Monday, January 26, 2009

Puto Espesyal Recipe

Alright, i received a lot of comments to my post below about my success Puto Espesyal. And i can tell that i am not the only one living abroad who is craving for it. It is indeed sometimes hard to live here abroad because you will miss all the food that you been eating back home. Good thing that my family loves to cook and so am i. So we were able to share the recipes, tips and secret on how to cook the food even more delicious.

Well, anyway, since a lot of my co-blogger friends who wanna know the recipe of my Puto Espesyal, i will share here now the recipe of it. I just want to thank you to all my loyal readers here who commented on my previous post, thank you so much and if you want to learn on how to make the Puto Espesyal, here's how:

1 lb. sifted cake flour
6 egg whites (separate the egg whites from the yolk)
3 teaspoon baking powder
4 cups white sugar
1 and half cup of milk
1 cup of water
Vanilla essence
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
Cheese cut into strips


Mix the sifted flour, 2 cups of white sugar, and 3 teaspoon of baking powder. Mix it thoroughly and then mix the liquids, the 1 and half cup milk and the 1 cup of water. Stir it in one direction and set aside when it's totally mixed.

Mix the 1 teaspoon cream of tartar into the egg whites. Prepare the 2 cups white sugar. Beat the egg white until it starts to bubble then slowly pour the 2 cups white sugar into it. Keep beating it until it becomes fluffy. When it's done, slowly pour the mixed flour into the beaten egg whites and stir it until it will totally mixed. You can choose whatever muffin molds you like for your puto espesyal. Then put the cheese strips on top of the muffin molds with uncooked puto espesyal, then load it into the steamer for 15 minutes or so and taste it to see if it is done.

So that's it! Not very complicated and very easy to do! I hope you will enjoy cooking and let me know if you cook some so i can take a look at it how delicious your cooking is!

And oh by the way, you can cook the egg yolk whatever you like, maybe you want to make some omelet or scramble eggs, that will be best. You cannot mix the egg yolk in the the Puto Espesyal.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Success!!! I Did It!!!

I have been craving the puto espesyal of my brother back in Philippines. He makes puto espesyal so delicious and no one can't just simply resist to grab one, two, three or even more! In fact, every time we have an occasion back home, Puto espesyal of his is always present as a dessert. And now that i craved for it, i decided to make some. Actually, i made some long time ago when i just barely got here in America, but it didn't turned out so good like what i expected it because i used wrong ingredients to it. I had no cream of tartar to mix it with the egg white and also the flour i used was just an all purpose flour. The result, gewy, and wet! I so hated it and ate some, hubby ate some of it too but i threw the rest because i was so disappointed about my cooking, it's failed!

So, when i was able to chat with my sister who is the master of the Puto Espesyal, who also taught our younger brother on how to make it, she told me not to use the all purpose flour. I've got to use the cake flour and i've got to have the cream of tartar for the egg white. So i did! Hubby bought all the ingredients i need and couldn't wait until tomorrow to cook it to see if it will turn out good this second time around, and of course i am bragging about it now because it is indeed a success! Just take a look at this photo i shared below! I had different kinds of shapes because i used different muffin molds for it. Actually, since i really don't have muffin molds that are meant for Puto Espesyal, i was so clever to use the ice tray, isn't that sounds funny? But it turned out so good though! Take a look at it! Yummy yum yum!!!

Summertime Plan

Have you heard the game world of paintball? Actually, that is what exactly we are planning to do this coming summertime. I am sure that it would be fun for me and for my family as well. Aside from going out in our backyard, we are going to do some activities that will make our bonding even stronger as well. Hubby just barely purchased the paintball gear and the kingman paintball. We are so ready to use it and have fun under the sun!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chikka Alternative

If you are a Filipina living abroad like me, then you should know what i am talking about the title of my post. I have been having trouble with the Chikka to connect from my computer to my mother's cellphone so we can communicate to each other as much as we can, in fact almost everyday to check her status and check what's going on there everyday. Her health is not good so i must communicate with her everyday for me to keep informed if she need something so i can also communicate to my siblings if ever there will be a problem. And thankfully, as for now her health is not so bad, she may not be totally well but she is better.

I am talking about this because sometimes it makes me upset that when i try to log in to this website, it won't let me go through. I try not to call her as much as i can because it is so expensive if i will keep on doing that and besides, i only phone her if i have really important matter to tell her. So, right now i am asking you all co-filipina bloggers if you do know some alternative on how can i contact my mother aside from Chikka website. If you do know some websites, please don't hesitate to leave your comments here and rest assured that it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance and i am looking forward to read some comments here that can help me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hair Cut Techniques

It sure is not easy to have a son. I am a woman and he is my first child so definitely i have no idea how to cut his hair with styles, unless i will take him to the barber shop which he hated it so much because he thought that the barber will do something bad to him. So i bought some cutting tools so i will just cut his hair myself. I keep on browsing some help tips i could find here in the internet so i will learn some more ideas on how to maintain his hair looking so neat and clean. Good thing i found this how to cut men's hair dvd. It is indeed a very helpful idea for me , in fact i showed it to my son that he won't be scared anymore and he will realize that Mommy can cut his hair nicely.
Also, paying the barber is a little more money so if i can do it, why do i have to pay for them, right? I need to purchase this mens hair cutting dvd so i will learn some more ideas and more styles about hair cutting. Who knows, if i am good enough at it already, people will start to hire me to cut their hair. And not only that, i can also cut my husband's and my son's hair for free and with love and care of course. If you are interested on how to be a professional in cutting men's hair, don't dare to miss getting one copy of professional hair cutting dvd. I am sure you will be more interested once you see how well and how they just simply do it.
Men's Hairstyles

Hair Cutting Videos | Hair Cutting Techniques

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Trip Coming?

