Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Busy Mommy

I am really busy lately. I can hardly take care of myself, i mean take care means to eat and do some other special things for myself. Of course i still can brush my hair, brush my teeth and able to take a bath, silly!!! What are you thinking now? No, i am just kidding though. Anyway, what i mean busy is, i've got a lot of things here in our house that i need to finish such as house chores, taking care of my son and hubby, and of course trying to finish the prizes that i am going to give to my loyal visitors and my dear blogger friends as Christmas giveaways here soon.

The first prize is almost done, the second prize is perfectly done and i am still working of the third prize. So how's that? They are almost ready! So better watch out guys! I poured so much of my time on this and i am hoping that you guys are going to love my Christmas giveaways! So visit me often so you will know what you are about to win!

NOTE: Sponsorship is open on this Christmas giveaways. Anyone can sponsor whatever you can offer such as:

1. Money/cash through paypal.
2. Blog layout.
3. EC credits and ads space on your blog/s.

To those sponsors who are willing to give EC credits, you can just send the credits to my account and also the money through paypal. Just leave your comments here in this post so i will know if you are interested to sponsor my christmas giveaways. Thank you!

Things For Her Birds

Most people love to have their pets pampered. Mostly people's pets are dogs, cats, and birds. They said that birds are for good luck, for peace and for harmonious relationship inside one's home. That's why a lot of people love to have birds in their houses and make the birds as their pets. Being an animal lover is by nature i would say. I've got some friends that has birds and they are loving it, they are taking care of it and treat the birds like part of their family.

One of my friend asked me a favor to see if i can accompany her to big city next to city where we live, so she can buy some things for her cute birds such as birdfeeders. I told her it is not necessary no more because i have found a store here online where she can buy the things for her cute little birds. And she doesn't have to waste some gas just to get the things for her pets. Plus the good deal is, that once she purchase of worth $49.99, she can avail the free shipping through UPS with the things she bought. Isn't that sounds a good deal for her? Well, i am sure she will thank me for this, i gave her such a convenient way to shop online instead of wasting her time to find the best store to buy the things for her cute little birds.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Win My Prizes!

Well, well, well it is Monday today and it's a good weather outside. I hope you guys have a great Monday like i do. But anyway, i would like to announce to bloggers that i am going to have a Christmas giveaways here soon. Probably next week, hopefully by then i can finish all the prizes that you guys are about to win. I am not going to tell you the prizes since they are not done yet and you will know it anytime soon. I love to share the things i know and my pleasure to give some of my loyal visitors here a Christmas gift since Christmas holiday is coming very soon. So guys, don't dare miss it and i assure you, you are going to love the prizes i have for you. Don't forget to drop by to my blogs next week guys!

Baby Bumps

I have been so conscious with my baby bumps. No matter how i tried to lose it, seems like it's hopeless. I just can't stand looking at it, my body is not that big but my tummy is hanging out. Good thing i stumbled into this http://www.weightlossguide.com website and gave me a very good tip how to lose my baby bumps. I am just too desperate to get rid of my tummy fat. I guess all mothers can relate to what i am talking about. Just can't get rid of it right away, good thing i got help now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Under The Sea

In this picture above was taken in Manila Ocean Park. I was actually under the sea and as you see that i didn't got wet. I was just amazed by the architects of this building. I can't even figure out myself how they do this such a thing. I guess that's why they are architects because they studied about this matter. In this photo i was pointing the stingrays above me that is actually in the ocean. This oceanarium is the biggest aquarium in whole Asia that is located in Manila Philippines.

Merchant Cash Advance

A lot of holidays is fast approaching and i would say that most of people are looking forward to see their family and friends from afar. Just like us, we are planning to go to Georgia this coming Christmas. Although it is not really fixed plan yet but we are still hoping our plan will go through. I just want to give a piece of advice to some of my friends that if you are needing some money, Merchant Cash Advance can help you with it. Aside from great service, also it is low interest rate. So you won't end up paying high debt because of too much interest. This is big help for you if you are going for a quick vacation with your family and you don't have that much of a budget for you vacation plan. This is great way to get help in financial matter.

New Look Bloggy

Finally i got what i wanted! I was trying to edit this blog myself and it didn't turned out good like what i expect to be look like. So i gave up since i don't have that very fancy photoshop that i can use so i can create the designs that i really wanted to put here in my blog. I keep telling myself that i every time i get frustrated, i need to buy a new photoshop that has everything i need. But since i've got no money for that thing yet, i have no choice but better wait.

But anyway, good thing i got a good friend that i always call her Pretty Ivy. She is the one who made this very gorgeous layout of my blog and as the other two blogs of mine. She is indeed a very creative person and i really admire her creativity. She is one good friend of mine and i love the way she is because she is very true to herself and honest to her friends. So, do you like my new layout friends? If you do, just contact Pretty Ivy and request the layout that you like for your blog and she sure can do it for you. Thank you so much Pretty Ivy for making this blog of mine so beautiful just like us, (lols!). Hats off to you Pretty friend!

