Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving You All!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who's been visiting me so often! I love to have you here that's for sure and please keep coming back. Forgive me if i cannot visit you back tomorrow, i am sure i will be very busy. My beauty will be so in demand tomorrow, lols! I am just wishing you all a happy thanksgiving, and hope you will celebrate your holiday with the whole family together in a table to eat Turkey! But don't eat too much turkey lurkey! lols! Have a good one everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happiness Means

What is happiness truly means? As for my definition about Happiness is an emotion that you feel whenever someone loves you or someone care for you. Happiness means you have peace of mind. But according to the poets, they have their own different definitions of Happiness. And it got me interested to make a scrap out of it. I always feel happy but there are times that i feel so down, sometimes i feel confused. But happiness is what i always want to feel. I guess that's why people are not perfect, we feel different emotions, we can't just be happy all the time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He Chose The Best Grip

I have been so amazed to people who knows how to ride a motorbike since when i was young. For me, it looks like the motorbike is really a very good balancing. Been so curious how they can do the balancing to enable for the motorbike to stand still and run. Unlike cars, i wasn't quite amazed because it has four wheels, flat and laying on the ground. So there's no big deal about it really. but the motorbike is pretty amazing for me. When i got here, my friend's husband got a very cool motorbike and i once asked him if it is really too difficult to drive a motorbike. He smiled and said that it is all about body balancing and of course with the help of his kuryakyn. I didn't quite get it what he meant about it until he showed me what it is. It is a handle grip to the motorbike that he bought so to keep from prone accident. He said, if the motorbike has this, it is more comfortable to hold the handle of the motorbike.

Can You Belive That?

Oh boy! How lucky i am right now. I hardly get even one opportunity lately to post it to my website. But can you believe that i actually filled my one website with the maximum of three opportunities? Wohooo!!!! I am very happy knowing i am making good money today. Who's gonna give me some money like what i made today by just sitting here and trying to amuse myself by browsing so many amusing things in the internet? I am just hoping that making good money through blogging is not just today, i hope that making money will be back like it used to. If i remember it right my lowest income everyday is 50 bucks and the biggest i got so far was 249 and that was just for a day. I hope that those days will be back again. Thanks to GOD for being so good to me, giving me such blessings that i didn't really expect to get today.

He's Spoiled Alright!

I have promised myself not to buy toys for my son anymore. But what can i do? I am just a mother who loves my son so much! And i cannot resist to keep buying toys for him especially this Christmas time. He's got a lot of toys already but there's one toy he wants to have as his presents from his loving parents, the Mack Truck of lightning Mcqueen from Cars movie. There's two movies that he just couldn't get enough of them aside from Thomas the tank engine, the Cars and the Spiderman. I don't know why these movies caught kids's attention so much! They love them and one of them is my dear son. I will get his Mack Truck this Christmas and his dear Dad will get him this marvel magic. We spoiled him of toys alright, but we make sure that he knows his limitations as well.

Monday, November 24, 2008

She Wants Me To

I was chatting with my big sister earlier and talked something about our family issue. But she wondered what kept me busy because i always respond to her message late. Then i told her what i was doing, i was busy doing the digiscrap. She viewed some of my design layouts, she liked it although i am still newbie to this thing but she appreciated my work, of course she is my sister what do you expect? lols!

But anyway, she wanted me to do the same to some of her pictures too. So i did! And i tried my best but i wasn't really satisfied of what i came up to. Hope she will like these, she haven't seen these yet, she signed off because she said she is going to pick up her daughter in school. So here it is sister! Hope you will like them!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Final Decision

I have been blogging about our plans to go to Georgia here for the past few days. And lastnight we have decided both of my dear loving husband that the plan is final. We are going to Georgia this Christmas holiday to celebrate it with his younger brother and his family. I can't wait to see these guys because i love them so much! Of all my husband's family, this is the family that i love most because they are very close to me. We are alike in so many ways and i just couldn't wait to see them again. They also can't wait to have us there.

