates, all i want is to know the person i am with and have fun talking to him. I found out hubby has the same interests as me so we liked each other right away. We have the same concepts in life and we have the same characters. We are truly blessed to be together and our relationship is still growing and fonder everyday.

Be Wise And Smart

When you buy a car you usually get this Auto Loans. And most people don't realize and don't even try to compare if they have the best loans for auto they got from other bank or company so they don't pay too much interests on their monthly bills. That's why when hubby got my new car, he made sure that we are getting the lowest interest rate every month so we can pay for it with no pain in his pocket. Not many people realizing this, that's why they usually end up getting Bad Credit Auto Loan that can make them broke from their financial status. So this is a good reminder to those people who are not wise enough for getting their car loan. When momey gets involved, we should be wise and smart.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Worse Now

I am afraid that my eyes is getting worse and worse now. I couldn't see very far no more, all i see is just like clouds and really blurry. That's why hubby told me that i should see a doctor for this problem. I had eye problem long time ago already. I used to work in an electronics company and that's when my eyes started to get bad. In my work there i was using the very high magnification microscope and i been scheduled most of my job at night shift. I like night shift better though because for me the time goes by so fast and i don't get sleepy at night, i am a lazy bird in the morning. But during the morning i don't get enough sleep because it is way different to sleep during the day than night time which is suppose to be the rest time.

And later at night i take a bath with stress body and tired eyes. Maybe that's why my eyes got worse and now that blogging is been part of my daily routine, my eyes gotten even worse. So good thing i was able to call to make an appointment to see the doctor for my eyes and will have the appointment on next week. I hope that if i get glasses i will be able to get it before i go back home so i can wear it when we have our trip. It is really difficult for me to see if the certain things i am looking is very far from me, and especially to travel with my dear son.

Baby Announcements

Hubby and i are so excited now as time is getting closer for us to see our little girl. But we have to make sure that everything is in order, from the room and her things and especially her arrival. We have made a decision to make the announcement as special as we can get the Birth Announcements in the website. We are making sure that in her coming, she has the very special Baby Announcements to be remembered by everyone.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's See

I was gonna go for a walk yesterday but since first i don't feel good, the second reason is it's pretty windy and chilly outside yesterday that's why i decided not to go instead. Today is pretty day outside and i hope this will going to last until the rest of the day because i am planning to go stroll with my son with his stroller.

Since the store is just a blocks away from our house, it would be nice for me to go for a walk when the sun is shining and especially i need some exercise because i am pregnant i need it real bad due to my feet are starting to swell. Pretty early huh? Well, i need to get up here from my computer sometimes, go outside, smell the fresh air, have a little exercise and feel the cool breeze outside. So let's see if i can go outside today and do as what i have planned.

Best Credit Card Offers

My friend just barely got her daughter a new car because she is now working. And now that she is working she is looking for a best credit card offers that she said she is not going to pay high interests. So her mother asked me if i know some company that could possibly give her daughter the best credit card with no hidden fees and all that. So i told her that i know one and she can call the toll free number and inquire the best credit she can get for her daughter. Most of the kids are easily get tempted when they are holding plastics and might get out of control with their finances.

So i said that this best credit card offers will definitely help her for controlling her by spending too much because they will look after her records and give the best that she can get. She is a little worried about her daughter though but i told her not to because this company is the best rate she can get and like i said no hidden fees and all that. She is glad that she asked me because i suggested her this company and as she looked at it she said that it is indeed the best company she can get for her daughter's credit card.

Press Release:

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Except the information about credit cards for all types of credit history and comprehensive reviews of credit cards, you can take use of the Credit Questions Centre at the site. All you need to do is to type your question about credit cards in the special field and submit it. You will get the answer as soon as possible.
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Another advantage of this Credit Questions Centre is that it is free. Take use of the service, ask a question about credit cards and get a free answer from experts.


I knew it! Yesterday i wasn't feeling so good when i woke up because my throat was terribly hurting me and i feel like i am going to have dry cough. My head is aching and my nose is keep dripping like faucet. And now i woke up this morning without a voice! I am hoarse!!! I cannot say anything, there's no voice will come out from my mouth. When hubby got up this morning to get ready for work, i woke up too because nature called me. I was gonna say something to hubby but nothing came out from my mouth but hardly a whisper. Hubby said "Oh no Honey, what happen to you?"