Power Properties

I am impressed by this City Data with the service they provided here in the internet because they have been helping people for so many years to locate things. Just like this Power Properties that is been in the business for over 13 years long. No wonder people are more smart now choosing what is best for them. It is very easy to find out the answers of your questions by looking at this link i got here.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Christmas In Georgia

I am very excited today, because i just talked to my husband last night telling about our sister in law's invitation to go over to her place in Georgia. And hubby told me that it would be nice to go there so i can see how it looks like to be there. Hubby told me that Georgia is one nice place to have a vacation because it is just like Philippine weather, humid and not so cold when it's winter. Actually i have been very excited to go there ever since my sister in law keep inviting me to go over to her place and stay there for a little while with my son. But hubby didn't want me to go there by myself with our son because i cannot go anywhere if my sister in law will go somewhere else, like for example she is going to run some errands and she has to do it fast. She just can't drag me along with my son because it will be too much hassle for her. And for sure i will get bored if that's the case.

Anyway, since we are planning to go there this Christmas time, i think it will be a good idea to meet some of my blogger friends who lived in Georgia. So anybody here lives in Georgia? If you do i would love to meet you guys if you are not too far from my sister in law's place. Just let me know so i can plan ahead to meet you guys. I am very excited to meet another blogger like me so, don't hesitate to tell me and i would be very glad to meet you there in Georgia. So i would say, Georgia, here i come!

Formal Attire For My Boys

It's almost Christmas time and i know a lot of people has been thinking what to give to their loved ones. So am i, my mind is kind of busy now what to buy for my dear family, to my dear son and of course to my beloved husband. I guess i need to buy them a best suit since we are going to visit one of our family on the other state and we are going to have a very formal party, so i would say that i will buy them a nice suit for them to wear. I don't have any idea what to buy really, good thing that my sister in law told me where's the best place to get them a very nice suit.

She told me that i better buy them a nice looking suit which is Made to Measure so it will fit to them perfectly and there will be no regrets. She said because if i buy to the store and it's ready made, i might be disappointed with what i can get and it won't fit them just like what i am expecting for a nice suit. Since i know now where to buy the best suit for my boys, i am not going to hesitate to buy them more often since we are always going to a formal party which requires formal attire like black suit. Right now i am very excited and imagining how are they going to be look like when they wear their Made to Measure suit. I love to look at them wearing that kind of outfit since it looks so formal and neat.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have been editing this blog since i had this layout for a little while. I just seem can't get what i really like for my blog, plus the fact that my photoshop is not that excellent, there's a lot of features that doesn't have it that's why i cannot edit my blog the look that i want to finish. But anyway, since this is all i can do for now, i hope that this layout will last for a while again. Soon as i can save some money, i promised myself that i will buy a new photoshop that can do things i would like to do. So hope you guys like my new layout even though it's not that good looking though but at least i tried my best to do this and look nicer than before. Because of this i wasn't able to drop to people's blogs who dropped here. I am so sorry guys i will catch up tomorrow, i promise! And to those who dropped my EC, thank you so much! I owe you a lot!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Been A Week

Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a good wednesday morning. I woke up so early today because i have been sleeping almost all day yesterday. I am still in the process of adjusting my time since Philippine time is different from here. And so as my son, he is a little confused with his time though, he sleeps in the afternoon and wakes up early in the morning, early like 4 or 5 am. I am sure we'll get over this abnormal time of sleeping soon. It's getting cold here now that's one factor that makes me fall asleep all the time. Also my body is kind of tired all the time, maybe because of my exhausting flight not so long ago with my son. Oh speaking of that, today is one week from arriving home and hubby told me about that last night. So we've been here for a week now and i would say time flies so fast.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Car Air Conditoning

It is important that our auto air conditioning should be working real good during summer. I just can't stand when my car air conditioning gets broken because we have extreme weather here, during summer time it is very hot and dry and when i drive i close my car and use the air conditioner instead the air from the outside. I drive more comfortably i my air conditioner is turned on. That's why hubby made sure that my car is always in good condition every time i use it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From Summer To Winter

I feel so cold today because the weather here in Utah is getting colder. It is a total change for us with my son since we came from Philippines which is known to be all year summer long there. There's rain showers here and there but it can make the weather humid which my son hates it because he gets sweat even more, and when he gets sweat, he gets cranky. I can adjust the weather there because i was born and grew up there unlike my son, he's been here in Utah since he was just a tiny baby and got used to this kind of weather, very cold. But because we've been from hot country then jumped off here, he got runny nose. I am hoping he'll get well soon, though he seems like he is not bothered with it, still i want him to get well very soon.

Payday Loan

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Things To Do

We finally got home yesterday and the first thing came to my mind is the things i need to do here in our house, the very first thing i saw is the dust here inside and also the scums, goodness sakes i was gonna get mad to hubby for not even bothering to clean a little bit but since he works all the time, i just understand. Anyway he took care of our lawn outside, he cut the grass and watered them.

I cannot do the whole thing all at once so i might be able to finished my housework for a little while since i got so many things to do aside from housekeeping. Also i would like to be back in blogging once again with full force, that now i am home and having hi-speed internet again. Just got so sick of the internet back in Philippines, too slow and can hardly download the windows i love to open. Before i left here i was complaining how slow internet i got here but when i got to use the internet in Philippines i can see the difference, it's a whole lot different indeed.

Well, better finish this post so i can do some house work little by little. And besides, most of bloggers now would like to enjoy their Friday and be with their family for tomorrow will be weekend and it is best time to spend some time with dear love ones. So i will just wish you all a happy Friday and enjoy the rest of your week and happy weekend ahead.