Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weeeeee!!!!! A Wii For MD!!!

Hubby told me to find a best deal of Wii today. It only means that he is going to buy our son a Wii game that he's been bugging us to get one. I am so happy that hubby thinks our son deserves to have a new toy that he's been wishing to have. I can't wait to wrap the presents for my son and of course for the whole family. I actually didn't buy anything for my family yet but i will soon, maybe next week. I was gonna plan to go out with just my little one while my oldest son is at school and while daddy is at work so i can have my own time to shop. But since the road is so slippery due to the thick snow, then i just decided to wait.
I know for sure that our son will be so happy soon as he'll find out what he's getting this coming Christmas. We are still looking around where should we buy the game gadget though but for sure Daddy and I will get it for him, plus the games of course. I am so surprised that the gadget itself is affordable, it's the games that are more expensive to buy. Oh well, we'll just get him those sale ones, he doesn't really care for it for he's more into Mario games which is the on sale game.

And for our little one, we might just get him big trucks or maybe a school bus or something. We bought our oldest son a big truck full of small cars inside it last year and it was just a mess, they scatter all the toys every corner of the house and that made us think that it is not a good idea to buy them small toys. So this year, we'll give them those more fun toys and easy to pick up when they're done playing with it.

Carpet Cleaning Team

Having two kids in the house is one main reason why we don't usually clean our carpet as much as we would like to. Although we often vacuum our carpeted floor but knowing that the kids spills everything in the carpet makes the floor look dirty and ugly. That's why we have to hire a team that can clean the carpet thoroughly so it will be looking so new again like we just bought it and barely put it on the floor. And speaking of cleaning the carpet, that reminds me, we need to call the team again this year for it's been over a year now since the team cleaned our dirty looking carpet.
That's what's my friend's problem too. She was not aware that there is a residential carpet cleaning services austin nearby to where she lives. She's been trying everything for her carpet for her kids like usual, spills foods on the floor. She is having trouble cleaning those ugly spots, especially their carpet is light colored so it is so obvious whenever there's stain in it. Now that she knew about residential carpet cleaner austin, she is very happy that she will finally found a team to clean their carpet especially those ugly stained spots. Also she wanted the professional tile cleaning austin team to clean their tiles in their kitchen. That's her one of her plan before the Christmas time comes, so to welcome the new year with a tidy and clean house.

Scrubs Is Cool To Wear

When i was just a little girl, i used to dream to be a nurse. But i grew up and finished my high school without any hint of continuing my studies to college due to financial problem. My mother already told me before i graduated in high school that she won't be able to send me to college because she don't have much of that savings to support my studies. Anyway, i did not feel bad though because i became a nurse somehow by taking care of my family's needs.
I was just probably fascinated with those nurses i saw before wearing their medical uniforms and with their white cap holding a tray full of medicines. But i noticed nowadays that nurses aren't wearing white dress anymore, instead they wear more of fashion seal scrubs that it's cool i should say. I like it better that way though. The fashion scrubs are more carefree, unlike the white dress that the nurse has to be more extra careful because aside from it is a skirt, it is obviously white and easy to get dirty. Scrubs is more comfortable to wear compared to old nurses's uniforms long time ago.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Skidding My Car

When i was heading home from taking my son to his school, my car skid and turned to left although i was trying to maneuver it to the right for i was going to turn right. Good thing there was no cars behind me, i could've have an accident if ever. I tried to drive below the speed limit for hubby always tells me to slow down whenever i see the road is icy and slippery. It snowed for the whole two days and that made the road sleek, wet and slushy. That's one thing i hate the most about winter time, is to drive in a slushy road for it is very prone to accident.

And then when i was about to park my car in our driveway, i could not even climb up for there was a lot of ice stuck by the hump of our driveway even though hubby tried to plow most of them already. I have to back up and drove fast by the driveway so the tire will keep on going and not to get stuck again by the hump area. I went outside yesterday tried to help my poor husband plowing the thick snow in our driveway but he insisted that i should just stay inside the house to keep warm. How sweet of him, but i could not just help myself not to feel sorry for hubby when i saw him working so hard to get rid most of the snow by the driveway but since it's so thick, he was not able to finish it. I hardly go outside when it's winter, and if not only that i have to take my son to school everyday, i would never dare go out and drive around for the road is so dangerous.

