Monday, June 27, 2011

No Pets Allowed!

It has been awhile since i last heard about my good friend in Texas. She was pretty busy remodeling their house. She said that they got rid of their carpets already due to their pets's hairs sticks to it and she just got tired cleaning it up by vacuuming it. She in fact hired the pet odor company that takes care of it because she can't stand it anymore. She actually doesn't like pets herself, it's her husband that loves pets and she can't do anything about it because kids does love pets too!

She also let the company to do the pet stain and odor removal austin because some of their rooms has peed by their pets. Oh if you only hear how she whines about the pets inside their house. Good thing we don't have pets here in our house, and we could not have it either even if we wanted to because my husband and my son are allergic to pets, especially the cats. They get sick easy when they are around them. That's why our house is no pets allowed! So i am also glad somehow that i don't have to worry about pet because i myself doesn't want to clean pet's mess either. I have enough mess here to clean, done by my kids, i could not even imagine having pets here running around the house and making a mess. Aghhh that would be too much for me to handle.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Prepaid Cellphones

I am just so glad that i after all these years being here in America, i finally got my very first cellphone. Well, i was just being practical when i got here since i am not really in need of cellphone then because i stay home with my baby most of the time and we have a home phone. But now that my oldest son goes to school, i absolutely need to have one. Unlike when i was still back in my country, i always have the latest prepaid cell phones in the market. Cellphone is really handy and convenient, whenever i need to speak on to someone or maybe message, i can just easily do that right away.

Part Of Growing

When my son had his scary accident, i was so sad and hysterical that time. I told hubby that we need to take him to the hospital so he will be taken cared of. Good thing that our Medicare plan took care most of the bills after that, which is good that we don't have to worry a high bills coming up our way. It sure is scary when your loved ones get hurt. If only i could protect them and wrap them with rubber or something that will prevent them from hurting, i will definitely do it. But i guess getting hurt especially boys is part of growing.

Get Some Help

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Accident Is Scary

It was the most scariest night i ever had last night when my oldest son had an accident. Good thing everything went fine, thank goodness! I was so worried to death and hubby told me i passed out. So we took him to emergency room and saw a kid there too that was just about to leave, he was wearing an ankle braces, he must have had a bad injury. My poor son asked me what happened to that kid and i just answered him i don't know since we just saw him about leaving. Anyway, i will make sure that one of my kids won't get into an accident, it is indeed horrifying and it made me hysterical.

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Accident I Got Involved With

Okay, for the very first time i got involved into a car bump. I would not say it's a wreck for the damage to both cars are almost not recognizable. My car barely had a slight scratch on the bumper and so as hers. In fact, hers is almost like just got dusted off. So the woman freaked out and was yelling at me, got a big mouth over these people passing by us by the the private parking lot. While i kept repeating myself asking her an apology for what happened. She told me that i did not looked back. Actually i did, i looked back first to where i supposed to and gently backed up. But then when i turned my head on the left side she was there beside me already. I am assuming that she must have backed up so quickly than i did and was trying to beat me to get out from that parking lot.

I always back up so gently for i don't want to get involve something like this. It's a hassle, a time consuming and i don't want to get records most importantly and make my insurance rates high. She was insisting that it was my fault, for i did not looked at my blind spot. Well, like what i said, when i looked at my left side she was there all of the sudden out of nowhere. Luckily, there was witnesses, so one witness talked to the officer that took care of us how bad she felt for me for that the woman was exaggerating the situation, since there was hardly any damage, the fact it's not even worth calling the insurance to inform about it, but hubby said we will still to notify them ahead.

Anyway, i am so glad somehow because the witness was in favor to me. She said that accidents happens all the time and this time, the woman should not make a big deal out of it for it was barely a kiss, but it looked like the woman was so mad and about to attack me. So the witness did not leave until the police came so she can give her testimony. I thanked her and told her how i appreciate her concern and for being a good citizen. Actually it was her kids who pushed her to tell the officer what really happened. I was so calm while the woman was freaking out with big mouth.

The police told me that he's been working here for fifteen years and he knew the woman so well for she was involved with several car accidents already. And every time that she gets involved, she acts the same way and the officer is not surprised already. It somehow relieve me that the officer told me that there is nothing to worry about for i told him that it was the first accident i got involved with. I even told the officer that she was making a big fuss about our barely kissed bumper but then she did not even bother to buckle her daughter in the back. That is what she is upset about, she kept repeating herself that i might have hit her daughter in the back. So i told her that i have my kids in the back too, but the difference was mine were both buckled, hers wasn't. In fact when i came out from the car, the little girl was jumping in her car seat. Good thing we parked in the private parking lot so there was no citation. I thought that was a blessing in disguise for me. Most of all, we came home safe and sound.

Early Better Deal

Isn't it a little too early to think about Christmas Cards? Oh well, like what most people say, better be early than be late lol! Anyway, i am talking about this because we just barely got a catalogue from the post mail offering about this. And it says that the early we order the cards, the better deal we get. So instead of getting them when time is near, we might as well get it soon so we can have a good deal, how's that? It's not a bad offer at all, so we might as well get it!