I knew this is gonna happen to me, i just can tell. I already knew because i felt it last night. Good thing in blogging is i don't have to say something from my mouth but through my fingertips and so as by talking to my friends online. I don't have to use my mouth to blog, i use my mind and my hands, so thanks goodness. Because what if blogging is by mouth? Oh no! I would be probably absent now lol! So anyway guys, hope you have a beautiful Thursday morning! God bless us all!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best Help For People

Pay Day Loans is the best help for people who have unexpected expenses coming up such as medical bills or the automobile broke down. This company is the best place to turn to because you won't pay high interests on your monthly bill and unlike others that you will find in your downtown neighborhood. You can do this at your own comfort security and privacy in your own house online with this company. Which makes you getting this Faxless Payday Loans very convenient because all you have to do is just get online and apply for a loan and the application is quite simple and easy and you're done! But please make sure you use this responsibly.

I Can Be Therapist

You Have Your Emotions in Check

You are an incredibly stable and happy person.

Ever consider being a therapist?

You have figured out how to keep a positive outlook, no matter what.

You don't have an easier life than anyone else. You just have figured things out a little more.

I must agree of what this survey said. I have been asked many times if i would like to be a therapist since i am good in giving good advices and console the emotion to most of my friends. I just have this special skills to lighten up someone else depressed soul and makes me feel good as well. I am a very good friend and i love to keep friends in my heart forever. And also i know how to keep track of my emotions when the situation need more patience or i have to be out of the place just to get away from trouble. But if i get provoked i won't surrender my ego and will make the battle win as much as i can.

Extra Online Income

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I Am A Basil

You Are Basil

You are quite popular and loved by post people.

You have a mild temperament, but your style is definitely distinctive.

You are sweet, attractive, and you often smell good.

Wow! I never did expect that this kind of result would come out after i took the survey test lol! Anyway, i would say that this survey is telling the truth though it is because i am the one who answered the survey so i am just being honest to myself by answering all the questions that this survey gave. Anyway, i would like to know some of my friends though, so why don't you try this fun survey guys? C'mon! What spice are you?

Dissertation Template

As a blogger, even though i have been blogging for a year now but still i have a lot of things that i need to learn. That's why i am very open to every topics regarding this matter because i want to explore my knowledge by reading some of the facts and need to do in bogosphere. So that's what exactly should some students do too for looking a certain custom writing and also the editing essay. These are just the examples that need to be aware of. Especially when you are going to do a something like a biography, you need to know that there is a dissertation template that you must consider of doing that. So if you don't know how, you might want to read this website i have found for your to know how to do the dissertation template.

Sore Throat

Oh no! I feel like i am going to have sore throat. My throat hurts so bad right now and it feels like i am going to have dry cough later after this sore throat i got. I knew i am going to have this because when i woke up this morning i keep sneezing and not feeling so good at all. I need to drink more water and orange juice so that i will feel better soon. I don't like this feeling, maybe i got this yesterday because it was a kind of chilly and i went outside and had some sunshine on me at our backyard. But instead of getting some fresh air, i got this sore throat now, goodness!

Auto Loan

My friend had just her new car and she said that Auto Loan is not that bad like the others. She picked the good dealer and she is not paying a whole lot of money and she said that she chose the best company where to get her car and also the Auto Loan assistance. Anyway, she said that she also referred this company to one of her friend to avail the Cash Advance because she mentioned that her friend has got some projects that needs to be done and she need financial assistance. Sure this company is a big help for them and i am glad that they found the best one and not paying high interest for it.


I was going to take a nap but my friend came over and we have a little chat for a while and then after she left i did some housekeeping. Until now i am not even finish of some of my houseworks yet but i am here again in front of my computer making a little money from my blogging hobby. I don't know if i can stand a day or two without this blogging. I get crazy if i cannot check my websites and check some of friends websites everyday. But i need to finish my house chores first before it gets dark or i get lazy to do all of them later on lol!

Unsecured Personal Loan

Personal Loan is usually what the ordinary people gets when they are caught in between their paychecks. And this is really helpful for them especially if they have poor credit score which can makes them not to get good cash advance from any company due to they don't have good records. Unsecured Personal Loan is also another option for people that has really low credit score. My friend has the same problem as this and good thing that she is able to get some help from And it is good for her because she doesn't have to pay high interests.