Girls Night vs Guys Night

Post contributed by Amanda Alvarez

Every Friday evening, my husband invites a group of friends over to watch the Bruins game on the Direct TV Sports Packages. I always make sure there is bean dip, chips, beer, peanuts and ice ready to be served to the men. The food usually lasts the first quarter, the beer sometimes does not even make it that far. I always end up making an extra trip to the store for another 12 pack or two. I sometimes dread Friday nights and the messes I will be cleaning up early Saturday morning. They can never seem to grasp the concept of cleaning up after themselves, let alone getting trash to the can. I am thinking of turning the table and inviting the ladies over for Desperate Housewives on Mondays. I will give my husband a taste of his own medicine and make him my waiter! Its been a long time since I had a night with my girlfriends and I think this Monday will be my night. A bottle of wine and Chinese food will be just a few of the things we will need to make our night spectacular. Other than that all I will need is my darling husband to cater to our every need.

Mother's Day Flower Gifts

Hubby is not really into giving me flowers whenever there is special occasions. His reason? It is because flowers don't last very long and it dies. But i was so surprised when he gave me flowers for the very first time last year during the Mother's Day celebration. We had a misunderstanding then and a day after he put flowers in our bed with some chocolates. It made me smile knowing my husband hardly gives me flowers. He must have missed me for i was being so quiet and did not talk to him for a day. That was so thoughtful of him though, so i gave him my sweet kiss and big hug to him to let him know that his gifts are much appreciated by me. And from then on, every occasion or holidays, he gives me flowers.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Sick Potato

It was a day after we left here in the house when i realized my little one was having a high fever. We were in the middle of our trip and he got sick! I felt so bad because if i have known that before our trip, we would never go and cancel our trip instead. We'll just stay in the house and will try my best to make him better. Hubby said that i am a scout girl for i am always ready for everything. I brought medicine for kids with me just in case they get colds, so i have something with me to give them. And i was right, my little one had a high fever. Good thing after a day his high fever went down, with the help of mommy's tender loving care and wiping him cold water soaked towel.
Sick little one
It just freaks me out whenever one of my kids get sick, or even husby. I don't like whenever someone i loved is getting sick. Especially we were in the middle of our trip and of course if he got worse then we would surely decide to go home instead and not to do the things we were supposed to. But fortunately, he got better right away. I was thinking that he's teething that's probably why made him so hot. He was so reddish when he had his high fever, and it got me so scared thinking about him. Mothers always worry things, don't we all? I would prefer that i get sick myself than seeing my kids getting sick, especially the little one since he cannot tell me what hurts him. He is all well now, the fever is gone but he's still got the cough and runny nose, but the big thing was the high fever that sure scared the heck out of me.

Two Presents For Him On Christmas

When it comes to my family back home, i am really attached to them. I love my mother and siblings so much for they are my treasured gems here in the world aside from my own family. I always have something special for them every holidays and occasions. That reminds me, now that Christmas is fast approaching, i need to start buying things for them. This time, i am not gonna tell them what should i give them for i always end up telling them my presents for them even before i give my presents to them. I guess i can't help my excitement for i know they always love what i give them.
My youngest brother asked me if i can buy him a new style shoes that he likes. I did not say anything that i will buy him one though but it's already in my mind that i will. He won't be expecting me to buy him one pair because i did not say yes to him when he asked me. I will buy him two pairs for i was not able to give him his presents on his birthday. This two white born shoes and this brown born shoes style that i showed you below that i found is just perfect for him for i know what he likes the best. He deserves to have these two though because he did a big favor for me and i want to make him feel and know that what he did for me is being appreciated much by his big sister.

West Wing Thanksgiving

Posted by Tommie Wells

Sometimes there are just great television programs that you never saw when they were originally broadcast. West Wing was one such show that I remember hearing wonderful things about but I never seemed to watch it. I then found it being broadcast in syndication on my TVbyDirect and fell in love. This show was on for seven seasons and each and every show was entertaining and completely engrossing. I love all of the characters but the Thanksgiving holiday approaching always makes me think of an episode of the show that centered on the relationship between President Bartlet and his aide Charley.

