Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Is For Gardening

Actually i was just lazy these past months that i was not able to update my blogs. To keep you update from that little girl down below, she is well and active again. And if you are wondering about this blog if it is still active and working, yes it's still is. It is just the author who is not active and didn't find time to write about things what is going on lately. I am too occupied outside with my son. We always do some activities outside since spring time is here now and we are excited about it. He is getting so big and more curious to learn more things outside than being stuck inside the house. He wants me to take him to go to my friend's house because it is more fun in her place for him. He finds it fun because my friend's house is by the country side, she's got big garden in the back of their house and there's ditch in their front yard where there's bull frog living there. He likes to throw rocks at it and watching it hops and hops.

Kids likes to do things that can amuse them. And because it is safer to have him play out there, i just let him burn his energy while i am helping my friend do her garden. She's got green house where she plants all the seeds that she wants to put in her garden, such as tomatoes, bell peppers and egg plants, and etc. Before i always stay in the house because blogging made me stay. But now that paid blogging is not doing good, i find more time to bond with my son outside rather than stay here in front of my laptop doing nothing.