Thursday, June 28, 2007

Being A Mother Is Not Easy

Nothing compares the "JOY"of being a mom.I bet all mothers would agree what i'm talking about.It was way back September 2004 when i found out that i was pregnant.I had mixed,emotions,happy,excited, anxious,nervous & scared too.I'm scared because,in the back of my mind,there's a big question,what if i might not be able to meet my baby's needs to be his mother?Then i told myself to be strong & get ready for another chapter of my life,this is gonna be my big challenge to prove that i will be a good mother to my baby.MAy 15,2005 when i delivered the baby boy named Morris Dwight around 3:38 in the morning weighing 9lbs. through caesarian section.I was pretty dead tired then coz i labored for 3 days & 3 nights & i was bleeding all the way.The doctor waited for my pelvis to open til' 10cm (which is required measurements)but it stopped only til' 8cm so the doctor decided to cut me open after 3 nights of my sufferings.I never get to see my son after 3 days from his birthdate coz the pediatrician put him in the incubator to correct his rapid breathing,she said my son's breathing was offly fast.Finally,on the fifth day & we're about to discharge from the hospital,that was the day that i held my son in my arms for the very first time.I cried but i dunno why?maybe i was just overjoyed & scared at the same time,coz the challenge is in my hands already."TEARS OF JOY"that's what they call it!Anyway,here some of his photos when he was just barely born. And time sure flies so fast!I just couldn't believe it!He is not a baby no more,he said he is now a big boy!He doesn't even want me to hold his spoon when he eats,he wants to feed himself,he wants to brush his teeth,he doesn't want me to hold his hands when we go for a walk,he wants his daddy to be with him a lot especially when it comes to playing,mommy is no fun at all!But when he's not feeling so good,he wants mommy to be beside him all the time,he doesn't want his dad's comfort.Well,i think all kids are. Well,here's some of his recent photos.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I've Got Silly Boy!

I woke up this morning so early & my baby went straight to our bed,he was crying maybe he had a bad dream so i hugged him tightly.We played a lil' bit so he'll forget his nightmare,then after we went to the kitchen so i can prepare his breakfast.I made a hot oatmeal cereal for him & he started to get excited.I put him in his highchair coz he likes to feed himself.While he is eating in the kitchen & banging the spoon in his bowl,i hurriedly turned on the computer to check my messages & to see what's new in Bisdak Planet.As i was doing some stuff,i heard my baby in the kitchen dropped the bowl & the spoon,screaming & keep calling me.So i went back to the kitchen to check what's going on with him.I was really surprised of what i saw!Just see it for yourself how he looks:

Did you just see that?He's very messy boy.As if he was eating in the pigpen.Anyway,just a thought of sharing this experience that i had with my silly son.I gave him a bath after his messy breakfast meal though.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Quilting Is My Hobby

Aside of internet exploring,i have one hobby too that i just can't resist.Quilting is one of my hobby,i started to make quilts last year when my father-in-law gave a me a mother's day present,a high-speed sewing machine.It does a lot of things,like designing & different kinds of stitch.But i don't really have an idea how to make quilts then,& i'm dying to learn how coz they're pretty cool & nice,especially those baby quilt blankets made of flannel fabrics.They're really soft,cuddly,comfortable,& gentle to your skin.Our neighbor accross the street loves to do the sewing too,she's an older lady,& she's been doing different kinds of sewing when she was young,including the quilting.So my dad in law talked to her if she can teach me to the things she likes.We went to a fabric store to buy some fabrics that we need & she helped me to pick nice color & nice fabric,which i'm going to make my baby a big quilt blanket coz he's getting bigger.After we bought some fabrics,i came over to her place & brought my sewing machine & accessories to start the teaching.She told me she was impressed of my eagerness & willingness to learn.I told her that when i was young we used to have a tailoring shop.I't s a long story how we lost the business,but i had seen some of my mom's hired tailors how they cut the fabrics & all that.Well,back to the sewing,I finally finished the very first quilt i made,& i was very happy coz i made it just right for a beginner,not bad at all!.After that,she taught me so many things, like sewing jammies,table tops & house decorations.Now,i know how to make it on my own.I thanked her for teaching me the steps how to do the sewing & how to make it nice & perfect.Anyway,here are some of the projects i have made:

Aren't they nice?And some of my projects,i already gave to my friend's sons & sister's daughter.So far i made 8 quilted blankets,i made some jammies too for my husband ,my baby & for myself.I'ts really a nice feeling when you made something coz you're gonna see it everyday & you're using it.And i am planning to go to school this summertime for dressmaking to enhance my knowledge about sewing skills.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Money Is Evil

This is entry that i posted in my friendster blog,i decided to post it here since i already deleted my friendster blog.But i did kept all my entries there.

After i turned off the computer last night i went to our living room to watch TV.When i tuned in lifetime channel coz like most of their shows are true to life story,the show was just barely started & it's called "WICKED MINDS".I got interested about the story of a wealthy father,he is a business tycoon has one son named Holden.The business tycoon got married to a beautiful & seductive young woman named Lana after his first wife died few years ago due to illness.The father wasn't that good to his son coz of his greediness.Lana & Holden fell inlove secretly. Holden's father introduced a girl to him named Nichole,for him to date.Then tragic happened,Holden's dad got killed in his own place & Holden was the one found his dad laying on the floor lifeless.After all the investigation Holden got arrested,coz his alibi is not that reliable. But Nichole testified that Lana did the murder,They used to be a lover & Lana told her everything about the murder,she killed her husband because of his riches,& Lana promised her that they're gonna be together,& she's gonna kill Holden too.Nichole confessed because she was afraid that Lana might kill her too.But what really happened is Holden & Nichole killed the wealthy guy so they can have his wealth,& Holden did it to his father for a revenge for not being a good father to him & he witnessed all the beatings that his mom had undegone in his father's hand when she still alive during his young age .Lana thought he is inlove with her but she was wrong coz Holden killed her too so Holden & Nichole can enjoy his dad's riches.It's kinda complicated story.I was a lil' disappointed about the ending coz the police never did find out who's the killer is. There's a famous sayings"MONEY IS EVIL".How true is this sayings?I guess not everybody would agree.But it could be true if you'll forget GOD is always watching whatever you do.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tagay From Ivy

Have you dated someone older than you?
>Yes,my Ex-BF & my Hubby now..

Unforgettable high school memory?
>Yup.One of my classmate got so envious coz her crush is keep talking to me.(I think he likes me lol!)
Ever hated someone so bad?
>Yup.To a such a stupid girl that makes me regret making friends with her.

Have you ever failed a subject at school?
> So far wala tawn.Mathematics is my weakest,but luckily still passed it,Thanks God!

When was the last time you said I love you and meant it?
>Last night with caress hehehehe.

What's the last thing you purchased?
> Fabrics for quilting

Longest phone conversation?
> 2 hours or so.My aunt from LA Cali love to yack on the phone.

Ever put lemon in your hair?
> Never tried it yet

Stolen anything?
>When i was in first grade,i took the 2 peso coin(giring-giring ug naay punuan sa lubi sa likod)i thought 2 peso & 25 cents has the same valuebefore coz i don't know yet that coins has different value hahahaha!

Had a crush on your neighbor?
>No.I think the neighbor got crush on me but he can't say something coz he was scared of my tiger look hahahahaha!

Lost a friend?
>I didn't lost them,They lost ME.

Laid on your back and watched> cloud shapes go by?
> Yeah did that many times.

Felt an earthquake?
> Of course.Especially when i was a little girl,it's really terrifying!

Touched a snake?
> Yeah.Once in Tagaytay(One of my memorable moment)

Gotten in a car accident?
>Not yet,hopefully it won't happen to me & my family.

Had a party in your house while your parents were away?
> I'm not a party girl.

Used a fake id?
> Yup

Been lost?
> Many times,but able to find my way back home

Kissed in the rain?
> Not yet & maybe it won't happen to me(coz i'm not going to do it)

Now i tag no one,i think everybody got this tag already.

Testing lang ni

Ok ivs testing lang ni kung miangay ka hehehehehe

Monday, June 18, 2007

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