If you are not familiar with The West Wing it is about the administration of President Josiah Bartlet. Among his many staff is an aide named Charley. His job is to see to all of the President's needs whether that be waking him, doing his shopping or making sure he takes his medicine. In the show President Bartlet is a Nobel prize winning economist, has a doctorate and loves to speak on and on about the minutiae of and manner of subjects that would bore most of his listeners. The President is descended from an original signer of the Declaration of Independence from his home state of New Hampshire. Charley on the other hand is a young black man who cares for his police office mother is killed in the line of duty.

Somehow they develop a particularly close relationship. In the Thanksgiving episode the President send Charley to buy him a carving knife. Each time Charley returns with a knife it is sent back as it never meeting the Presidents extraordinary demands. President Bartlet finally confides to Charley that the knife is special as it is going to replace a family heirloom which he is going to give to someone special. The knife was made by Paul Revere and has been handed down through the generation in his family. When we learn that the President is giving Charley the knife it is a truly touching moment.

Arrived Home Safe And Sound

We are so glad that we arrived home safe and sound last night. We thought that we are going to encounter a bad storm but good thing the storm just barely came when we got home. I thanked hubby for the safe trip. He was the one who drove all the way to our destination and back. Our trip coming back home was a little scary for we encountered wild animals on the road few times but luckily we never did hit any one of them.
Our trip was great although we did not actually went to the skywalk i was talking about for i was all so surprised that it was not actually inside the Grand Canyon south rim. When we were about to go inside the Grand Canyon, the cashier lady in the booth told us that it was 200 miles something away from the Grand Canyon and we should go the other way and not the way heading to Grand Canyon. We did not know all that so we just decided that we'll stay in the Grand Canyon since we were there already, might as well. And besides, we are worried of our little one too because he got sick during our trip. Good thing he is all better now. All in all, the trip was really fun, the main thing is, we left and back the house safe and sound. I will share some more pictures later on.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Site Traffic

I was browsing a while ago of some friend's websites and i stumbled into this web directory that i found in her website. I am glad i visited her site because i got something very helpful to boost the traffic of my site. This is some way of gaining more traffic, people gets to notice my website and they visit me. The more visitors the better. I guess that's what everyone that has their sites wants, don't we all? I love to have my site easily get searched by so many possible readers. And this new found site that i happen to stumble in a friend's site is just a great help. I will be expecting more visitors from now on since i got this site that'll do the traffic job for me.

Forehead Wrinkles

A friend was all surprised when she asked me how old i am now. She could not just believe that i am already thirty years old. Well, i will be turning thirty years old, but i consider myself a thirty years old now since it won't be long and it's going to be my birthday. Anyway, she admires my youngness looking. She in fact asked me what is my secret that i still look so younger than my age. I really have no secret though, i don't even take vitamins for my skin. She said we are just about same age but she is already worrying how to get rid of forehead wrinkles that she is having it now already, while i still don't have it. Even my sisters that are a lot older than me, they still don't have wrinkles in their forehead, i don't know why some people gets it even if they are still young.

Awful Dark Circles

You see that it's already midnight but here i am still wide awake in front of my computer doing some gibble gabbles. I am having trouble sleeping lately though because my insomnia is attacking me again. Now the dark circles of my eyes is starting to show up again, and i need to treat this once again just like what i did before when i had it. It makes me look old and look awful. I can only hide it if i have a get together party by wearing make up. But soon as i remove my make up, then the circles shows up again. I really need to do something about this, i am just sick and tired of looking at it. Also a good decent sleep will surely help to get this annoying circles disappear. Don't you think? But knowing that i've got two active kids that runs around in the house during the day, it's nearly impossible for me to get a good long sleep.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here i am greeting you all a happy thanksgiving! What are you going to prepare for dinner for tomorrow? Well, our pumpkin pie has been eaten and we are still waiting for our turkey to be thawed out. We will be going to cook our turkey after we get back from our fun trip since we cannot do it now for it is still frozen. Since hubby has a quite long holiday vacation, we are taking advantage of it to travel instead of just staying home. Since we are not expecting anybody to visit us and celebrate the holiday with us, might as well to go somewhere else with my family. So to all who's celebrating the thankgsgiving day, may you all have a joyful celebration being with your family and friends!