Big Moment Of My Life

This photo was about three years ago and it still makes me cry every time i see this very memorable moment. Taken at the park of Los Angeles, California. I got married to a very loving and wonderful husband of mine who always takes care of me and loves me unconditionally. He is the man for me and i do believe that we are destined to be together forever.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A New Earth

Happiness is the most important thing that every people should feel. Because if everyone of us are happy then we don't feel any pressure or any pain in our hearts that causes us illness or depressions which leads us to suicide or killing ourselves in so many different ways. Especially to those women who just gave birth, they mostly encounter the what we called "Post partum depression" which is not easy to deal with especially when the woman who is dealing with it is just by herself. A lot of medications also has bee released in the market to prevent that kind of depression but it only depends to the individual how to manage their own self to get over with it.

As for me, i don't need any medications or whatsoever, all i need is just read this The Secret works with A New Earth that helps a lot of how to be happy even without any reason. If other can do then why can't i? All i have to do i just get the copy of The Sedona Method book and from that book, i will be able to learn so many things of how to be happy. Also i can get the Free DVD and CD for me to watch the video. Isn't that simple to be happy? Get your copy now and i will sure you this is gonna be a big help for you.

Living Like A Queen

I know sometimes i realize i am a spoiled brat wife to hubby. Like for example this afternoon, he just barely got back from his job and here he is mopping the floor of our kitchen and also this computer room. And he is not even done yet doing his work and i already asked him if he could get me a banana because i want to eat one. So he didn't say anything at all and just got one banana for me and said "Here Honey".

See? Don't you see i am living like a queen? Anyway, i am not like that everyday though, i am just acting like that sometimes if my butt is sticking here in my computer's chair and it is hard for me to get up because i am doing my offers, most of the times i am serving my husband by cooking him delicious food for dinner and pamper him like he deserves to get from me.

Artificial Insemination

I am very interested reading different kinds of parenting issue and how some of the parents would like to have their own children by the help of the donor society. You can find a sperm donor to what race your child would like to have what will be the color of the eyes, the complexion and all that. As for artificial insemination, you also can look for that at Having children is a total gift from above and every woman in the world longed to be a mother, enable for them to complete the family.

More Offers Please!

I got two offers now finally. I was able to grab the two offers that popped out not so long ago and i need more 7 because i am capable to grab 9 offers a day due to i have 3 sites registered to paid post website. I am glad that i got the two of them because i really thought that they are not going to release offers no more. I am still hoping to get some more though, it just that i don't need it so bad but it will be good if i have some extra money when i get home to buy some things while we are back home. So keep coming more offers please? It would be fun if you pour all the offers you got there paid post website! lol!

Software Affiliates

Being in the internet is more likely learning a lot of process, just like the tips and tricks of how to manage your own website and also the software you are going to use for a certain program. That's why if you are looking for a very useful software affiliates, you can find that at tradebit software channels. They have the best thing to offer to those who are looking for software affiliates that will matches their criteria. What you do is just visit the website and see for yourself that what i am referring to is indeed the best place to look. I am sure you'll find this website very helpful for you.

My Mind Is Blue

Your Mind is Blue

Of all the mind types, yours is the most mellow.

You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don't try to think away your troubles.

Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life.

I would say so that my mind is blue not green lol! Anyway, this is another fun survey i took because i was bored and doing nothing here in front of my lappy. So i was looking for an amusement that can divert my attention from boredom. So if you guys would like to take this survey just feel free, go ahead i won't stop you though lol!

Save The Kids From Addiction

It is really hard to a parent if one of your kids will get involved with bad vices such as alcohol or drug addiction. It is hard for a parent to prevent the kids to get influenced from outside like friends and other people that could possibly encourage the kids to try the bad vices like these. That's why i am talking to my son in a grown up way even though he is too young to understand what i am trying to tell him. Soon in time when is old enough to understand all the reminders i have for him, he will realize that i am looking forward for his best future. I do love my son and i don't want him to be involve with such bad things around him.

Just like my friend's daughter, i felt so sad for her though because she is really a beautiful girl and she's got the sweetest smiles of all. She started to get involved with this bad vices when she turned teenager and her parents are very sad about it. So they took her to Drug Rehab that can help her to make her better and so that she can go back to her normal life. In that place where they took their daughter, they also have Alcohol rehab, a special place to people who got addicted to alcohol. This place is a very helpful assistance especially to those young kids who got involved with this kind of bad influences. They also can provide the Dual Diagnosis rehab which is the best cure of sick people that they can get from them.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm So Proud Of Him

Hubby really did a good job tonight, He got the biggest offer that popped out. I was taking a nap with our son and he took my place here in front of my computer and played his favorite games and he thought of refreshing the website where i get the paid post, and there he is! He got the twenty five bucks! There was a lot of fives though but of all the offers he found he got the biggest offer among.

