Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Surgery To Undergo

I had my appointment with the general surgeon yesterday about my second operation. I mentioned this operation to my other blog My Life, My World. Now, i am going to rant here all about it.

When i got confined at the hospital last August 3rd which i delivered my baby that very day, after the delivery i didn't stop bleeding, my blood level went down so low and wasn't able to respond the oxygen they put in my mouth like i was supposed to, in short, i wasn't breathing. So the doctor was wondering and started to worry about me. They had to wake me up and let me breath deep. I didn't know all about this was happening to me, it was my husband who told me all about it. He got so worried and scared. So the doctor did all the procedure he could do to find out what is wrong with me. I supposed to recover just fine although my incisions will still hurt but the doctor didn't expect to have me in a bad shape. So the doctor sent me to the CT scan room and ultrasound room to find out what's causing of my bleeding continuously. I had to comply all those test even though i was in terrible pain still with my surgery, for i was just barely out from the recovery room.

Thankfully, the doctor finally found out what is wrong with me. My gall bladder has stone and that is what causing of my bleeding and other problems. He talked to me and he suggested that it should be taken off and recommended the general surgeon that i talked yesterday about the operation. So, i am going to have another surgery to undergo tomorrow and hopefully everything will be fine afterwards. The surgeon said that i should not stay in the hospital for more than a day for it is only a quick surgery. I am just worried about my newborn because it will be daddy who will take care of him. As you know, daddies are not that good when it comes to babies. I guess, i just have to leave it to hubby and remind him everything what he must do while i am gone for a day.

So please co-blogger and friends, pray for me that everything will be fine for me... I will get back here and rant everything again as soon as my surgery is done and will be back home... Thank you and God bless us all!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lots Of Doctor's Appointment

I guess i am slowly getting back on blogging. I missed a lot of things here i know but will sure try to catch up. If you happen to visit my other blog My Life, My World you will see that i have a latest update in there. I just barely gave birth a week ago and i have a bouncy healthy baby boy. Well, anyway yesterday we went to another OB/GYN (not the one who did my surgery because he is now on vacation), supposed to take off the staples from my incisions. But unfortunately, he doesn't accept our insurance so we just come home and the staples still stuck on my tummy. Earlier we called the office of the doctor who did my surgery and still no progress. Well, i guess i have to wait until tomorrow because the recording machine said that they will be back tomorrow. And i am hoping that he can take the staples out from me soon as possible because it is starting to bother me and one big concern i have is, it's not suppose to stay in my incision for so long.

On the other hand, my poor newborn little guy had his circumcision this morning and i was there. I could hardly look at it because it was too much for me to see. My poor boy was screaming to death, i know it is painful but i am glad about it because he won't be able to remember this surgery of his at all, just like his big brother before. The only difference was i didn't cry this time, when my oldest son had his circumcision the nurse kinda smiled at me because i cried and was so nervous for my poor boy. As first time mother, you might relate what i felt during those time, but this second one, i was a little tougher to actually be there inside the room.

Right now, baby and i are trying to gain more rest, for we are still recovering from pains, especially me. I have one more surgery coming up probably next week and i will tell you all about it later. It won't be as big as my C-section but still a surgery that i need to get ready of. I hope after this surgery that i am talking about, i will be done and will be fine.

I just want to thank you to all the friends who welcomed my newborn baby and for leaving awesome words that sure did left big smile in my heart, thank you so much! And i would not mention all of you for you know already who you are i am talking about. Again, thank you all so much and i truly appreciate our friendships.... God bless us all!!!