A Little Renovation In Our Kitchen

When it comes to house renovation, we just all worry for the cost don't we? Same as we do, but we have no choice but to replace some things here in the house for it has been long time since we were using it. Just like our stainless steel kitchen sink. It really needs replacement now because the drain part is looking so ugly now, no matter how i tried cleaning it but the coat of the steel faded already so that's what it makes so ugly looking.
Also we need to get a butcher block countertop for me, since i do the cooking in the kitchen, i want to have a separate countertop where i can prepare the food like for example, slicing some vegetables and meat. Right now i am just doing my cutting and slicing on top of the counter next to our kitchen sink and although it's alright but i wanted to have more space, that's why i told hubby to buy me a separate one so i can just easily move around.
While browsing those things that we need to get, i saw an adirondack chair that is just perfect for our backyard. I love the rocking one because it reminds me of my grandfather's chair back home. I love to sit on that chair, it was old already though but that rocking chair has a lot of memories. It's so calming when you sit to a chair while it rocks, it feels like you are riding into something though you are stuck in one place. I can't wait to purchase all those things so out kitchen will be looking so nice once again and i can use the rocking chair in the backyard.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall Is Beautiful!!!

It is very unusual that our winter came late this year. It usually comes early. I still remember the first year i got here was so terrible. We spent the celebration they have here so freezing. We had to hurry home because i started to feel numb and having hives. My body reacted to a sudden weather change, from hot and humid in Philippines and became so freezing cold here in America.

But this year, like what i said, the winter came late. It's somewhat good but on the other hand bad too because it's expected that the spring time will come next year late also. It's already middle of November but the leaves are just starting to fall, meaning we are still having the autumn season here which is also known as fall season. This morning, it was being forecast that we will be expecting snowfall. I had no plan going out though but since i promised my son last night to take them with his little brother in McDonalds today, so i had no choice but to take them out. They enjoyed their meal and so as their play time with some other kids there at the food chain. When we decided to come back home, we stayed outside for a little bit and took some snaps of them until the strong wind and the rain forces us to get inside the house.

These photos below are just some of the hundred snaps i got. I mostly shared their photos in my Facebook account...
Pointing his big brotherFascinated with those red berriesHolding his new toyShowing X letterOn top of the trunkLying down in the grassFall is beautiful!Staring at his new toyCute pose of big brotherSharing is loving, right mommy?

Going Home for Lunch

Guest written by our friend Mario Reed

There have been numerous times that I get off early for my lunch break. Since I work with doctors, we work on a patient-by-patient basis and if one patient cancels, we tend to get out early for lunch. Most of my family are unemployed, so I tend to like going home for lunch. My mom usually has a cold cut sandwich waiting for me when I arrive. What makes the whole thing perfect is the fact that I only live about ten minutes away from home.

When I get home, I might sit and relax while watching some Direc4U tv. Sometimes I'll go for a walk with my mom around the garden in our backyard. I especially love the spring and summer time when all of the flowers are blooming and look amazing. I also like the fall because I can spend my lunch hour just walking through the crunching leaves while wearing just a light jacket. I can't help but admit that I'm not too fond of the winter, especially where I live. The snow gets so thick that it's almost unbearable when driving to work. Some days I have to call out because I can't get into work! But then when spring rolls around, that's when I know I can fully enjoy the hour I have for lunch. Unfortunately, no sooner does my lunch break start then I have to go back to work!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Prepping my first Thanksgiving turkey

Guest post written by Dani Simpson

This is my first Thanksgiving living in a nice house with my husband so I'm pretty excited to put together a nice Thanksgiving meal for us. He told me that I didn't need to go to all that trouble that we could just fix tacos or pizza or something really simple and that I didn't need to go to the trouble on his account to fix a big huge meal, but I really wanted to do this special meal for him. So I'm taking on all of this.

