Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Am One Proud Filipina

A friend of mine sent me a message through facebook. I was stunned upon reading what the message is all about. It was about Filipinos. The blogger was blogging about how no good and full of crap the Filipinos are. But the blogger herself is one pure blooded Filipina. Shame on her! I admit that some of what she said and the comments are true but she is generalizing all the Filipinos including all those who are living abroad like me. I also read some other websites telling that Filipinas only wanted to get married to a foreigner to save from poverty. Some said that Filipinas that are married to the foreigners are mostly whores or prostitutes that wants to have a better life. Some said that Filipinas looks like nannies and even called us Filipinos monkeys. This is really a big racism you know and it is obviously sound that these haters are discriminating us. They are claiming themselves that they are not racist but then blogging, criticizing about other race like Filipinos.

But anyway, i am blogging about this because i myself is one pure blooded Filipina who happens to live in this foreign country where my husband is originated. We have quite a different story than the others, but the bottom line is, we, who got married to foreigner husbands, are just the same. I never dreamed to be in this state that has extreme weather, but guess what? I am here and married to an American guy that loves me so much and takes care of me. We are blessed with two boys now (we have daughter but she is not with us anymore physically), and we are living quite happily. I don't really care if someone called me like i am just a nanny to my kids. They don't know me and i don't even know them so to the hell with them!!!

I just feel so sorry to those people that are trying to make themselves look better but the truth is, they're the one's that looks like a monkey! I am one proud Filipina and i am not ashamed to shout it to the whole world that i am! So to those who wants to pull the Filipinos down, get a life! Stop complaining and look at yourself, ask yourself if you are one perfect smart monkey compare to us Filipinos that are talented, hospitable, kind-hearted and intelligent.

Here's one photo i inserted below, this is me and my youngest son. Yes, i look like i am just his nanny because he doesn't even look like me at all but i am sure my kids will be so proud for having a Filipina mother because we are the most loving kind mother in the world. We are always ready to give our everything for the sake of our kids. We are always there to comfort and love them for the rest of our lives...


☆ MsK ☆ said...

Kudos on posting such a powerful, truthful message. I am a 100% Filipina, wife to an American guy and a mommy to a beautiful little girl.

texas_sweetie said...

korek korek! as in bisan unsaon nila kay filipinos are everywhere man jud ug head turners pa, unsaon mana? paits ning pinoy ta kay malaglag man jud ilang underwear!

Emzkie said...

hahaha.. pataka lang man nag yawit ng nagblog ana oi. taga asa man diay na sya? naa sa Pilipinas? inggit ra na sya. hehehe.
wa sya kabalo mga pobre pud ning mga amerikano. gi minyu nako akong bana tungod kay gwapo sya (hahaha ug gikapoi na pud ko sa pinoy nga bakakon.) dili na ko kailangan ug kwarta kay naa koy kwarta gikan sa pagtrabaho na ko ug abroad(taiwan). ug wala pud ko ni abroad tungod kay galisod ko sa pilipinas.. gusto lang na ko mu abroad(trip lang. hehehe buot? lol. akong mama diay ang gagasto sa placement fee nga 80T) WHat im trying to say is.. i didnt marry my Teban to save me from poverty, coz i was doing good, mas naglisod nuon ko nga naminyo na ko sya. hahaha. =)
taka lang ng nagsulti ana Darl, wa na sya alamag. ingna sya langsa kaau sya. lol

btw katong naa ko sa Taiwan Darl.. taiwanese call us brown monkey. ang tawag pud namo sa ilaha.. stupid monkey kay dili man kabalo mu english. lol.

Hazelicious929 said...

Bastos na Pinay/Pinoy to ang nag-post dai... Walay modo and salot sa lipunan! Buang jud to sya hehehe