It has been over a year now since we last saw each other. As you scroll a little bit here, you can see the family that i am talking about. The picture like i said, was taken last year when they visited us here and we went to Salk City Halloween Party with the kids. It was a fun party and i enjoyed it so much being with them. This family is full of fun and i am always excited to be with them and i so missed them now. Well, i am still hoping that i can meet some of blogger friends back there by the border between of Georgia and Florida. Just let me know ahead so i can plan to meet you guys!

Wonderful Gift For Christmas

It's sure that internet can explore knowledge of people. I didn't know all about this Cryo-Cell until i searched on how to cure some illness or other major disease like cancer and found this very interesting website that make me hooked up and read all the testimonials of people that has experience about this. I didn't know that a new born baby can save lives it's because of the umbilical cord that has stem cells that can possibly cure cancer. I have been watching different stories on this company and they are very confident because Cryo-Cell is a large company that helped thousands of sick people and made their life better now.

If you are curious of what i am talking about here. You can visit the website and explore it to yourself on how it works. This is very informative especially to those pregnant women that are about to give birth and has no idea that a U-Cord of the baby can save lives. And since Christmas time is coming very soon, i am encouraging you all to visit the Gifting Page and help others to learn more about this so they will be informed and get an idea about Cryo Cell. Christmas season is the time for giving and why not give your loved ones a this very wonderful gift? You are making your loved ones happy and at the same time you are helping Cryo Cell saving people's lives. How's that? It sure is sounds good to me, and i hope you will do the same. And for you to learn more about this Cryo Cell,for you to see how it works, please watch the video i attached below.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Treasure Her

This is my friend Juralyn. She has been my friend for a long time and until now we are still close to each other despite of the fact that i am now thousands of miles away from her. She is few years younger than i am, i treat her like my younger sister since i don't have a biological younger sister because i am the youngest girl among the siblings. She is a shy kind of person and totally opposite from me. Easy to cry, and not so risk taker like i am. But even though we are very opposite, we do love each other as friends and we treasure our friendship.

I can only count through my fingers the true friends i have, but they surely will be in my heart forever. A word friend to me is very valuable, i can be a very good and trusted friend but i can also be a worst enemy if you want me to. I don't look for trouble but once trouble will get my way, i don't just back off and hides in the corner. I am not that type of person, i don't like to step someone's feet but i don't want to be stepped either. Juralyn knew pretty much about me, in short, she knew all my secrets. If you want to know more a little further about me, just ask this young lady. I miss her, we only saw each other twice when i went back home.

Silky And Smooth Skin

I always love to see women with flawless skin and very eye catching beauty. These are the things that i don't have, my skin is not that bad and my beauty is not scary either. But i will be more happy if i have the skin like the others. Just like my husband's niece, she's got very beautiful skin and also her face is so gorgeous. I asked her one time how did she maintain her beauty and her flawless skin, she then told me about the Botox Treatment in Chicago. That's where she went to keep her skin silky and smooth and of course her face to keep it look young and spotless. I am just wishing that i can have the beauty and smooth skin like hers.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Seems Like We're Going!

Hubby just barely got home from work and telling me that he got an extra four days vacation during Christmas holiday. He had a meeting at his workplace explaining all about the 4 days extra vacation this coming Christmas season. Whether the employee would like to cash it out or use it but they cannot break the 4 days. It has to be 4 consecutive days that they should use or else they won't get paid.

Well, anyway i was really happy knowing that his plan on going to Georgia this Christmas is still firm, i mean it seems like we are still going despite of his father's condition. His father needs his help everyday. He is getting forgetful and we are supposing that he is having the Alzheimer's Dicease. I felt sorry for this poor old man because he is all by himself in his big house and he doesn't agree on what his children came up to. They want their father to be in a nursing home or a retirement house. But he strongly disagree with it. Well, we cannot force him to stay there. That's why hubby is keep going to his house which is just a block away from ours to check him everyday.