I'm starting to think that maybe I should have taken his advice because I'm getting pretty overwhelmed already from just planning. I've been looking up ways to fix the turkey with our clear wireless internet and it's honestly making me even more nervous.

I have so many Thanksgiving turkey tips for prep. Even though my husband told me that that would be way too much food for both of us, I'm going to make all kinds of great dishes from the turkey leftovers for us.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No New Couch Yet

Hubby bought our couch long time ago even before he knew me. He had it already for so many years and until now it's still surviving with our ROUGHIAN kids. Yup, that's how we call our kids, because they play too rough by jumping in our ripping couches. I have been planning to replace some of the furnitures here in our house but hubby said that we better wait until the kids are grown so we can keep the furniture looking so new still and not ripping off too soon because they jump on it everyday.

I know, kids likes to play a lot and we cannot sometimes stop them, although we try to but later on they will keep on doing it again and again. I told hubby that if we are going to get a new couch, i want the leather one for it is easy for me to clean it, just by spraying it and wiping it. It isn't so hard if the kids spills something on it, unlike the wool kind, it will absorb the liquids that what mostly kids drinks, like milk or juice. I have been looking for the nice couch that i would like to replace to our old beaten poor couch and this is what i found. I got this picture from the store where it is located just few blocks from where we live. I am already excited to replace our ugly couch though, it's just that we are holding off of it due to our kids.

Medium Is A Different Kind Of Crime Show

I appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses

One of the best crime shows on TV today is Medium. The creators of the show have added a different element with the show's lead character having a psychic ability. Her name is Allison DuBois played by actress Patricia Arquette. Allison works for the district attorney's office in Phoenix, AZ. Those who have been murdered sometimes appear to her or they send her visions of what happened to them.

Medium is interesting in the way they present crimes, it is different than other crime shows. Allison's husband Joe who is played by actor Jake Weber is understanding of his wife's ability and the way it affects his life. Allison and Joe have three daughters who also have her gift, their names are Ariel who is the oldest and has left for college this year, Bridgett is a pre-teen just entering middle school and the youngest is Marie who is in grade school. Allison assists police officer Scanlon in finding who has killed the victims. She also works with the district attorney Manuel Devalos, both men believe in her ability and follow up on the information she is able to provide them with. We always watch Medium on our satellite TV from http://www.directstartv.com/directv_current_offer.html, it has the best viewing available for us and allows me to record it on our DVR to watch our favorite show whenever we want.

No more I'm Done Mommy!!!

My oldest one started his potty training when he was three years old. He tells me whenever he wants to go bathroom and calls me once he is done. The situation is been like that for about two years. He can go pee by himself no problem, but when he goes to the bathroom, he cannot clean in his little rear soon as he's done.

It was just recently when he told me he is going to the bathroom again and he will call me soon as he is done. So i just nodded and waited for him to finish. He called me alright but he told me that he will try to clean his rear himself to see if he can do it. He told me that he is getting big and he should be the one doing it instead of me. My son sure is growing and maturing. I noticed that he's starting to feel embarrassed although i am his mother. He is five years old now, time flies and went by so fast. I checked him after he got out and he did a pretty good job! He cleaned his own little rear without mommy's help!!! From now on, i won't hear "I'm done Mommy!!!" anymore. He already went to the bathroom three times without him calling me and i am so proud of him.

Fun With Friends

I still remember last year when we went to Casino in Las Vegas with my friends, it was indeed fun although we only spent a night over there. Hubby was so kind enough to let me try what's night life is like. I never had it before, never experienced how it's like when i was still single, for i don't really go fun night out with my friends due to my work schedule. Well, when i went out with my friends last year, i sure had a blast. Although i didn't win as much like my friends did, still it was a most memorable night for me being with them.

I don't really know how to play cards before especially the slot machines, i haven't tried it before not until my friends invited me to go with them. They taught me how to play and although i only spent some few dollars, and won some, i felt like i already won a thousand bucks. It got me so excited then, and was bragging about it to hubby that i had so much fun playing the slot machine.