He woke me up and told me that he hopes that i will be proud of him for doing something here in computer. So i got up and i saw the twenty five bucks offer waiting for me to post. Oh i got a very good husband here! I am indeed proud of what he did. I was resting and here he is took my place and got one big fat offer! Thank you so much dear i really love you so much!

Comfort Glow Heaters

We are anxious to see our little girl later this summertime and i know that hubby is as excited as me. He is really obvious by preparing things of the coming of our little angel. He said that he will buy another comfort glow heaters so he can put it to her room so she will be more comfortable to sleep in her own room during winter. I would say that this is indeed a very clever idea of hubby since i haven't thought of that myself. He is a very good father and he thinks for the comfort of our coming little angel. I am sure that by the time she will be born, she is satisfied and feel warm and cozy to her room.

Way Big Than Normal

Who would thought that this tummy of mine is only 5 months? It is quite big isn't it? Even the doctor told me that the baby inside is a little bigger than normal size for 5 months. Actually i am not that surprised of what the gynecologist told me though because my son weighed 9lbs when he was born. That's why i wasn't able to deliver him by normal process because he is way too big for poor mommy. I had three days labor and i was bleeding and undergone Caesarian section. I have had a very unforgettable experience when i had my son, it's not really ordinary situation that i went through.

So this baby girl will be probably big as well. But i am hoping that she won't be any bigger than her kuya because i don't want her to be a big monster baby lol! I am happy that my babies are big and quite healthy during the time i am bearing them. So anyway, i am just showing you of how my tummy looks like now. I took this photos recently.

Server Programming

I have not much of idea about this server programming really because i am not that literate to cpmputer field. But because of the help of this internet surfing i am able to get more information and knowledge about this server programming. It isn't as hard as other think though, it may take time to study some aspects and features to it but i am glad i am learning fast. Just like this articles i am currently reading, i am very happy i found this very helpful website because from this, i am learning alot of things regarding this server matter.

It is indeed very challenging and interesting topic for me to understand this kind of matter because i have worked before in an electronics company and never did got the chance to fully understand the things that i was doing before. But now i can explore and get more knowledge about this server programming. I love to learn interesting topic like this and it is very educational for me. Since i am more intocomputer and internet now, i am very open to know more about what i am up to. So this server programming is indeed very hepful for me.

Excruciating Pain

Good morning everyone! How's you Monday morning? Mine is not as good though, I am currently feeling a very excruciating pain in my tummy. I am again constipated but this time it's really hurting me so bad. I rushed in the bathroom when i got up to calm myself down and it did for a while and right now i am still in pain. I just don't know why i am feeling like this, i just didn't feel something like this before when i had my son.

As what people say that every pregnancy is really different and i must agree with that because this second pregnancy is way different from my first one. Oh, it's just hurting me really bad and i always rush to the toilet to make me feel calm again and again. Gosh! This is really hard for me you know. And i am hoping that this stage of pregnancy will be over soon.

Windows XP

When i had this laptop that hubby bought for me it is kind of very unusual for me to have a very fast result. This desktop of mine is fast too but not as fast as my laptop. So hubby thought that there might be some problems to this desktop that causes that slow loading of a windows. I searched to see if i can help fix this problem a little bit and this is what i found, Windows XP common problems. This is indeed a very helpful tips for me so i can familiarize some causes of the slow down of this windows XP desktop i have. I need to fix this one so it will be as fast as my laptop. So that if i use them both, i cannot see the difference no more.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Am Scary

You Are a Little Scary

You've got a nice edge to you. Use it.

A lot of people's first impression with me is i am very intimidating. But not really, once you get to know me you are going to like me and love me that's for sure. I am not bragging that i am the most friendliest person in the whole world but i can be a nice person if the person whom i am with is nice too. But i can be very evil once provoked.

So try not to mess up with me or you will end up regreting that you picked me. So who wants to be my friend here? I am very welcome to make good friends as many as i want to but i hate people that are very hypocrites and great pretenders. Be honest and be friendly, because i am one.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

He Is Getting Big

Actually this is just suppose to be a quick update for today. I was just gonna greet my fellow bloggers a beautiful morning once again but i happen to bumped in the old photos of my son. These photos was taken when he turned a year old. We had a little party at our backyard and he had so much fun because he's got lots of kids to play with. Can you imagine this was 2 years ago? And now my boy is so big! He is gonna be 3 years old next month and he is going to celebrate his 3rd birthday back home. I just want to share these photos of his with his daddy and the kids for you to see that my boy is definitely growing so fast.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bad Credit Loans

The most common problems of Americans nowadays is this bad credit loans. That's why hubby always reminding me to keep my credit cards paid off even before the due payment to prevent this kind of problems. i am very good in paying my credits though because i don't want to pay so much interest if i miss the due payment every month. But since most of people doesn't know how to keep control of their credits, there's another way ton find solution to their problem and that's when the time can help to those who need financial assistance without paying too much interest.

