Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Sister I Have

Yay! What a good news! My beloved sister is candidate for a pageant there in our small town this coming August. There is a traditional yearly celebration in our town and it is going to be a very memorable event because almost all the people that lives everywhere in the world that used to live there before are going back to our little town to celebrate the traditional celebration. I really am so excited for this fiesta because i get to see some of my old friends and classmates who is now living with their own family from different countries. Also i am excited because like i said my sister is one candidate for this special event, she should look beautiful, i must bring her some anti-wrinkle cream that i bought from to get rid of those fine lines she has in her face. She is not that old but i wanted her to look ten years younger than her age so she will be looking so fabulous during the pageant. I hope my sister will win, but if not, she will still be beautiful to her family's eyes as ever like me, her sister lol!

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