I found out that there are a lot of ways to enjoy the slot machines even though you are just at home. I never knew that before not until i searched and found some websites the offers some fun. Just like this Online Casinos Planet that offers anything that you like to play. Please watch this video below that i attached. Hope you will get an idea of how fun to be in this site. They have site in every country wherever you are and for sure if you like to just have fun without spending money staying a night or two in a big city, then this is the way how you want to spend the night in your home and get the chance to win some cash....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pacman Is Truly A Human

Once again, i had a very nice time last night with my good friends. It was fight of a brave warrior last night who is very famous all over the world, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. So we did not missed the chance to cheer for him and rejoice the victory as he won again. It was a good fight, i must say, Pacman really is a human being that feels towards his opponent for he tried to take the game easy in the twelve round, he doesn't want to smack as might as he can anymore for he saw his opponent's badly beaten already. Pacman has a good heart, he doesn't think that fighting is just a plain game, for him, boxing is also about respecting his opponent. I really am proud of him, because even though he still looked good last night after the big fight, he still said something that he got hurt by his opponent and that was very nice of him praising his opponent Margarito which is a lot taller than he is and a little bigger. For Pacman, it was hard for him to knock Margarito down.

Anyway, my friends and i are now suffering of losing our voice due to too much screaming cheering for Pacman. I was holding my breath every time the fight gets so intense. Goodness, i always feel the same way every Pacman's fight, i just could not help myself but to scream for i fear that he might lose or might fall down, but he was so firm and so active. I could really tell that Manny is not a bitter hearted person for he always considers his opponent's condition. Just like what happened last night. Every time the referee talks to Margarito, Pacman ran into the ring corner to wait. He really showed the whole world that Filipino is kind hearted, and respectful. Pacman is truly a human....

But before all that, we had a very sumptuous dinner that each one of us brought to enjoy, and of course picture taking is always present... My camera is always the star whenever there's get together like this. You'll see more of my photos by the way in my FB account.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Acne Free Face

In our family, i am the only one that hardly gets bumps on face. It's probably because i don't really like eating sweet treats and oily snacks. Some of my siblings has that problem. They cannot resist not to eat chocolates or maybe peanuts that can cause acne. I am just glad that i don't have that problem because if i do, i might be looking for some acne treatment that works which i really hate putting something on my face. Good thing i am a little blessed that even though my face is not as flawless like others, but at least i don't have to deal annoying acne that i have to look for a treatment just to get rid of it.

Diet Pills For Both Of Us

Our conversation with my husband last night was a little funny. I was joking with him about his big bulging tummy and he told me it was my fault because i have been feeding him good and delicious meals. That's my job as a wife, to take care of everything under the roof! He also told me that i am gaining weight as well. My tummy is trying to beat his, lol! Hubby said, he will try some diet pills to get rid of his belly fat, that makes him look like a fat beach whale. If you really don't know my husband that well, you would say he is a very quiet person, but he is just around me, he is very talkative and funny, he can be a clown sometimes to me.

Menstrual Period Cramps

Do you feel the cramps soon as your menstrual period comes? When i was still single, i always feel the cramps, there were even times that i can hardly get up because of too much pain. There were lots of times too that i fainted due to the unbearable pain. I was just so surprised that after i had my first baby, when my menstrual period came, i did not feel such a thing anymore. Some women said that you won't feel the menstrual cramps anymore after birth. I kind of somehow believe that, because it happened to me now. I maybe still moody and grumpy during my period, like mostly women are, but the cramps is all gone which i hate the most every month. Now, i feel more relaxed every month, i don't fear for the cramps anymore like i do before. It was just too much to take and it can affect my daily routine...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Convenient Way Of Shopping

Shopping nowadays is not that hard and stressing anymore. Every stores we love has their own websites now where you can access to shop online instead of going in to the store. Mostly people are busy and doesn't have enough time to shop and run around the store to look for things that they want to buy. Some of them are just too lazy to go out especially when the weather is not so friendly. I myself is a shopping lover, i love to shop either ways, whether shopping in the mall, store or wherever or shopping online.