I am getting more excited about our coming trip to Georgia. I love to travel a lot and so as hubby, we are alike a lot in so many ways. I hope that when the time comes, there will be no hindrance that can stop us from going. I am also hoping that i can meet some blogger friends who's living in Georgia or close to border of Florida. So friends, if you are living close to border of Georgia and Florida, please let me know. I would love to meet blogger friends in person.

These photos below was taken a year ago during Halloween party in Salt Lake City, they came here to visit us . This is the family that we are going to visit in Georgia, it's now our turn to visit them there.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Charlie Bit Me!!!

I happen to see this video to one blogger. She posted this and i can't remember what's her blog address now. So when i searched this video at Youtube, i found it! My son likes to watch this video over and over again. He can't just can't get enough of this video and he finds it very amusing. Well, why don't you watch it too and tell me if these brothers aren't cute? I think that they are too cute not to be noticed. In fact this video is being watched and searched by millions of viewers. They are english kids and i really find them cute, especially the old one because he's got so much love for his little brother not to get mad. For you to find out what i am talking about, then watch this!

Blog And Make Money!

When i started blogging i didn't really know that i can make money through this. It wasn't my intention to make money why i blog. But since my friend told me that she is making good money because of blogging, i was really surprised. I don't have any idea why she is making money. Until couple of months since i have been blogging, she told me why not try what she is doing so i can make money from my blog as well. I was really confused how to do that. So she told me about this Blog Advertising network that hires blogger to blog about their products and websites. So i said to myself, this is really an interesting job!

I am a stay home housewife and taking care of a 3 year old boy. So why not? I stay home, i can take care of my family's needs and making money at the same time! This is indeed a very smart idea to a mother blogger like me. This got me really hooked up to blogging since i found out that i can make money out of it. Blog advertising is a big help to me because i am sending some money to my mother back home for her medications and of course for her daily needs since she doesn't quite fit to work due to her health is not good. I am glad i am a part of this blogosphere and making money through it.

I'm So Happy For Him

Earlier this morning my younger brother which is next to me chatted with me through yahoo messenger. He was really excited when he told me about his interview at US Embassy. He said he passed the interview and he will get his working visa within 4 days. Of course as his big sister, i am very happy for him. He made it! He said that some of his friends didn't passed the interview, and the reason? He doesn't know. He was really happy i just can tell by his excitement. He has been longing to be here in America which is known to be a "Milk and Honey" country. By the way for you to know a little bit more about my younger brother, he graduated from a 4 year nautical course. He's just now waiting for his schedule for his very first journey as a sailor man. I am so proud of him! I told him that he must be proud of himself because he is blessed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blog Pictures

I am sure that all the bloggers here would want more traffic on their blogs, right? Well i tell you, is the perfect site where you can post your blog photos so you will be seen by some other bloggers as well. All you have to do is just simply sign up and be it! Rest assured you will get more visits not just from your friends, but from other bloggers who doesn't even know you yet! Make your picture as appealing as you can possibly be then you will get more traffic from it. Of course bloggers has different interests on what to blog, and this is just a little hint on what picture you should upload to make it more appealing.

If you are a kind of mother blogger like me, then you might upload a photo that is hinting the viewers that you are a mother blogger. And if you are some kind of a sport blogger, then why not upload a sport looking blog pictures? Easy as that right? The more you participate with it, the more visits you get! I would not want to be left behind on this, i better sign up now so i can be with some other bloggers that are now registered.
Blog Pictures |

Friendster Is Acting up

I am sure most of my friends here in blogosphere has friendster account. I used to have multiple accounts of friendster but i deleted the other one since i hardly signed in to that account and besides, i realized that it's not really necessary for me to have multiple accounts from friendster. So i am keeping my original one, that is the first account i have ever since. I have not been logged on to friendster the whole day today because it is acting up. It says that there is a maintenance and i understand that. But when i tried to open it again, it was available but keep on loading but there was nothing appeared, just plain white page. Oh, well i guess sometimes this thing happened. I am hoping i can open it later so i can take a look at it.