Things To Do

I am planning to go outside today and go for a walk with my son since the grocery store is just a block away from our house and there's no need to drive. I love to walk a lot especially if the weather isn't so bad like it is now and that surely will help make me feel better if i am stress, bored or wants to smell the fresh air outside. Anyway, we are going to a grocery store to buy something that i need for the baby shower party tomorrow. I set the date early because i don't want to run out of time and we have trip coming very soon.

I am already packed but i still have a lot of things to do aside from packing things that we need to bring on our trip back home. I still want to buy more presents for my dear beloved family and buy some basic needs that i am going to need during the trip. Oh i have so much things going on in my mind right now and i cannot just do it right away. But anyway, i still have plenty of time to do all those things though, so there's not much pressure.

Apache Logs

I am not really of what you call a computer geek. I maybe know some of the tips and tricks here in computer world but this Apache logs is a very helpful website where you learn a lot of things and it's very informative website. I just read one of the articles and i already find something very interesting to learn and will apply in the near future. I am very open to this kind of topic you know since i love to explore some more in computer field. This is quite new to me but then i would love to read of all what's written to this website because it's worth to read and to keep it in my brain.

Should I Be Therapist?

You Are 90% Grown Up, 10% Kid

Your emotional maturity is fully developed, and you have an excellent grasp on your emotions.

In fact, you are so emotionally mature - you should consider being a therapist!

Good morning everyone! How's your Friday morning? As for me it is quite beautiful! i love the sunny outside that hits my face every time i come close by the window. I am hoping that this sunny day is going to last. Because yesterday we had a little chilly weather again. The morning i woke up the sun is up but in the afternoon the sun was hiding with a thick dark clouds.

Anyway, i took this survey thing for fun and according to the survey, i can be a therapist. Maybe i guess because every time i meet new people i can already tell if the person whom i talking to is a good person or not, my instict is always right. So how about my friends here in blogging world? Wanna try this fun survey? Do it now and have fun!

Competitive Intelligence

Have you heard about this If not, then i am aassuring you that once you sign up for their remaining seats, you will learn so many things about the competitive intelligence. this is really helpful to every one of us because this is very important matters to talk about. We need to be smart and sharp in doing things so we have to make sure that we are doing the right thing before we taking some actions.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What My Hand Say

What Your Hands Say About You

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.

Flexible and broad minded, you can fit in to any situation. There's no telling where your life will take you.

Consistent and reliable, you like to count on structure and routine in your life.

Your emotions tend to be relaxed and uncomplicated. You don't read too much into things.

I got this tag from my pretty friend Haze another one hot momma like me lol! Thank you so much for this Haze i truly appreciate you tagged me on this survey. I love the result and pretty much all correct. Anyway, if you guys are curious to know what your hand say about you, you should try this survey that i got and there's no harm in trying though. So why don't you be brave and take the survey yourself!


Who doesn't like to shop? Not me! I love to shop a lot and hubby knows that shopping is my weakness, especially now that i have a new found Ohsochicboutique that has tons of fashionable and very trendy styles of clothing. They have the very latest and very comfortable fabric that they sell which is the one that i consider the most when buying a fashionable and very stylish kind of clothing. So are you shopping freak like me? You've got to try this Ohsochicboutique for you to find out that this is indeed a very interesting site and you will find lots os goodies that you have been looking for.

Bagel Is Enough

Lately i am loving the bagel as my daily breakfast. It is easy for me to prepare and i love it! I love best the blueberry bagel with strawberry or mixed berries with it as my toppings. I also love to drink hot chocolate in the morning since the weather here is not that warm yet to enjoy. Yesterday we had a crazy kind of weather so i had 3 cups of hot chocolate, one in the morning, one in the lunch and one in the evening. Anyway, i eat heavy lunch though, since i have pinakbet left over from yesterday that would be my big heavy lunch for today. So see yah later guys, will eat some of my favorite breakfast! Want some? Come here! You are welcome to join me.