For me, it is the most convenient way of shopping is online for i can just sit and relax while choosing the products i would want to get. Just like my family clothes such as men's clothing and my kids's clothing and some other things. Also i love to shop online getting some cosmetics and technologies like new laptop. That way, i don't have to deal a chaotic store especially when there is special holiday such as black Friday or Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, it is fast approaching isn't it?

Now i have to find Christmas gifts for my kids and my husband. I love doing it as early as i can so i still have time to choose the perfect gifts for my family and for my friends as well. I don't have to rush the time, i still have plenty of time to select the best one that they will surely be happy to have it. I have things in my mind already and i am just glad i found all of those presents i want to purchase online with a discounted prices. Happy to know that i can save some money with those sales and also not to mention the gas for my car for going to store personally to purchase the things i have in my mind for my family.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where's All My Toys Mommy???

That's what i first heard from my son soon as he went inside to his room right after he got home from school. He was all surprised that all his toys are gone! But before i hid all his toys, i already warned him that if he cannot put all his toys away, then i will and he won't be able to see them anymore (just kidding). I am trying to teach my son to keep all his toys in the place where it's supposed to. I already bought him two different colored big buckets so he can put all the toys after he plays them. There were many times that i helped him put his toys in the two big buckets, but then still the toys seems like they have their own lives because they can crawl out from those big buckets i gave him, lol!

Anyway, he cried when i told him that i got rid all of his toys for i cannot stand it anymore keep on picking them up every corner of the house. I have been telling him to put his toys away soon as he is done playing with them. Seems like kids are also forgetful, not just older people, lol! They play one toy and another and then later on they forget to put the other toys away that they played. I am sure it is very normal that all parents experienced what i am babbling about here. That's the kids's nature, to make a mess with everything and don't know how to put things away, especially boys. My son picks up his toys when he sees that i am upset keep on reminding him about his toys.

I will give his toys back though, i just have to let him learn that he should value every toys he has, he's very lucky having so much toys while other kids back in my country same as his age doesn't have as fancy as what he's got here. In fact, i myself never had as much toys as my son has when i was younger. I hid all his toys in the front porch closet where we put our winter coats. I already did this before but he found the toys where i hid it, it was in the basement by the pantry.

I won't get all the toys out, i will just give him the toys he misses the most that he's been bugging to give it back to him. I promised him that i will and i let him promised too that he will take good care of it, or else he will never see it again, never again. I hope he will mind this time, i am just sick and tired of seeing all his toys everywhere in the house, especially those small ones which i often step on those tiny toys during at night and it seriously hurts! So i hope he won't find where i hid all his toys, he's very good on finding things though.... I'll just cross my fingers!!!

Plans In Our Future

Doesn't it makes you excited when you and your spouse talks about things regarding about future? We do that with my husband a lot. We often talk when we go to our bed and have conversation before we sleep. My husband has a lot of things he wants to accomplish next year and me as his wife, i am all out supportive for his plans. He mentioned that kids are growing up and they will be for sure want a bigger space when we go travel. My family loves to travel a lot and that's why hubby is thinking that it will be good if we are going to have a new vehicle which will be a big o truck for us to use it during our trips. That's just one of my husband's plan next year and it got me excited already. He said that soon as we get our truck he should have the 5th wheel warranty for it. I can't believe how time flies and our kids are growing up so fast, it won't be long and we are going to travel with them again not worrying if they will be alright in the back because they will have a good big space in the back for our new big truck.

New Boots For This Winter

Don't i just love to shop! I know for sure that shopping is one of women's weakness. Hubby keeps on telling me why women love to buy tons and tons of things and some of them don't even wear it yet and stack them inside the closet for a long time! That's how i am too, and i hate to admit it but i am guilty. From underwear, purses, dress, jeans and shoes. Again, i saw something nice that i know it suits me well, the polo boots that is just perfect for this coming winter. Yes, i do have some boots already stored in my closet but i can't help it! Every time there something that i would like to buy, i always save my own little income just to get it myself so i don't have to use our money for my own personal interests.