It Is Sad To Know

It is sad to know if one of our dear loved ones will be hooked up into drugs. Drugs can ruin one's life and won't do any good to our health. I remember my friend, her eldest brother got into this bad vices and she was really sad because they were hoping that he can finish his studies and will be able to graduate from the degree that he took. My friend was looking for best drug rehab centers where they will take her brother so he will be cured and can go back to his normal life. She is glad she found the Promises Treatment Center where she sees that her brother will find hope and heal in due time.

Fun At My Sister's Place

This was just a quick digiscrap layout since i have nothing to do, i thought of making a layout of this picture. This photo was taken when i went to visit at my sister's place. From left to right, her daughter Jeceeka Marick, my sister Maricel, her eldest daughter Justine Marice, Me, and my son. We spent for so many days there when my son had a very high fever. They were living in the city that's why i stayed there with my son and this was the time i spent time with my sister for a couple of days before we flew back here. It was a good visit and we had fun time together.

Success Surgery

I just had a call from my sister in law back in Georgia telling me about my husband's nephew's obesity surgery. It was a success and i am happy for him because he's been dealing with a lot of discrimination with people before. She said he is now more confident to meet people and not hiding from his bedroom anymore. Indeed physical appearance of one person does matter to some other people. But for me, it doesn't matter how he looks like as long as he's got good heart. But i would say that nowadays, you have to keep yourself healthy looking and physically fit.

Insomnia Attack

Lately i am having trouble of sleeping again. I had this problem before and i thought that i won't be able to deal with this again but i think i am dealing with it right now. I have so many things going on in my mind and i can't just put them aside even for a little bit so my busy brain can relax, not to think of anything that bothers me. I sleep so late and get up very early. I haven't get enough sleep that i like to have yet since i got back home. I have been trying to tell my mind to go to bed but i can't seem to do it. My mind is over powering my body. My body is tired but my mind is wide awake. I don't know what to do, i don't want to take sleeping pills either. I envy with my husband because he falls asleep so quick and just listening to him snoring. Why can't i just do that? But i don't know how to tell my brain not to work anymore so i can fall asleep.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Internet Services

When i was just barely got here i thought that the internet back in Philippines is just the same as here. But then when i opened our computer here and used the internet, i can't believe how fast it is and the great Internet Services is just so awesome. I never thought that i would be more interested to explore the internet world like i do now. I am loving it and it has been part of my daily routine, without it, it feels like there something is missing in me. I have been using the internet we have now and i can't find any problems with it because the internet service is doing an excellent job.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Giveaways Contest

Mommy's Gibble Gabbles
December is coming very soon and before we know it, we will celebrate our Christmas holiday in no time. Well, because Christmas holiday is part of the winter season, i have decided to have a Christmas giveaways contest here. During the time like this, i love to do the blogging while my legs and feet is covered with my own sewn blanket. And every time i go out like shopping with my friends or just wondering off, i love to have my neck covered with my own made scarf. So how about having these things i mentioned above? I mean, the blanket and the scarf?

This is my Christmas giveaways is all about. These Christmas giveaways are made by yours truly. And i thought it would be nice to give my loyal visitors, some of my friends or just some hoppers here a Christmas presents from me. Anyone can join and here's how:

All you have to do is just spread the news about the Christmas giveaways i have here for at least a hundred words. It's just a piece of cake right? Please grab the logo i have above by copying the url that is provided in the box and include it in your entry that you are going to post in your own site. Then after you're done with it, you can leave your comments here with the exact url of your entry about the contest.



1. Checkered Pink and Blue Blanket size 73 x 73 inches (click HERE for the picture)
2. 3 column blog layout designed by My Web Blog Designs
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1. Furry Pink Scarf for winter (click HERE for the picture)
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So, to those who are interested to join, you have plenty of time to post your entry. No hurry for the contest will ends on December 08, 2008 and the winner will be posted a week after, so that would be on December 15, 2008. My son will be the one who will draw the names that joined the contest. I will post the video here on December 15, 2008. Thank you so much for all the sponsors who participated this contest, i truly appreciate your cooperation.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Please Forgive Me

I am so sorry you guys, i cannot post the contest this week because i got sick. I don't have any idea where in the world i got this viral infection since i hardly go outside because i can't stand being outside and get chilled. It is winter season and i suppose that when season changes there is virus everywhere or plants must have caused this. I will try to post the contest next week so whoever wants to join can see how the contest would go. Right now, i will just leave you with this picture below hoping you all will have a goodnight. I hope i will get better soon so i can post the contest early next week. Thank you for your patience and may God bless you all!

