Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unpredictable Weather

I really thought that Spring already came. It was a very good day the other day and suddenly the weather turned bad yesterday. Today is another nice sunny outside but it's pretty windy. In fact, i was able to wear a short sleeves shirt and just a regular pants that i usually wear during summertime. Now i am sick again, ugh! This is ridiculous! I just barely got well and now i have clogged nose and a terrible headache again. It is sunny and beautiful looking day outside but there is strong wind. I can't stand this extreme weather in Utah anymore. I really can't wait until i get back to my home town so i can fully relax myself and eat the food that i want. But anyway, despite of this unpredictable weather we have here, still i am glad that today is Sunday and we are able to celebrate the day with my lovely family. Happy Sunday everyone and may you enjoy the day with your lovely family as well.

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