I just realized that my passport is going to expire soon. And hubby is been asking me about it. I suppose to just let it expire and will take care of it later but he said that since he is still on a furlough on his job why not take care of it soon as we can. What hubby said was true. So i browsed the Philippine Consulate office in San Francisco and i found out that they just changed their requirements of renewing the passport. The applicants has to appear personally if ages 8 and above until 64 years old. 8 years old below and senior citizen ages 65 and above doesn't require to present themselves in person.

But anyway, so i belong to a category that i need to appear in person. I should do it because i don't want to travel there later this year for i have my own reason. Hubby is a little worried about it since it is winter time and more prone to accident in the road. I reminded him that we have traveled from here to Florida and back taking the North states and thankfully nothing happened to us, we got home safe and sound. Well, his excuse is California is more risky because it is a busy state and let's say there's more wild crazy drivers out there than here. I hope we'll get there safe and can get home safe as well. I just hate to think of accidents along the way and ended to take our car at bodyshop in california. I always pray every time we leave the house even though we just go out for dinner or something here in town that we will get home safe as it should be. We definitely cannot tell when the accidents is going to happen. So we better be careful and be more prepared about it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Solution To My Boredom

I have been so bored lately that's why i hardly visit some other blogger's websites like me. I hardly get online at my messenger because i have no one to talk to either. But last night i was able to talk to my friend and she told me about the Soon as i open the website i got interested right away because it is so much fun to play the games plus the more fun thing to do is i can make my own player by designing it what i wanted it to look like.

I have been away to my computer lately but since i found this new fun games to play, i cannot resist but to keep on playing everyday. I also shared this game to my friends and they just love it as well like i do. Even my husband is having so much fun playing the games, i taught him how and he is enjoying it so much. This is perfect solution to my boredom, a fun games where i can use my free time while i am doing my business here in my computer.Post?slot_id=30653&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialsparkDotcom_outlinedall

Monday, January 5, 2009

I Feel So Weak

I was suppose to do my daily routine now since holidays are over but i don't feel like doing anything since i felt weak this morning and until now still i don't have the energy to do what i must do. I've got clean clothes needs to be fold and put away in the closet but i didn't do it. I was suppose to undo the Christmas tree since hubby already did put some away like the Christmas balls and the tinsels and some other things that's been hanged there.

Arrgghhhh!!! I am always yawning and my eyes are always sleepy. I am thinking that this is the result of our very long trip we had recently. Every time we go to some place where we stay, we always go to bed so late and wakes up in the morning so early. Unlike when i am home, i wake up anytime i want to. Even in the hotel, we still gets up early so to keep on going and take advantage of the day since we are on winter time, it gets dark so quick. I don't know, i hope i can get back to my daily routine soon because i have a lot of things to do that is really need to be done, impromptu!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Movie With Moral Lessons

My husband and i are movie lovers. We watch movie a lot since that's all we have as our past time if we are just inside the house. It makes us bonded even closer as family since we watch movie mostly with lessons and family related movies. With that, we get more idea and more knowledge how to become a good parents to our son and to become a better person ourselves to be a good example and to be a good citizen. After we watch the movie, we talk about it what we think and how we get influenced by the message of the movie. We love to talk about it so we can share our thoughts all the time to one another. Well as always, pop corn or pizza are in the coffee table for us to munch while we are watching the movie.

I heard from my friends that All Roads Lead Home The Movie is one of the must seen movie now. It got me interested because even when i go to the store a lot of people is talking about it. It must have been so exciting and a very interesting movie because a lot of people are fond to this movie. I am sure hubby would be so interested to watch this and so am i since it sounded like this movie brings moral lessons to every family. A very touching story of a little girl that cannot just simply let go of her past and move on. I cannot wait to see this movie you know, this is the kind of movie i really love to watch and i would definitely buy a copy for this so i can watch this over and over again! Post?slot_id=30375&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

Friday, January 2, 2009

Meeting Dear Friends

Finally i was able to upload the photos i got when i met Angel and her family in Florida. She has a very nice house and a lovely family and i am very happy for her because her husband is so sweet and loving to her and to their kids. I am so grateful and thankful i met her here in blogosphere, she is one person that is worth to treasure forever. We got along so well because we are both talkative and we have a lot of things in common, lols!

Anyway, i had some friends who came over to her place too. They live in Melbourne Florida and they drove all the way to Jacksonville to see me again and to see my family of my own. I felt so special because they spent some time to drive for 3 hours just to see us there in Jacksonville at Angel's house. So here's the pictures i got there and we had so much fun seeing each other again and spent time to talk to Angel and her family.
From left to right: Me, my husband, Romel and his wife Laarni, Richard(Angel's husband) and Angel a great blogger friend

This is Romel's family, they have 3 kids, that's their youngest he was holding

And i would like to take this opportunity to thank Angel once again, she is indeed one true friend to keep.