Credit Reports

Living here in America is way different from the country where i grew up. Especially when we talk about the money matter. It is indeed way different style of living here, because in the country where i grew up we don't have so many bank accounts and credit cards unless you are a businessman or businesswoman or you belong to a middle class type of family, you can have the luxury on that. But here, almost all the ordinary people like me has multiple bank accounts and credit cards. It is because they matter your credit score here when you purchase something that you wanted to have like for example buying a house, buying a car and even small things that you like to purchase at the store.

Anyway, i am talking about this matter because most American residents would like to have credit card opt out and i can relate to that because my husband is been trying to keep his good record of his credit report so he won't encounter such things like this. Many of you might experienced to this kind of problem, the credit card company you are having is charging you more than you expected. Then you better read this article that i found for you to realize whether you have good credit card company or not. There's no harm in looking for best idea about this credit card matter though, we all must be wise in choosing things especially when money gets involved.

Press Release:

Default On Credit Card – Can You Opt Out?

Penalty interest rates or default charges are a nightmare of every cardholder, since you will have to pay twice or thrice as high as your current interest and can be subject to universal default practiced by some banks.
Penalty fees are considered to be one of the major sources of the banks’ profit, so the outrageous charges sometimes result in many complaints on the part of the consumers. To help the latter, a number of legal regulations have been developed by the government, including Truth-in-Lending Act. This document is aimed at protecting the interests of credit card holders. It is especially interesting that it allows the consumer to make credit card opt out if the lender increases interest rates outrageously.
After your credit company informs you about APR increase, you have 45 days to decide whether you should go on using this plastic or cancel it to apple for a better credit card with lower interest and fees. In case you choose opting out, you will have to pay your outstanding balance at the initial rate or transfer your balance onto a new card. Those with bad credit history cannot do the latter, but everyone of us can just opt out the rates you consider to be too high and unfair.
Among the cases which allow you to opt out there are too high interest rate which is not connected with default on you card, expiration of grace period, etc.
Read more on this and other burning issues concerning credit and your credit scorecredit score matters at

The Challenge Begins

Good morning everyone here who visits my website! Thank you so much for paying a visit here and i truly appreciate your presence here and i mean it. Anyway here we are again facing the another day's challenge of life as a blogger and i am loving it you know! Sure time flies so fast i just realized that today is already thursday and before we know it weekend is here once again. Oh goodness! I cannot even recall what did i do for the past few days aside from keep staring at this computer of mine and do the blogging lol! I am very lazy to do the household chores lately though since i got pregnant and i am hoping i will be able to cope up some undone house chores before i leave my beloved house.

Website Design Tips

I am not really that expert in blogging about web design. I am just learning and taking the challenge everyday as i am learning the tips and tricks on how design my websites. Also i when i design my website i have to consider the fact that the fellow bloggers and visitors i have here must like it. In that way, so i can gain more traffic from my visitors to keep coming back to all the websites i have. Designing a website is indeed very challenging experience for me because i have never studied something like this before but now i am loving it and got hooked up to it.

A lot of my friends has been telling me that i am doing good at it, but there are more bloggers knows the expertise on how to design their websites. Anyway, because i am just barely learning in this field, i am searching so many things just to get more knowledge to this and i found one website that is very helpful on blogging about web design. It is very educational on how to gain more traffic and tips how to get more attention to my websites. Of course every bloggers would love to have more traffic to their respective websites that's why this is really important for a blogger like me to learn this kind of tips.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wants To Rest

I am now getting tired and my eyes are starting hurt by keep staring here in front of my computer. I wanted to go rest now but i need to finish all the pending offers so i will get paid on the next day. I don't want them to get expired since i am not making good money from the other paid websites. My mind is working so hard right now because i am trying to finish all of them. But i think my brain needs a break so might just take a little break then will finish the rest of them later. I am very eager to finish all the pending though so i don't have to worry on the deadline of the ads.

Microsoft Office Articles

I have heard that MAC computers is not as good as microsoft computers, but when i searched to find out the truth, it wasn't all true after all. In fact i have learned a lot of things from the Microsoft Office regarding the MAC related articles that i have been reading since this morning. I read so many things that i never knew before and very educational and informative for me. some people might have heard bad comments about MAC computers but make sure that you learned the truth for yourself before you decide if it's good or not. I am very glad that i found this Customer service information where i can read all the details regarding this matter.

I myself is not really well educated to this kind of issue and that's why i am searching so many things here in the internet to find out myself the facts and correct details about this matter. it's is quite interesting for me to learn a lot of things by reading this MAC related articles since i love to know more and i am open to explore a lot of things such issue like this. I worked in an electronics company which builds different brands of computers but i have no idea how this things works itself. And now that i got the chance to explore it myself it's just amazed me how educational to read this articles.