Can't Go Without Eyeglasses

I had my eye problem already long time ago and not so long ago i had eyeglasses. Hubby said that it is risky for me to drive and go everywhere without glasses. Not putting my eyeglasses on when i am outside is almost impossible for me to see and can read posters, signs, and warnings on the road. There was one time i remember that i went to the grocery store and i kept on going back and fort to the isles because i can't find what i wanted to get. I was just guessing because i cannot see the isle labels on the top.

It is really hard for me to go out without my glasses on. My glasses does a pretty good job in helping me to see better. I am more comfortable to where i am going if i have my glasses on, more confident to drive and can read better. I get dizzy if i try to stare on something without my glasses. I would say that my eyeglasses is very important to me and part of my daily life, without it, i might messed up. My eyeglasses's purpose is to correct my astigmatism and my right eye is near sighted.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still Working On It

Right now i am still working on the prizes for my Christmas giveaways that is about to post very soon. The first prize will be finished tomorrow and the third prize as well. I am just hoping that everything will goes well with my Christmas giveaways. I am also hoping that a lot of bloggers will participate so it would be more fun. I guess i have so many sponsors now that is enough for the Christmas giveaways. So better finish this entry so i can start the third prize that i am still working on it. Have a goodnight everyone!

How I Wish It's Summer

I am assuming that most of you know that i just barely got back from Philippines. I so miss the weather there because it is all year summer long. And now that i am back here in USA, i cannot do anything like i do back in Philippines. You know, like going out for swimming. I am so excited for the summer next year so my family and i can go enjoy the Shasta Pools. I heard that they have this excellent designs to enjoy during summer time. I am sure that my son would love to have a pool in our backyard. And i am now imagining our very relaxing backyard with pool on it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Scrapping Layout

Good Monday morning everyone! We are now in the first week of November aren't we? Sure time flies so fast! Well, 3 more weeks and we are going to celebrate another holiday, the thanksgiving. Seems like we just barely celebrated the Halloween holidays few days ago and now thanksgiving is fast approaching. Well, no one can't stop it you know, after thanksgiving and we are going to look forward for Christmas holiday and new year's eve.

Anyway, so much for holidays right now, i was just updating this blog of mine since i haven't updated this recently. I would like to share this scrapping i made the other night that made my eyes black lols! Well, we were watching movies really and while watching i was having fun doing this as well. I just thought you might wanna see this, so here it is. Enjoy!

Glasses For You

Have you heard about Zenni Optical? Well, you should have, i assume. If you haven't yet, Zenni Optical was on FOX news! If you happen to watch that news when Zenni Optical was being featured in FOX, i should say that you are convinced to get your glasses to this store because they have this Great Eyeglasses For Less and also Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni. You should be wise and smart when choosing glasses, you don't want to get glasses that is very expensive and it doesn't fit to the bone structure of your face. So why not get the glasses at Zenni Optical instead!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Halloween Costume

When i was dressing up my son on his halloween costume the other day, i thought that it would be nice if i get dressed too even though we are just inside the house goofing off the camera. I kept on taking pictures of my son and he offered that he wants to take a picture of his mommy too. Well, there's nothing wrong if i get dressed for halloween, what's halloween anyway? It's for everybody right?

But in this photo below which my son took, i was just goofing off because we have nothing to do, this is just for fun and i didn't really wore this last night. Unless if i go to a party, i probably wore this but since i didn't go to a party, we just went to neighborhood's houses, i just wore usual attire. The last photo tells you what i wore last night, lol! By the way, you can see more pics of my dear young man to my It's All About MD blog. Thank you!


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