I feel like i am going into school by reading all the articles i get in this website because as i am reading it, i am learning so many things that i haven't encountered it before. Now i am able to use some other feature in a microsoft without hesitating to use them. I never tried to use some features of the computers before because i have no knowledge about it and also i am afraid i might ruin the files we got here. But then with the help of this educational articles i am currently reading, i have no hesitations no more by trying all the features. I can now easily do the organization myself without asking help from someone else. These are all new to me but then i am so excited to learn more.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Missing This House

This is my mother's house back home and i miss this house so much. And now i cannot wait to see my family back there which will be a month from now. That was me with long hair and i was with my oldest brother and our neighbor selling fresh fish from the ocean. Oppppssss! I keep breaking the rules though, my bad! Have a good WW everyone!


Hubby just bought me a laptop and now i am using it, i really love the laptop because it is very handy and thin which i love the most. Anyway, i am talking about computer now because i found a best website where you can find best comparison when you purchase your computers online. you can find different brands of computers that you might want to get and also the accessories that you would like to get for the computer that you are going to buy.

And since i am looking for something else they also sell not just computers but there's a lot of things you can buy in this website. i am looking for some watches to give my family back home as a presents for them and also shoes. Which i can find them also to this website. I so love this website because it's very convenient for me and no need to rush at the store to buy all the things i need. And because i don't want to be in a rush i can buy some other things now and worry the others later.

Got My Lappy Working

I finally got my lappy working now. I am now using it, i just received the usb that i need so i can use the wireless internet. And i thought that i won't be able to use it today due to some small errors but i worked it out though. I am glad that i am able to use this before we leave to go back home so i can familiarize this one. It's a little different from the windows XP though but hey! I am not gonna stop until i get the right thing lol! So right now i am using my lappy and hubby is using our desktop playing his ever favorite game, free cell.

Dream To Be A Nurse

Ever since when i was just a little girl i have been dreaming to be a nurse. But when i finished my highschool my mother told me that i cannot continue my studies due to financial shortcomings. Anyway, now that i have the chance to go to school hubby said that it will be good if i finish my studies this coming school opening. He said that why not take the cna courses that i have been dreaming ever since. So i told him that i will definitely finish my studies that now i have the opportunity to go to school and have the cna training and i have to make sure that i will sort all the best cna schools.

Settled Problem

We have confirmed that our airline tickets has been cleared to hubby's bank account but there was a little problem to it. They are charging hubby an adult fare for our son, so we called our travel agent to ask if there's a mistake to this one. Good thing she fixed it right away and now she said that the consolidator made a mistake for charging hubby an adult fare to our son instead of child fare. So the travel agent called me just a little while ago telling that it's all gonna be alright. What the consolidator would do is they will refund what they charged to hubby's bank account then they will charge the child fare amount. That's more like though, we are concerned about our son because we are wondering if the airline will recognize him as a child because he's got the adult fare and now i am glad that the travel agent was able to fix the problem.

Sonography Technician

When i got to see the sonography technician for my appointment it really amazed me how can she all do such things that are very impressive like how she can tell the baby's gender so easy by just looking at the monitor. I talked to her a little bit though and she said that being a sonography tech is a lot of fun because they mingle a lot of pregnant women that are anxious to know their baby's gender. She said that she is been into so many respective sonography schools teaching some other freshmen students.

My Best Quality

What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Loving

Your best quality is loving! People like you because of your loving nature. You are a nice person that cares about others. Your loving nature makes you a good friend.

Sense of Humor
What's Your Best Quality?
Take More Quizzes

I had fun taking this survey so i thought of posting this one. I always enjoy taking silly or interesting survey such like this because it entertains me. As this one, it says that i am very loving person, and i suppose this is all true. I am indeed a loving person but could be evil once provoked. I am a real person and i hate to be with hypocrites and great pretenders. So how about you guys? Why don't you take the survey to find out what is your best quality that people cannot resist?

Pharmacy Techinician

The pharmacy technician is the most wise idea to take now as a major course, just like my friend from California. She said that being a pharmacy tech is a hard job but it is indeed worth it because later on when she gets a job, she can have the pharmacy technician salary. It's not really easy to study being a pharmacy technician but she said it is fun and exciting for she learns a lot of things on this field. And now she is convincing me to get this course and she is making sure that i am going to have more interest on this major course.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thank The Big Boss

Before i go to bed i just wanted to greet everyone here a have goodnight and may you all sleep tight tonight with your love ones and may you all wake up tomorrow with full of energy to face the another day's challenge in life. Don't forget to thank the big boss above of what blessings you got for today for He deserves to have your praise and attention. Goodnight everyone and see you all tomorrow morning!

Calling My Family

The best communication that most of overseas gets is the phone cards. Even me, i keep buying it because this is the only way i can keep in touch with my family back home and it is very important for me to talk to them at least once in a month and that would lessen my homesickness and will make me happy hearing their voices. I am glad that technology nowadays are doing so excellent job in communicating anywhere in the world and we are using it a lot. This phone cards is really a big help to those family member that are very far apart from their love ones.

New Lappy For Me

I finally got my laptop yesterday, hubby bought it last Saturday and we left it there at the store where we bought it because they have to install some softwares that the laptop needed. I so love my new lappy because it's really thin and very handy. Also i love the brand of it because i knew that it is been in the market for years and this brand is keeping up the good reputation and they build good computers.

Anyway, i also called our internet provider this morning so i can access the wireless internet. The main purpose why hubby bought me this lappy is to keep us intouch while we are there back home and also to continue my blogging there. Since i am making a little money in this blogging hobby of mine, he said that it will be nice if i have my own portable computer to take with me. He is such a loving husband of mine, he is indeed thoughtful and he told me he would do anything for his dear wife.

Getaway In South

After our trip from back home, and after the baby will be delivered. hubby said that it will be good idea to unwind sometimes so i can go somewhere aside from here in our place. I told him that i want to go in southern part of the country and he agreed that it's an excellent idea to be there since our sister in law is been inviting us to go over to their place. I am very excited for that because our sister in law mentioned that the weather out there is way different from here in north west where we live. She also mentioned that she is loving the place there because there's a lot of place to go to and lots of place where we can stay such as Orlando Hotels.

Since i am very curious and anxious to get there, hubby is planning so many things and looking ahead of our coming trips including this family getaway. I am sure that my family is going to have so much fun out there and so as me. i so love the idea going there especially the one that my sister in law mentioned, in Lake Buena Vista where also there's lots of Lake Buena Vista Hotels where we can stay for couple of days. And this is going to be exciting getaway because our son is going to play with his dear cousins while going to a lot of places where we planned to go to.

Bratty Wife

You Are 20% Spoiled

You are definitely not spoiled. You've worked hard for what you have.

Down to earth and grounded, you don't need a lot to make you happy.

I don't think i am a bratty wife, it is just that hubby loves me so much and i don't need to demand anything to him because he loves me and he knows what i need and what i wanted. And to this time, i am very contented for the love he is always giving me every minute of our life as a couple. Being brat is totally different from loved and that is me, i am loved and i am the same way to my dear husband. So how about my fellow blogger friends? Are you some kind of brat? Well, why don't you find out by taking this survey that i got?

Credit Questions Centre

Since that i am planning to go back home i need to organize things first before i leave. The most important thing i should do first is to let my bank know that i am leaving so i will be able to use my bank cards and credit cards while i am there. And good thing that there is a Credit Questions Centre where i can asks for any questions that kind of bothering me and i wanted to know. I've got a lot of things to learn and that's one main reason why i should call the Credit Questions Centre just to make sure that everything's gonna be alright if i use my credit card back home.

I need to know all the interests that they are going to charge me and also the limits i can get everyday. Because i remember when hubby was there with me, he can only get the maximum amount of money per day in his account using his credit card. So that's why i need to know all that sort of things before i go so i am knowledgeable and aware of the charges in my credit card if ever.

Press Release:

Everyone has a credit card today. Look in your pockets: most of us have at least two credit cards. But do you really benefit from it? Or maybe, your credit card is a burden for you?
No doubt, credit card is a great financial tool. And be sure, you can benefit a lot from credit cards, if you use them properly.
The main mistake that consumers do about credit cards is that many treat credit cards like free money. But mind, credit cards do not provide you with free money. Credit cards give us an opportunity to buy now and pay later! And that’s all! So, think before making purchases on your plastic. Make sure that you will be able to pay everything later.
If you have questions about credit cards or have no idea how credit cards work, visit There you will find informative reviews of all credit cards available online, and information on different types of credit history. You will also find great credit cards online.
If you have a certain question about credit cards, your credit history, credit bureaus, credit rating, etc you can ask it in Credit Questions Centre. Be sure, our specialists will answer your question and help you to solve your problems with credit cards or to choose a credit offer that will suit all your needs.